18 Best Yellow Makeup Looks That Are Easy to Recreate

For any event or party, if you are accustomed to using the same eyeshadows and makeup look everywhere. Moreover, you are tedious with the same look and willing to try something new. Then, you must prefer to practice yellow eyeshadow and yellow makeup looks.

Yellow Makeup Looks

At the present time, the yellow hue is a new tone of shades. Forthwith, visualizing the dazzling skilled sensation of today’s era, we can see the yellow eye makeup look on them from their red carpet stroll to the prompting segment on Instagram or on other social media.

Yellow Makeup Looks

Now, if you are wondering, will your Outfit match the makeup with yellow eyeshadow? Then, let us enlighten you with some of the ideas that can apprise you to apply yellow eye makeup look for your special day to make it happen. Here are 18 Ideas about yellow makeup looks :

1. Sizzling Yellow:

Makeup with yellow eyeshadow is something you will wish to endeavor as it looks brighter and gives a summer touch. To get this look of the picture, Apply yellow eyeshadow all above the lid to the brow.

Yellow Makeup Looks

For a perfect and flawless finish, blend the eyeshadow into the lower lash line. Finish the look, with bold black winged eyeliner, mascara, and glossy lip shade.

2. Yellow with an Orange Hue:

Yellow eyeshadow makeup for a yellow dress is something that will remind you about summer, and its sunshine.

Yellow Makeup Looks

Like, in the picture, let the yellow hue rule the look and go over with some orange tone eyeshadow towards the outer corner of your eyes. Finish off your look with mascara and a stroke of winged eyeliner.

3. Sunflower Vibes:

Makeup with yellow eyeshadow bestows a more creative look. Similarly, in this picture, the yellow eye makeup is conveying a sunflower-shade vibe.

Yellow Makeup Looks

Apply the yellow color below the brow as winged eyeshadow, leaving the middle of the lid. Moreover, apply the eyeshadow below the lower lash line on the cheekbone to bestow this final look.

4. Shimmering Sunlight:

When yellow eye makeup look adds with golden tone touch to the hue of the eyelid. Then, it can offer the look accorded in the picture.

Yellow Makeup Looks

To get this shimmering Sunlight look, blend the golden tone eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye even to brighten up the yellow eye makeup look.

5. Summer Yellow Hue:

Yellow makeup looks don’t mean to seem bold and loud. However, little makeup with yellow eyeshadow is sufficient and delicate for memorable results, while furnishing a natural and no-makeup look.

Yellow Makeup Looks

Similarly, here the eyeshadow is conveying a Smokey eye effect with little yellow, pink, and some black hue. Complete the look with the eyeliner, applying on the inner corner of the eye equable.

6. Shiny and Optimistic Yellow:

This yellow makeup looks emboldened and energizes the person, who wears it. Applying the shimmery yellow eyeshadow under the brow bone and inner corner of the eye indicates bolster and confidence to stand out.

Yellow Makeup Looks

This picture of yellow makeup looks equally recommends the yellow eyeshadow to be a lively hue that offers a tonal effect.

7. A glimpse of Inner Beauty:

 Makeup for a yellow dress looks great with the yellow hue of eyeshadow. Experimenting yellow tone to match the dress can be possible.

Yellow Makeup Looks

Applying a little amount of yellow eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye can furthermore brighten up the makeup look. Like the picture, you can add mascara and a stroke of winged eyeliner to spice up the look.

8. Summer Sunset Vibes:

Mixing different shades can be fun to experience and experiment with. To get the picture-like yellow makeup look exactly, mix and blend different shades of yellow, and nude pink over the eyelid below the brow bone line.

Yellow Makeup Looks

In addition with metallic blue on the lower lash line can offer this yellow makeup look with summer Sunset vibes.

9. Yellow Smokey Eye Makeup Look:

To recreate this yellow makeup look, pick a yellow eyeshadow, and blend it all over the eyelid for a Smokey eye effect.  Apply some shimmering yellow hue to the inner side of the eyelid to get this look.

Yellow Makeup Looks

Complete the overall look with the blue color winged eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line. Along with a blue hue winged eyeliner in the inner corner of the eye.

10. Cat-eye Glam Yellow Eyeshadow:

 Yellow makeup looks appear amazing in all skin tones, especially if it is applied to haul yellow eyeshadow makeup for the yellow dress.

Yellow Makeup Looks

To get this bold yellow eyeshadow look, apply the yellow hue of eyeshadow to the eyelid in a manner that will convey a cat-eye glam look. Finish the look with an outer line below the brow bone with grey touch eyeshadow.

11. Yellow Blush with Green Waterline:

Minimal makeup for a yellow dress to carry is furthermore a trendy and beautiful makeup style. Whether to dress for a summer party with a minimal and wearable eye makeup touch.

Yellow Makeup Looks

You can opt for yellow blush on the cheekbone as a highlighter for the makeup look. The emerald green waterline on the upper lash line as a winged eyeliner looks stunning.

12. Orange Eyeshadow Makeup Look:

If you aren’t fond of liners, and heavy eye makeup, then this eyeshadow makeup for a yellow dress is best for you to Settle on. 

Yellow Makeup Looks

Pick any orange shimmery eyeshadow hue and smear it on your upper and lower lid, along with your inner eye to create this makeup look. Skip the eyeliner and finish the look with lots of mascara for the final result.

13. Golden Haze:

Eyeshadow makeup for a yellow dress for a bright and cheerful look includes a golden hue with glittery touch.

Yellow Makeup Looks

To get this golden Haze look, blend the yellow eyeshadow all over the eyelid, and then apply some golden glitter over it. Complete the look with shimmery yellow eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye and with lots of mascara.

14. Pink and Yellow Eyeshadow:

Makeup with yellow eyeshadow along with pink tone touch accords a stunning and glam makeup look. To recreate this look, you should settle on yellow eyeshadow over the upper lash line as a liner.

Yellow Makeup Looks

Then, blend the pink hue eyeshadow all over below the brow bone line and above the yellow eyeshadow. It will look more glamorous with black winged eyeliner, mascara, and glossy pink lips.

15. Soft Gold Smoke:

Golden shimmer with soft brown eyeshadow will look great on carrying makeup for a yellow dress. This make-up look is amazing for a glamorous party to look gorgeous and elegant at the same time.

Yellow Makeup Looks

Apply golden shimmer all over the lid and inner eye after which blend the soft brown hue to the outer surface of the eye.

16. Bold Sunshine Makeup Look:

Yellow hue isn’t something only to wear on eyelids but more of it. To get this look of eyeshadow makeup for a yellow dress, apply yellow eyeshadow as a base all over the lid and then apply golden touch shimmery hue over it.

Yellow Makeup Looks

Blend the shimmery golden hue on the cheekbones equable to get a bold sunshine makeup look. Add a stroke of winged eyeliner and mascara to enhance the shiny look.

17. Green lemon pop :

Yellow hue with green pop shade is a tricky color to wear. However, at the same time, it is eye-catchy color. To get the picture look, apply yellow eyeshadow all over the lid as a base, then blend green eyeshadow over half of it.

Yellow Makeup Looks

Moreover, apply the same eyeshadow tone on the lower lash line and add a bubbling pop effect with the same hue.

18. Sunflower Yellow Eyeshadow:

Yellow eyeshadow Makeup for a yellow dress to look brighter in the sunny season looks is on trend. Yellow hue is a feasibly bold tone that looks appealing on the lids.

Yellow Makeup Looks

To have this makeup look, blend yellow eyeshadow all over the lid.  In addition with it, apply soft brown on the outer surface of the eye to accord the look and shades of sunflower.  Add on the look with mascara.


1. What makeup looks good with yellow? 

To slay in makeup for a yellow dress, either settle on minimal base color or gold-toned shades for a glow look.

2. What skin tone should wear yellow?

Pale skin tone should not wear yellow and orange as they are brighter tones that overpower the look and pale skin.

3. Does yellow look good on dark skin?

Light and Pastel colors like light lemon yellow look good on darker skin tones.

4. Is yellow an attractive color to wear?

llow hue is a brighter and cheerful color that accords a dramatic and eye-catchy look. Thus, it is an attractive color to wear.


Yellow makeup looks are on trend and ruling for the summer obsession look. It accords energizing and brighter look like sunshine among all skin tones.

Yellow Makeup Looks

Therefore, yellow eyeshadow and makeup look assume to be attractive, cheerful, dramatic, and ongoing hue with every outfit and look.

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