Top 12 Yellow Eyeshadow Looks That Will Make You Attractive

When it comes to creating a vibrant, colorful eye makeup look, yellow may not be the first hue that springs to mind.

Yellow Eyeshadow Looks

While the yellow eyeshadow look is less prevalent than red or blue eyeshadow, it’s really more adaptable than you believe (i.e., it’s not solely for models & professional makeup artists).

This excellent color may provide warmth, make a statement, or produce an unexpected splash of color—the options are unlimited.

Yellow Eyeshadow Looks

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking ideas on how to use yellow eye makeup. Below are 12 various yellow eye makeup styles incorporating diverse skin tones and unique ways to apply this bright, stunning tint.

1. Bright Yellow Eye Makeup

Do you want to apply yellow eye makeup? Hey! That’s it. Don’t forget to fill the bottom lashes with a black arc and irregular lines. This can give you the appearance of being ten years younger.

Yellow Eyeshadow Looks

Female teenagers must make an effort. It will take your fashion sense to the next level. You may also use this yellow eyeshadow looks on tanned skin.

2. Yellow Eyeshadow with Eyeliner

Do you also want to decorate your eyes like hers? Then you are at the right place. You can try the orange and yellow eyeshadow look. Be careful with the application part of eyeshadows.

Yellow Eyeshadow Looks

Make the yellow eyeshadow more highlighted and a little blend of orange eyeshadow after. It will enhance the look of your eyes ten times better.

3. Orange and Yellow Eyeshadow

We have another idea for a sunset eyeshadow look just for you. Sunset eyeshadow look is in trend nowadays. However, it’s not a very usual eyeshadow look.

Yellow Eyeshadow Looks

But if you want to grab people’s attention, you can go for this beautiful sunset eyeshadow look. I am sure that you will not regret your decision later.

4. Pink and Yellow Eyeshadow Look

We have seen orange and yellow eyeshadow looks. Now, let’s see the different combinations of pink and yellow eyeshadow look. Definitely, It’s also not a very common eyeshadow look.

Yellow Eyeshadow Looks

But keep in mind that fashion has no boundaries. Your path is always open to numerous options; you can try anything according to your choice.

So, if you love this look, you must try this pink and yellow eyeshadow makeup look.

5. Blue and Yellow Eyeshadow Looks

Now we have come across multiple ideas. Now in the series, we have blue and yellow eyeshadow makeup looks too. As you can see in this picture that this blue and yellow eyeshadow look is very vibrant.

Yellow Eyeshadow Looks

If you want to try out of the box, this eyeshadow makeup look is just for you. If you didn’t miss this idea, don’t hesitate a bit before trying this fabulous blue and yellow eyeshadow makeup look.

6. Cat Eye: Yellow Eyeshadow

This yellow eyeshadow palette look is simple for beginners to accomplish. It’s also the most recent and trendiest approach to applying pink eyeshadow.

Yellow Eyeshadow Looks

Yellow eyeshadow may be used to get this simple yet exquisite look. This is a hue that is always a safe bet. It’s also easy and rather lovely. Never underestimate the versatility of this simple dish for any occasion.

7. Sunset Eyeshadow Look

Have you ever tried the sunset eyeshadow look before? If not, then here is something special just for you.

Yellow Eyeshadow Looks

You can try this beautiful color blend of orange and yellow eyeshadow to add charm to your beauty. Keep the lower part of your eyelids yellow and the upper part orange.

You can also take the help of a beautician and get it done.

8. Multicolor Yellow Eyeshadow

This look is a combination of purple-blue and yellow eyeshadow makeup. It is a unique eyeshadow makeup look, so you shouldn’t think twice before applying this yellow eye makeup.

Yellow Eyeshadow Looks

Such eyeshadow gives a smokey effect to the eyes. Keep the perfect blend of colors to get the desired results.

9. Yellow Cut Crease with a White Daisy

This look is as cute as its name. It is among the top yellow eyeshadow looks. To try this look, you need to buy an eyeshadow of decent quality.

Yellow Eyeshadow Looks

Buy a waterproof one as it will help it stay for a long. Keep your hands still while applying eyeshadow because a little mistake can ruin everything.

So, taking proper precautions is better for getting the expected results.

10. Glitter Yellow Eyeshadow

Are you looking for any lighter yellow eye makeup? Then this look is among the best yellow eyeshadow looks. This yellow eye makeup will look great if your skin is fairer.

Yellow Eyeshadow Looks

You can try this makeup look by yourself too. It is unnecessary to take the help of a makeup artist unless you don’t want to take the risk.

If it is not the case and you need more time, try this yellow eye shadow look yourself. It is among the best yellow eyeshadow looks.

11. Orange and Yellow Eyeshadow Look.

Are you bored with regular trends in eyeshadow looks? Then there is another beautiful orange, and yellow eyeshadow look for you.

Yellow Eyeshadow Looks

Keep the lower part of the eyelid pink and orange and the upper part on the yellow side. Unleash the beauty of your eyes with this beautiful eyeshadow.

After applying this beautiful makeup, you will be a point of attraction in a crowd.

12. Faded Yellow Eye Makeup Look

You might not be very interested in yellow eyeshadow looks, but this is among the top makeup looks nowadays. Fashion trends always keep changing, so you must keep trying new things.

Yellow Eyeshadow Looks

If you are interested in this makeup look, you can try it. Make sure to keep the yellow eyeshadow faded. Hence, It will also give you a golden glow.


Yellow makeup is eye-catching on its own, but trust it or not, it also complements other hues. Yellow works wonderfully with orange eyeshadow, pink eyeshadow, and more.

Yellow Eyeshadow Looks

While purple may appear to be an unusual option, it is because yellow and purple are complimentary hues, meaning they are opposite to one another on the color wheel.

Complementary shades are renowned for how well they complement one another. It would help if you never fell behind in terms of fashion trends. Try these yellow eyeshadow effects with ease.

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