16 White Eyeshadow Looks That Are More Elegant Than You Think

Feeling bored with the intense and colorful eyeshadows that you have tried nearly a thousand times on your eyes? Contemplating playing something pure and soothing with white eyeshadows?

White Eyeshadow Looks

But, have you got enough ideas about white eyeshadow looks that will fit appropriately with your white dresses or other colorful dresses? Do you know, how to wear white eyeshadow uniquely with style?

If not, don’t worry! You have entered the right place! Here we have stocked for you a lot of eye makeup looks for white dress and we can promise that each of these looks will unfailingly gratify your heart!

White Eyeshadow Looks

You will love to play with them as all these looks are simple to attain! Can’t believe your ear? Well! Let’s jump to those mind-blowing white eyeshadow looks!

1. Angel wings:

Longing for some sacred white eyeshadow looks? Here’s a white full-eyed eyeshadow look with studded pearls and angel wings for you!

White Eyeshadow Looks

If you are a lady who doesn’t mind decorating her eyes in a pretty way with a glam touch and lively vibe, this makeup for white dress is apt for you. Still, doubting the power of this eye makeup?

White Eyeshadow Looks

Trust us! this easy-to-do eye-shadowed look will never go wrong on your modest personality and will bring out the piety in you with style! Also, the pearls surrounding your eyes will reflect the profundity in you. Wanna give it a try?

2. Diamond overdosed wings:

Are you digging for something flickering? Then, move a step further and choose this white outlined winged eyeshadow with diamonds filled at the edges among all eye makeup looks for white dress.

White Eyeshadow Looks

You will experience a different kind of magic with this design as it will make you learn how to wear white eyeshadow with a winged design, symbolic of soaring ambition, and that too within a very short time.

The design will shower your eyes with all the gleaming beauty and charm that they were deserving badly for so long! The studded diamonds on the corners of the wings are planned so that you get an eye-catching result.

So, what more can we say? You fly high girl! Now you have wings over your eyes!

3. Long wings:

Forget other white eyeshadow looks! How about this white-colored long-winged filled-up eyeshadow with rhinestones positioned in the middle? Isn’t it looking charming? Don’t worry!

White Eyeshadow Looks

It’s not at all hard to create! Draw the outline of long wings first and then cram them up with a luminous white-colored eyeshadow. Stud some diamonds in the middle part over your eyes to ace up this dramatic eye look.

White Eyeshadow Looks

That’s all! It’s the perfect eye makeup for white dress. No more botheration with your eyeshadow! You are perfect to go girl!

4. White Eyeshadow with Black wings:

Possessing a round face and marveling, which black and white eyeshadow look will suit you best? Just have a look at this pic’s white and black eye makeup that we have selected especially for you!

White Eyeshadow Looks

Isn’t the black wings combined with the white prominent eyeshadow on the lady’s eyes appearing breathtaking?

Its glistening effect is just spellbinding! If you are a bold kinda lady who loves to pamper yourself a lot, this eyeshadowed look is made for you!

White Eyeshadow Looks

And, look at the lids! Aren’t they revealing something more exhilarating than your customary eyeshadow look? At least we think so!  What do you say?

5. White Smoky Delight:

A smoky look is elegant and you can’t deny that, right? So, how about going smoky with white color and contrasting it with elevated black wings? Heard about several white eyeshadow looks but didn’t come forward to such an idea before?

White Eyeshadow Looks

That’s the essence of it. Take this white and black eye makeup idea to a more broader level by making the white eyeshadow paint in a cut crease pattern over your eyes.

White Eyeshadow Looks

And, the consequence? This unique technique will transform your eyes into an incredible creation and will make you look no less than a diva! Accept our words! No one can take their eyes off from yours even for a minute!

6. White Rhinestones Magic: 

Do you know, when it comes to white eyeshadow looks, rhinestones can do a great job? They can bring a big changeover to your look and lend it a grand and luxurious beauty.

White Eyeshadow Looks

And, when the rhinestones are fringed on the edges of your light white painted eyes forming wings, everyone’s eyes will be only on you and you, Gal!

White Eyeshadow Looks

So, would you waste your time thinking about other eye makeup looks for white dress or want to give the eyeshadow look of the below pic a try? The choice is all yours!

7. Half Equilibrium :

Enough of single-toned eye makeup for white dress! Now, how about doing something classy and extraordinary? Wondering, how to wear white eyeshadow incredibly?

White Eyeshadow Looks

Hey! it’s not so hard to accomplish! Paint your half eyes with gleaming white and the other halves with smoky beige color. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a prominent white shade and keep your lips light.

White Eyeshadow Looks

That’s all! Got inspired? Raise your hand if it’s the case and slip on the look! Come on! You are all ready to rock and make the entire party hall enlightened with your charisma and magnificence!

8. Fox eyes: 

Yes, you’ve got it right! We’re talking about creating fox eyes with white eyeshadow to give you an ultra-modern, fashionable, and elegant appearance. But, here white is not alone.

White Eyeshadow Looks

The look is a combination of both black and white eyeshadow. So, paint a super light black shade of eyeshadow just above your eyelids.

The next step is to outline your eyes with the help of black eyeliner in such a way that you get wings on your eyes’ inward corners. Then, apply some black mascara over your eyelids and make your eyelashes appear large, especially at the outward corners of your eyes.

White Eyeshadow Looks

Now, coat some white shade of a prominent and glittery (optional) eyeshadow over your eyes to get that white glaring eyeshadowed look and you’re all done!

9. Red and White Eyeshadow:

Candy cane reminds us of Christmas and celebrations and when it’s Christmas, how can we stay away from gorgeous white eyeshadow looks and dresses?

White Eyeshadow Looks

So, let’s paint our eyes red and white matching the design of candy canes, and celebrate this Christmas with style! Wait! How about adding wings to the look? Red and white eyeshadow looks in combination are themselves glamorous.

White Eyeshadow Looks

And, adding wings to your eyes will make the look extra special! So, why wait? Jump into the look with joy and Christmas gaiety!

10. Smoky Red with White:

Going to attend an evening party and can’t decide on your eye makeup for white dress? Hey! We have a great idea for you! What if you bring red and white eyeshadow looks into the game?

White Eyeshadow Looks

Go smoky with red and apply a light-shaded white eyeshadow on the top portion of your eyes above the eyelids. How to do it?

Well! It goes like this…paint a light shade of red eyeshadow just above and below your eyelids and keep their just above and just below portions light and smoky white.

White Eyeshadow Looks

Again paint the topmost portion of your eyes red and highlight your eyes’ inner corners with white. Congrats! You’re good to go, Woman!

11. Red weds White:

You might have noticed many white eyeshadow looks. But, have you glanced at this cut crease half red half white type smoky mauve eyeshadow with a white glittered border before?

White Eyeshadow Looks

We’re sure, you have not! It’s because, unlike other red and white eyeshadow looks, this look is very rare and we have found it with much difficulty only for you and your satisfaction.

White Eyeshadow Looks

It’s a perfect assortment of mauve with glitter and is enough to make anyone fall flat for you! In case you have a love for a sequined finish, this look is a perfect suit for you. Match your lips with the red shade of your eyes to get the best effect.

12. White over black outlined winged eyeshadows:

Craving for getting the idea of retro white and black eye makeup? Here’s the tip for how to wear white eyeshadow in retro style by pairing it with black.

White Eyeshadow Looks

Here, not only eyeshadow but black colored eyeliner and mascara also have to come to play for getting that winning look! Nothing to be tensed about as it’s so simple to do!

Just create the outline of extended lofty wings with your black eyeliner over your eyes and fill them up.

White Eyeshadow Looks

Now, paint the leading outline of the wings on their top with the white shade of your eyeshadow and enlarge your upper and lower eyelids with the help of mascara. You are ready to bounce your body and flicker your sexy eyes at the party.

13. White designed and artful eyes:

Fed up with the same patterned white eyeshadow looks and looking for some variety? Here’s a variation from your regular eyeshadow looks.

White Eyeshadow Looks

This smoky cut crease eye makeup for white dress is special in the way that other than white wings, it also has white V-shaped designs situated below the eyebrows.

White Eyeshadow Looks

The upper part of the white wings are made smoky with rosy pink eyeshadow and it’s amplifying the feminine charm of the lady to a great degree.

14. Fluorescent eyes:

Fluorescent eyes are love and when it’s done by combining white with glowy purple and pink, the effect is stunning.

White Eyeshadow Looks

The dispersed reflective rhinestones surrounding the eyes of the lady are simply a treat for the eyes of everyone, also of those who watch them even from a distance.

White Eyeshadow Looks

Pair this look that falls in the list of all eye makeup looks for white dress, along with scarlet red or deep pink lipstick, and get set go…you will always crave to try this look, whenever you have a special occasion near you.

15. Icy white + black eyes:

Wanna drop some smoky, white-eyed looks on the stage? Then, this black plus white eyeshadow with pearls and rhinestones studded over the eyelashes is a trendsetter.

White Eyeshadow Looks

This white and black eye makeup is an invention of a pro makeup artist and will give you a statement look, whenever you wear it, no matter what dress you wear with it.

White Eyeshadow Looks

Feeling greedy to wear it right now? Well! You have a license for that! Go and listen to your heart!

16. Half white-half black smoky eyes:

White and black have always been a great combination whether you apply the colors on your dresses or for making various eye makeup looks for white dress.

White Eyeshadow Looks

And, when the design is half white with half black, it’s overpowering. The innovation is bound to allure everyone to the black and white eyeshadow studded with diamonds on the eyes’ corners without fail.

White Eyeshadow Looks

The eye-catching beauty of this design is so absorbing that one can’t move to another eyeshadow design by ignoring this sophisticated design even for once!

Wrapping Up:

So, we have discussed above about many white eyeshadow looks or black, red, and white eyeshadow looks in combination. Have they succeeded to occupy a special place in your heart?

White Eyeshadow Looks

If so, then, we are very eager to know, which of our prescribed white eyeshadow looks have made you impatient to try them at your special events!

We expect to meet you again over our next write-ups and know your thoughts on the same. Bye for now! Have a good day!


1. Does white eyeshadow look good?

Yes, white eyeshadow appears very good on our eyes as it’s a great means to define the shape of our eyes beautifully. You can wear this color singly in the form of eyeshadow or as your eye makeup’s base. Also, you can use it for generating an all-over color wash or throb it over/under any darker shade to get a gorgeously beautiful look that everyone yearns for.

2. How to make your eyes look bigger with white eyeshadow?

To enlarge your smaller-looking eyes with white eyeshadow, follow the below steps:
1. Outline your eyes with a white eyeliner
2. Put a light shade of white eyeshadow over your eyes
3. Curl your eyelids with the help of an eyelids curling device
4. Plant mascara on your curled lids to enlarge them. Your eyes will look much bigger than usual.

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