Top 10 Tips to Get Past Wedding Anxiety for Brides 

As much as a wedding is one of the happiest moments in one’s life, it can also be the source of lots of anxiety. A lot is riding on this event going smoothly and there are just so many factors that can make you feel bogged down. You would not be alone in this feeling, as a survey by Zola revealed that 96% of couples find wedding planning nerve-wracking

how to plan a safe and accessible wedding

This has only become exacerbated in recent times, with the pandemic causing brides to consider how to plan a safe and accessible wedding with more care. This can be even more stressful when you have to replan or reorganize your wedding.

Although restrictions have largely been lifted, you may still be worried about scheduling, venues, suppliers, and guests with health concerns. Taking time to arrange your wedding and get your guest list sorted can do wonders in minimizing your stress, but you may still feel anxious about the day itself. 

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to get past this and enjoy your big day thoroughly. 

1. Choose a Dress That Makes You Happy

Even though you might have any number of guests, it’s important to remember that it’s about how you feel at the end of the day. When picking a dress, make sure you pick one that truly makes you happy when you wear it. If you feel beautiful and comfortable, then that’s all you need to be concerned about.

As long as you go to enough fittings, you can be certain that you will get a gown that is flattering to your shape and complexion. 

2. Try Out Your Hairstyle Earlier

Instead of just running with a peg, carve out some time to try out different hairstyles before the big day. This will give you a chance to experiment and truly find the one that perfectly suits the vibe you’re going for. It will also be a good way to settle on what products work best with your hair. Once you’ve figured this out, you will be able to pick a style that not only looks good but can last the whole day. 

3. Indulge in a Self-Care Routine 

Don’t just limit your self-care to the night before your wedding. Go for a whole routine that you can start weeks ahead and continue after tying the knot. Picking the best primer for your skin, indulging in some spa treatments, and getting a good night’s sleep will do wonders to ease your anxiety and give you a clearer head.

Even better, you’ll feel less conscious about your style because you’ll be glowing by the time the wedding comes around. 

4. Sparkle with Meaningful Accessories 

It can be a major cause of anxiety when you don’t know how best to accessorize. You don’t want too much or too little and it can be difficult to think what will be tasteful in the long run.

The best option is to pick accessories that hold meaningful value to you, as this will give you the comfort of nostalgia and you know it will be timeless, whether it’s your veil, earrings, or a well-placed necklace. 

5. Wear the Right Undergarments 

You will have a hard time feeling confident if you don’t feel supported and comfortable throughout your wedding day. This is why you should make sure that you pick the best bra or undergarment to match your body type and dress. The last thing you want is for your undergarment to add more stress as you fuss with straps, tightness, or unwanted lumps. 

6. Find a Shoe You Are Comfortable In 

To walk down the aisle confidently, prioritize shoes you’re actually comfortable walking in. You’ll also likely be standing for quite a while, so don’t feel the need to go sky-high with your heels. Most likely, people are barely going to see your shoes from underneath your gown anyway. 

7. Do a Makeup Test 

You might be worried about sweat, weather, rain, heat, and all of these factors that could ruin your makeup. The best way to avoid this is by doing a makeup test a few months in advance. You’ll feel comfier if you’ve tried out your look and see what looks and lasts best.

how to plan a safe and accessible wedding

Plus, you’ll want to plan it way ahead of time to see how your skin reacts. Studies show that most allergens in cosmetics can trigger women at any age even if these substances are otherwise harmless. 

8. Remember to Ask for Help 

You are not alone! Appoint a trusted person to help you with dress, makeup, and hair adjustments on the day. You can also delegate tasks so you can just focus on basking in the joy of your union. 

9. Plan a Backup Outfit 

It’s better not to worry yourself about things that might go wrong, but you can simply remove these worries altogether by having a backup plan. If you have the time and means to do so, you may want to have another outfit at the ready in case things go wrong with your first choice. 

10. Know that Your Personality is Your Best Accessory

Instead of sweating the small stuff, remember that people have come to your wedding at the end of the day to celebrate your love. You are here to start a wonderful marriage, so just enjoy the moment and be yourself!

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