22 Stunning Vintage Makeup Looks To Add Charm To Any Event

Looking for new ways to wear your makeup? Do you know how to dress in vintage style?

I’ve recently been influenced by vintage makeup style, and I’m sharing the 22 Stunning Vintage makeup look that you can try this year(2022)

Vintage makeup looks social ornament

It’s fascinating to observe how much makeup has transformed over time as well as how one can achieve a variety of looks using the same products. It could even be entertaining to spend a week trying out a fresh vintage elegance look every day!

Vintage makeup looks social ornament

Consider incorporating a vintage look into your regular skincare routine, or modifying the colors in some of those looks to suit your style!

The Top 22 vintage makeup looks in 2022 are listed below:-

1. Red Lips: Vintage Makeup Look

Earlier women used to apply glossy lipstick on their lips, even many princesses used to wear red lipstick for looking attractive.

red lips Vintage makeup looks social ornament

It was a respectable thing to be superior in beauty. Then you should also try these over your lips.

2. Smoky Eyeliner: Vintage Makeup Look

Retro-style makeup look from the 30s is in trend nowadays. Back then women used to prefer a basic eyeshadow retro makeup look. No matter how much time passes.

smoky eyeliner Vintage makeup looks social ornament

A perfect thing will remain unique forever. That’s why a vintage makeup look is still in trend. You can use mascara in order to enhance your look.

3. Straight Eyebrows: Vintage Makeup Look

See, How cute this pin up makeup looks. A perfect match for your face and your beauty. Don’t hesitate to try this 30s vintage eye makeup look.

straight eyebrows Vintage makeup looks social ornament

I’m sure you will not regret your choice. Fashion is always changing but retro style makeup never changes.

4. Heavy Blush: Vintage Makeup Look

You might be thinking about heavy blush. But you didn’t take the risk to try this vintage wedding makeup look, Right?

heavy blush Vintage makeup looks social ornament

If you’ve never tried this before then now it’s time to put it on. A bride should look queen at his wedding. So, without any hesitation, you can try it. As it is recommended by several fashion experts.

5. Contouring Blush: Vintage Makeup Look

Despite popular belief, the Kardashians didn’t come up with contouring. Women have been employing the hack for years—in the 1930s, they’d utilize blush to emphasize their highlights and facial appearance.

contouring blush Vintage makeup looks social ornament

The blush-contouring look is given an advanced, monochromatic update here. This vintage makeup look will recreate your facial structure. It will give you a magnificent glow on your face.

6. Overdrawn Matte Lips: Vintage Makeup Look

Now, This is something everyone wants to try out. Whether they are a celebrity or common women. According to the survey, 90% or more than ninety percent of women want this type of overdrawn lips.

matte lips Vintage makeup looks social ornament

It is the best and never fading vintage makeup look. It is very easy to apply. You must try it by yourself once.

7. Berry Lipstick 40’s: Retro Makeup Look

Lips are the main attraction of your facial structure. This retro-style makeup gives you a bold look.

berry lipstick retro makeup looks social ornament

Dark berry lipsticks were popular in the 1940s. (Purple tones have a way of creating skin smoothness) We’re seeing purple and grape tones everywhere already, and everything still feels new.

8. Coral Blush 40’s: Vintage Makeup Look

If you’re healthy then definitely your skin will glow. Back then in the 40s women loved to use coral blush. Now, It has become the trend of pin-up makeup look.

coral blush Vintage makeup looks social ornament

Back in the 1940s, having good health, and flawless skin would be all the rage (and even today, of course). To get the look, coral, peaches, and cream blush were as popular back then as it is now.

9. Orange Red Lipstick: Vintage Makeup Look

Orange Red Lips are very open on your face. Few women don’t like this makeup look because it’s too shiny and over-make up.

orange red lipstick Vintage makeup looks social ornament

Still, It’s a fashion. So a few women love to wear it. The choice is all yours, you can try any retro style makeup nowadays.

10. Matte Skin 40’s: Vintage Makeup Look

To be very honest, this is the secret of celebrities to look fab.

matte skin from 40s Vintage makeup looks social ornament

They use this matte skin makeup look. It’s very simple to use and apply. But this little thing can enhance your beauty by 10X.

11. White Liner 40’s: Vintage Makeup Look

white liner Vintage makeup looks social ornament

Back then in the 40s, during celebration time, women love to wear this vintage eye makeup look. That’s why even today it is a trend. It has become the main attraction for any party or celebration.

12. Coral Lips 50’s: Vintage Makeup Look

Coral lipgloss was indeed the flawless brilliant shade in the 1950s before makeup had become more experimental.

coral lips Vintage makeup looks social ornament

Coral looks best when matched up with color-coordinated cheeks and eyes for a mystical moment. Did you like it? If you are positive, then type your comments in the comments below.

13. Beauty Marks: Pin-up Makeup Look

A beauty mark is generally natural or god gifted. If you have cute beauty marks on your face, then you’re very lucky.

pip up Vintage makeup looks social ornament

There is no need to put any type of extra effort to look hot. Back then women having beauty marks were considered superior beauty queens. I am confident that you must be happy now.

14. Focus on the Eyes: Vintage Makeup look

eye makeup Vintage makeup looks social ornament

Eyes show the truth as well as your beauty. If you have beautiful eyes then believe me you are the prettiest. Don’t question yourself, believe in yourself.

15. Penciled Eyebrows: Vintage Makeup Look

This penciled eyebrows vintage makeup look is perfect for a vintage wedding makeup look.

Vintage makeup looks social ornament

It gives you a modern twist on the latest trend too. You just have to mark your eyebrows a bit darker. It will look perfect with any face type and skin tone.

16. Crease cut eyeshadow: Vintage Makeup Look

You could perhaps correlate cut-crease eye makeup with today’s modern beauty Youtube personalities, but keep in mind that Diahan Carrol and Twiggy were rocking the look before today’s makeup vloggers were even born.

crease cut eyeshadow Vintage makeup looks social ornament

It will be one of the best decisions you ever made, just try it on.

17. False Long Lashes: Vintage Makeup Look

False or fake long lashes are considered vintage eye makeup looks. People who have round faces usually use false long lashes.

false long lashes Vintage makeup looks social ornament

It helps in modifying their facial shape and beauty. You can buy it from any beauty store whether online or offline.

18. Winged Liner 60’s: Vintage Makeup Look

Here is another vintage makeup look from the 60s. There is no need to be surprised as we know old is gold. Now, those old fashions have become modern trends.

winged liner Vintage makeup looks social ornament

To follow this makeup, you just need to do is take eyeliner and make a sharp wing. Let us know in the comments if you are trying it.

19. Bottom Prominent Lashes: Vintage Makeup Look

Usually, women try lashes on the top of their eyes but why not try lashes at the bottom? I’m sure you might be thinking, Is it possible?

bottom lashes Vintage makeup looks social ornament

Yes, You will look very unique and a point of attraction. So, without any further due try these on your lashes.

20. Bushy Eyebrows 60’s: Vintage Makeup Look

If you maintain your eyebrows regularly, then your eyebrows must be looking great. But once you should try bushy eyebrows too.

bushy eyebrows 60s Vintage makeup looks social ornament

It is the favorite vintage makeup look of multiple Hollywood celebrities. So, you should give it a go. You are going to look too hot for sure.

21. Spiky Lashes: Vintage Makeup Look

Spiky lashes are definitely a vintage makeup look. It also reminds me of anime characters. SPiky lashes are very new in fashion trends nowadays.

spiky lashes Vintage makeup looks social ornament

It is considered a vintage eye makeup look. Try it in a black dress. You will be super hot and cool in this makeup.

22. Face Gems: Vintage Makeup Look

In Indian tradition, during the wedding bride wear this makeup. It is one of the vintage wedding makeup looks.

face gems Vintage makeup looks social ornament

Now, it is your chance/time to try it on yourself. I’m pretty sure that you will love it. Give it a blast.


There are thousands of possibilities to frame fashion in different ways. But we tried to make you familiar with a few latest fashion trends.

Vintage makeup looks social ornament

These were the top 22 vintage makeup looks, that everyone should try at least a single time. You can choose and try any retro makeup look. Every retro style makeup is unique and made for different personalities.

We hope you must have chosen a vintage makeup style for yourselves. We appreciate your choice and thank you for reading our article.

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