18 Traditional Indian Bun Hairstyles for Saree That You Should Try

The wedding season has arrived, and all the brides and bridesmaids are looking for the hairstyles best for their outfits to enhance their look. They can choose traditional Indian Bun Hairstyles for saree, as well as modern Indian bun hairstyles for saree.

traditional indian bun hairstyles for saree

Along with it, they can even try some other messy bun hairstyle for saree or some loose curls buns for their outfits. For enhance the overall look more, girls prefer to accessorize the buns with the hairstyle accessories like stone, crystal pins, flower jewelry, or other jewelry stuff.

To know more about hairstyles, there are various other bun hairstyles to style with a saree that can be accessorized with some hair accessories. To get ideas for such hair buns, look at the different types of hair buns for saree.

Different Types of Bun

There are various types of hair buns that can be styled with a simple as well as beautiful elegant heavy embroidery work saree. Such hair buns types are as follows:

  • Braided bun – The braided bun hairstyle is a modern Indian bun hairstyles for saree, that looks graceful, super stylish, and classic for all the occasion look. Well, making a braided bun is not easy but not quite hard to achieve the gorgeous and amazing hairstyle look. To get the braided bun look, hair must be combed properly, and then, start braiding the hair well to roll it up inside like a bun. Secure the braids and bun with hair pins. Even, you can accessorize the braided bun to beautify the look.
messy bun hairstyle for saree
  • Twisted bun – Several types of twisted buns are made by girls where they wrap their hair at the back in a circular coil. The shape, size, and style can differ in this twisted kind of bun. This is the bun usually shaped by the girls for any outfit and occasion for getting the look of a messy bun or, even for a bridal bun hairstyle for saree. 
  • Classic low bun – To have a classic aesthetic look, for any occasion and outfit, this classic low bun looks amazing and perfect. To style with any braided, twisted, or loose curls bun, this is the ideal choice for a girl to wear a classic low bun hairstyle for saree especially.

1. Artificial Jasmine Flower Bun 

This is a traditional Indian bun hairstyle for saree that looks completely classic with the South Indian touch. This is one of the evergreen trends, where a woman with a saree wears a simple bun with an artificial Jasmine flower wrapped over it.

messy bun hairstyle for saree

The artificial Jasmine flower has been rolled-up with one layer of white color and the second layer of golden color. Along with it, a round-shaped accessory or pin has been attached in the middle of the bun to enhance the hairstyle look.

2. Classic Low Bun for Bridal

Bridal has several options for buns hairstyle. Among all this classic low bun hairstyle for a saree looks amazing and graceful when it is adorned by a bride especially.

messy bun hairstyle for saree

This neat classic low bun hairstyle is a new and chic hairstyle that emphasizes bridal beauty along with the outfit and floral bun-wrapped jewelry.

3. Elegant Style Statement Bun

This is the sophisticated and elegant bridal bun hairstyles for saree or bridal lehenga. This look can be created for a bride by making a simple twisted bun that can be decorated with a piece of artificial floral jewelry and rose petals over the bun.

messy bun hairstyle for saree

This modern Indian bun hairstyles for saree, gown, or bridal lehenga enhances the bridal look giving a style statement to her elegant look.

4. Twisted Bun with Accessorizing Pins

This twisted bun is shaped in a manner of wrapping the twists one over another giving the entire hairstyle a new look, and design.

traditional indian bun hairstyles for saree

For describing the look, accessorizing the hairstyles with fancy golden pearl pins is giving fashionable and modern Indian bun hairstyles for saree. 

5. Pleasing Braided Bun 

This is another elegant and sophisticated low bun hairstyle for saree came with a braids twist.

traditional indian bun hairstyles for saree

The braided hairstyles cover from one side to another and the braided bun along with it has been perfectly decorated with a floral rhinestone work tiara over the braided later of the hairstyles and bun.

This bun hairstyle accessory is pleasing the entire hairstyle look.

6. Floral Khopa Bun Hairstyle 

The khopa bun hairstyle is an old but evergreen trend, especially for brides. Here, even in the picture, this khopa hairstyle with flower is bestowing a perfect bridal elegance to the modern trend as well as the traditional Indian bun hairstyle for saree, gown, and lehenga look.

traditional indian bun hairstyles for saree

These floral khopa hair accessories is beautifying the entire bun hairstyle of the bride.

7. Twisted, Braided, and Messy Hairstyle

The fascination for hairstyle is rising a little bit more with the women who are willing to have different and unique messy bun hairstyle for saree, gown, ghagra, and bridal look.

traditional indian bun hairstyles for saree

So, women are usually coming up with new ideas for twisted, braided, and messy bun hairstyles. Look at the picture, where she looks quite fascinating with a messy hairstyle from the front and a twisted and braided bun hairstyle at the back.

8. Chignon Low Bun Hairstyle 

The chignon low bun hairstyle for saree  looks amazing and perfectly shaped with a good circular coil low bun hairstyle. This chignon low bun hairstyle has attracted many girls and women to have a love for this look.

traditional indian bun hairstyles for saree

Here is how to make a hair bun for a saree. Moreover, a nice flower hair accessory or clip on the top of the bun can be added to the bun to enhance the further look.

9. Sleek Bridal Twisted Bun Hairstyle 

This bridal twisted bun hairstyle is different from the other previously seen hairstyles. This is the sleek, chic, and stylish bridal bun hairstyles for saree adorned by the bride.

traditional indian bun hairstyles for saree

The twisted bun’s look has been enhanced with the white little parag over the twisted ends.

10. Pearl Khopa Hair Accessories

The casual and traditional Indian bun hairstyle for saree can also enhance the entire bridal or other occasion and functions hairstyling look of a girl or woman. This look-enhancing style can be bring out by the accessories selection.

modern indian bun hairstyles for saree

The selection of accessories can bring unique changes to a simple, minimal, and casual bun look. Look at the picture to get an idea of a bun hairstyle with pearl layering khopa look hair accessory.

11. Chignon Braided Bun Hairstyle 

This chignon braided bridal bun hairstyles for saree can be proven to be another stylish and favorite look of yours. As All young women who love to have different hairstyles can try out new styles on this hairdo.

modern indian bun hairstyles for saree

The braided hair is twisted to make a bun and properly pinned with small hair pins or bobby pins. The floral or Parag jewelry hair accessories decorated over it give the hairstyle final touch.

12. Twisted Bun with Chic Juda pin

Isn’t this lady with the beautiful and elegant twisted low bun hairstyle for saree reflecting the glow of her beauty?

modern indian bun hairstyles for saree

She is imitating her style of bun with a fashionable embroidered imitation jewelry juda pin studded at the center of the bun. This twist in the bun and the accessories are beautifying the look of the lady.

13. Messy Coiled Bun with Green Pearl

The back Bun hairstyle is the all-time favorite look of every girl. This messy bun hairstyle for saree goes perfectly with every function and occasion persuasively.

modern indian bun hairstyles for saree

This twisted heavy bun hairstyle is bestowing a messy coiled bun hairstyle look of a lady. This look is complemented by the green pearls Juda pins studded in the back of the bun.

14. Gajra Hairstyle with Braided Bun

Khopa hairstyle with flower is an evergreen trend and accessories for best hairstyling. However, styling it with accessories like a gajra even beautifies the look of every bride as well as the lady of a function.

khopa hairstyle with flower

The traditional Indian bun hairstyle for saree was assumed totally to be incomplete without a gajra. So, modifying the modern bun hairstyle with gajra, have a braided bun for some modern taste and touch. 

15. Messy Sock Bun Hairstyle

To make your hair look more voluminous and classy at the same time with a bun. Go for a messy bun hairstyle for saree that will look amazing and gorgeous.

khopa hairstyle with flower

The picture shown here, where a bride is wearing this style with crystal and parag studded accessories is leaving us in an awe moment. 

16. Classic Hair Bun

The classic bun hairstyle in the picture shown has been wrapped with a braid layer over the simple and classic bun. The flowery khopa has been wrapped here in a U-shaped bun.

khopa hairstyle with flower

This khopa hairstyle with flower here is bestowing a unique and stylish variant of the bun with a minimal and casual bun hairstyle look.  

17. Loose Curls Messy Bun

The loose curls always bestow a messy look of hairstyle which is trendy and looks beautiful in every outfit. This loose curl has been rolled up with some twisted layers as a hairstyling design to make a messy bun hairstyle for saree, or gown.

modern indian bun hairstyles for saree

The floral accessories and pearls have decorated the overall look of the loose curls’ messy bun hairstyle.

18. Side Braided Bun

This is a common and stylish celebrity hairstyle look. This is one of the traditional Indian bun hairstyle for saree that is adorned by a celebrity in the picture shown.

modern indian bun hairstyles for saree

Here, she wears side braids, and a side bun at the back goes perfectly with the saree. 

Accessorizing The Bun

To beautify the look of the traditional Indian bun hairstyle for saree, accessories of hair from Bobby pins to flowers and other crystal and rhinestones jewelry always work. There are many accessories that can be worn, styled, and adorned to enhance the hairstyle’s look. Such are as follows:

  • Flower jewelry – The flowery tiara, the decorated flower-attached comb bun clip, and other flower bun clips and jewelry can be wrapped over the traditional as well as modern Indian bun hairstyles for saree look especially. 
low bun hairstyle for saree
  • Crystal work clips and tiara – The crystal and stone work accessories are available in floral designs or other vintage and classic designs of hair accessories. These accessories decorate the look of a messy bun hairstyle for saree. Along with it, these crystal work hair accessories are used even for bridal bun hairstyles for Saree. 
low bun hairstyle for saree
  • Rhinestones work clips – Several bun comb clips and tiaras with rhinestones work are available for hairstyling or accessorizing the bun. By fixing the clip and tiara with the bobby pins and hair clips and other small juda pins, you can attach it, giving a stylish and graceful look to the modern Indian bun hairstyles for saree. 

These are the tips for accessorizing different kinds of buns’ hairstyles for saree. There are some more ideas that can help you to getan amazing and beautiful Traditional Indian bun hairstyle for saree look.


1. How can I maintain the bun hairstyle throughout the day?

Usually, the spray sets the hairstyles that are shaped in a circular coil or particular manner. But, to make a bun set for the entire day, make sure the studded Bobby pins and hair clips are well attached and firmly keep the hair bun at their set place.

These perfectly set pins will maintain the bun hairstyle throughout the day. 


There are various kinds of Traditional Indian bun hairstyle for saree that looks amazing and gorgeous for every occasion, festival, event, and function. Imitating the hairdo with the perfect accessories will always work and beautify the entire look.

low bun hairstyle for saree

So, you can get an idea of such a bun hairstyle for a saree look from the above ideas. Hope this will help you to get ready for any party and functions.

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