The Interview with Ewa Haas Stark

1. What is your story?

I was born in Poland and when I was 21 years old I emigrated to Germany. My daughter was born in Germany 2 years later. I started a new life in Germany.

I finished my studies and I got married.

Now I am a happy woman.

2. Why do you do your job?

I work in aย  company as a fashion logistics in the office.

3. What were the difficulties in your life? Your mistakes?

when I emigrated to Germany was very difficult for me. I didn’t know the language and I had no friends and my family stayed in Poland. I was alone in Germany and I had to start everything anew. But that was not a mistake. I will do the same again today.

4. How did you manage to progress? How did you make yourself known?

I came to modeling more by chance than anything else.

In October 2019, I came 6th in the Miss 50plus Germany competition.

This gave me the opportunity to start my best ager modeling career.

I have applied to a few model agencies, including The Models and Woodfoxx_models, where I am under contract.

5. What are the keys you have set up to make yourself known?

I do not have a special key set up to make yourself known.

I love adventures and am very spontaneous about many new things.

I am natural and try to share my spontaneity with people.

6. What keys could you advise someone to use to achieve their dream?

please stay yourself. Believe in yourself. Because you are special and you are beautiful. That is what I can give you on the way.

7. Do you have a routine?

yes, I have.

I go jogging twice a week. During the working week, I only drink coffee with cocoa. My first meal starts around 12 o’clock.

8. What affirmations do you use every day to stay motivated?

I have good days and bad days. To motivate me, I set realistic goals. This is my motivation, the language of love and recognition.

9. What is your greatest pride?

Definitely my daughter and my husband. But I, among others, am proud that I, as a woman of the 50-plus generation, can work as a model and motivate other women with it.

10. What were the difficulties in your life to get to where you are today?

I have always worked hard. I have had many difficult times. These difficult times have also made me the person I am today.

11. What were your mistakes?

I am very impatient and stubborn, so I have certain mistakes. But I have learned to understand the situation better through my mistakes.

please stay yourself. Believe in yourself. Because you are special and you are beautiful. That is what I can give you on the way.


12. What is your best experience?

I had the best experience at Miss Germany 50 Plus. I became 6. I met great women with their great life stories. Modeling is also one of the best experiences in my life.

13. What are your life rules or affirmations that you follow today and that give you motivation?

I love myself for all that I am.

I choose to be happy.

I am exactly where I am meant to be.

14. What difficulties did you encounter in your life to achieve your project today?

Corona has put many projects on hold.

These have been the most difficult experiences for me so far. I was paralyzed in the situation.

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