18 Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings That Are Currently In Fashion

Skunks are smelly and so when you hear about skunk stripe hair for the first time, you might have a false belief about this hairstyle.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

You might think – “eww…it must elicit a bad smell”. But, it’s not the case! Don’t go into such a misconception. Do you know, skunk stripe braids or other hairstyles are related to skunks not in terms of smell but terms of appearance?

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

It’s a trending hairstyle that originated in the OOs and has come back in 2022 again because of its popularity. This kind of hairstyle combines a dark hair strip with a lighter one and is inspired by a skunk’s stripes, which look awesome.

The lighter strip of hair runs from the middle in the downward direction. No matter, what color or length your hair is, you can adopt this style and stun everyone.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

Wanna have some ideas or color combinations for skunk stripe hair? Then, you’re at the right site. We have brought for you 18 skunk hair color ideas that will give your hair perfect skunk effects. So, let’s proceed with those skunk stripe hair color ideas:

1. Angular Skunk Hairdo:

Goth skunk…its really weird, right? But, it’s not the same in the case of such a hairstyle. Go for a sharp and angular type hairdo and portray the stripe exactly like an asymmetrical fringe on the frontal part of your head.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

Now, shape the black-colored upper hair as teeth and hang them over from the shaved sides. And, we assure you that you will definitely get a promising contrasting hairstyle.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

So, wanna pick this daring skunk stripe hair styling for your hair? Then, this punk skunk hairdo is waiting for you!

2. Half-half Skunk Stripe Braids Hairstyle:

Have a love for skunk braids but want to wear more of Cruella De Vil than skunk on your head? Then, the half-half skunk braids hairstyle is your exemplary suit.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

Go all out by just creating a big skunk stripe effect. Also, split the dyes exactly down the middle. The hairstyle though captures the skunk stripe attitude, is a style on its own.

3. Subtle Skunk Hairstyle:

Wanna get a mild and modest skunk stripe? Color a few ends of your hair such that there is an intermingling of the black/brown and white/blonde hues.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

In some places, there is black hair with blonde underneath TikTok look and in other places, blonde hair with black hair underneath look.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

The style will give you a fascinating cookie and cream appearance. It’s a skunk stripe that’s not too boisterous.

4. Long Mohawk Skunk Stripe Hair:

The Mohawk hairstyle is recently in vogue and when it gets combined with the skunk hairstyle, you can just guess how awesome hairstyle will be their product!

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

Dye the top part of your hair with black color and shape your hair into a lazy mohawk style. Dye the bottom part of your hair with white or platinum color.

Not to mention, the back part and the sides also require draping with suitable color( black/white). The long Mohawk skunk hairstyle is perfect for people with extra long hair.

5. Silver & Red Hair With Blonde Skunk Stripe:

Wanna get a bold look with red hair this season? Then, do it in a skunk style and kidnap everyone’s soul with it! Pair the red color with a blonde/silver one but do this color combination with a twist.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

Turn the classic skunk hairstyle into modern red hair with blonde skunk stripes by placing silvery lavender stripes on your face’s both sides.

6. Half Black- Half White Skunk Stripe Hair:

Do you have a split personality with your life full of black and white? Then, you will definitely love to have this Platinum/silver blonde hairstyle with a combination of a dark hue.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

Color one side of the head dark (black) and the other side white (platinum/silver) and you will hardly believe your eyes when you will look in the mirror. You will see your pleasantly changed self.

7. Brushed Back Mohawk Hairdo:

This black hair with blonde underneath TikTok hairstyle is a special Mohawk skunk hairdo, that’s slight more born-stylist than the other ones. Brush your top hair backward and imitate the mohawk style.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

This hairstyle will exhibit a flashy white stripe with black hairs underneath it. So, move for this real black & white style and enlist your name in the skunk kingdom. 

8. Simple Skunk Stripe Hair:

Recently social media is talking about a simple yet look-changing skunk hairstyle which is characterized by a shady foundational color (black/dark brown) along with a contrasting stripe of white/grey.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

This contrasting white or grey streak of hair will frame your face. You can also name this hairstyle “curtain hairstyle ” though the hairstyle gets a skunk stripe effect only after dying the curtains.

 9. Skunk Stripe Braids Ponytail: 

Be creative and attain a braided skunk look that involves a cute ponytail by dyeing your backside hair with one color and your stripe of the braided ponytail with another.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

In this way, the contrast between two dyes (say black and white) gets accentuated.

10. Pink Skunk Stripe Hair With Grey In Bob Cut:

Have you tried a dark purple-pink shaded hairstyle complemented by a muted gray look on your bob-cut hair? No? Then, this season, make it your fashion statement.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

The warmth that the front-sided or edged pinkish hair evokes is too hot to handle and matches perfectly with all skin tones.

11. Light Skunk Stripe Hair Styling:

It’s a kind of lighter skunk hairstyle that involves dark brown (not stark black) and blonde (not white) colors.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

Though this color combo gives a brilliant finishing, the contrast in colors is slightly less. By going for this hairstyle, you will get a casual look.

12. Red Hair With Blonde Skunk Stripe Bob:

In this style, the basic skunk look is adapted into a bob hairstyle with a blonde red-colored appearance. The hair’s bottom comprises a horizontal stripe descending along the bob edge line.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

Though a simple hairdo, this skunk hairstyle stands out in respect of the color contrast and the shortness of the hair. In case you choose to go skunk without getting too showy, this hairdo is an ideal one.

13. Shoulder-Length Pink Skunk Stripe Hair:

Want a subtle go-to hairstyle of the skunk trend that will highlight your feminine elegance? Well! Then the shoulder-length pink skunk stripe hair styling is made for you.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

It’s a girly hairstyle as girls love pink. Put ash color on the top part of your hair and the bubblegum pink color beneath that layer and you are all prepared to startle everyone with your delightful look.

14.  Skunk Stripe Hair For Shag Hairstyle:

It’s a kind of hairdo that is a skunk’s briefer form and whose stripe passes from your head’s frontal part. The fringe or top part comprises a wide portion of white color that wraps the surrounding parts of your Mohawk-style head.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

The white color is contrasted by the black color that is hued to the sides of your head. So, with this hairstyle, you get a round-out skunk impression.

15. Heavy Streaks Hairstyle:

It’s a hairstyle whose name is again in the top listings of hairstyles after years back. Thanks to Dua Lipa, the celebrity pop star for bringing this fad back. The hairstyle totally depends on how you wear it.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

It’s a contrast between black/dark brown tinted hair and bright colored (such as golden) hair. The hairstyle will impart a theatrical and mysterious look on you.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

So, if you go for an updo with these combinations of hair colors, the color drama will become an extraordinary one. Heavy streaks hairstyle is one of the most popular skunk hair type hairstyles with an excellent color combination – vibrant blonde color and dark black.

16. High Contrast Skunk Stripe Hairstyle:

Are you a fan of Rhianna? Then, you must have surely possessed the picture memory of her high contrast skunk stripe hairstyle, that she has worn once. Don’t think that there’s anything subtle or hidden in this hairstyling.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

You will also love the peek-a-boo highlighted blonde/golden strips of her hair, that are designed such that they get incorporated into the frontal part of her head for a loosened-up break around her face.

17. Cruella Crop Hairstyle:

The Cruella crop hairstyle is famous for its bold color statement. In the case of this hairstyle, the face-framing layers that are the shortest get juxtaposed with its base color.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

The hairstyle requires very low maintenance and is steady and rigid. Its rule-making privilege lies on the wearer.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

In the case of the skunk trend for hair color combination,  less color indicates less maintenance and vice versa. However, the impact doesn’t get skimped.

18. Red Stripe (Skunk) For Loose Hair:

Enough of boring hairstyles! Add something spicy to your life as well as hairstyle by following the Bella Hadid-styled red stripe (skunk) for loose hair.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

Bella Hadid had been seen wearing this style statement and now it’s your turn. For bumping this color combination up a notch, spice up this hairstyle with a bleached-out white/yellow color and see the fire-sparking look. 

The Final Words: 

Hey! Which skunk striped hairstyle among the above is your choice for the day? Head out with any one of them and we assure you that the modern hairstyle will impart a special look to you throughout the day.

Skunk Stripe Hair Stylings

You will feel, how special you have become to your friends and acquaintances, just with the adoption of a single skunk hairstyle.

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