Top 14+ Skincare Fridges With Mirror: Keep Your Beauty Products Safe

Life would have been so much easier when the skincare products you use are stored in the safest place. Not as hard as it sounds when you can have a skincare fridge with mirror. A good skincare fridge actually acts as a beautiful addition to the vanity display. 

Skincare Fridges With Mirror

But is the function of your beautiful mini fridge with mirror only limited to its aesthetic look? The mini fridge also benefits your skin by chilling the skincare products.

Those chilly skin products transform into a tighter and firmer appearance and control puffiness and dark circles. So, learn about this 15 mini fridge to have a hassle-free skincare journey.

What Can You Put in a Skincare Fridge?

The products you wish to refrigerate may not always be fit to keep in a skincare fridge. Always check the ingredients and instructions before thinking of storing them in the fridge. Types of skincare products apt to place in the cosmetics mini fridge are:

  • Misty Facial spray- Mist sprays contain refreshing elements which last for a long time when you refrigerate.
  • Eye Products- It is believed that eye creams are best used to cure sensitive problems like puffiness or dark circles. Chilled eye creams faster de-puffs near the eye regions.
  • Concentrated Gel Items- The gel products are said to be more refreshing when kept cold. In that way, the gel products are better for the skin. The cool temperature ensures the consistency of the gel does not get ruined.
  • Sheet masks and Serums- Sheet Masks are more comforting during warm days. Likewise, most of the serums applied to the skin work better when kept cool. The refrigerated sheet masks relieve inflamed skin.
  • Sunscreen- You can store the sunscreen both at the normal temperature as well as in a frozen one. Both work in that way.
  • Make-up Items- You can store your lipsticks, lip balms, or similar products in the makeup fridge with a mirror. However, avoid storing oily blame which otherwise is inclined to get as hard as wax.

According to makeup experts, any skincare or makeup items too oily or clay-based can get hard when frozen. So, it’s safer to avoid them being placed inside the mini-fridge.

1. Homcom Portable Skincare Fridge

Homcom white and rose gold mini fridge is both luxurious in looks and deeds. The portable cosmetics tiny fridge has a versatile storage option. It includes 3 shelves, 5 door racks and a drawer all combined in one place.

There are 15 silicone holders to fit your makeup essentials like lipstick, skincare serums, eyeliner, mascara, etc. You can have better-customized results while coordinating in between: Constant Intelligent Temperatures, Night Mute Mode, and Energy Saving Mode.


  • Fridge dimensions: 10.75*17.5*10.75 inches.
  • Have a capacity of up to 12 Liters.
  • Manual defrost system with dual doors.
  • Convenient handling and led lighting. The
  • Special features include lower noise, cooling and warming, and a timer.


  • Saves a lot of energy with the energy-saving mode.
  • Free from excessive noise.
  • Have a digital display for better control.


  • They should have made the shelves a bit more sturdy.

2. Qubi Professional Cosmetics Mini Fridge

The Qubi professional rose gold mini fridge has enough space to keep your favorite cosmetics and skin care products in place. The temperature is rightly displayed at the opening top of the refrigerator.

To prevent the refrigerator from slipping, it is designed with rose gold plated anti-slip foot. You can have a comfy grip while handling the vegan leather handle.


  • Fridge dimensions: 12.6*8.7*12.6 inches.
  • Can store up to 5 liters.
  • Can be operational within 50°F-65°F.
  • Comes with an LED display at the opening of the fridge.


  • Quite versatile with the allotment of extra shelves.
  • Can store cosmetics, sheet masks, and serums.
  • Even airflow with the smart cook airflow system.


  • Could have been more spacious and had better capacity.
  • A bit lousy during nighttime.

3. Homdox Skincare Mini Fridge

Based on the items you put inside, Homdom mini fridge has four different ways to store items. The 20 Litre compact makeup fridge with mirror can be set indoors or is suitable for traveling purposes.

The temperature can be optimized between 15.8°F to 149°F at max. It has a tabletop installation with a compact freezer-less configuration.


  • Fridge dimensions are 7.9*8.3*13.2 inches.
  • Has the capacity to hold up to 20 Liters.
  • Consists of a direct cool defrosting system.
  • Comes with a side handle for better gripping.
  • The temperature is displayed digitally.


  • Well suited for long-distance trips.
  • The stored skincare items feel refreshing for a longer time.
  • The fridge consumes less power and is environmentally friendly.


  • The cosmetic fridge with mirror takes a few hours to get cooler

4. Chefman Portable LED Mirrored Beauty Fridge

Chefman skincare fridge with mirror is all set to brighten your daily skincare routine. The 4l mini fridge can be customized either to keep things cool or warm.

There is a range of items like serums, facial masks, cleansers, sunscreen, or liquid makeup items that can be preserved in the portable fridge. The installation type is tabletop with manual operation.


  • The fridge dimensions are 7*9.13*10 inches.
  • The makeup fridge with mirror has a capacity of 4 liters.
  • A convenient sleek mirror door and LED lights for monitoring the temperature.
  • 100% freon-free construction for safety.


  • The mini fridge is safer to use due to its freon-free construction and cTEL approval.
  • Ergonomic design with spacious quality.
  • Frequent adjustment between heating and cooling modes.


  • Better packaging is expected due to its mirror body.
  • It would have been nice if the freezer lasted longer.

5. Vnimti Skincare and Cosmetic Fridge With Mirror

Vnimti rose gold mini fridge works with both AC and DC power and is highly portable. The mini fridge with a mirror can be ideally placed either in your bedroom or while traveling to any outdoor location.

Technically, the portable mirror fridge conserves a lot of energy and functions at lower noise. The mirror door gives you a smoother cleaning experience as it is built of sturdy tempered glass.


  • The fridge dimensions are 7.95*10.16*11.42 inches.
  • Can hold up to 8 liters of materials.
  • Consists of a single door with an automatic defrost system.
  • Have an LED light display and an inverter compressor.


  • Can have multi-gear adjustable brightness which is friendly to the eyes.
  • Easy to use and efficient heat dissipation.
  • Friendly to your ear with the lower noise.


  • Few users receive broken fridge parts that are uncalled for.
  • The mirror door should have been less fragile.

6. AstroAL Mini Fridge For Bedroom

AstroAL cosmetic fridge with mirror has an upgraded temperature control panel whichh is cooler for storing skincare and beverages. It’s a double-racked fridge with adjustable side pockets.

The refrigerator can monitor between 18°C to 66°C so the cosmetics can familiarize themselves with the ambient temperature.


  • The fridge dimensions are 7.67*10.43*11.3 inches.
  • Can store up to 6 Liters or equivalent cans.
  • The fridge comes with digital temperature control.
  • Maintains the temperature between 18°C to 66°C.


  • Advanced designing with sleek designs.
  • Have noiseless 25dB sleep mode.
  • Has a semiconductor refrigeration chip.


  • Should have been more spacious.

7. BS One 12 Liter Skincare Fridge

If you want a cooling fridge other than a mini cosmetic fridge with mirror then BS One will serve you better.

Unlike those fragile mini-fridges, The anti-slip foot of the rose gold mini fridge can better be placed on both rough and flat surfaces.

It has a holding capacity of up to 12 liters and can keep items fresh at 10°C. To comfort your eyes, it has built-in white lighting.


  • The fridge dimensions are 18.9*19.69*33.46 inches.
  • The refrigerator has a total capacity of 12 Liters.
  • A separate drawer for shit masks
  • The cosmetics mini fridge has a 360° liner thermostat and 720 holes to release air.


  • Has room for holding a variety of skincare products as many as 45 items.
  • Arranges a better look at your dressing table.
  • Have a patent for a new cooling system.


  • The cooling system does not work efficiently.
  • Is not suitable to travel outdoors with its bigger size.

8. Koolatron Lighted Cosmetic Fridge With Mirror

A Koolatron 6-liter portable skincare fridge with mirror can hold cosmetics, medications, or any kind of edible item. It can contain beauty products including beauty serums, perfume, lipstick, and facial masks.

Other than the manual defrost system the refrigerator has a compact freezer-less configuration.


  • The fridge dimensions are 10.25*11.25*7.85 inches.
  • The freezer has a total holding capacity of up to 6 liters.
  • The cooler is compatible with 110V AC and 12V DC capability.
  • The advanced thermoelectric technology cools down to 32°F.


  • The personal refrigerator cools in an efficient iceless manner.
  • The door is designed alongside a dimmable LED light and proper touch control.
  • Refreshing personal care results.


  • If not handled properly, the fridge won’t last for long as per users.

9. Cooseon All Seasonal Mini Skincare Fridge

The specialty of the Cooseon mini fridge with mirror is its all-seasonal functionality. You can control the temperature in between thermoelectric cooler beauty and warmer settings based on your needs.

The temperature goes up to 60°C at max. For turning your makeup-ready look, the fridge has both LED lights and mirror settings.


  • Fridge dimensions include 13*11*8 Inches.
  • The capacity of the portable fridge is up to 4 liters.
  • The adjustable temperature is between 35.6°F to 140°F.
  • AC or DC energy saving mode.


  • Have a customized storage option with both detachable shelving.
  • Both safer and eco-friendly.
  • The cooling vent keeps things refreshed.


  • The makeup fridge with mirror has inefficient motor quality.
  • The mirror should have been extra protective.

10. Cooluli Mini Fridge For Bedroom

Cooluli rose gold makeup fridge has a 15L capacity and acts as both a portable warmer and cooler. The refrigerator has a sleek design and therefore can be carried anywhere.

Cooluli cosmetics mini fridge has professionally designed eco max technology which prevents unwanted energy consumption. Get used to this lightweight mini fridge in the bedroom.


  • Fridge dimensions are 13.75*11.25*16.25 inches.
  • The inner space comprises 2 adjustable detachable shelves and 2 container baskets.
  • Made in China.
  • The materials used are aluminum, plastic, and tempered glass.


  • Instant cooling and warming with single button touch.
  • A complete compact freezer.
  • Secured spring lock on the door.


  • The personal cooler should have been more spacious.
  • Should have lasted longer as per a few users.

11. Ecowell WRE110 Mini Bedroom Fridge

Ecowell skincare fridge with mirror has 3 adjustable LED light settings – low, medium, and high. So, be it a spring day or a frozen chilly night, you can control the temperature between 32°F to 40°F.

The mini fridge with mirror arrives with LED light and can be traveled everywhere.


  • Fridge dimensions are 9.7*9.6*6.9 inches.
  • Has a capacity of up to 20 quarts.
  • It has a single glass door.
  • The defrosting system is automatic.
  • Lightweight as it is 4L/6 Can.


  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • Aesthetic design with an outside fitted mirror.
  • Acts as both a cooler and a warmer.


  • The temperature remains constant even after two-three days of usage.

12. Berlin Gear Hot or Cold Mini Fridge

Berlin Gear makeup fridge with mirror has a consistent promise to maximize your makeup quality. The outer surface is fitted with a shiny mirror and both sides are LED-lit.

You even don’t have to worry about fragility because of the writable tempered glass surface. There are small door pockets to carry mini makeup kits.


  • Fridge dimensions are 11.7*10.6*7.7 inches.
  • Adjustable interior having 2 positions and a removable shelf.
  • Consists of a small door pocket.
  • Have 4.8 liters of capacity to hold.


  • Can be refrigerated every sensitive product.
  • Have detachable and adjustable shelves.
  • Modern thermo cooling technology is free from freon.


  • Ice gets built up near the fridge walls.
  • Should have a more spacious store which can keep the facial sheets.

13. Ommo Portable Mini Fridge

If you are ready to accept other than a mini fridge with mirror, this Ommo refrigerator will treat you well. The black freezer is operational with AC/DC power.

Have a controlled temperature between 27-38°F for a refreshing experience. The cosmetics mini fridge can accommodate medications, beverages, skincare, and travel stuff.


  • Fridge dimensions include 5.1*5.3*9.3 inches.
  • Have a holding capacity of up to 6 liters.
  • It has an automatic defrost system.
  • The micro-fridge is lightweight and portable.


  • Is environmentally responsible as it is freon free.
  • Excellent design with compact features.
  • Detachable shelves and hidden handles.


  • The handle should have been firmer.

14. Fohere Skincare Fridge With Mirror For Bedroom

Fohere mini fridge with mirror brings the best experience with the adjustable light at three levels. The 10-liter fridge does have enough capacity to store beverages, baby food, makeup items, etc.

The Freezer has both cooling as well as warming features which work at a lower noise or mute mode.


  • Fridge dimensions are 7.35*6.63*11 inches.
  • Have the capacity to hold up to 10 liters of items.
  • Is suitable for both home and car use.
  • Works with an automatic defrost system.


  • Ideal for all seasons, be it warm or cooler days.
  • Is well-equipped with both AC and DC adapters.
  • Can store nearly as many as 11 cans.


  • The design is not that attractive.

15. Paris Hilton Personal Beauty  Mini Refrigerator

Here’s our last pick on the rose gold mini fridge by Paris Hilton. The body is of pink exterior and rose gold mirror glass. The compact 4L capacity makeup fridge with mirror can fit on a desk or countertop.

The door shelf pocket is flexible and wider. The organizers can be removed based on your needs. You don’t have to carry an extra mirror when you can check in the fridge mirror itself.


  • Fridge dimensions are 9.3*7*10 inches.
  • There’s no ring light required while sitting in front of the fridge.
  • The mini fridge maintains the temperature between 32°F to 40°F for better cooling.
  • Both AC and DC cords for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Available in versatile colors. Be it teal, pink, or white.
  • Eye comforting dimmable led light.
  • Less noisy during nighttime.


  • The front baskets are smaller and weaker to hold things.
  • It consumes power heavily.

Makeup Stays Well and Looks Well!

The above 15 skincare fridge with mirror are handy, portable, and conserved a lot of energy. These mini fridges are not only suited to store makeup items but can also be used to cool or warm up foods and beverages.

So, based on your makeup items, wisely decide on the capacity and choose the mini refrigerator with a mirror.


1. What is the point of a skincare fridge?

Skincare fridges are well-equipped to maintain the refreshing elements of your makeup items. When applying those chilly products, your skin will look extra firmer and tighter. Some of the skincare fridges with better storage capacity are Homcom Portable Skincare Fridge; Fohere Skincare Fridge And Mirror For Bedroom; BS One 12 Liter Skincare Fridge, etc.

2. Is it best to put skincare in fridge?

Most skincare products like spray mists, sheet masks, and facial serums are best to store in the fridge. However, certain oily or clay products get right when stored in the freezer.

3. Can I leave my skincare fridge on all night?

If you maintain the temperature of your fridge as per the outer weather, then it’s safe to keep the skincare items in the fridge. However, over-frozen items may not be best for you and can sometimes irritate the skin. Some of the best adjustable temperature control refrigerators are – Qubi Professional Cosmetics Fridge; Homdox Skincare Mini Fridge; AstroAL Mini Fridge For Bedroom, etc.

4. What are the advantages of Beauty Fridge?

The immediate advantage of having a mini beauty fridge is that you can carry it everywhere. Your items stored in the fridge also get refreshed and cooler during sunny days. Often, those chilly items when applied, your skin gets firmer and tighter.

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