Top 26 Simple Heart Nail Designs That Get Attention Within Seconds

Exhibiting hearts as the emblem of love through your nails is always something pleasing and romantic. Still, not everyone chooses to do so because they think the task to be arduous and time-consuming. Now, will you get surprised if we assure you that effortless and simple heart nail designs do exist in the world of beauty?

simple heart nail designs

Yes! We have come here with 26 simple nail designs that will shatter your myth that heart-shaped designs are hard to create. These designs will fit with each dress you wear and every occasion you visit.

And, believe us, no one could take their eyes off your nails once their sights collide with the hearts of your nails! So, be it Valentine’s Day or some other day, just embrace any of these simple heart nail designs on your nails and be ready to spread love everywhere you visit!

1. Vintage Color Pops:

Color-popped hearts are fun to get and when it takes the contour of a vintage candy layout, it doubles up our enchantment! So, here’s a design of white nails with red hearts for you!

simple heart nail designs

Silhouette the tips of your French nails by playing with some sweet pastel colors like white, pink, and red, and inspire all ladies with those lovely perfectly-shaped designs on your nails! We promise the French Tips with Hearts will definitely seize the vision of everyone you confront!

2. Hearts of Warmth:

This method of laying out black and red hearts on your white nails’ tips has something unique in it. The black heart nail designs in combination with the red ones look so cute that anyone will easily fall for them.

simple heart nail designs

After all, French tip nail designs are so versatile! Just go for the white nails with black heart on one hand and the red hearts on another and stun everyone with your look!

3. Aesthetic Red Hearts:

Are you fond of royal yet easy-to-do white nails with heart manicures and want to jazz them up over your nails? Then, why not choose red hearts encircled with golden dots to fill up your nails in a sophisticated way?

simple heart nail designs

Believe us, this classic red heart composition over your nails will never let you down before everyone! In fact, white nails with red hearts are super trendy and have become the style of the season!

4. Red Glittery Hearts:

Wanna get some ideas for simple heart nail designs to nail it perfectly this Valentine’s Day? We promise these white nails with red hearts will make your day!

simple heart nail designs

Go funky by painting red glittery hearts over your nails and get that extraordinary look effortlessly! The design will, no doubt, give you a damn gorgeous look!

5. Marble Engraved Hearts:

Are you someone who always tries to maintain a perfect balance between minimal and maximal designs? Then, this rare and elegant marble engraved layout encompassing white nails with heart is made for you!

simple heart nail designs

This is a design that you just can’t ignore! Top each of your nails off with individual scarlet hearts and fall in love with your own nail art again and again.

6. Simple Floating Hearts:

Imagine your nails in a bed of sea and allow some hearts to float over them. How is the idea? Isn’t it a picture-perfect one? Well! We think so! It’s so simple to attain! Just paint your nails white and strew some red hearts over them.

simple heart nail designs

You can also go for white nails with black heart design instead of white and red ones. The black hearts will look equally attractive on your white-painted nails as the red hearts will!

7. Combined Beauty:

Now, how about making a collective design on your nails to make them appear incredibly delightful? Yes, we are talking about combining two or more designs into one.

simple heart nail designs

The most simple combination nail designs is to paint some nails white and others red. Select any one white-painted nail of each hand to stick red hearts over them. Aren’t these ideas for simple heart nail designs awesome?

8. Scarlet hue with White Hearts:

No matter if you are a French nail manicure lover or a regular nail design lover, this outstanding French tips with hearts nail design will touch the bottom of your heart.

simple heart nail designs

This nail composition is so captivating that it will make you boldly stand out among others. Hey! Don’t miss the white dots spotted beside the hearts! They are adding extra glam to the red-hued appearance of your nails!

9. Swirled Love:

Searching for some more simple heart nail designs that will bestow a unique statement to your overall look? Here’s another one for you!

simple heart nail designs

This swirled French tips with hearts design is just apt for any romantic dinner date or Valentine’s Day party. Wear it with confidence and grab center stage with your effortlessly beautiful look and dashing nails!

10. Fun Heart Nails:

Wanna celebrate your special day in a funny way? Then, make your nails a part of your fun-filled moments! Wondering, how to keep your nails remain participated in the event by making them the topic of discussion among your friends and relatives?

Paint some hearts on your white-dyed nails in a funny manner. Either keep the hearts red and paint black eyes on them or make black heart nail designs with red eyes over them. Either way, your nails will rock!

11. Golden Hearts:

Enough of white nails with black heart or red heart designs! Now, why not try some golden hearts on your nails to exhibit your golden side? This trendy mani is very much in vogue now and it would be unwise to miss it!

simple heart nail designs

The golden and white hearts of the manicure are so fascinating that this design can undoubtedly be included in the list of modern yet simple heart nail designs.

12. B & W Hearts:

Would you mind if we suggest you go retro this Valentine’s Day? Styling your nails in black and white is not a bad idea…what do you say? Black heart nail designs are in fashion these days. So, painting your white nails with black hearts and black nails with white hearts will groom your nails in a graceful manner.

black heart nail designs

Don’t forget to keep some nails black-tipped and the others white to bring the French manicure design into the game. Your nails will enjoy appreciation throughout the day!

13. Black French Tip with Hearts:

Black heart nail designs are now having a moment and the white nails with heart designs are also not lagging behind. But, what makes the designs more alluring are the black/white coated tips of your nails.

black heart nail designs

Pair the black-tipped nails with white glossy hearts or white-tipped nails with black hearts and bring maximum contrast to your look.

14. Black and White Acrylic Swirls:

Has subtlety been always your vibe? Then, go ahead and select those abstract black heart nail designs for your nails that are made especially for black and white lovers!

There’s no doubt that your gorgeous white nails with black heart and the white ones will go flawlessly with the same-colored swirls painted on your nails. It’s also a good means to play with traditional French manicures in style.

15. Polished Black Hearts:

See, how simple yet luxurious these black heart nail designs are!  How to do it? It’s so easy! Paint your nails acrylic white and inscribe polished black hearts upon them.

black heart nail designs

You can also attain the same design by replacing the polished look with a matte look, though in such cases, the appearance of your nails will differ a bit.

16. Black Hearts with White Details:

Black & White fashion always reigns in our hearts and when it’s about nails, the outcome is just irresistible. Dye all the nails black except for those of the ring fingers to give a different effect to them.

black heart nail designs

Paint those remaining nails white and draw black-outlined hearts upon them. Now, sit, relax, and dry up the white nails with black heart. The rhinestones will do the remaining job perfectly!

17. Barbie-style French Nails:

How about these heart accents on French tip nails? Aren’t they looking rare and glorious? They are dramatically increasing the B & W color gradient of the nails, thus making them look unusually brilliant.

black heart nail designs

No need to save this Barbie-style French tips with hearts design for the coming year’s Valentine’s Day because they can be worn all year round to give you that romantic look!

18. Cute inspo Valentine’s Hearts:

Wanna show up your infinite love to your valentine in a sweet manner? Then, get inspired with these cute white nails with red hearts. You can also add some pink hearts to your nails to enhance the look a bit further. 

white nails with red hearts

Believe us or not, this pure and inspiring Valentine’s Day heart design will checkmate the game and turn the dice in your favor in front of your special person.

19. Hearts of Velvet:

Just as marriages are made in heaven, designs are made from our hearts. And, when the designs themselves are all about hearts, sheltering them preciously in the form of velvet is necessary to add extra value and royalty to your look.

white nails with red hearts

Here’s presenting our scarlet red velvet heart design on French-shaped nails only for you!

20. Gold-foiled Red Valentines:

Do you have a special love for white nails with red hearts and paint them oftentimes over your nails?

white nails with red hearts

Then, this golden foiled touch is what you need on your nails at present to keep yourself from getting bored with the same patterned nail art. Give a try to this nail manicure once and you will never look back!

21. Love Bands:

Everyone including each and every part of our body needs love including our nails. So, why should we keep our nails from wearing love bands with simple heart nail designs when our heads often enjoy wearing them?

white nails with red hearts

How to do it? Adore your nails with white-hearted golden bands and be the queen of hearts forever.

22. Barbed wire Hearts:

We liked this black-colored fenced heart nail art a lot and hence included it in our list of white nails with heart designs.

white nails with red hearts

These well-festooned nails will dramatically improve your Valentine’s Day look or the romantic date look and indulge you in the jovial spirit much before the date, the 14th of February.

23. Metallic Hearts:

Metallic hearts are love and when they get imposed upon the chess-themed French tip of your nails, their glamour doubles. The beautiful dazzling white nails with heart are a symbol of your inner dazzling nature that’s hidden from everyone.

white nails with heart

Keep them short and sweet to maintain the natural look of your nails and get the marvelous look that everyone craves to attain!

24. Eternal Love:

Love your fiancee from the deep core of your heart? Want to express your eternal love to him via your nails? Then, this infinity-patterned heart design will do for it. This simplistic and minimal love design, though grasping natural touch, is actually a piece of elegance.

white nails with heart

Wanna experience the power of its charisma? Well! For that, you have to try it on your nails and your look will say the rest.

25. Hybrid Nails with Hearts:

Seeing for another white nail with heart idea that will add extra love and romance into your life? Then, choose this hybrid nail design with multiple hearts!

white nails with heart

Paint out the tiny white, black, and pink hearts over your white or other pastel-colored nails and get unique fame in the fashion industry along with love and passion.

26. Pastel Black Hearts:

Nowadays pastel shades are extremely loved by fashionists and you can turn this situation in your favor by going pastel with your French tips with hearts nails. Shape your nails in a V-shaped design and do a black French press at your nails’ tips.

white nails with heart

Polish the remaining parts of the nails baby pink such that they possess matte black hearts. Wow! Your nails have turned so much more beautiful! Now, who can stop you from getting what you love and flying high?

Wrapping Up:

white nails with heart

So, which of the above simple heart nail designs are you giving a try? Choose the ones that will complement your nails the best and make the coming Valentine’s week the special week of your life!

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