7 Safe Ways To Curl Wet Hair Overnight Without Damage

Do you frequently use heated equipment to curl your hair? We were as well, and our hair did not like us! The truth is that if you’ve convinced yourself that you can’t live without heat styling because your hair is so unruly, you can be making things worse.

Curl Wet Hair Overnight Without Damage

Although using a flat iron or curling wand to add texture, control flyaways, and calm uncontrollable frizz can seem like an easy cure, it will ultimately do more harm than good to your hair.

It is exceedingly detrimental to expose your hair to heat, especially repeatedly and to a high degree, since it results in breakage and dryness. Consider yourself resistant to heat harm since you use a heat protectant. Not quite.

Curl Wet Hair Overnight Without Damage

Your hair is still a danger even if using a heat protectant before a style can help lessen the impact of hot equipment. Additionally, heat styling your hair every time you wash it might leave your hair more brittle and dry if you frequently bleach your hair.

You basically zap the moisture from your hair every time you wrap it around the curling wand or twist it around some hot rollers, leaving it more prone to breaking.

Curl Wet Hair Overnight Without Damage
Curl Wet Hair Overnight Without Damage

You’re probably asking, “What’s a lady to do?” and we understand. The use of hot tools results in a never-ending cycle of heat damage, yet the alternative is to have lifeless hair or to resemble Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries (pre-makeover). In either case, we recognize your predicament.

You’re in luck because we’ve figured out several techniques to achieve gorgeous curls without using any heat, allowing you to sport beachy waves or curls without damaging your hair.

If you have this question in mind that how to curl wet hair overnight, then we have top solutions for you.

Here are 7 alternative damage-free methods for getting stunning heatless curls for thick hair.

1. Lazy Curls for Lazy Day

Lazy heatless curls are the ideal hairstyle for you if you’re a low-maintenance girl who frequently alternates between straightening her hair and donning a bun.

Lazy Curls Wet Hair Overnight Without Damage

When dealing with second or third-day hair, if you want to get rapid waves while multitasking, or if you’re just having a leisurely day, this low-maintenance style is perfect. Although Mimi is using extensions in the video that follows, hair extensions are not necessary for this heatless hairdo.

How to Curl Your hair overnight wet?


First, create a ponytail with your hair.


Spray separate, one-inch-long hair pieces with water to get them slightly moist. Then, wrap each segment around your fingers to form a curl.


Clip the curl against your scalp to keep it in place. When you’ve exhausted your mental resources, let time do its job.


After your hair has totally dried by airbrushing, pull your ponytail down and unpin each curl. And Bam! You’ve got to curl wet hair overnight.

The outcome? Without the bother, get gorgeous, bouncy, VA VA Voom curls. For a double dose of volume, you can also use the same procedure on your hair extensions before fastening them to your head!

2. Heatless Waves That Are Runway Ready

The appearance of a model while they are not working has a special allure. The pinnacle of carefree style is classic clothing, little makeup, and imperfect waves.

Waves Curl Wet Hair Overnight Without Damage

This guide for heatless waves will show you how to get the easy runway bends you’ve always desired without the need for a curling iron. A few hair clips, hairspray, a spray bottle filled with water, and some hair wax are all you need to complete this look.

How to Curl Your hair overnight wet?


Begin at the base of your hair and work in small pieces, dampening each section as you go with your spray bottle. Similar to how you would wrap your hair around a curling wand, start wrapping each segment of hair around your middle and index fingers.


Repetition is key. Pin each curl into place as you move around your head.


Finish with hairspray and give your hair some time to set (usually about 40 minutes depending on the length and thickness of your hair).

Once you’ve taken down your curls, scrunch your hair with some heated hair wax that you’ve warmed between your palms. This will give you the desired tousled look and make your heatless waves last longer. Sounds quite easy, doesn’t it? In this way, you can get hair-styled heatless waves overnight.

3. 90’s Blowout Velcro Rollers

We love how huge hair is a thing once again since the 90s are returning in a major way. All you need is a set of hair rollers and some hair spray to get the fluffy hairstyle of the 1990s.

Velcro Rollers Curl Wet Hair Overnight Without Damage

This no-heat guide is excellent for novices who want to get the look of a blowout without using any costly hair tools or for those who just want to join the vintage trend.

Methods for curling wet hair overnight:


Your hair should be washed and air dried almost completely.


You can get this blowout effect by pulling out your Velcro Roller Set, which has all the equipment you need. It includes a set of creaseless clips to hold the rollers to the 18 various rollers that are included.

Pull out your Velcro Roller Set, which has all the equipment you’ll need to get the blowout effect, in Step 2. It includes a pair of creaseless clips and 18 various rollers that you can attach to your head.


Divide your hair into parts with a rat tail comb. Spray some hairspray liberally all over.


It’s time to start moving now! Depending on the style you wish to copy, you can roll your hair in or out. For this hair instruction, we’re rolling inwards to frame our faces.


Permit the velcro rollers to stay in for 20 to 30 minutes. For the hairdo to maintain its form after the allotted time has passed, reapply hairspray. Tada! Enjoy your fresh 90s hairstyle with overnight heatless waves.

4. Waves on a heatless headband

Headband Curl Wet Hair Overnight Without Damage

Watch Tutorial: Get curly hair in an easy way

Can’t wait for your curls to dry because of lack of time? That’s OK! This method is ideal for you if you want straightforward instruction that doesn’t need several clips and pins because it only needs one headband.

How to Curl Your hair overnight wet?


Start by separating your hair into two portions while wearing the headband and having moist hair.


Then, until you reach the end of your hair, twist each part away from your face and wrap it around and under the headband.

STEP 3 :

Set your look by using hairspray to keep everything in place. Before letting your hair down, make sure it has dried thoroughly.

You may apply some texturizing pomade for more grip and definition at the end to complete the look.

5. Heatless curls that Bounce

This heatless curls technique is ideal for you if you have limp, fine hair and want to add bounce and volume to your strands.

Again, all you need is a few hair clips, your favorite hairspray, and a spray bottle filled with water. With our Dark Brown Balayage hair extensions, you may get a similar style.

Methods for curling wet hair overnight:


 Wet your hair with a spray bottle while you divide it off into one-inch portions.


Step two is to slip the curl down and fasten it with a hair clip after gently encircling various hair portions with your middle finger.

Use just your middle finger to create heatless waves as opposed to the last technique where you used both your middle and index fingers. This will result in a tighter curl; imagine using a smaller barrel curling wand.


Repeat Steps 1 and 2 over the remainder of your head, making sure that your sections are small enough to prevent the curls from escaping the clips.

Before unraveling your bouncy, long-lasting curls, apply some hairspray on top.

Curling wet hair overnight without heat and damaging your hair is nothing but a miracle only.

6. The Mermaid Waves

Use 220g Dark Brown Balayage Luxy Hair Extensions to achieve the same appearance. Who said a person couldn’t be a mermaid?

Mermaid waves Curl Wet Hair Overnight Without Damage

You can get the mermaid waves of your dreams without using heat with a few hair ties, a comb, a brush, some hairspray, and a spray bottle of water. Try our 220g Dark Brown Balayage Luxy Hair Extensions for an additional boost of volume and length to get a similar appearance.

Methods for curling wet hair overnight:


To begin creating this style, separate your hair down the center and mist it with water until it is moist.


Step two is to divide your hair into two pieces and braid each segment, as usual, taking additional care to pull tightly as you go down the hair.


Spray on some hairspray and let the hair air dry completely before taking the braids out.

Unfold at last to reveal lovely, beachy, S-shaped waves! Your hair will appear as though seawater has just performed a miracle.

7. Curly ponytail without heat

How to style hair without heat?

Okay, this heatless hair trick is even simpler to do than the first one we demonstrated. Consider using a curly ponytail hair extension if you want lush curls right away.

Ponytail hair extension Curl Wet Hair Overnight Without Damage

If you’ve never used hair extensions before, this one is perfect for you. Put your hair up in a ponytail (we suggest using our Gravity Defying Hair Ties to keep it smooth and tight), then take your ponytail extension and tuck the claw into the base of your ponytail.

To make it seem as real as possible, you might take a strand of the hair extension and wrap it around the base. You may also use bobby pins to hold back thick hair.

If your hair is naturally curly or straight and you want to try something new, these extensions are fantastic!


These were a few tips and tricks to style hair without heat.  In this way, you can get shining, wavy hair with heatless waves overnight. Hairs are the crown of your head. Add some naturality to it and give it a long-lasting life.

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