Roomtery: From Thematic to Aesthetic Interior Decors Collection

Recently bought an apartment but still not sure about the interior decoration. Visit the Roomtery site and explore the ultimate aesthetic room makeover. From bedding to interior decor including wall art, lighting, and professional room decor blogs, you will have a delightful time.


You can shop from Roomtery by applying filters according to colors, storage, decor, bedding, and other categories. Let’s learn more about the aesthetic decor site through this article.

What Roomtery Collections Include?

Roomtery online home decor sites have a wide-ranging collection at an affordable price rate. There are

  • bed sets (including pillow and blanket cover set)
  • Cushion covers
  • Decorative pillows, rugs
  • Wallpaper, wall collages, and decor
  • Tapestries
  • Vases and coasters
  • Neon signs, Lamps, strong lights
  • Desk accessories
  • Jewellery organizers, etc.

All these product collections are based on four major room themes including preppy room, pastel room, Vanilla Girl room, and Vintage room. The details about each room will be discussed below.

Roometry Room Inspired Ideas and Collections

Most contemporary home decor is based on particular themes. Given the perception, the Roomtery online store also aligns its products by following major room-inspired ideas.

1. Pastel Room Decor

Pastel room ideas follow light-tinted themes which are both satisfying and aesthetic at the same time. Most of the Roomtery pastel room decor shares the twin vibes of cuteness and calmness. You will find pale-toned rugs, chequered canvas, soft cloud bedding sets, and many more.


The customers can also sort by price range, where you can order pastel-themed room decor for between $9.9-$349 and shipping charges if applicable.

2. Preppy Room Decor

For those who like lively setups and vibrant home decor, the preppy room decor category would lure them. You will find bright-tinted collections like cushion covers, leopard-print fur accent rugs, and dazzling preppy room accents within this category. For funky setups, you can buy fairy string lights, neon signs, and LED lights too.  The preppy room decor items would price between $ 9.9-  $179.99 + applicable shipping charges if any.

3. Vanilla Girl Room

Adhering to the common idea that a home must feel clean and cozy, Roomtery introduced the Vanilla Girl room theme. The idea of a chic, polished, flawless lifestyle has become the latest trend in the town. So all the interior decors present in the category try to intensify the newborn vanilla girl impression in your room.

You will find ceramic makeup mirrors, shea shell jewelry trays, retro cups, glass lamps, and many varieties in between the $9.99- $119.99 price range.

4. Vintage Room Decor

Those who like to buy retro pieces or collect antique valuables would cherish the category. The vintage room decorations presented by Roomtery are a delicate remix of the ’60s and ’70s with flashback touches of 19th-century styles. Within the vintage category, you will find masterpiece desk decor, mirrors, glass vintage bottles, retro-inspired Bluetooth speakers, and other pieces. The highest-value retro product is $129.99 along with shipping charges if applicable. 


If you want to combine and contrast decors in a room, then you can also follow other themes available on the Roomtery site. Items of major themes include art, botanical, chequered, floral, botanical, nature, pastel, sun and moon, butterflies, etc.

Roomtery Shop by Colors

You can determine your shopping mood based on the color varieties Roomtery Shop offers you. So, make your order based on light and bright hues.

The light color ranges include Beige, Grey, white, yellow, etc. For funky and bright setups, you can shop based on bright color ranges including red, orange, green, brown, purple, black, and blue.

Gift your Dear Ones with Roomtery

Roomtery shares gift ideas for special occasions including birth anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, and farewell parties. You can think of customized gift options based on your budget. They have categorized the gifts under different price ranges. Those are-

1. Under $10: Gifts under $10 are of an affordable and minimal price range. These include cute but useful stuff like cottage core, Indie, artsy, kawaii, and other aesthetic gifts. The items are free for delivery.

2. Under $25: You can decide on gifts that at best would cost you $25. You can order from 115 such precious gift items. Those include a David vase, a digital alarm clock, a designer mirror, neon lights, etc.

3. Under $50: If you want to expand your budget then there are over 76 gift items under $50. These would comprise delicate night lamps, fragile gift items, soft pearl-shaped mellow, clocks, etc.

4. Under $100: Those who want to spend on the costliest gift items can shop under the $100 category. You will find cute pillows, Kawaii retro keyboard, starry sky Nebula projector, Neon signs, and 24 other gift items.

While not all gift items are shipped internationally, but most of them follow standard delivery options.

Roomtery: Payment and Shipping


Regarding payment options, the Roomtery online aesthetic decor store has multiple payment methods. The buyers can confirm their order using ApplePay, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, and many other digital options. On your first order, you will receive a gift along with a 10% instant discount.

Shipping Policy

The shipping charges are not fixed and depend on the country of delivery, package dimensions, and weight. However, since 2021 they have followed a free shipping policy almost all over the globe.

All orders are processed within 1-5 business days (only on weekdays). While US-based orders will take 7-17 business days after shipping. In the case of international orders, it may take up to 25 days after shipment.

Roomtery Refund Policy

Like most reputed sites, Roomtery also has a promising return policy. They offer a return period of 14 days after receiving the item. A return is only applicable for undamaged, unworn, or intact items. The user must not rupture the original packaging to be eligible for return. In case a refund is approved, the buyer still has to bear the shipping costs back to the warehouse, and the returning agent charges.

Wrap Up!

Therefore, Roomtery offers you the widespread aesthetic home decor choices you have been craving for a long time! You can sort all kinds of products including bedding, decor, wall hangings, storage, and organization setups at the desired price range.


Moreover, you can also follow thematic and color-based decor collections. So, embrace up and place your order all over the globe.

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