18 Best Quinceanera Makeup Ideas To Complete Your Celebration Look

Have you grown up listening to the fairytale stories of princesses, fairies, and queens from your dad and mom? Are you a dreamer who always dreams of being a princess and receiving special princess-like treatment from everyone?

Quinceanera Makeup

Well! Then, here’s the chance…grab it and make yourself feel special on your special day! Couldn’t get it? We are talking about your quinceanera party evening!

Come on! You are going to turn 15 and along with it pass your innocent teenage! And, as you are heading towards your adulthood, we are glad to help you with some awesome quinceanera makeup ideas that will fit any of your dresses, be it of any color.

Quinceanera Makeup

Wearing these makeups you will look absolutely like a fairytale princess and win the attention of everyone surrounding you, no matter how indifferent he/she is! Curious to know about those dream-come-true quinceanera makeup looks? Well! Here they are:

1. Quinceanera Makeup Red:

The red color has always been an epitome of beauty and attraction, since ancestral times. It’s the symbol of boldness and bravery.

Quinceanera Makeup

So, how about accentuating your bold and brave side by painting hot red on your lips and eyes? Terrific idea, right?  Your smoky hot red eye and enticing scarlet lips matching with your red three-dimensional party dress will be enough to turn everyone on at the quinceanera bash.

Quinceanera Makeup

Feeling something missing in this red quinceanera makeup appearance? Oh, we just forgot to mention the red sexy headband. A scarlet floral hairband will do the rest of the magic.

2. Blue Quinceanera Makeup:

Wanna look regal in a royal blue gown? Then go blue with your eyeshadow and make your eyes smoky with green eyeshadow underlining your eyes.

Quinceanera Makeup

After all, green and blue go so well with each other! Use a bit of shimmer on it to accentuate your look of royalty. As for your lips, keep them natural by contrasting them with the audacious look of your eyeshadow and let them play nude.

Quinceanera Makeup

Oh! This spirited look is bound to impress everyone in the gathering just like the red quinceanera makeup appearance does.

3. Light Pink Quinceanera Makeup:

Wanna go playful in your makeup looks for quinceanera and yet yearning for that natural quince makeup looks? Are you craving to show up the innocence within you? Then choose light pink!

Quinceanera Makeup

This nostalgic girly color will definitely highlight the lovely and romantic side of you. Just wear on the ballet slipper pink colored eyeshadow on your eyes and peach-colored matte lip color on your lips along with a light-colored pink dress and see the difference!

Quinceanera Makeup

Also, don’t forget to add a slight light pink blusher on your cheekbones. Believe us! You will look exactly like a fashion doll!

4. Light Purple Quinceanera Makeup:

Wearing a purple dress on your quinceanera bash and want to get that luxurious, noble, and extravagant look? Paint your eyes with lavender eyeshades.

Quinceanera Makeup

Make it slightly glowy. Apply the same toned glowy blusher on your cheekbones to accentuate the grandeur in you. Keep your lips pinkish violet to match the look.

We promise you will walk with pride and confidence on the quinceanera party floor.

5. Rose Gold Makeup For Quinceanera:

Wanna get a luminous look at your quinceanera birthday party and yet searching for some natural quince makeup looks?

Quinceanera Makeup

Then choose rose gold or sissy pink as the color of your day and be the showstopper of the event naturally. Paint your eyes smoky with rose gold color and make your lips and cheekbones glare with the sissy pink color.

Quinceanera Makeup

This modest yet heartfelt makeup contrasts with any sort of bold appearance (such as red quinceanera makeup appearances) and thus brings out the generous, divine, and compassionate you in front of everyone at the bash.

6. Pink Quince Makeup Looks:

Now, how about donning that deep pink quinceanera makeup looks that every girl yearns to get? They will exemplify the burning passion within you and make you look seductive.

Quinceanera Makeup

Simply put on the lustful deep pink color on your eyes and give it a smoky shade. Brush up your cheeks with a light pink colored blusher to give your bold eyes a contrasting appearance.

Quinceanera Makeup

Again contrast your light pink cheeks with the dark pink shade of lipgloss and steal the heart of every guest present at your bash.

7. Simple Quinceanera Makeup:

Wanna look simple yet handsome in the quinceanera party evening and thus looking for some natural quince makeup looks?

Quinceanera Makeup

Then, let Thulian pink be thy lips color and Flamingo pink shade your eyes. Also, don’t forget to put a tinted moisturizer and concealer on your face and a nude-shaded blush on your cheeks before going for the eyeshadow and lipstick.

Quinceanera Makeup

You can contrast this nude makeup look with a slight curl in your eyelashes. And, trust us! This natural makeup look will give you the status of a pretty-looking princess and make you the center of attraction at the party. 

8. Lavender Quince Makeup:

Purple is a color that never gets old-fashioned. And, when it’s about lavender and rich mauve, no one can say “No” to it. It’s hard to ignore these colors.

Quinceanera Makeup

Once you apply these colors on your nails and eyes respectively matching with your purple gown, you will hardly recognize yourself in the mirror.

The new inspiring and enlightening “You”, whom you will see in the mirror is the exquisite queen of the quinceanera bash!

Quinceanera Makeup

As for your lips, paint them with any nude skin-shaded matte lip color.

9. Yellow Quinceanera Makeup Looks:

Are you a jovial kind of lady who wishes to spread joy, hope, and spontaneity among everyone in the universe? Then, yellow is your color!

Quinceanera Makeup

So, how about inspiring others to do the same by coating yellow on your eyes and nails? Lacquer your eyes with the cyber yellow colored eyeshadow coated with golden shimmers and adorn your nails with the lemon yellow paint and you will feel a different kind of upbeat and bright feeling within you.

Quinceanera Makeup

Keep your hair braided to enhance the cuteness of the look. This dramatic quince hair and makeup will make you look so sensational that you will find a queue of Prince Charmings waiting for you.

10. Maroon Quince Hair And Makeup:

One of the promising things about maroon frocks is their passionate and fervent appearances.

Quinceanera Makeup

Choose some spirited and vigorous makeup looks for quinceanera along with them and they will spew out every sense of mystery, zeal, and intensity. Keep your hair straight and open in a princess style and tie on a floral brooch on any one side of your head.

Quinceanera Makeup

Take your eyes and lips for canvas and dye maroon-colored shades on them. Now, sprinkle some golden-colored glimmers and shimmers on the maroon shade of your eyes and radiate a brilliant look.

11. Peach-Colored Natural Quince Makeup Looks:

Now, how about trying out this nude peach makeup look on your sweet and precious 15th birthday night? You know, one doesn’t always have to look bold to highlight her beautiful side.

Quinceanera Makeup

Sometimes, some no-makeup makeup looks can also do wonders! This Peach-colored zero-makeup look is proof of it. So, what’s more? Don’t waste your time and robe on your eyes, cheeks, and lips with this straightforward yet lovely peachy appearance.

12. Red & Black Quinceanera Makeup Looks:

Look about this black cut crease eye makeup along with CranApple pink shaded matte lips! Isn’t it looking enchanting?

Quinceanera Makeup

The eye makeup look is given a dazzling effect with the sprinkle of some black shimmers that are glinting over the cut crease-painted black eyeshadow.

Quinceanera Makeup

Also, the CranApple pink lips match with the CranApple pink-colored shade tinted above the black eyeshadow part. How can one ignore such an irresistible lady like you after you don this makeup?

13. Grey Makeup Looks For Quinceanera:

Wanna go for something that strikes in the midst of black and white? Then, allow the grey color to adorn your face and body on your special day!

Quinceanera Makeup

Wear a grey-colored sparkling gown and match the look with smoky grey eyeshadow on your eyes. Paint your eyebrows and eyelids black and apply mascara to your eyelids.

Quinceanera Makeup

Now, border the outline of your cut crease eyeshadow makeup with some black and silvery shimmers. Keep your lips nude. The neutrality and balance that you will get in your appearance will make you look dignified and distinguish you from others.

14. Golden-Colored Natural Quince Makeup Looks:

Is golden your favorite color? Well! It’s the favorite color of kings, queens, and princesses as well. So, how can you miss this color on your quinceanera day when you are the princess of that day?

Quinceanera Makeup

Slip on a golden gown and wear a natural makeup look on your face that too with the use of golden color. How? Paint your eyes with light golden shimmery eyeshadow.

Quinceanera Makeup

Now, use black eyeliner and border your eyes by giving them a winged shape. Attaching false eyelids and applying mascara on them will give your look a new dimension.

15. Smoky Eyes With Red Quinceanera Makeup For Lips:

Enough of single-colored makeup looks! Now, what if we combine two contrasting colors to give you that unique look on your special day? Smoky eyes and deep rosy red lips go very well.

Quinceanera Makeup

So, how about surprising everyone including your guests with this unusual look at that planned evening party where everyone is eagerly waiting for having a glimpse of you, the princess?

16. White-Colored Quince Hair And Makeup:

White is the color of purity. So, why not sport your body as well as your face in white? After all, you are pure and innocent like a fairy princess!

Quinceanera Makeup

And, your stepping in from teenage to adulthood will never change the inner piety of your heart! So, exhibit the sweeter aspect of you by brushing on some silvery white glimmering eyeshadows over your eyes and wearing a white floral clipped headband over your head.

Quinceanera Makeup

Tie up your hair into a low bun. What to do with your lips? Well! Keep them unclad with zero makeup!

17. Green Makeup Looks For Quinceanera:

Longing to give that femme fatale look on your 15th birthday bash? Then, here your time has come now! Go green and excavate your evergreen and lively nature before your friends and acquaintances.

Quinceanera Makeup

Decorate your eyes in green that matches your green-colored floral and beaded three-dimensional gown, smudge a light pink shaded matte lip color on your youthful lips and stay confident.

The time is not far when you will notice everyone’s eyes solely on you.

18. Orange Quince Hair And Makeup:

Looking for getting a warm coral look on your face? Don’t worry! The light orange shade will do it for you. It will ensure that your orange-colored garment perfectly harmonizes with your makeup look.

Quinceanera Makeup

Look at this pic with the girl clad in orange-shaded eyes and lips makeup! Isn’t she looking hypnotizing with her optimistic and energetic look?

Quinceanera Makeup

Her beautiful look is alluring enough to grab anyone’s attention at the bash! Fastening your hair into a low ponytail will enhance the effect and gives you an interesting look.

Wrapping Up:

So, Hey Gals! Which colored dress have you chosen for your quinceanera bash?

Quinceanera Makeup

What kind of makeup idea from the above do you think will fit your dress the most? Confide before us and we will bring many more new and fresh surprises for you! Bye for now!

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