10 Best Outfit Hijab Ideas to Look Stylish in 2023

Come summer and we keep on exploring comfy dresses for the season in our wardrobes. Also, the dresses have to be stylish so that we get dashing looks each time we wear them. But, the problem arises when you think of wearing a hijab either for religious purposes or for exhibiting your style.

outfit hijab 2023

This is because only selective outfits and colors go perfectly with hijabs and only a fashion expert can tell you exactly which outfits and of which colors will work well with your hijab.

But, hey! trust us! this problem is not a problem at all when we are with you because we are presenting before you 10 outfit hijab 2023 ideas that will give you that perfectly stylish yet comfy look that everyone craves a lot in summer.

outfit hijab 2023

The beauties of these hijabi outfits for summer will leave you spellbound. Are you prepared to explore them with us? Okay, here we go!

1. Hijab Styled with Puffy Full-sleeved Dress:

If you have visited this site for the latest outfit hijab 2023 ideas, then this outfit hijab karen comprising long puffy sleeves is specifically made for you.

outfit hijab karen

This lightweight gown along with hijab will not only keep you relaxed in summer but also saves your skin from the season’s scorching heat.

The hijab’s floral pattern will remind everyone of the prosperous growth of the summertime flowers and make you look super gorgeous, just like those beautiful flowers.

outfit hijab karen

You can also wear this hijab long dress with denim jacket to get that unusual image. Buckle a red belt with golden metal insignia on the front to complete the look.

2. Stylish Hijab with Suit Pant Set:

Who told you every time you are wearing a hijab, you have to match it with the colors of your remaining dresses? Come on! It’s the twenty-first century!

outfit hijab karen

So, let’s get a contemporary look by styling a red trendy hijab with a set of white-colored suit and pants! Isn’t this outfit hijab 2023 chosen by us appear magical and charming?

Other than using these outfits in summer, you can also use them as hijab outfits winter. Hang on a black crocodile leather sling bag from your shoulder and don a golden watch on your wrist.

outfit hijab karen

Further, a pair of pencil heels on your feet and golden-framed sunglasses on your eyes will enhance the glamour and magnificence of your look. Don’t believe our words? Try it and feel it!

3. Black Scarf-styled Hijab with Cardigan:

Now, how about bringing back the 90’s retro-fashioned look with black and white outfits? Pair a black scarf-styled hijab with a black shirt or t-shirt and a white cardigan.

outfit hijab karen

These outfits are a perfect fit for getting through your warmer days. Also, if you want, you can wear them as hijab outfits winter. As for accessories for this outfit hijab Karen, a black sling bag, and a pair of black sunglasses would work.

outfit hijab karen

You can wear them at your school or any other formal gathering and praises will undoubtedly come to you.

4. Trendy Hijab with Long Ribboned Outfit:

Summer demands pretty as well as calming looks and which other outfit hijab 2023 can give you that look other than a light and trendy hijab and a casual white long ribboned gown?

outfit hijab karen

You can also try this hijab long dress with denim jacket if you want to keep the outfit a bit formal. This long ribboned robe is one of the best hijabi outfits for summer that will cover up your body modestly and will ensure that you don’t sweat.Β 

5. Modern Scarf-styled Hijab with Denim Jacket:

When it comes to wearing a modern scarf-styled hijab, we think that nothing goes perfectly with it like a denim jacket and pants. This chic yet simple style will never let you down in summer as well as winter.

hijab long dress with denim jacket

Don’t feel like giving much effort into your style and looking after a super busy weekend? Sport on this outfit hijab karen look with attitude and you are all set to go! Wait!

Some tips for you to make you look more stylish in an effortless manner- wear a satin shirt under the jacket and protect your eyes with any light weighted sunglass.

hijab long dress with denim jacket

As for your footwear, sneakers will be an ideal fit with these types of hijab outfits winter and summer.

6. Hijab with Gown and Denim Jacket:

Wanna see another kind of hijab long dress with denim jacket? Well! Here it is for you! The gown’s color perfectly matches that of the hijab and the denim jacket’s shade brings contrast to it.

hijab long dress with denim jacket

Pair these kinds of hijabi outfits for summer (also perfect as hijab outfits winter) with black sunglasses and a black sling bag for taking your beautiful appearance to the ensuing level.

hijab long dress with denim jacket

This modest hijab outfit look will suit any occasion you attend, whether it’s an informal party or a friendly gathering.

7. Classy Hijab with Puffed Top and Skirt:

Wanna get that childhood school day look back? Then enjoy it with this light and classy hijab and puffed-up white top and skirt set.

outfit hijab 2023

This outfit set is the definitive savior that will save you from the unbearable warmness of the summer and will leave you sweat-free. Why only in summer? You can also wear it like any hijab long dress with denim jacket in winter and carry it with style!

hijab long dress with denim jacket

What to pair with this outfit hijab Karen? Well! Make a unique fashion statement by styling it with a pair of white sneakers, black and white sunglasses, a white tiny tote bag, a golden chain (around your neck), and a black and golden watch and you are all set to go, girl!

8. Light hijab with Denim Pants and Long Top:Β 

Wanna be a fashion icon by asserting your style with a traditional touch? Then, a white super light hijab will do for it. Top it off along with white denim pants and a black and white striped long top and fly high!

hijab long dress with denim jacket

It’s an outfit that is super satisfying for summer. However, you can also wear these types of hijabi outfits for summer in winter as well by modeling them with a denim jacket.

hijab long dress with denim jacket

No matter whether you slip the outfit on in summer or winter, a red sling bag, a pair of black sunglasses, scarlet red lipstick and black-colored leather plum shoes are excellent matches for it.

9. Hijab Outfit with High-waisted Pants:

High-waisted pants are a big ‘Yes’ for summer seasons and are also the epitome of subtle and perceptive fashion. They are summer comfy pants.

hijab outfits winter

When paired with an outfit hijab Karen, they will turn your look into a smart and trendy one. This is the reason why we have brought this idea of hijabi outfits for summer for you!

Model these hijabi outfits with white sneakers and a chain-strapped sling bag for getting that sporty yet elegant look.

10. White Outfit Hijab with Sweatshirt:

White hijab and pants are outstanding mates. Whenever they get coupled up, their bonding makes us amazed. The best part is that they give you a blooming look in summer when you couple them with a full-sleeved T-shirt.

hijab outfits winter

And for winter? Forget the hijab long dress with denim jacket. Instead, pair the same set of white-colored hijab scarf and pants with a sweatshirt.

hijab outfits winter

We suggest white belted sneakers and a white short-length bag will do well with it. Yes, it’s that simple and your hijab outfits winter is all ready!

Wrapping Up:

So, which of the above outfit hijab 2023 ideas suggested by us do you like the most? Whichever it is, go for it and enjoy this summer as well as winter in a different way.

outfit hijab 2023

Stay in touch with us and we promise, next time we will bring many more superbly stunning ideas for you that will keep you spellbound. Bye for now!Β 


1. How can I be fashionable with hijab?

Choosing the right hijab with the right outfit makes you fashionable and gives you a charming appearance. For example, when shopping for a bright hijab, choose a simple patterned shirt and skirt set with it.

outfit hijab 2023

On the other hand, if you are willing to wear a patterned hijab, couple it with a bold-colored outfit such as a flashy maxi skirt or gown. In this way, you will be able to get a trendy look with your hijab.

2. What is the most popular hijab style?

Side-pinned hijab style is the most popular and distinguished hijab style that is in vogue these days. Also, this hijab style is the most common one. With this style, you can wear your hijab in a simple yet trendy way.

outfit hijab 2023

It is also an appropriate style for daily wear. For assuming this style, just wrap up your hijabi scarf surrounding your head. Then using a ball pin, secure the rest part of the scarf on your head’s one side. That’s all and you are ready to exhibit this style to the entire world.

3. Which hijab colour is best?

Any solid hijab colors are good to go. However, colors like white, charcoal grey, silver, royal violet, scarlet, baby blue, canary yellow, turquoise, black, dove grey, sapphire, emerald, pastel pink, lavender, and hot pink colors are the best colors for hijab. They will add extra elegance to your overall appearance when paired with the appropriate outfit.

4. Which hijab is best for summer?

Hijabs made of breathable fabrics such as cotton, georgette, silk, modal, chiffon, etc are the best for wearing in summer. They will keep you comfortable and relaxed.

On the contrary, hijabs made of polyester materials such as rayon, viscose, etc are non-breathable and can make you sweaty and overheated. So, it’s best to avoid them this season.

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