26 Best Orange Makeup Looks That Are Easy To Recreate

Are you a trend-follower who always keeps on hunting for the new mindblowing styles and makeup looks that are running in vogue? Do you get motivated by the extraordinary and trending appearances of popular celebs? Then, the trend of the orange makeup look, that’s gaining popularity these days with speed will certainly inspire you!

Orange Makeup Looks

The best part about the color, orange is that it’s versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of makeup looks. Whether you need makeup for your special wedding ceremony, a formal office party, or your everyday look, this color will never fail to please you.

Orange Makeup Looks

Wondering, how this single color with its different shades can do so many wonders? Well, experience these 26 celeb-inspired orange makeup looks and you will doubt no more the power of orange!

1. Tangerine beauty:

Not sure, how to rock effortlessly in the orange eyeshadow craze? Don’t worry! A tangerine shade of the color will do the job! Whether it’s a college farewell party or a friend’s birthday party, paint this bold shade from your orange eyeshadow palette skillfully over your eyes.

black and orange eyeshadow

Now, border the orange hue with black eyeliner so that it takes the shape of wings at the corner of your eyes and you’re all ready to fly! Finally, carry the look with confidence and you’ll be always apt for pulling off the look!

2. Smoky charm:

How’s this smoky orange soda-colored fox eyes makeup look paired with nude pink lips? Isn’t this black and orange eyeshadow appearance attractive enough to make all of us say, ‘Wow’ at the same time?

orange and yellow eyeshadow

Hey, don’t forget to put that black-colored eyeliner and mascara for highlighting the foxy aspect of your eyes while focusing on your orange makeup looks!

3. Triple copper eyes:

Marveling, how to wear spring’s hottest color trend? Then, this orange-hued triple copper-eyed effect will do for it.

orange and yellow eyeshadow

Add some sparkle to give some extra dramatic effect to your overall look and don a matching lipstick on your lips to rock hard at the party.

You can try these types of orange makeup looks on dark skin as well without any disappointment.

4. Duochrome:

Who told you that you have to apply only one shade of orange to your eyes and lips to get the magical and stunning orange makeup looks? Let’s play with the color’s different shades and make it something unique!

orange and yellow eyeshadow

Involve deep orange and light yellowish orange into the game and believe us, you will be startled by the final blended look of the orange and yellow eyeshadow!

5. Peachy elegance:

Hey, let’s now veer the game with a peachy complexion of the color. Apply the faint orange tint lightly over your eyes and festoon it with some golden yellow rhinestones.

pink and orange eyeshadow

Nothing can resist you from appearing marvelous in this orange and yellow eyeshadow look!

6. Orange under-eyes vibe:

Wanna get another idea for black and orange eyeshadow look? Then, here’s one for you that we think will please your soul to the fullest.

pink and orange eyeshadow

Coat overdosed orange color underneath your eyes and give black wings to your eyes’ corners. And, you’re all set up to attend your special event!

7. Sunset with pink Blossoms:

It’s already a sheer pleasure to glance at the orange makeup looks of sundown beauty. And, when the charm of the lovely pink blossom is augmented to this scenic background, magic happens.

pink and orange eyeshadow

Feature your sultry sunset eyeshadow with an eye-popping ruddy shade and glow radiantly. The pink and orange eyeshadow doubles both the gloriousness and splendor of the look unexpectedly.

8. Dramatic makeup:

When it comes to eyeshadow and lipstick, pink and orange eyeshadow make a great combination.

pink and orange eyeshadow

And, when the shade is pale pink and tangerine orange, you automatically get a superhit and sexy look! Wanna have a tryout with these colors?

9. Multicolor Sprinkle of orange:

Wanna embellish yourself in a more girly way for getting orange makeup looks? Then, go pink with a hint of orange.

pink and orange eyeshadow

Dye bright pink all over your eyes and lips and give a touch of orange eyeshadow near your tear ducts. Got a pretty yet mature look with these pink and orange eyeshadow colors? We knew you will get it, Gal!

10. Autumn ombre Makeup look:

If you are a stylish belle who loves the colors orange and yellow a lot, then, this trendy fall orange and yellow eyeshadow makeup look for black winged eyes is a thing you would definitely like to imitate.

black and orange eyeshadow

The golden yellow to smoldered orange pattern of this black and orange eyeshadow application will leave you spellbound.

11. Marigold weds Tangy look:

Need overdosed styling orange makeup looks on dark skin as well as fair skin for your summer vibes? The marigold eyes with tangerine sketchy wings will give you the required look along with the summer comfort that you need in the season a lot.

black and orange eyeshadow

The matching blended orange (tangerine+ marigold) shaded lips and blusher act as the beauty enhancer for your phenomenal appearance.

12. Spicy pumpkin:

Love to attain light orange makeup looks and keep them within limits? Then, this pumpkin spice makeup may be your ideal fit.

black and orange eyeshadow

Keep the eyes glimmering with the application of the orange color towards your eyes’ outward corners and tear ducts and keep the other areas nude.

black and orange eyeshadow

Draw black wings on the upper parts of the eyes in the same locations where you applied the orange eyeshadows. Congrats, here you’re ready with your black and orange eyeshadow look!

13. Another Spring orange:

You may have seen to date a large number of orange makeup looks. But, have you seen anything like this? No, right?

black and orange eyeshadow

This pink and orange eyeshadow makeup look is rare and incredible and it reminds us of the pink and orange blushing flowers of the spring of varied shades. As for your lips, keep them natural with a moderate pink shade. 

14. Purple and orange eyeshadow:

Smoky eyes never get out of fashion, right? So, why not paint your upper eyes smoky purple and the lower eyes with a burnt orange shade? This idea goes too well with pinkish-purple glossy lips and a super light purple blusher.

purple and orange eyeshadow

Also, suitable for orange makeup looks on dark skin, this duo-chrome composition will leave such a striking appearance on your face, that you will love beyond imagination!

15. Blazing eyes:

Rage purple and orange eyeshadow in the shape of fire over your eyes and attempt to extinguish them with some water in the form of white transparent rhinestones underneath your eyes.

purple and orange eyeshadow

Now, tell us, can you deny the fact that this inspo idea for orange makeup looks is absolutely awesome?

16. Slay with purple and orange:

Wanna know how to kill it with a combination of purple and orange? It’s very simple! Tinge purple eyeshadow over your eyes and outline the lashes and upper end of the purple shade with its orange counterpart.

purple and orange eyeshadow

Blush your cheekbones with the same orange tint of light color and the lips with a matte pinkish orange lip color.

17. Neon purple look:

Want to use the orange eyeshadow palette for some memorable looks? Who can tell, this purple and orange eyeshadow look is probably made for you!

purple and orange eyeshadow

Whether you want orange makeup looks on dark skin or bright skin, this idea will fit everywhere beautifully and aptly. Dye the upper eyes neon and the lower eyes purple.

purple and orange eyeshadow

Curve the eyelids by using black mascara. Keep the cheeks and the lips bronzed. That’s all! Nothing more!

18. Orange wings:

Do you want to experiment with some new orange makeup looks with your orange eyeshadow palette? Then, go monochromatic. Dye your hair orange and make deep orange wings on your eyes.

orange and yellow eyeshadow

Also, paint the remaining parts of your eyes’ upper portion with light orange color and keep the tear ducts white. Match the orange trend with the orange color of your lower lip and contrast the upper lip with nude skin color.

19. Work a neon Seductive lip:

Love to play bold? Then, poke it safely with a seductive neon lip color. You may prefer glossy or matte, but whichever you choose, elect it from your heart. It particularly goes well if you possess a deeper skin tone.

Orange Makeup Looks

As for the eyeshadow, match it with the color of your lips so that every time you do it, you get perfect orange makeup looks on dark skin.

20. Shimmery orange:

Are you still obsessed with your orange eyeshadow palette? Then, here’s another bold and hot look idea with the trending orange color. And, the secret to the look is going glimmery and shimmery.

Orange Makeup Looks

Sprinkle shimmery orange eyeshadow upon your eyes to turn them into wings and also design your cheekbones and lips with the same glinting orange color. Look at the mirror now…are you able to recognize yourself?

21. Orange cat eye:

How’s this alluring but unexpected color combination of blue and orange? Aren’t they giving an extraordinarily perfect cat-eye look?

Orange Makeup Looks

See, how it runs all the way from the corners toward the tear ducts of the eyes! Instead of blue and orange, you can also use black and orange eyeshadow to bring out the look.

Orange Makeup Looks

Just make sure you have an orange eyeshadow palette with you that’s all! Your black or blue eyeliner/eyeshadow can do the rest of the job.

Celebrity Inspiration:

22. Selena Gomez:

Turn your pink and orange eyeshadow looks into glaring ones just by doing it in the manner Selena does. Look at the pic! She has kept her orange shade light and multi-toned by keeping her eyes smoky!

celebrity with orange makeup look

And, her nude pink lips are as light-toned and beautiful as she herself is! This trick has lent her a dramatic appearance, so hot that we may have to call the fire headquarters to extinguish the fire burning within us! 

23. Kylie Jenner:

Kylie Jenner is pretty inspiring when it comes to overnight makeup ideas and so is this black and orange eyeshadow makeup idea of her for any sudden invitation party or surprise party.

celebrity with orange makeup look

Here, she summed up her daring look with a bold orange-colored lip filler (a tangerine matte bullet lipstick from Kylie cosmetics) that’s flashing her lips to the fullest. The TV siren has painted her eyes smoky black and topped them with a glistening smoky orange shade.

She has also outlined her lower eyes’ border and her upper eyes’ top with a neon eyeshadow to get a super magnetic look.

24. Rihanna Orange Makeup:

Ever wondered, how Rihanna always manages to look so glamorous? Well! The credit goes to her makeup sense. And, when it’s about getting an orange makeup look, the amazing and jaw-dropping girl always rocks!

celebrity with orange makeup look

See, how the celeb is here wowing us with her elegant glowing orange look that perfectly matches her orange-colored dresses!

She has gone monochromatic with this color and has glinted her cheekbones, eyes, and lips with its charisma. She is proof that getting orange makeup looks on dark skin can be a treat for your eyes!

25. Marion Cotillard:

Want a makeup idea or inspiration for your regular or everyday makeup? Then, this orange and yellow eyeshadow look of Marion Cotillard may stimulate your thought differently!

celebrity with orange makeup look

Simply paint a nude orange shade on your upper eyes and a nude yellow shade on your lower eyes. Keep the lips nude pink and you will look naturally beautiful just like Cotillard. A big smile on your lips is the only thing that you need to do more.

26. Margot Robbie:

When it comes to the pink and orange eyeshadow look, no one can blend it like Margot Robbie. Also, the celeb’s presentation style of the look is head-turning. She’s presenting her lovely pink lips along with her pinkish-orange eyes with an alluring smile.

celebrity with orange makeup look

Her cheeks are blushing pink just like her lips. Don’t worry! Her style is not too hard to imitate! Just blend pink and orange perfectly and throb it over your eyes. Paint the area near your tear duct white.

Use a concealer to hide the blemishes on your face and brush pink-toned blusher upon your cheekbones. Oh! Don’t forget to paint your lips glossy pink!

Orange Makeup Products:

1. Orange tangerine Lipstick:

Can’t decide which lipstick to wear on your lips to get the perfect celeb-inspired orange makeup looks? Wondering, which lip wear will flawlessly match your orange and yellow eyeshadow makeup?

Orange Makeup products

Then, this wet n wild’s “tanger-ring the alarm” lipstick is the stuff you are searching for so long! It comes with a high-glossy finish and is suitable for combination skin types.

The lip-loving ingredients (murumuru butter, watermelon seed oils, mango butter, etc) present in this lipstick will provide a deeply nourishing treatment to your lips. It’s gluten-free and fragrance-free and will not harm your skin in any way.

2. Orange Eyeshadow Palette:

Another makeup product that’s included in our list is an orange eyeshadow palette from DE’LANCI. Whether you need to create a purple and orange eyeshadow look, yellow orange look, or any other orange-based combination look, the colors present in the palette will cover it all.

Orange Makeup products

Also, the colors within the palette are matte, shimmery, and waterproof. They are long-lasting and you can blend them easily to form any pattern you want. You can use these high-quality colors to produce either a bold, rich, and highly pigmented look or easy to carry and lightweight look.

3. Orange Putty Blush:

Another product on our list that’s designed to give your cheek and cheekbones an ultra-pigmented smoothly finished matte look is e.l.f orange putty blush of Bahamas color (though many other colors are also available for this product).

Orange Makeup products

Creamy in consistency, this product is infused with both Argan oil and Vitamin E, which gives your cheekbones the natural glow that you deserve. Being lightweight, you can carry the product from one place to another without any hassle. 

4. Orange Eyeliner

An eyeliner is an indispensable item for any kind of eye makeup. And, when you need to get orange makeup looks, you have to choose the best orange eyeliner that gives the best makeup to your eyes.

Orange Makeup products

Yes, we are indicating the KISSIO neon-colored liquid eyeliner with a glow matte finish property. It’s easy to use and waterproof. Also, the fine built-in brush within the product ensures the perfect lining of your eyes.

5. Orange Liquid Metal Lip Paint:

If you love metallic lips, Unicorn Snot orange liquid metallic lip paint will give you that intensely pigmented look with a metallic top coat over your lips that perfectly matches with yellow, pink, blue, black, purple, and orange eyeshadow (any eyeshadow color you choose).

Orange Makeup products

The product is waterproof, gluten-free, and non-drying. These features make the product long-lasting. Besides, the skin-loving ingredients and hydrating property of the product makes it ideal for any skin type and tone.


So, from the above, we hope you have understood the versatility and appealing nature of different orange makeup looks.

Orange Makeup Looks

You can try out different orange makeup products recommended by us for getting unbelievable orange looks, and also support our enthusiasm for experimenting with different orange looks by revealing to us, how much you liked them. Bye for now! Happy reading!


1. What colors complement orange makeup?

Orange makeup goes well with yellow, purple, pink, black, etc. For example, you can pair orange and yellow eyeshadow or purple and orange eyeshadow together to get a wonderful look. Or, you can pair a monochromatic orange eyeshadow with light pink lipstick. Any combination you make, the choice is totally yours. So, play with different colors along with orange.

2. How can I remove orange makeup without irritating my skin?

For removing orange-based makeup without annoying your skin, go for a double cleansing method. First, apply an oil-based cleanser over your face and wash it away. Then, apply a water-based cleanser and remove your makeup completely.

3.  Is orange makeup only suitable for certain skin tones?

No, whatever your skin tone is, you can go for an orange makeup look. However, if you have a skin with yellow/golden undertone, a warm orange color along with a touch of peach is your ideal fit. If the case is different and you have a pink/blue undertone skin, go for a cooler shade of orange with a touch of red/coral.

4. How can I make orange makeup look more natural?

For getting a more natural orange makeup look, maintain the following:
1. Brighten up your eyes’ base
2. Use light shaded orange color
3. Apply a glow-up foundation upon your face
4. Use light-shaded concealer
5. Brush up your eyebrows
6. Try to make your eyes smoky
Use the eyeliner and mascara lightly and softly over your eyes and eyelids

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