20+ Open Hairstyles With Gowns That You Can Try at Wedding

Open hairstyle with gown is the trending and constantly searchable context forthwith. Are you even struggling with ideas the hairstyling for any function or party with a gown, casual outfits, lehenga, and Indian wear?

Open Hairstyles With Gowns

Then, no worries, you can get some ideas and inspiration to style your hair through this post. A hairstyle enhances the look and beauty of the girl carrying a gown for any occasion or function. A simple hairstyle can even bring charm to the sleek and chic look of a girl in an evening gown. 

Open hair hairstyles with lehenga, evening gowns, and Western and Indian outfits are nowadays trending and ongoing tastes of girls that never go out of trend or fashion. Offering you comprehensive ideas like braids and wavy hairstyles on your different kinds of hairstyles.

Open Hairstyles With Gowns

To make you look more graceful and flaunt an open hairstyle with gown. Moreover, you can learn to put different hair accessories on your kind of hairstyle that can enhance the look and make you more attractive at your wedding celebrations and all other special functions. 

Several types of open hairstyles can be paired with a gown which we can look at here, as discussed below. 

1. Beachy waves 

Beachy waves are unique, cute, and beautiful in their way. The best part is that it can be carried with any kind of outfit. It is an effortless, pretty, and simple hairstyle that is made with a braid on the back as a crown.

Open Hairstyles With Gowns

Additionally, Putting hair accessories like back broaches, and floral adornments according to the functions and outfit can elevate its open hairstyle with gown look even. 

2. Loose hairstyles 

Loose hairstyles are the simplest and most well-known by every girl, as they can be carried during any function, party, or occasion to flaunt their open hair easily.

Open Hairstyles With Gowns

They look beautiful with every outfit, more with wavy and curly hair. The brides substitute for elegance by opting for loose open hairstyles for lehenga, these days. 

3. Straight and sleek braided hairstyles 

Braids are super gorgeous and go with every function and outfit. Braids even act as a shield against hair damage.

Open Hairstyles With Gowns

If you have straight, sleek, silky, and oily hair then, braided hairstyles on such hair can be proven moment savers. Braids on straight and sleek hair can be worn as a party hairstyle with sharara dress even.  

4. Messy bun 

The messy bun is a super comfortable, relaxing, and fashionable hairstyle. The intricate style of a messy bun has something for almost every function or wedding dress.

Open Hairstyles With Gowns

The half-messy bun can also look stylish and gorgeous with a few soft curls on the bottom of the hair. The messy bun can uplift the look of the Indian hairstyle on gown.

20 Open Hairstyle with Gown 

Let’s discuss some ideas and inspiration for such an open Hairstyle with gown, such as follow: 

1. Floral and pearls all over

The floral and flowery tiara can elevate the look of the simple and easy open Hairstyle even. Look at here in the picture, the pearls on twisted curly hairs and puffy from front hairstyles that look beautiful, attractive, and charming.

indian hairstyle on gown,

Forthwith, This Princess Hairstyle for gown is a choice for every bride-to-be for her engagement mostly to look elegant and pleasing. 

2. Middle part loose curls with braided headband

Loose curls with a middle parting are a minimal but effective and impacting hairstyle, these days. Loose open hairstyle for lehenga, gown, and other designer dresses with soft wavy braided headband braids or hairband braids never goes out of fashion.

indian hairstyle on gown,

Getting this look isn’t tough with the help of a curling tool. To give it a natural look after hair band braids, shake the waves or curls with your fingers. 

3. Twist and turn

Getting late for functions or Indian festivals and special occasions? Then, look at here to the celebrity wearing an Indian hairstyle on gown. It seems to perfectly complement the purpose of Indian dress with this outfit.

indian hairstyle on gown,

This hairstyle just has been Softly twisted and turned, clipped, or pinned at the back at one side. On the other side, it is just opened with a loose hairstyle look.  

4. Beach curls with braids

The simple beach curls suit the round faces mostly. This open-hair hairstyle with lehenga looks amazing in a bride for her henna ceremony, haldi, or carnival fest.

indian hairstyle on gown,

To get this look, curl loosely to the hair with a middle part. Making braids from both sides combined at the center to make a rose bun. Then, braid the loose braids by adding on small pearl lace. 

5. Messy hairstyling

Nowadays, The messy middle parting hairstyle is trending. This middle part hairstyle making messy puff pinned from the back accords the modern and stylish look even in a saree.

indian hairstyle on gown,

Touching up with fringes can define the texture of your hair. This Indian hairstyle on gown and saree can be proved the ideal inspiration for straight and sleek hairstyling during any wedding, function, occasion, festival, party, or event.

6. Side-Swept Twist braids

For a loose open hairstyle for lehenga or saree, this side-swept twisted braids on one side look amazing and beautiful. The more volume hair looks elegant with these side-swept twisted braids.

princess hairstyle for gown

Furthermore, it defines hairstyle perfectly with open-front bangs or fringes. Add these side-swept twisted braids on loose curls or loose wavy hairs to elevate its look on Indian wear even. 

7. Braids with loose locks and waves 

The relaxed and comfortable bride or any girl can enjoy every moment of her wedding or special day with such a princess hairstyle for gown. This can be possible through such loose wavy locks and loose braids on the front.

princess hairstyle for gown

This look can be achieved by making the loose multi-strand plaits and pinning them at the side of its end. It will give the girl an aesthetic look even in casual wear. 

8. Half-up ponytail with faux hawk braids

 When you are willing to show off your hair’s volume, you can opt for a half-up ponytail. To flaunt a better hairstyle on such a ponytail, other than a straight and simple half pony for a casual date.

princess hairstyle for gown

A girl as shown in the picture goes for styling the hair with loose curls and faux hawk braids on half pony. Even for a party hairstyle with sharara dress, this hairstyle will look stylish on a girl.

9. Minimalist side-swept twisted hairstyles

Nowadays, the Minimal hairstyling look is even more. The brides choose such side-swept twisted and pinned at-back minimal plaits look.

princess hairstyle for gown

Look at the picture, this crystal stone headband will look elegant carrying with an open hair hairstyle with lehenga and gown. Furthermore, it will work well for a bride’s mehndi function. 

10. Half-up ponies

The half-up pony with braids like a faux hawk accords innocence and charm on the face. Along with any kind of party outfits and party hairstyle with sharara dress even.

princess hairstyle for gown

This half-up faux hawk braided pony will make you look elegant, stunning, and glamorous. This hairstyle can be added with loose waves and curls by using a curling iron little bit for it.

11. Middle parting with faux hawk braids

This hairstyle is the easiest or simplest way of carrying open hair hairstyles with lehenga. This hairstyle is mostly chosen by brides for their Sangeet look.

princess hairstyle for gown

So, all the girls who wanted to look special, simple, and elegant with such a hairstyle for their big day can go for this middle parting hairstyle. This hairstyle can be added with mang tikka on the center and faux hawk twisted braids on both sides. 

12. Crown braids 

Look at the picture, here an Indian celebrity wore an Indian outfit with loose open hairstyles for lehenga.  The crown braided loose curled hairstyle is complementing her look and attire perfectly.

princess hairstyle for gown

You can even add tiny white flowers on twisted and loose curls of hair. Uplift the look with mang tika on the middle part of the head.

13. Butterflies in hair 

The simple open-hair hairstyle with lehenga can be accessorized with several kinds of hair accessories. These hair accessories can enhance the look and gorgeously create a new look for the hairstyle.

princess hairstyle for gown

If you are fed up with floral and pearl accessories on your hair, then opt for a new look of butterflies in hair accessories. Go with loose curls and puff in front making twisted plaits at back.

14. Bow hairstyle with pearls adornments

The new creative ideas of hairstyling are defining new modern and chic looks. Here, in the picture, the bow with simple and twisted loose curls hairdo at back is bestowing the perfect mehndi ceremony look.

princess hairstyle for gown

The pearls adorned in the hair at the middle of the bow and twisted curls elevated the bride’s look and open hair hairstyle with lehenga. 

15. Hairstyles accessorized with conch ring 

This look is well-suiting the loose open hairstyle for lehenga. This is the beach curls look that is added with a middle parting and side braids joining at the center of the back.

princess hairstyle for gown

The hairstyle is adorned with conch designed ring, even accessorized with other rings on such twisted curls straightly. This hairstyle is good for wavy, loose curls and long twisted hair. 

16. Half-up Rose bun hairstyle

This half-up rose bun is well going with plunging curls. The rose bun with plunging curls hairstyle is good to make for wearing as a party hairstyle with sharara dress. 

princess hairstyle for gown

For a haldi ceremony or carnival fest or any other function of the wedding, this hairstyling can be styled with tiny color-coordinated or color-coated flowers. 

17. Multiple Twisted braids on straight and sleek hairs 

Twisted braids are nowadays a quick and chic fashion and trend on-going. This can be styled for any kind of Indian wear or as an Indian hairstyle on gown and lehenga.

This multi-twisted braid on straight and sleek hair looks graceful with multiple rose buns on the center of the back. It can be styled for any pre or post-party and wedding functions, adding pearls or other accessories on the rose bun to define its styling.  

18. Faux Hawk pony twisted Braids at back

This is the latest and most modern hairstyle usually worn as a princess hairstyle for gown. Mostly, television series and web movies represent their princess with such hairstyles.

open hair hairstyles with lehenga

his is a kind of faux hawk ponytail styled with a ribbon twisted with hairs making small braids above the pony. Added with two side braids wherein, vein patterned thin ribbon is defining its look. 

19. Waterfall braids

This is the common and most stylish braid well goes with a super straight and open-hair hairstyle with lehenga.

open hair hairstyles with lehenga

As the name suggests, hairstyle is defining waterfall looks in its styled braids. It looks sophisticated, beautiful, and elegant at the same time with any outfit and on any occasion. 

20. Soft curls with colorful hair accessories 

Vines of colorful floral or flower accessories add on simple twisted and flattened hairstyles that look gorgeous and glamorous.

open hair hairstyles with lehenga

The Indian hairstyle on gown can be paired with soft curls on any wedding function and hair accessories of your choice. 

Choose the right hairstyles for your gown 

Tips to choose the right hairstyles that complement your gown, some factors need to be considered like, 

1. Free-flowing or high hairstyles as per the neckline – 

The neckline factors are considered to get a chic and elegant look. High-necked outfits or gowns must be paired with high hairstyles like a messy bun, braids, updo, and high pony.

Whereas, deep-neck, strapless, square, round, and V-necked outfits and gowns must be paired with free-flowing, loose hairstyles, curls, and wavy braids. These high pony and messy buns mostly suit Indian hairstyles on gown. 

2. The loud fabric of the dress, Hairstyles to be simple – 

As per the fabric of the gown, or designer dresses, the hairstyles must be balanced. Accessorize the hairstyles as per the gown fabric.

Like, if the gown works have more intricate details and are louder then opt for simple and elegant hairstyles. Whereas, Opt for heavy, accessorized( adding jewelry), and elaborating hairstyles, if the fabric of the gown is simple and floral. 

3. Hairstyles as per the occasion – 

The next thing to consider is the occasion or event, you are attending! If you are visiting a casual party or celebrating any functions or festivals, then opt for a casual, chic, and loose open hairstyle with gown to be paired.

A messy bun and heavy braids can be paired with a gown even for red-carpet looks or for some other special occasions. Like, for attending a party, a simple party hairstyle with sharara dress will suit the same. 


1. What hair accessories can I use with an open hairstyle and gown? 

Several hair accessories can be added to the Open hairstyle with gown. Accessories like pearl veins, crystal stone headbands, floral tiaras, and butterfly clips on twisted and open hair hairstyles with lehenga even can be paired. 

2. How do I maintain my open hairstyle throughout the day? 

Hair setter spray and continuously not brushing the curled or twisted wavy hairs can maintain the open hairstyle and accords a gorgeous princess hairstyle for gown look, or any other Outfit, throughout the day. 


Open Hairstyle with gown gives a most-needed break from tied-up hairstyles, even at special functions or on a wedding day. These loose open hairstyles for lehenga, ghagra, and other wedding gowns and dresses are also perfect for brides.

open hair hairstyles with lehenga

Hope we helped you, by making you look at these ideas, that you can try simply at home. Through experimenting with this kind of loose hairstyle, open braids, curling hair, princess hairstyle for gown, and open hair bridal hairstyle that will complement your attire perfectly. 

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