Top 15 Nora Fatehi Hot Looks That Will Blow Your Mind

The queen of social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc), sizzling and hot, Canadian-based model and singer, sexy bomb, the 30 years old Aquarius…guess who?

Nora Fatehi Hot

Yes, you have identified it right…we are talking about Nora Fatehi hot and sexy item girl cum dancer cum actress of Bollywood who is Indian at heart and for whose one glance, people run after her madly! Her fans praise her talent as much as her beauty and her figure.

Nora Fatehi Hot

The black-eyed and black-haired girl with a height of 165 cm and weight of 55 kg has made her debut in Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu films and now reigning the Bollywood with her hot bod, titillating attitude, salacious dance, and talented acting. Such is her fitness and power that she has made many famed  Bollywood actresses fail in front of her.

Nora Fatehi Hot

Acting Career

Nora Fatehi began her acting career in Bollywood with a small role in the film “Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans” in 2014. However, she gained significant recognition for her acting skills with her performances in subsequent films. Here is an overview of Nora Fatehi’s acting career:

  1. “My Birthday Song” (2018): Nora Fatehi played the lead role in this psychological thriller directed by Samir Soni. She portrayed the character of Sandy, a mysterious woman who enters the life of a married man and disrupts his reality.
  2. “Batla House” (2019): In this action thriller, Nora Fatehi had a special appearance in the song “O Saki Saki,” which became immensely popular for her dance performance.
  3. “Street Dancer 3D” (2020): Nora Fatehi had a prominent role in this dance-centric film directed by Remo D’Souza. She played the character of Mia, a talented dancer from Pakistan, and showcased her exceptional dance skills in various sequences throughout the movie.
  4. “Bhuj: The Pride of India” (2021): Nora Fatehi appeared in a supporting role in this war drama film. The movie is based on the true events of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 and features Nora as a spy named Heena Rehman.

Apart from these films, Nora Fatehi has also made special appearances in several Bollywood movies for popular dance numbers. Her dance performances in songs like “Dilbar” from “Satyameva Jayate” and “Kamariya” from “Stree” garnered immense popularity and showcased her skills as a dancer.

All of her fans die hard every day to see her distinguished yet rare scorching hot photos. So, caring about your feelings, we have today brought for you 15 such Nora Fatehi sexy photos that will compel your mouth to say “Wow”! Wanna have a look at them? Well! Here they are –

1. Nora in Printed Beach Wear:

Hot mess! Yes, that’s what she is! And, in this Nora Fatehi hot pic, you can see her highlighting it proudly by flaunting her messy hair and her curved sexy body wrapped in an animal-printed outfit.

Nora Fatehi Hot

She is modeling on the beach playfully and naughtily and also enjoying the fresh air of it at the same time. Don’t you think, she’s looking super sexy in this dress, so much that it’s just child’s play of her hand to turn anyone on within minutes? Well!

Nora Fatehi Hot

We feel so! Also, we can’t help but admire that there’s something sexy about the dress just like the one who’s wearing it! Hey, don’t you think so?

2. Nora Fatehi Sexy in Red Hot Gown:

Red alert! Someone is looking red hot in a salacious embellished gown and that’s none other than the seductive lady of Bollywood, Nora Fatehi!

Nora Fatehi Hot

Her gown is accentuating a thigh-high slit and she’s wearing a chain-designed trendy neckpiece that is making her look sexier! Is it ever possible to skip this pic after looking at Nora once? Nay, it’s just impossible when the lady is Nora!

Nora Fatehi Hot

Her sexy pose paired with her sexy look is enough to make anyone slay and when the dress is red, nothing can be sexier than her!

3. Nora in Pink Saree:

You don’t always have to wear shorts, Jeans, and western dresses to prove yourself sexy. A saree can also play the role of a sexy outfit if you can handle it properly and demonstrate it with appropriate style.

Nora Fatehi Hot

Don’t know how to do it! Learn it from Nora! Glimpse Nora Fatehi hot photos in which she’s wearing different sarees along with sizzling blouses and you will comprehend it all! For instance, count this pic of her with a sensual pink saree on.

Nora Fatehi sexy

She’s looking no less than a hottie and her front-cut matching feathery blouse is doing wonders with it. Look! She’s carrying it all with a distinct style!

4. Sexy Nora in Crop Top:

Nora, the Bollywood diva seems to be perfectly fit in any dress she wears. And, in this blue sexy fit jeans pant and white full-sleeved crop top, she is all oozing out the oomph among all her fans and followers.

Nora Fatehi sexy

It’s hard to keep your eyes away from her even for a few minutes, isn’t it? That’s because of the magnetism in her look and her personality which is the secret to her sexiness.

Nora Fatehi sexy

Hey! You have to admit that her sense of color combination is just awesome when it comes to choosing dresses and accessories. See! How the red sling bag, in this Nora Fatehi hot pic, that she’s wearing on her arm is completing her overall look in a titillating way.

5. Nora in a Blue Bodycon Dress:

Blue is bold and so is Nora. And, when it’s Nora, we expect some hot and skin-baring looks from her, isn’t it? 

Nora Fatehi sexy

So, here’s another Nora Fatehi sexy snap in which her hourglass figure gets flaunted with an unusual style and seeing which makes us crave more and more pics of her crazily.

Oh, Nora! You don’t know how sexy you really are! But, we know that from all our hearts! Keep wearing these types of slaying dresses and slay us again and again with your hot look!

Nora Fatehi sexy

We don’t mind assassinating ourselves through the hand of someone for whom not only India but the whole world is mad!

6. Nora in White Jeweled Bodycon Dress:

Nora knows very well how to kill it with style and this desirable pic of her, among several Nora Fatehi hot photos, is proof of it. She’s here looking ravishing in a white jeweled body-revealing dress.

Nora Fatehi sexy

The dress is not only revealing her waist and some other portions of her body but also accentuates the alluring shape of her body in a suggestive way.

Nora Fatehi sexy

The picture has become so hot a favorite among the netizens that it’s constantly raising the temperature on the internet. Nora, we love you from the deep core of our heart and is mesmerized by your beauty.

7. Nora in Excessively Hot Outfit:

Just have a glance at Nora in this extremely stylish dress! Isn’t she surging her hotness quotient with this costume?

Nora Fatehi sexy

We just love the dressing sense in almost all the Nora Fatehi sexy photos and in this pic, she’s rocking the dress with her naturally pretty face!

Adding extra fuel to the fire is her attitude and personality of holding it up playfully in front of everyone. Not all sexy ladies are like Nora… She can be just one and only one.

Nora Fatehi sexy

We think, no one even comes in comparison to her. The super gorgeous Bollywood item girl is now reigning the Bollywood and at the same time, the heart of millions. 

8. Nora Fatehi Hot Bolly Diva in Red and White:

Nora Fatehi, the fashion goddess of Bollywood is too hot to handle. Need another piece of evidence? Well! this pic of her in a white and red skirt and blouse set will say it to you all!

Nora Fatehi sexy

She always wore dresses that make her feel sexy and this time, she gorgeously outshined in her choice of dress. She’s looking no less than an enchantress in this dress, ready to seduce everyone with her charisma and beauty.

Wanna wear this dress and look like Nora? Go get it and try it out now!

9. The Glam Girl in Tight Body-Fitted Dress:

What can be sexier than wearing a tight body-fitted dress and when the wearer of the dress is Nora, the glam girl of Bollywood, the sexy look reaches a different level.

Nora Fatehi nude

Gaze the Nora Fatehi sexy gal in this super hot and seductive white strapped robe as she’s busy flaunting all her curves and we are sure that you will shout out loud – “Maar dala re” (the super hot video song of Nora).

Nora Fatehi nude

Her look here is so peppery that it’s making all her fans continuously drool. Her dance is hot, and so is her look and she always makes sure to engage them to dwell irresistibly in her fans’ hearts, and that too in a steadfast way.

10. Nora in Arabic Shimmery Outfit:

“Nora is hotness overloaded” – says various Nora Fatehi hot photos in white attires. And, when it’s about this Arabic white shimmery outfit that Nora is wearing, the matter is freakingly hot!

Nora Fatehi Hot pics

Nora plus any white seasoned outfit is just equal to fire in the internet! Yes! You have got it right! This latest photo of her has set the internet ablaze and there are only discussions everywhere about Nora and Nora!

Hey Nora! How long will you keep us thirsty and make us lust for more with your sizzling hot numbers? Wanna meet you face-to-face and know the hot secret behind your glamour and magnificence.

11. The Desirable Lady in Hot Black Dress:

Black never fails to amaze us with its beauty. And, when it’s Nora Fatehi sexy photos in which she’s wearing black, the effects are stunning.

Nora Fatehi Hot pics

After all, black is her favorite color…so, how can she not win the game in this color! Watch the below pic in which the gorgeous lady is kicking it hard wearing a little black dress and Scarlet red lipstick.

Nora Fatehi Hot pics

The combination is super, right? She’s appearing incredibly sexy and striking…so much so that it’s not only hard but impossible to resist your feeling for her! 

12. Nora in Sexy Strapped White Dress:

What’s casual for others looks super sexy and classy in Nora Fatehi hot and fit body. See, how the super hottie is exhibiting her sexy body in white with immense pride!

Nora Fatehi Hot pics

And, why should she not? After all, she is the sole owner of her attractive and exquisitely beautiful physique of her!

In this pic, she’s looking just breathtaking and has managed to raise the mercury to the highest degree. Come! Let’s sing out her song loud…”Ek Toh Kum Zindagani”!!!

13. Nora in Traditional Zardousi Saree:

Many glam models can hit it with their sexy western attire but can they always get success in a traditional outfit like a saree? Nay! But, Nora Fatehi sexy lady can hit the floor similarly in a saree as she hits it in western attire.

sexy Nora Fatehi

That’s the power of Nora! Don’t believe us? Well! Then look at the pic below in which she’s wearing a red Zardousi saree and is looking damn hot as well as pretty at the same time! 

What will you say now? Will you stick to the same impression about her or will change it?

14. Nora Fatehi in Side-Cut Lehenga:

Wanna some more Nora Fatehi hot photos? Here’s a photo of her in which the actress cum singer cum dancer cum model is donning a traditional yet modern white attire and is bouncing all with style.

sexy Nora Fatehi

The peacock motif in the lehenga and its blouse is just mindblowing and is giving her the appearance of a sexy and handsome peahen.

And, the side cut part of the lehenga is depicting her slim and trim smooth thigh with extra attractiveness. Oh, Nora! We are just dying to see you with our own eyes!

15. The Sexy Lady in Red Shimmering Gown:

Excited to look at some more Nora Fatehi sexy photos in red? Here’s another hot number of her for you! The clothing she’s wearing is, no doubt, exhibiting her sexy hourglass figure with all its elegance.

sexy Nora Fatehi

And, she’s here as usual appearing like a diva elegantly flaunting her super seductive figure. Do you still have any doubt even after seeing this pic that she’s going to the top of Bollywood very soon and is going to reign the industry of Hindi Cinema with all her glory?

sexy Nora Fatehi

We don’t have any doubt! In fact, we are damn sure about that! Long live our diva Nora Fatehi and keep entertaining us in the same manner.

Wrapping Up:

Hey, guys and gals! Which Nora Fatehi hot pics do you like the best? Let us know as we are keenly waiting to hear from you!

sexy Nora Fatehi

Keep us knowing your choices and trust us, we will present more super sexy pics of her before you that meet your choice. Bye for now!

Q1: When was Nora Fatehi born?

A: Nora Fatehi was born on February 6, 1992.

Q2: Where is Nora Fatehi from?

A: Nora Fatehi was born in Canada and is of Moroccan origin.

Q3: What is Nora Fatehi known for?

A: Nora Fatehi is known for her exceptional dancing skills and her appearances in popular Bollywood songs. She has also acted in films and gained recognition for her performances.

Q4: What are some popular songs featuring Nora Fatehi?

A: Some popular songs featuring Nora Fatehi include “Dilbar” from the film “Satyameva Jayate,” “Kamariya” from the film “Stree,” and “O Saki Saki” from the film “Batla House.”

Q5: Has Nora Fatehi acted in any films?

A: Yes, Nora Fatehi has appeared in several films. Some of her notable film appearances include “My Birthday Song,” “Bharat,” “Street Dancer 3D,” and “Batla House.”

Q6: What awards has Nora Fatehi won?

A: Nora Fatehi has received several awards and nominations for her performances. She won the Best Performer of the Year award at the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival in 2020 for her song “Dilbar.”

Q7: Is Nora Fatehi active on social media?

A: Yes, Nora Fatehi is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She has a large following and often shares updates, photos, and videos of her work and personal life.

Q8: Apart from her dancing and acting career, has Nora Fatehi been involved in any other ventures?

A: Nora Fatehi has also been a part of reality television shows. She appeared as a contestant in the ninth season of the popular Indian reality show “Bigg Boss” and was also a participant in the dance reality show “Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa.”

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