35+ Neutral Nail Designs That You Should Try This Year: 2023

Neutral colours are in fashion now. A neutral colour for anything, say a dress, accessories, or nails, will give you a simple yet classy look. Neutral colours include nude shades of pink and brown, beige, grey, etc. The families of pink and brown contribute more to neutral colours. They suit any skin tone.

Neutral Nail Designs

Nail designs on your nails will define the beauty of your nails. Nowadays, nail art, gel nails, and acrylic nails are very much in style. Combining nail art with neutral nail colours will give your nails a classy look.

In this article, we will provide 36 neutral nail designs to try at home. Some need professional help. It ranges from easy to complex, so don’t waste time; let’s dive in!

1. White and Nude:

Start with a nude hue on all nails, preferably short nails except the ring fingernail. Apply any glossy top coat, or use a glossy nude shade as a base.

Neutral Nail Designs

Incorporate any geometric design on any two nails. Like this idea, with two fingers, draw a triangle on any side of the finger’s corner with alternative shades. Finish it with any glitter sticker of your choice on the fingers.

2. Nude Pink gel Nails:

When you combine a nude pink shade with gel nails, you get the most elegant neutral nail designs.

Neutral Nail Designs

This combination will suit long, pretty nails with an almond shape. Just a nude pink shade of nail polish with a glossy finish is enough to create this look.

3. Shimmery Spring Nails:

Neutral Nail Designs

This type of neutral nail design can be achieved with a slight pink nude shade as the base, a shimmer powder, and scratching till it becomes shiny and soft. Yay! Pretty neutral color nail designs with a shimmer punch are done!

4. Hologram Summer Nails:

Hologram-type nails are always in style. After putting on any neutral colour as a base, put on the hologram shimmery powder and make it shiny and smooth for alternative nails.

Neutral Nail Designs

For other nails, draw free lines, put shimmery powder on them, and scratch them. Top it off with a top coat, and yes, elegant neutral nail designs are done.

5. Nude gel Nails with cute Flowers:

Select any two consecutive nails, say the middle and ring fingers. Put a light brown nude gel polish on it. Apply light pink to the other nails.

Neutral Nail Designs

Draw cute tiny flowers with white and pink on the brown nude fingers, and you will get a beautiful yet easy neutral nail design.

6. Pink Holographic Nails:

Neutral Nail Designs

Take any light nude pink hue and apply it as a base coat. Apply the holographic shimmery powder to half of the nails, giving an ombre effect. That’s it! Elegant neutral nail designs for the party!

7. Flawless Lilac:

Apply basic lilac gel polish to the nails except for the middle and ring fingers. For those fingers, apply only a transparent base coat and create the French tips with lilac gel polish.

neutral color nail designs

Give another line below the French tip, and you are done with neutral-coloured nail designs.

8. Gold swirl Nail Design:

neutral color nail designs

Apply a matte-finish nude colour as a base. Draw free swirl lines with any shimmery gold nail polish, and yes, you can create beautiful white swirl nail designs at home!

9. Pink-white Swirl Nail Designs:

neutral color nail designs

Swirl nail designs are easy and look elegant too. As we can do hands-free swirl lines with any polish, we can easily achieve an abstract pattern. Here, a light pink and white polish is used to create these white gel nails with design.

10. Pastel Pink Swirl Nails:

neutral color nail designs

The swirl nail designs with light pink polish on the transparent base coat give the best neutral color nail designs. To add prettiness, you can add tiny hearts with dark pink polish wherever you want on the white swirl nail designs.

11. Pink Almond Nails:

neutral color nail designs

Put a double coat of light pink gel polish on all your nails and stick tiny stones on them. It looks gorgeous, and you can flaunt these nails on special occasions. This is one of the best neutral nail designs.

12. Stone Nails for the Night:

To flaunt your prom night, we provide an easy way to create the best white gel nails with design.

neutral color nail designs

Just apply the transparent white gel nails and stick the stone under the nails to create a party look. It is best suited for short, white nail designs and elegant neutral nail designs.

13. Long Hologram Almond Nails:

neutral color nail designs

Chrome nails are trending now. If you have long almond nails, you should try this type of hologram nail. Apply simple hologram polish or powder to the transparent base to achieve these elegant neutral nail designs.

14. Gold French Tips:

neutral color nail designs

With the transparent base nail polish, create a French tip with golden polish, and with these two easy steps, you get beautiful neutral-color nail designs.

15. Pastel Acrylic daisy Nails:

neutral color nail designs

Apply light, neutral, pastel-coloured acrylics as a base for your nails. Create tiny daisy flowers with white and a slightly darker nude shade, and voila! You’ve got the perfect spring nails!

16. Neutral Nail Art:

neutral color nail designs

Apply plain gel polish as a base in the shade of nude pink. For the index and middle fingers, apply a wheatish colour as a base, draw flowers with a stem, and darken the stem with black polish. Apply the top coat, and you are done with cute neutral-color nail designs.

17. Autumn Chic Nails:

neutral color nail designs

This autumn season, flaunt your nails in five different neutral colours. Take five shades of neutral gel polish and make sure that each colour is one shade darker than the other. Apply from a light to a dark shade.

18. Thin black French tips:

neutral color nail designs

After putting on the transparent gel base, take the black gel polish with a thin brush and draw the French tips. The best way to show off your classy nails!

19. Line Gel Nails:

neutral color nail designs

The easiest way to get short white nail designs is to apply semi-transparent white gel polish as a base and draw random, thin, straight lines with black polish.

20. White gel Nails with Gold Flakes:

neutral color nail designs

Another short white nail design to make your nails look cute and elegant Apply white gel polish to the index finger. Put any neutral shade on the index finger and use gold flakes to stick on it or draw it with gold polish.

21. Supreme Acrylic white Nails:

The easiest and one of the best ways to achieve white gel nails with a design is to start with transparent gel and fill the white gel nails with half of the nails.

neutral color nail designs

Create a stem with leaves arranged horizontally in the centre. For any two fingers, stick stone stickers on the other half.

22. Gold circle Neutral Color nail Design:

neutral color nail designs

On the neutral matte nail polish, draw a simple circle with gold polish, or on the shape of your nail, draw the circle. It gives you an elegant, neutral nail design vibe.

23. Grey, pink, and White Nails:

Take a white, grey, or light pinkish nude shade and paint it on each nail, leaving the ring finger.

neutral color nail designs

For that ring finger, paint white polish first, then diagonally paint light pink to half of the nail and grey to the other half of the pink shade, which gives a geometric pattern.

24. Pink border:

neutral color nail designs

Simple white gel nails with designs are here for you. Start with white gel nails as a base for your nails. Take a hot pink shade and draw around the corner of the nails to give an ombre effect.

25. Tiny Heart Nails:

neutral color nail designs

To the neutral nude gel polish base, draw thin French tips with black polish and draw tiny hearts in the lower centre of all nails. That’s it! You get a cute, neutral nail design.

26. Boho White Nails:

We can create boho art on your nails too. For that, paint the first three fingers with white gel nails, and for the ring finger, paint the white gel to half of the nail vertically.

neutral color nail designs

And fill the other half with a light brown nude shade. Paint the brown shade on the last finger. On the ring finger, draw a simple stem with leaves thinly with black polish to give the boho effect. Cute short white nail designs for your birthdays!

27. Neutral-checked Nails:

Take neutral nude gel nails and paint all nails except the ring finger, and for that, use off-white gel polish.

neutral color nail designs

Draw random scratch-like lines on the finger with off-white polish, leaving the index finger. Draw the checked pattern on the index finger with off-white, and it’s done.

28. Polka dot Pink nude gel Nails:

neutral color nail designs

Paint a nude pink shade on all nails except the ring finger. For the ring finger, paint white polish and make small polka dots with a nude pink colour, and you get simple yet classy gel nails.

29. Black and White gel Nails:

Semi-transparent white gel polish should be applied to all the nails, with double coats on the French tips.

neutral color nail designs

At the end of every French tip, draw a thin line with black polish and draw a tiny heart on the French tip itself. Best Valentine’s Day white gel nails with designs for you!

30. White French tips with Black Stripes:

neutral color nail designs

To create the transparent base, create the white French tips, and using stickers or black polish, draw the border to the French tips and draw stripes vertically to create a white gel nail with design. That’s done! White gel nails with design for the parties!

31. Christmas Nails:

Christmas can be black and gold too. On the transparent base coat, draw random leaves and stems on the lower corners of the nails with black and white polish.

neutral color nail designs

Draw the French tips with gold polish thinly. And elegant neutral nail designs are done!

32. Milky white and Gold star Nails:

neutral color nail designs

Apply milky white gel polish as a base to all your nails, and draw stars with gold polish to each nail randomly on any corner. Classic neutral color nail designs! One of the easiest white gel nails with the design!

33. Dragon Fruit Nails:

neutral color nail designs

To create dragon fruit nails, apply white gel polish as a base and sprinkle black polish with any brush. That’s it! Cute, short white nail designs are done.

34. Pale Yellow and Pink Nails:

neutral color nail designs

Paint pale yellow polish as a base, and paint a matte nude pink shade on top of the yellow, covering 80% of the nails vertically. On the ring finger, put random dots of black polish in the merging place.

35. Off-white Swirl Nail Designs:

Paint every nail with an off-white gel polish. Take a slightly darker shade than the previous one, which has a hint of grey.

neutral color nail designs

Draw swirl lines vertically on any one of the fingers of your choice. Done with the best and easiest white swirl nail designs.

36. Luxury White swirl Nail Design:

neutral color nail designs

Apply the white matte polish to every nail as a base, and two swirl lines can be drawn vertically randomly on all fingers. Paint with a light and dark shimmery silver shade on your swirl lines. And now it’s done!

Wrapping Up:

The best way to define your nails is to apply a neat nail routine. If you trim it and apply any polish to it, it gives you a nice, gorgeous look. So painting any neutral colour on your nails will make them beautiful and elegant.

neutral color nail designs

Here, we have given you 36 ideas for neutral nail designs to flaunt your beautiful nails. With these steps, try different and unique nail designs at home. We hope we have inspired you enough to start your nail salon! Try these designs on your nails and become a pro at nail art.


1. What are some popular neutral nail colours?

Neutral colours won’t give off a pop-up colour vibe. The popular neutral nail colours are nudes of every colour, pastel shades, white, beige, grey, black, brown, etc.

2. Are neutral nails suitable for all skin tones?

Yes. Any skin tone, and any outfit, will suit and give you a subtle vibe to the outfit and skin tone. You can go for neutral color nail designs, no matter what your skin tone is.

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