15 Natural Smokey Eye Makeup Shades You Should Try in 2023

Have you always been crazy about the smoky eyed looks of various celebs walking on the red carpet and attending various social events? Tried those looks at your home but found them hard to attain?

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

Then, be sad no more because we have brought for you 15 natural smokey eye makeup shades that would turn your dull eyes gorgeous, and that too in a simple way. Couldn’t believe your eyes?

Yes, you have read it right. Come! Let’s have a look at those easy-to-attain smoky eyes looks:

1. Peach Shade:

Gifted with naturally blue eyes? Then, peach-shaded natural smokey eye makeup is your ideal fit. Wear it with some black mascara and light pink lipstick and get set go for your dream event.

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

The ethereal effect the peach shade will give to your eyes will keep everyone’s eyes fixed on you. So, are you ready to get this Met Gala look?

2. Nude Shade:

Got tired of trying red, blue, and green smokey eye makeup over your eyes? Wanna recreate the look of your eyes with the naked shades of various celeb’s eye makeup?

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

Then this nude shaded eyeshadow will do your job. Pair this eye cosmetic look with a similar nude-shaded lipstick and wait for the magic!

The chic and dashing look it will shower on you will make all guys fall flat for you. Any doubt about what we said? Try and experience it on your own!

3. Light Bronze with Light Brown Shade:

Have a dislike for natural smokey eye makeup looks of common shades? Then, here’s an uncommon shade combination for you – light bronze + light brown.

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

This color variation proves that you always don’t have to choose audacious and bold colors to look elegant. This eye palette powder will lend a unique definition to your eyes and will make the contour of your eyes big and sharp so that they appear youthful.

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

Adding black borders to your eyes as well as black mascara on your eyelids will make your black and brown smokey eye look more fantabulous.

Hey, hold up! Don’t forget to put on a nude pink lip color to your lips and give yourself a perfect zero-makeup look.

4. Black Swan:

Now, what if we choose half black and half nude eye makeup? Wow! it’s a quite good idea, right?

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

Make the two colors meet one another using a fluffy brush and keep your eyes looking like the eyes of a black swan. Try something shimmery over the eye powders and pair the overall look with peach-colored lipstick.

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

We promise, no one can pass you without looking at your dramatic black smokey eye. Suspecting our words? Glance at this pic once and you will fall in love with its look!

5. Black and Beige Shades:

Black and beige offers a great combination when it comes to eye colors and so, why would we skip it without adding the same to our list?

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

So, here’s the pic of another dramatic black smokey eye look for you! In case of this smoky eye makeup, paint your eyes black and smoky and then throb some beige-colored powders on their uppermost parts.

Sport this look with a light pink blusher and purple nail polish. Wanna more makeup tips with this eyeshadow look? Give your lips a twist by painting them half beige and half pink.

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

Complete the look by wearing a glittery chain at your neck. Oh, lady! You have made it hard for us to keep off our eyes off you!

6. Gold Glitter Eye Makeup:

Ever heard the rhyme, “Twinkle twinkle little stars how I wonder what you are”? How would it be if some gold glitters twinkled over your eyes like tiny stars?

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

Yes, we are saying about the golden shimmery powdered eyeshadows! We think they are enough to give your dull eyes the brilliant makeup look of Rihanna’s golden and dazzling smoky eyes.

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

Team up this natural smokey eye makeup look with a pair of diamond earrings and keep your lips scarlet. Congrats, girl! You are ready to rock like a stylish 90s rocker with your glam makeup red lips smokey eyes look.

7. Glittery Rose Gold:

Who doesn’t love the color rose gold? And, when the idea is to create a glittery rose gold effect on your simple-looking eyes, you will feel helpless to submit yourself to it.

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

This natural smokey eye makeup look will take the appearance of your eyes to a new level. They will look super sexy with the addition of sexy deep red lipstick on your lips.

Hey, would you still miss this glam makeup red lips smokey eyes look after knowing that it will double your overall glam quotient? We think you won’t!

8. Light Reddish Brown Shade:

Who said, reddish brown color is the perfect makeup shade for lipstick only?

We’re damn sure that no one will be able to prove a single word of ours wrong if we say that it’s a perfect color combination for our eyes’ makeup as well. Wondering, how can be we so sure about it?

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

Watch the pic below and your mouth will dictate the same just as what we uttered now! Put some black mascara over your eyelids. This black and brown smokey eye makeup look has the power to capture anyone’s eyes towards it within seconds.

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

Pair the smokey eyes with reddish maroon lipstick. Already became a fan of this crimson brown colored light smoky eyes eyeshadow look? We too are! Just go for it and stun everyone with your glam makeup red lips smokey eyes look!  

9. Imperial Gothic Shade:

Have a love for the traditional imperial-styled gothic look? Then, this royal black and brown smokey eye gothic look is specially made for you!

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

This black & brown plus golden glittered eye is a perfect combination to be paired with light pink lipstick, be it anytime and anywhere.

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

So, on look in your eyes while attending any special wedding celebration and look special in a regal and time-honored way.

10. Neon green smokey Eye Makeup :

Not everyone dares to choose a flashy color like neon green. If you are a daring type of person who doesn’t fear to exhibit something different from others and break the trend, then this color is for you!

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

Greet this fluorescent color with a light ash-colored shade by smudging them over your eyes and dazzle like a rare beauty wearing nude glossy lipstick over your lips.

11. Sea Green with Black Smoky Fox Eyes:

What happens when the audacious look meets the modest one? Something exquisite happens, right? So is this the case with the lady’s eyes in this pic!

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

Here the lady is wearing a sea green colored eyeshadow (modest color) on her eyes. She has made it daring by giving them a fox eyed dramatic black smokey eye makeup look by using black mascara.

She has also smartly carried the green smokey eye makeup look by wearing black nail polish on her nails and matching sea green earrings on her ears.

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

Can any fusion eye makeup look better than what she has done? Let us trust you for a genuine answer!

12. Caramel Cheesecake:

Hello, all the ladies over here…say cheese!…because we have brought for you this caramel cheesecake eye makeup look that will satisfy you beyond expectation!

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

Can’t make it if you are hearing it the right? Slip into this eye makeup look and feel it yourself! The dazzling beige eyes this makeup look will gift you will turn anyone mad for you within minutes and it’s our promise!

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

Sport it with deep red lips and shine gladly. So, how does this glam makeup red lips smokey eyes look idea of ours?

13. Deep Dazzling Bronze:

Is bronze color your liking? Then we think you deserve this deep dazzling bronze-shaded eye makeup look for your birthday or Valentine’s day. The shade will give you a princess-like look that hardly anyone could ignore.

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

Keep your eyelids large with the application of black mascara and sprinkle some glitters over your eyes to make them look classy.

A bronze-shaded blusher and red hot lipstick will also go well with it. So, hurry! Go for it and stun people with your seductive and super-alluring look!

14. Multicolor Eye Makeup:

Has anyone told you that icy blue/green goes well with purple? If not, then we are declaring openly this secret to you!

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

Trust us, this heavenly color combination walks flawlessly holding hands with one another and the black wings painted on the side of your eyes give the green smokey eye makeup look cute wings to fly high!

Match the purple shade of your eyeshadow with the pinkish purple lipstick of your lips and go click…click…click!

15. Pale Brown Shade:

Looking for romantic eye makeup for valentines day? Choose this pale brown shade of eyeshadow matching your brown eye lenses and brown lipstick and make your lover fall before your knees proposing to you!

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

Don’t forget to illuminate the look by sketching black wings at the corner of your eyes. You also need to go messy with a top knot hairdo that suits perfectly with the pale brown plus dramatic black smokey eye look.

We have already fallen for this black and brown smokey eye look. What about you?

Wrapping up:

So, which of our presented natural smokey eye makeup looks have managed to inspire you from the bottom of your heart?

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

We think not one but many such looks have contrived to brush you and you have allowed them gaily to do it. We would be more than happy to know from you how much you liked them in detail.

Let us know and we would love to compile all your gratitude for us because of the pics that we shared with you!

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