18 Best Natural Makeup Looks with Red Lip: 2023 Edition

The trend that has stood the test of time is the classic red lip look, which is characterised by bold, glamorous makeup that is meant to make a statement. This look is known for its signature red lips, flawless skin, and bold eye makeup, a world staple for decades.

natural makeup with red lip

There are several ways to wear red lips with stunning makeup looks and gorgeous outfits. The classic red-lip combination will not step down from the trend. The natural look with a red lips is always in style all over the world.

From Marilyn Monroe to Taylor Swift, she has nailed the perfect red lip. In this article, we give you 18 looks that can be worn with perfect red lips. Let’s begin!

Classic Hollywood Look

1. Selena Gomez’s Shimmer Eyes:

Let me start with these beautiful blood-red lips and shimmery eyes worn by Selena Gomez! A natural base, shimmery silver eyeshadow on the eyelids, and bold black wing eyeliner go well with the semi-matte red lips.

natural makeup with red lip

Selena Gomez pulled off this natural makeup with a red lip like a pro. This look is perfect for any holiday or Christmas look.

2. Glossy Red Lips:

Here’s another classic Hollywood look with glossy red lips for you. A perfect base, slightly contoured, brushed eyebrows, bold winged black eyeliner on the gold shimmery eyeshadow, and shining highlighter in the cheekbones can go well with thick, glossy red lips.

natural makeup with red lip

This is flawless makeup with red lipstick, and glossy red lips can be achieved either by putting lip gloss over it or by putting red-tinted lip gloss over the red lipstick.

3. Perfect Matte Red Lips:

Brushed thick eyebrows are trendy these days. So pairing this with any lipstick will be stunning, but when you pair it with red lips, it becomes absolutely hot and sexy.

natural makeup with red lip

The smokey eyes, sharp inner corner liner, and highlighting of the inner corner with any shimmer shade make the makeup look hottest.

natural red makeup looks

This matte bold red lip look can be achieved by lip lining with any black liner and then putting on matte red lipstick, making the perfect black and red lipstick combination. This look comes under the smokey eye with the red lipstick category.

4. Brown Glitter Eyes:

Last but not least, a classic Hollywood look for you girls! A semi-matte brown shade on the outer corner of the eyelids and golden glitters on the centre of the lids with bold, sharp winged liner on them can perfectly match the bold matte red lips on you.

natural red makeup looks

If you perfect this look with more contouring and bronzing, it will look great on you. You can also add mascara and brush your eyebrows. Finish the makeup with red lipstick.

Bronzed Look

5. Glossy, Blood-red Lips:

The glossy, blood-red lips can be paired with a classic bronzy look. The outer corners of the eye are filled with a dark brown shade, and the inner eyelids can be filled with a shimmery bronze shade.

natural red makeup looks

Top it off with thick mascara and brushed eyebrows, as usual. This look can be finished with glossy, blood-red lips. It gives you a natural red makeup looks vibe!

6. Bronzed Makeup with Red Lipstick:

This bronzed makeup is perfect for the wedding look. The bronzed eyes can be done with the darkest shade on the outer corner and a lighter shade on the inner lids.

natural red makeup looks

Apply a glittery bronze shade on the eyelids to make them more amazing. This bronzed makeup is finished with matte red lipstick on the lips. In this way, you can create a natural red makeup look.

Bold Eye Look

7. Shimmery Eyes with Red Lipstick:

A light red semi-matte lipstick will go with any makeup look. Especially this peachy shimmery look makes it more sexy and hot.

natural red makeup looks

The same procedure is followed, like the darkest shade on the outer corners and the shimmery peach colour on the centre of the eyelids, and a bold winged black liner is drawn.

natural red makeup looks

This makeup goes well with light red lipstick that has a little hint of an orange shade. This look gives off a smokey eye with a red lipstick vibe. 

8. Bold Maroon-red Lipstick

This amazing bold makeup with shimmery eyeshadows and brushed eyebrows will perfectly match any outfit with maroon-red lipstick, or you can do the black-and-red lipstick trick.

makeup with red lipstick

Highlight the areas with a highlighter, and contouring is key in this look. These things add a gorgeous look to maroon-red lipstick. Voila! Natural red makeup looks for your birthdays!

Monochromatic Look

9. Monochromatic Full-red hue Look:

Start with a dark maroon shade on the outer corner of the eyes and under the lash line. To create the red smokey eye makeup, the centre of the eyelids can be filled with a light maroon-red shade.

makeup with red lipstick

The shimmering shade can be applied to the inner corners of the eyes. Some highlighter on the cheekbones, naturally filled eyebrows, and dark blush on the cheeks.

makeup with red lipstick

Contour your nose for a perfect nose. The light red matte lipstick perfectly uplifts the makeup look. This gives you a look that has natural makeup with a red lip and a smokey eye with red lipstick.

10. Kylie Jenner’s Red Lip

Kylie Jenner’s lips are one of the best parts of her face. The whole red theme of her makeup suits her face well. To uplift the red lips, she wore red eyeshadow on the eyelids with a hint of a dark pink shade and created red smokey eye makeup.

makeup with red lipstick

The sharp, winged black liner goes well with this look. She gave a little hint of the same eyeshadow on the lower lash line too.

makeup with red lipstick

She perfectly contoured the face; she filled in the eyebrows, and her blush was just perfect and finished the makeup with red lipstick. Kylie’s gorgeous red lips were the talk of the town for a long time.

Glossy Look

11. Red lip Natural Makeup:

Who doesn’t love natural makeup with a red lip? You can apply red lipstick with red lip gloss or any clear gloss with any high-definition makeup or no makeup look.

Natural flawless makeup can be achieved with a slight pinkish-golden shimmer shade on the eyelids and a thin line of black eyeliner.

makeup with red lipstick

As glass skin is trending now, you can achieve this natural makeup with a red lip and a light base, and a highlighter on the cheekbones. With this natural base, you can wear glossy red lipstick on the lips.

12. Red Glam Makeup:

Natural makeup with red lip can be portrayed as a glam look by adding dark red lip gloss to the lips. After achieving a natural base for the makeup, you can start highlighting the areas and contouring the face.

red smokey eye makeup

Brush your eyebrows and fill them with thin strokes. A jet black, bold winged eyeliner will match the entire vibe. As glam makeup needs dark lipstick, you can opt for dark red lipstick and top it off with red gloss. In this way, you can achieve natural red makeup looks.

13. Dark Maroon-red Lipstick:

It’s very easy to get a dark maroon shade on your lips. All you need is a black liner and dark red lipstick. So, for the base, you can do a subtle base, as we are doing a natural red makeup look.

red smokey eye makeup

Draw a bold winged black liner on the upper lash line. Then, for the dark maroon lipstick, you can either put the dark maroon red shade lipstick on the lips or line the lips with black liner and put dark red shade on the lips, then, smudge it till you get a dark maroon red shade.

red smokey eye makeup

One of the best lipsticks combinations is black and red lipstick. Add mascara to the lashes to make them more natural. Top it with any clear gloss or red gloss. This is one of the best natural makeup with red lips.

Matte Look

14. Orange-ish Red Lips:

A matte look goes with every outfit. As you can see, every celebrity has a glossy finish, whereas matte has always been popular.

There are several ways to give any lipstick a matte look, you can take off the excess of your lipstick with the help of tissue, and you can dust some loose powder on it to make it matte.

red smokey eye makeup

Here, the celebrity chose an orange-ish-red matte lipstick to match their outfit. She did simple makeup with red lipstick that involved base, contour, highlighter, bronzer, black winged liner, and mascara, and she brushed and filled in her eyebrows perfectly.

15. Cool Red Lips:

Another natural red makeup looks for the parties! Red, the colour, can give you several vibes according to the situation. A simple black dress can be turned into a hot dress with red lipstick and red nail paint.

red smokey eye makeup

Here, she wore less makeup to keep it natural. She did a thin black liner in the upper lash line and applied mascara on the lashes.

red smokey eye makeup

She brushed her eyebrows, filled them in, and chose a cool-toned red lipstick to apply on her lips. Do try this natural makeup with red lip look; it will look stunning on you.

16. Celebrity Red Lipstick:

A gorgeous red lip look for you! After you set the base with a loose powder, finish your eye makeup. Here, they put a simple winged black eyeliner on the upper lash line and some of it on the lower lash line too.

smokey eye with red lipstick

She chose a bright red matte lipstick for a red carpet function and absolutely nailed the look. Her outfit is white, but she chose red because it contrasts with the white and flatters her.

Perfect contouring, highlighting, bronzing, and filling the eyebrows will finish this makeup with red lipstick.

Smoky Eyes

17. Vampire’s Lips:

Lilly Collins turned all heads with this smokey red eye makeup. She applied the darkest red shade on the eyelids and created a smokey look, and she applied the same shade on the lower lash line too.

smokey eye with red lipstick

The smokey eye with red lipstick looked absolutely stunning on her. There was not much contouring, highlighting, or bronzing on her face, as she kept it natural.

smokey eye with red lipstick

She applied the darkest red lipstick she could find on her lips, and it made her lips look like “vampire’s lips” as she has done the black and red lipstick combination. It is one of the best red smokey eye makeup ever!

18. Night Party Red Lips:

Going for a night out or a night party? This look is for you! This dark red lipstick is another vampire’s lipstick. She perfectly set the base and put some blush on the cheeks.

smokey eye with red lipstick

Her red smokey eye makeup is subtle—a winged liner and mascara. Here comes the black and red lipstick trick, the black lip liner can be drawn on the corners of the lips to enhance the dark red shade on the lips.

Yes, the best smokey eye with red lipstick. As I said earlier, this look is perfect for any party, and everybody’s eyes will be on your lips.

Red Makeup Products

1. Tinted Moisturiser:

Everybody is opting for a simple yet effective skincare routine that works wonders for their skin. In this skincare era, the tinted moisturiser has been on trend. This is a tinted moisturiser from the brand DRMTLGY, which can be used by all skin types.

natural makeup with red lip products

It is hydrating to the skin and has an anti-ageing formula in it. This Moisturiser gives you a nice tinted look, and you can skip any type of cream or foundation for the base as it gives you a glass-clean look.

It also has UV protection with 46 SPF, which protects you from harmful rays. The lightweight and non-greasy formula makes your skin look more plump and hydrated.

2. Cream Blush:

The cream blush from the brand e.l.f. in the colour Turks and Caicos is all you need for a natural makeup look. The ultra-pigmented blush can be used a little on the skin to make your cheeks cute.

natural makeup with red lip products

It is in a buildable formula and infused with Argan oil and vitamin E. Mainly, it is vegan and cruelty-free. Although it has a creamy texture, the product will have a matte finish.

3. Neutral Eye-shadow Palette:

This is an ultimate neutral eyeshadow palette in the shade of Warm Neutrals from the brand NYX Professional. This is in powder form and gives you a subtle eye makeup look.

natural makeup with red lip products

This palette has 16 highly pigmented shadows with different types of finishes, such as matte, shimmer, metallic, and satin. After applying primer, you can build your neutral eye makeup with this palette.

All cosmetics from this brand are cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

4. Mascara:

Looking for a great mascara that is vegan and cruelty-free? This mascara from the brand Honesty Beauty in the shade black is the right choice for you. It gives your lashes extreme length and volume.

natural makeup with red lip products

No need to worry about lash primer because it already has one in it. It is super defining and developed with natural ingredients like jojoba esters. Toxins like paraben and silicon are not used in the product.

5. Red Lipstick:

The perfect red lipstick for your perfect red lips is here. The Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick works wonders on your lips. Particularly, the shade 340 Exhilarator Ruby Red gives you the perfect red lips.

natural makeup with red lip products

It is long-lasting, as the name says, Super Stay. It lasts up to 16 hours. This is a non-transferable lipstick, and you need not worry about lipstick stains anywhere. You can create many natural smokey eye with red lipstick.

6. Lip Liner:

This set is a perfect package with 12 pieces of matte liquid lipstick and lip liner pens. It is highly pigmented and gives you a velvety finish on your lips. Six long-wear lipsticks and six lip liners are truly heaven for lipstick lovers.

natural makeup with red lip products

The ultra-lightweight formula, with natural ingredients, gives you high coverage, and it is water-proof. It is a 100% cruelty-free product. You can wear these no-sticky liquid matte lipsticks with lip liner for various occasions like weddings, parties, daily makeup, etc.

7. Setting Powder:

Another makeup product from the brand e.l.f. is Halo Glow Setting Powder in the shade Light, which sets your base perfectly and makes it look flawless. Flawless base makeup can only be achieved if the base is set with setting powder. It does not stay on the open pores, as it minimises the pores and fine lines.

natural makeup with red lip products

It is lightweight and silky and has a semi-matte finish. It smooths your skin and perfectly blurs the oiliness on your face. The dreamy, blurring, soft-focus finish setting powder is created with eco-friendly particles that give your skin a soft glow and smooth your skin.

Lightly dust this setting powder on the skin, and you are good to go. It is also cruelty-free, vegan, and free from various toxins, which include parabens.


In conclusion, red lipstick has been a classic Hollywood look for decades and has remained popular to this day. From Selena Gomez’s shimmering eyes to Kylie Jenner’s iconic red lips, there are countless ways to incorporate red lipstick into your makeup routine.

natural makeup with red lip products

The seven beauty products are great additions to any makeup routine. Check out the full products to know more about them in detail. You can finish a perfect makeup look with those seven makeup products.

Overall, incorporating red lipstick into your makeup routine can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any look. 

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