18 Megan Fox No Makeup Looks That Will Inspire You A Lot

Who doesn’t have seen the famous American model, Hollywood actress, and fashion icon Megan Fox? Practically everyone who loves fashion and entertainment loves and admires her.

megan fox no makeup looks

Be it her roles in movies and career growth with bumper hits or her beautiful make-up look, she never fails to amaze her fans. But, very rare people have seen this actress without makeup.

Now, will you shout in excitement, if we tell you that we are unveiling before you 18 amazing and extraordinary pictures of Megan Fox without makeup? It’s hard to believe, right? But, what we are saying is true!

Megan Fox No Makeup

So, here are the precious Megan Fox no makeup look pictures that we guarantee that you will rarely find.

1. Megan Fox’s Drugstore Fashion:

Who thought one can give a killing look even in a simple outfit before seeing Fox!! Look! aren’t you finding Meagan good without makeup in this pic?

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

The Hollywood beauty has kept it simple without any makeup while visiting a drugstore with her husband and her trick worked. In this picture, Megan is just wearing soft yoga pants and a loose t-shirt paired with a gray jacket and a basketball cap.

And, still, she’s looking cool and has assassinated several fans with this killing look. 

2. Megan Fox’s Mastering In Airport Style:

Wanna be a Megan Fox look alike? Then, adopt her styles, especially her airport styles. Fox usually passes through the airport’s passageways either alone or along with her husband and Noah (her baby boy).

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

In the Megan Fox no makeup pic below, see how Megan Fox is warming the airport with her hot look. She’s doing it all with a combo of t-shirt and black pants and a matching black leather jacket.

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

Such is her styling sense that she has knotted her sweater surrounding her waist and put on a well-matched black cap to fulfill the look.

3. The “Oh! So Hot” Look Of Megan Fox:

Oh! Look at this pic of Megan Fox with no makeup! She’s just streaming hot! Being one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses, Fox has become a classic representation of natural beauty and it’s exhibited very much in this pic.

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

Wow! There’s how much prominence in her eyes! Just watch!

4. Megan Fox’s Daring Nude Makeup Look:

Wanna see Meagan good without makeup? Here’s another Megan Fox no makeup pic for you. Surprising, if it’s Megan Fox or Megan Fox look alike? Wondering, if she too can go bold?

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

Well! We confirm that it’s no one else but Fox herself. Yes, she has gone that bold and daring in this pic. She has not only accepted the challenge of going bold in this pic by wearing a bold dress but also has shown everyone boldly that one can also look sexy and sizzling with nude makeup as well.

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

And, look at the dangling earnings on her ears… It’s giving her a picture-perfect appearance.

5. Fox’s Spectacled Look:

Not everyone looks so beautiful in glasses like Fox. Just have a glimpse at this photo of Megan! She’s looking so attractive in glasses. And, she combined this glassed look of her with a no make-up one.

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

So, if you can give a glassed look and yet remain simple like her,  you can get a Megan Fox look alike appearance. Wanna wear a Plain-Jane appearance to perfection? Learn it From Megan.

6. Megan Fox No Makeup Look In Sexy Bikini:

Wow! See this picture of the sizzling hot Megan in a sea-beach background wearing a black colored bikini. She’s laying bare her natural beauty with style in zero makeup on a nice summer day.

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

And, it’s what her passion is. She loves holidaying on beaches with no artificial look on her face. She goes all-natural on a beach.

7. Megan’s Scholar Look:

Do you know a secret about Megan Fox? She loves books and it’s totally exhibited in this pic of her. Megan Fox with no makeup on her face is carrying a book and cell phone in her hand.

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

She’s wearing jeans paired with a deep peach or orange colored t-shirt and has kept her hair open. Isn’t she looking like a dashing beauty with minimal effort?

8. Megan Fox No Makeup Glimpse In Blue Jeans And Crop Top: 

Hey, Meghan! How can you turn everyone crazy with such nude makeup appearances? It’s not so easy for everyone to be like you.

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

We can be Megan Fox look alike but not Megan Fox. There’s only one alluring and seductive Megan Fox and that’s you! And, just have a glimpse at her curve! It will turn you mad!

9. Megan, The Food-lover:

Megan loves to have food and beverages and this is depicted in the picture below. However, still she does everything to remain fit.

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

She eats and drinks with restraint so that she never goes out of shape. See! Her cleavage and well-shaped body are telling it all!

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

By the way, don’t miss the look of Megan Fox without makeup as she’s carrying a beverage in her hand with a pretty and light smile on her face.

10. Megan Fox No Makeup Out Of Bed Look:

How’s this Megan Fox without makeup look? Here’s she’s posing as if she’s just now out of her bed. And, she has fitted her out-of-bed look by keeping her face natural.

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

And, how good her matching sense is! She has just worn a full-sleeve snake printed t-shirt with micro-mini shorts so that her legs are exposed accentuating the just rise-up appearance.

11. Megan Playing It Hard With Her Sporty Look:

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

Megan Fox with no makeup is walking in a black crop top and sweat pants in this picture and she’s accessorizing it with a sports bag on her shoulder and sporty shoes on her legs. Isn’t she looking Gorgeous?

12. Megan’s Formal Look:

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

Fox knows how to wear it with style and she did it here. Look how amazingly Megan Fox with no makeup look is wearing a coat exposing slightly her cleavage. What a stunning look she’s giving!

13. Megan Shopping It In Attitude:

Attitude makes one fashionable and who can play it better than Megan? She shops, carry the shopping bags in her hands, and walks with attitude.

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

And,  you know, what balances her attitude? Megan Fox no makeup innocent look of her!

14. Megan Fox’s Feminine Charm:

Is it Megan Fox look alike or Megan herself? Can’t believe it! It’s Megan herself! But, how did she manage to get such a feminine barbie doll look without zero makeup?

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

Well! That’s a secret from her side! Megan! Please, we want to know your secret!

15. Megan’s Thirsty Look:

Here’s another Megan Fox no makeup picture of the celebrity carrying a water bottle in her hand. It denotes she’s thirsty but we are no less thirsty as well. Megan!

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

Your look is making us more and more thirsty! Her blue jeans and white cleavage-exposing top is giving her an incredible look.

16. Fox’s Dare To Bare Tattooed Look:

Watch this Megan Fox without makeup picture in which she is wearing a daring dress with a tattoo on her back.

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

We can’t deny that Fox has left us impressed with her dramatic appearance. Oh, Fox! How beautiful you are!

17. Meagan Good Without Make Up, Smoky Look:

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

Ooh! What a look Megan! Your smoky appearance is making us your die-hard fan! Please teach us something…how did you do this?

18. Megan Fox With No Makeup In Red Carpet:

Can someone put fire on the red carpet with her no makeup look? No lipstick, no concealer, no foundation, nothing, and yet sizzling hot? Yes, we are talking about Megan Fox.

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

She has proved that by wearing a simplicity on your face and a stylist white dress on your body you can boom on the red carpet. You will need no makeup at all to make you look attractive on the red carpet.

Wrapping Up:

Megan Fox No Makeup Looks

So, have you got inspired by Megan and her no makeup look? Then, try some of those looks on you and make us know, how much they suit you.

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