20 Makeup Looks For Black Dress: Check All Seasonal Looks

We can confidently say that everyone loves making an appearance in black outfits considering the current trend. Carrying the right maekup looks forms an essential part of flaunting a black dress idea.

Makeup Looks for Black dress

Below we will present 20 all-seasonal makeup looks for a black dress that is super stylish and goes for all ages. You don’t have enough makeup accessories? Worry not! All our ideas are simple and easy to carry out.

1. Cat eye and Red lips for Black Dresses

Imagine you are entering a family or friend-hosted event in a long flared black dress. We assume all eyes will stick on you.

Makeup Looks for Black dress

Wanna intensify the black dress image with some makeup? You can add a dramatic cat-eye touch to it. Use a stencil and draw two wings using Lovoir:The Flick Stick or for beginners apply the iMethod Eyeliner Stamp.

If you are using other products, confirm that it is waterproof and long-lasting otherwise your eye makeup for a black dress will be spoiled.

Makeup Looks for Black dress

Cat eyes can be elegantly paired with fierce red lips. We would recommend the Dior iconic 999 shade for such a transformational look.

2. Minimal pink cheeks with LBD

When you wear a dark shade outfit, it always feels great to fix with light tone glamour makeup. Especially wearing a Lower black dress always needs some light pinkish touch.

pink cheeks Makeup Looks for Black dress

You can fill the gap by highlighting your apple pinkish cheekbones. Take a brush and blend it in an upward motion to remain in the spotlight.

Don’t apply too much shimmer instead carry a cream-based highlighter that won’t make your skin appear much harsh. What about ordering Kay Beauty Rosy Dew Illuminating Highlighters?

pink cheeks Makeup Looks for Black dress

To complement these makeup ideas for black dresses, we would recommend untying your hair and giving a charming impression.

3. The two winged eyes

In most cases, your black dress demands minimalistic appearances. And for that, we have tried out the shape winged makeup looks for black dresses.

winged eyes Makeup Looks for Black dress

If you are too shaky as a starter to carry out the winged style, then paste two tapes in an upward direction at the corner of your eyes. Now evenly draw two sharp lines. And you are ever ready.

4. No Makeup but Blue Shadow Look

A no-makeup look is basically to divert the crowd’s attention from regular caked faces and an effort to bring uniqueness. But side by side, what about attempting a blue eyeshadow look for black dress? 

blue shadow looks Makeup Looks for Black dress

Make sure that your skin stays hydrated and moisturized and glossy. You can add light shimmery to the high points of your face. Check out Maybelline New York Face studio metallic chrome highlighter. The specialty of the highlighter is that it’s dermatologically tested and gives a pearly finishing.

blue shadow looks Makeup Looks for Black dress

With the eyes, you can create three blue eyeshadow ideas: I) you may blend the dusted blue smokey look. II) paint it and give it a blue shimmery creamed eye appearance. III) if you master over strokes on your lids, then give a transformational cut crease look.

5. The Black Swan Look

If you are wearing a feathery expensive gown then here introducing a bold black swan look. For that fill your eyes with black and bronze smokey eyes Here, we are trying to recall the iconic Anastasia Beverly Hills Anastasia palette eye makeup.

black swan looks looks Makeup Looks for Black dress

And black swan means painting your nails in black shades. The striking black lip gloss by Maepeor has the potential to further intensify the look.

6.  Pink eyes pop up.

When black is defined as boldness then pink is the color for chubbiness and cuteness. To create this beautiful eye makeup for a black dress, you will require a quality blending eye brush, and three contrasting eyeshadow shades.

pink eyes popup looks Makeup Looks for Black dress

Those shades include shimmery light pink eyeshadow, dark shades of pink pigments, and brown shimmers. We recommend using the Lakme Absolute spotlight palette.

  • Begin by dabbing the dark pink pigment near the outer edge of the eyes, ultimately giving smokey eyes.
  • The eyelids will stick with the shimmery light pink eyeshadow and the inner corners with brown shimmers.
pink eyes popup looks Makeup Looks for Black dress

Besides painting your eyes, you should maintain the appearance with an illuminating highlighter on your high facial points.

7. The Aqua charm

The blue oceanic eyeshadow looks for the black dress is such a powerful idea that no one can ever be done with it.

aqua charm Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

Before brushing shades of aqua blue to your lids, you must use a pencil black liner to frame your beautiful eyes. This blue pop eye shadow blending is definitely a quirky alternative to the usual smokey eyes.

8. Contoured facial art

The specialty of wearing a black dress is that it helps the user in retaining shapes. Here, maintaining the tradition, a sharp jawline and a contoured face will make a perfect combination.

contoured facial Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

Nothing can compensate for the look if you know how to make a properly contoured face. Choosing the right contour stick like ILIA – Multi-Stick For Lips works as a magic wand. A contoured face also collabs with makeup for a formal black dress.

contoured facial Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

Remember for some radiating makeup looks for a black dress, you anytime can apply a creamy contoured formula to your cheeks and lips.

9. Pair with vibrant orange

For those who admire extras,  to them orange lips and eyeshadow look for a black dress will be a perfect match. You can use varied orange shades including the nude matte ones to bring the difference.

orange lips Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

For your eyes, create graphic lines on your lids with a pumpkin orange shade. For beginners, the stencil is recommended as it will avoid the risk of messiness. For lips, you can apply all 18 juicy lips to retain the hydrating effect.

10. Chilly Red Lips

You can raise the temperature of any party by introducing the warm chilly red makeup looks for black dress. Your chilly red lipstick can be worn as a classy variation to other fiery red lip shades.

red lips Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

However, while selecting the red lip shades it’s important to put one which goes with your skin tone. Here are some trusted chilly red shades applicable for all skin types-

Use a red similar shade of lip liner to bring an even finish to your lips.

11. The Emerald eyes

For black floral maxi dresses, you can leave some space to try unique shades such as emerald green. However, you should wisely choose every green pigment otherwise it will spoil the look.

You may carry both metallic or pastel green eyeshadow for a black dress presence depending on the event you are attending.

12. B&W Eye Makeup

Everyone knows B&W stands for Black and White, the two opposites. However, nothing is deadlier than using white eyeliners with your black robe.

black and white Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

We have planned some twists in such makeup ideas for black dresses. What you can do is draw with your white eyeliner on your lower eye line.

And only apply mascara to the upper eyelashes Further, bolster such looks by wearing drop earrings and a white pearl neckpiece. You can buy J. Cat Marshmallow big eye pencil to bring out a milky white effect to your eyes.

black and white Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

If you are under-confident about white liners, you may choose grey pencils, which also will look dramatic on your eyes.

13. Blonde sun-kissed look

For any day gathering, the golden sun-kissed natural makeup looks for black dress can never get boring. Apply nude tones on your cheekbones and lips to convert it into an edged look.

sun kissed looks Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

But the magical part is about including a tinge of bronze to the high facial points. Flare it up by wearing crystal accessories.

sun kissed looks Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

Another plus point of achieving this sun-kissed makeup look is from all angles your face will look actively photogenic.

14. Glitter, Glitter everywhere

To all those fashionistas out there! When you can carry the outrageous glittery look why do you hesitate then? This revolutionary look will ignite your inner desire of yours to flaunt with extra glitters.

glittter makeup Makeup Looks for Black Outfits
  • First of all, apply gel-like vibrant eyeshadow on your inner eye corners only. We suggest using the Royal Marmalade Orange Glitter. But, you are free to use yellow to blue glitters, whichever you like.
  • Next contour your nose well by using Huda beauty contours ( or any other favorite collection you possess).
  • Now, comes our favorite part among makeup looks for black dress.  Moisture your lips at first using a tinted lip balm. Then it’s time to look super hot, so spice it up by coloring with Morange lip shade from Mac Cosmetics.
glittter makeup Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

Note, that we used an orange lip shade to maintain the symmetric look. You can choose red or pink lip colors also.

15. The rusted appearance

Wanna create an expressive eye style? This rusty eyeshadow for a black dress appearance is a professional idea and needs skills to recreate.

rusted appearance Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

Near your eyelids use silvery shimmer and further intensify the eye look by blending the dark rust hues well with an eye brush.

Wear blue or grey lenses for a charming impact. Nude lip tones or sheer colors equally match the elegant look.

16. The stud eyes

Here’s another dreamy eyeshadow look for black dress where all credit goes to rhinestones and shiny studs. To actualize the look you should try to make up for extended lashes.

stud eyes Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

Using false lashes or wearing mascara will also do. In case you are thinking about using mascara make sure that it stays for long hours and is waterproof to avoid messiness.

stud eyes Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

Two Maybelline models Hype Curl mascara and Maybelline New York Colossal mascara are the most trusted ones.  Wait for five to ten minutes permitting it to dry. Then stick ultra beauty rhines available in all shapes.

17. The Euphoric black beauty

Stud fever is not enough for us! So, we want to share other euphoric makeup ideas for black dress. For achieving this look you may stick different gem shapes depending on your facial cut.

euphoric black beauty Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

But we are particularly fascinated about the hologram in studs. We tried Holographic Gemstones from Get Stonned and it’s awesome.

euphoric black beauty Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

Fill some silver shimmer on the inner eye nooks and form a concave curve with rhinestones above your upper cheekbones.

18. All nude for formal black

The key to every nude makeup skill is ensuring that your skin is properly hydrated. So, before moisturizing the face, use a face wash and clean your face thoroughly.

nude makeup Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

The third step is hiding the pores and bringing smoothness to your skin, applying the right primer. The Mac Prep Primer Fix+ Primer is easy to use and is durable for long hours. Once you have created a flawless base the next step is about even toning with a dewy foundation.

nude makeup Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

The L’oreal Paris true match foundation has CC finishing. Use soft eyeshadow shades for having the ultimate makeup for formal black dress. Finish once and for all with nude creamy lipstick shades.

19. Day and night look

By day and night, we are not referring to black and white but we mean the contrasted look. Bring out such makeup looks for black dress by fetching two colossal dark wings over your eyes and pairing them with a light tint pink lip color.

day makeup Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

You can also apply light pinkish highlighters to your cheeks. The particular makeup idea goes better with a lob haircut.

20. Cherry Blossom under the night sky

When you are carrying a sequin black gown, it demands some silhouette scenic makeup. By working out the purple shimmery eyeshadow with peach lips, it will create no less than a fairy tale impression.

cherry blossom Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

You can choose purple metallic finish eyeshadow to stand out from the crew or keep the eyeshadow all matte but with your lips, you can experiment. In the second case, apply two different shades to your lips.

For your upper one apply Coloressence cherry blossom moisturizing lip color shade no- LC-50 and for your lower lips refill it with soft textures. We have used Clinique plum pop mini lip color as it suits every skin type and prevents your lips from any kind of irritation.

Bring it out!

We have tried to sort out the top 20 makeup looks for black dress which will suit all skin tones and ages.

Makeup Looks for Black Outfits

However, be limitless and feel free to experiment by pairing any of these two to three makeup looks together if they go as such.

Let us know if we have missed any other trendy makeup ideas for black dresses, in the below comment section.

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