12 Popular Make-Up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Are you passionate about beauty like most of the people in our world? Do you want to become a famous makeup artist and so needs some inspiration from some of the popular make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai?

Then, for your knowledge, we have listed here the names of 12 such make-up artisans or influencers who make use of their social media for showing off their talents.

These make-up artists, who are associated with the beauty industry, have traveled to the city of beauty queens, Dubai, for experimenting with makeup and use the faces of those beauty queens as their canvas. Want to know the names of such famous artisans? Well, here are they:

1. Najla Gun:

Curious about makeup expert cum travel blogger Dubai, who bestows unmatched makeup looks to her clients? Well! It’s Najla Gun, whose cultivated looks are simple and flattering at the same time.

This make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai has been in this arena for several years and you can discern her endeavors in printed patterns as well as in numerous online publications. With an experience and knowledge of more than 10 years, She has worked for both Abu Dhabi royalty as well as regional personalities.

2. Caren William:

This beauty blogger cum makeup lady, based in Dubai, is another distinguished young artist, who turns everyone on with her innate ability and inventiveness towards art.

Ardently passionate about creating great makeup looks, Caren William initiated uploading her tutorials on her account on Instagram since the year 2017 and her family and friends encouraged her in this endeavor.

Her ingenious makeup tutorials fetched her international fan followership. She is entitled to our honor, especially for the Essence campaign she commenced in 2019’s Spring.

3. Huda Kattan:

Considered one of the prominent makeup artists in Dubai and a beauty influencer in the whole world, Huda Kattan, is based in Dubai. She is known better by people than Huda Beauty (Her Beauty Brand name).

She has presently 43 million fans and followers on her Instagram account (Huda). The social media community is just crazy for her and her creativity.

She is also accompanied by her husband (Chris Goncalo) and daughter (Nour Giselle) at her Dubai residence. Huda beauty comprises its makeup and skincare products line, found under her name. 

4. Sondos Alqattan:

Another makeup artist in Dubai, Sondos Alqattan has also created a well-to-do position in the beauty industry with her wealth of experience as well as expertise.

Though a Kuwaiti makeup artist, she is now reigning in the beauty industry of Dubai by sharing her daily beauty routine as well as makeup tips. She also provides valuable advice to her fans on varied makeup techniques.

This make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai is admired by many because of her presentation of unusual and modern looks. Two of her signature makeup looks for Arabian brides include eye makeup with black-colored eyeliner and a smoky look with a contemporary touch.

5. Judy Poulos:

This make up artist cum travel blogger Dubai, though a Syrian, inhabits Abu Dhabi. Her specialty in makeup is that her makeup looks reflect the unique culture and lineage of her home country.

Her makeup journey was lifted by her enthusiasm for artistry and she started posting videos on her Instagram account sharing her work with her fans and followers.

6. Aliya Fatima:

Wanna know about another beauty blogger based in Dubai, who is a self-taught make-up artisan? Then, read about Aliya Fatima.

This make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai is only 21 years old but has attained fame and glory in her life. She is a senior woman at the University who is involved in the community of beauty for several years.

She realized that the beauty world of the place where her real passion lies and from then she pursued this industry for establishing herself. Aliya Fatima has also worked with other eminent artists including Huda Kattan.

7. The Tezzy Files:

Being warm and fuzzy, Tezzy, another well-known makeup artist in Dubai, feels that whenever she is loved by her family and fans, the innate writer within her resurfaces.

Though genetically Indian, she spent many of her years in Kuwait as well as New Zealand. And, presently she is spending a happy life with her husband in the active city of Dubai.

She teaches her fans how to formulate beautiful makeup looks and make them understand some unique make techniques of her. Besides, she also educates them about various products, styles, accessories, outfits, etc.

8. Diana Chipar:

Former celebrity stylist, Diana Chipar, who is also a make-up artist cum travel blogger Dubai, focuses a lot on her presence on social media and is a great influencer in Dubai. She moved to the city of Dubai in 2007 and since then her career started aviating.

She has also become a model for various big brands and has been booked for numerous television commercials. It’s her passion for beauty and art, from her young age, that has brought her to this position.

Just check out some of her arts and creations and you will love her creative side in her. She shares her works on Instagram for inspiring her fans so that they too can pursue their dreams. 

9. Miss Mulberry:

Heard about the famous beauty blogger, Miss Mulberry? Well! She’s the runner of her fashion and lifestyle blogging website, Mulberry. She there celebrates the art of clothing well. She loves to pen down essays on numerous topics including her styling as well as traveling abroad.

She is even famous enough to take selfies with Joelle Mardinian, the distinguished makeup artist cum TV show host. Both of them share their love of makeup and are now friends with each other.

10. Mona Kattan:

Huda Beauty’s global president, Mona Kattan is the cofounder of Huda Beauty along with her Huda Kattan and Alya Kattan, her two sisters. And, she has done enough for the success of the brand.

With her infectious passion for beauty, she drives the brand to the path of accomplishment. She also supervises the strategies of Huda Beauty and its brand’s upliftment.

11. Befrenshee:

Another makeup artist cum French YouTuber, Befrenshee, loves to converse on fashion and cosmetics. Currently residing in Dubai, this artisan shares her passion for glamor and beauty with her fans and audiences.

She offers them straightforward instructions and appraisals. As she loves to try out new products, she launched a channel for informing her followers about the newest and freshest cosmetics trends and beauty products.

12. Mohammed Hindash:

This Dubai-based beauty influencer cum makeup artist is undeniable, a great UAE creative beauty force. He continually offers his fans suggestions on perfect beauty looks and reviews on cosmetic products.

He is best recognized for his tutorials on eyeliner and eyeshadow. His branded eyeliner (the Hindash X Wow) is a highly demanded product in the market.

Wrapping Up:

So, which of the above beauty blogger cum makeup artist has spelled magic on your heart? Whose makeup looks and creativity do you like the most?

Popular Make-Up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Do let us know and we will bring for you many more beauty-related blogs on your favorite artisan.

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