The Journey to Make The Hair Healthy Again

Who doesn’t want to make the hair healthy again? With healthy hair, our getup gets a finishing look. If you are someone who cares for her hair then daily hair fall, two-faced hair, and frizzy hair are too much to afford. But now such days are nothing more than a nightmare.

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Even if you have faced daily hair loss and your hair thickness is not matching your expectations, then, also don’t worry. We will guide you with some pro tips which will answer your concern on how to make my hair healthy again! 

After following this hair treatment you would realize that your hair was not weak but your hair care was not on the proper track. You would soon realize the hair care process is truly organic. So, soon the era of your hair growth journey begins and the struggle has come to an end! 

Why is your hair dry, frizzy, and fragile?

Are you feeling helpless because your hair is not coping up with your expectations? Maybe you are among them who have finally figured out about dizziness or fragile hair. At the same time maybe you are curious about the probable causes.

So, below we have listed some of the probable reasons for damaged hair. After knowing them, work on these causes and begin to repair the damaged hair fast at home. 

1. Change Your Diet Pattern:

One of the causes,  your hair follicles damage and turn unrepaired at later stages, is the lack of proper diet. In each day’s meal ensure that you are intaking enough folic acid and zinc in your diet.

Also, try to consume maximum edible plant foods which will give your hair protein and antioxidants to fight against hair weakness. 

2. No Burden, No Damage:

By burden what we imply is the maximum level of pressure and stress you are inserting in your head. Hair breakage comes as a byproduct of stress. Start taking regular stress management therapies which will nourish your hair in the long run.

By lessening your burden of stress you will get damaged hair healthy again. 

3. Frizzy Hair:

There are numerous parameters for frizzy hair. Your hair can become frizzy because of the dry climate,  insufficient humidity, or maximum invasion of heat. The precursory action we can take in such a situation is avoiding warm water for washing the hair or using shampoo for your scalp. 

Say no to Overwashing:

For those who have oily skin, it usually consists of extra natural oil or sebum which is produced in the scalp. Cut down the washing time for your hair and minimize the number of times you wash your hair. 

Make your hair strong by strictly checking all those probable causes for hair damage. The positive part to follow is all these causes can be repaired if you are willing and open to changes in your lifestyle.

By keeping a check on the causes, you can figure out how to make my hair healthy again! 

15 Pro Tips For Your Hair Growth Journey

The tension to bring dead hair back to life will be never-ending for you if you ignore your hairstyle routine. The more you take your hair routine casually, the faster your hair will become rough and frizzy. It’s high time to make your hair healthy again. 

Continue to scroll downwards to explore some amazing hair care pro tips.  So, now you are a few steps back to set hair goals for all!

1. Install a water filter for your hair growth:

Yes! Other than drinking, your house needs another water filter to get damaged hair healthy again. Experts suggest that filtered water drives out contaminants from our hair and skin. As a result, our hair shines more and gets even denser. 

The main benefits you will get from a hair water filter are:

1.1 Deducting chlorine content.

Chlorine is one of the most highly composed water disinfectants ever to exist in the world. While chlorine is highly suitable for killing pathogens like bacteria, it does not help you in your hair growth journey.

On the contrary, when you use warm water then chlorine present in it steams and irritates your scalp skin. A water filter consists of a minimum level of chlorine content in it, this makes our hair happily grow. 

1.2 No more itchy hair.

Many of us suffer from the constant itchiness of our hair, especially in humid conditions. Itchy hair can also be because of dandruff in our hair. Dandruff does not occur much with filtered water because it’s free from all kinds of contaminants. 

1.3 Forget about limescale and focus on repairing damaged hair fast at home. 

Chlorine is not the only contaminant that exists in tap water. The contaminants in water are of many forms. Limescale is one among them. You can also check the limescale level by observing your regular shower. When you figure out some white stains across your tap or shower then get assured that those are the limescale. Replace them by using a Water filter in your bathroom. 

We hope that you are convinced of how deadly contaminants are for your hair. Install a  filter in your shower room and get your first step for how to make my hair healthy again? 

2. It’s cold water rinsing time:

Though for your health receiving heat is good but maybe your hair doesn’t like it. Yes, you saw it right. Heat takes away the smoothness of your hair and makes it rough or frizzy. Overall, it makes our hair brittle and ends with hair breakage.

As a result, you will find double-faced hair follicles and thinning of hair. So, to make dead hair grow again, start using lukewarm or cold water for your hair. Avoiding too much steam and heat will make your hair shinier and silky. Coldwater gives the hair the level of comfort your hair truly requires.

So, switch off to a cold shower from a warmer one for the sake of healthy hair. 

3.  Turn your back to sulfate-rich shampoos:

The regular shampoo sashes you bring from the nearby beauty store are not made for your hair. They contain some harsh detergent formulas which in long run dries out the scalp, also known as sulfates. The sulfate shampoos for a very short duration give a clean lustrous look but with time deteriorates the hair condition. 

It degrades your hair condition with the overproduced oil that comes up as a way for coping with the dryness. Try to maintain the oiliness of your hair at a minimum level. You can do so by changing your shampoo to a sulfate-free shampoo formula. You can use shampoos that are rich in avocado oil and keratin which will repair the damaged hair fast at home. 

4. Nourish your scalp by exfoliating it:

There are hair scrubs available that will not only help you to get rid of the irritated and greasy scalp. Any guesses of its other uses? Well, hair scrubs also give your scalp, hair, and skin a very healthy look. Many brands introduce to the market hair scrubs pick your favorite from them.

The formula for hair scrubs is generally sugar crystals that exfoliate the skin, also consists of sake water, stem cells out of the grape, and antioxidants like pearl extracts. Your hair growth journey will reach its goals faster by applying scrubs. 

5. Supplements will amaze you:

As shared earlier, your hair along with your skin defines what you are, and about your choices. If you want shinier hair then the oath for shiny hair is the common one. 

However, these supplements are not regulated by the FDA, so try to take them if it suits you. Go with those supplements which consist of Omega 3s and B vitamins in their composition. But never miss visiting your doctor’s chamber before trying one supplement for your diet. 

6. It’s never too tardy to take doctor’s appointments:

When we grow older we start composing numerous theories based on speculations about our hair’s health. One such common theory is that with growing age androgens hormone will reduce from the body. And as a result, our hair will be less greasy. But sometimes the contrary can happen and if you find it unnatural then take your doctor’s appointment. 

Though with age if the hair remains greasy that can be because of growing Seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff.  Book an appointment so that your doctor can prescribe you medicated shampoos that will have ketoconazole in them. 

7. Prefer dry shampoo over washing your hair:

Like our habits are trained you can also train your hair for skipping regular washes. And it is good when you use dry shampoo. Washing your hair less keeps your hair at a distance from grease. For your way on the query about how to make my hair healthy again, try dry shampoo.

You will have fluffy and fresh hair because of the presence of starch and alcohol in the shampoo. Apply dry shampoo to your hair whenever you feel great in your hair or your scalp is turning itchy. 

8. Dry your hair but don’t forget heat-resistant products:

Heat is not something that goes well with your hair. But sometimes you have no other option to have a stylish look other than dryers, curlers, and straighteners. Too much heat, however, can thinner your hair density

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. To prevent such a scenario never use that heating machine without using a heat protector in it. Try to find a product that will make your hair less greasy, clean, and good weight. Products like Briogeo Farewell Frill blown dry cream and Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry express cream works fairly. 

9. After your face mask, hydrate with a hair mask:

Just like the face mask makes our face hydrating and nourishes the skin, a hair mask is healthier for hair. In beauty terms, a hair mask is known as an intensive hair conditioner. The mark leaves an impact on your hair for more than one hour. Here’s another solution for your query, how to make my hair healthy again. Apply a hair mask! 

You can apply a hair mask by splitting the hair into several parts with a  clip. Now apply the mask with your fingers or a paintbrush. Now, once done with the hair apply the mask to the scalp. With the help of a toothbrush, evenly spread the mask throughout your scalp.

Wait for about 30 to 40 minutes and rinse your hair with cold or lukewarm water. Cooler water will seal the hair cuticle while retaining more moisture for your hair. Apply the mask two times a week if you have oily hair otherwise, at least use it once a week. 

10. Don’t Skip Conditioning:

Many people skip regular conditioning of the hair. A feat that can work in your hair that conditioners will make your hair greasy and too fine. But conditioners are necessary for your hair. It is so because your hair demands conditions for getting moisturized. Just like a fabric softens the clothes, your hair feels the softness with shampoo in it.

Besides that, if you have newly dyed your hair then the conditioner will act as a shield for your hair. It highlights the glossiness of your hair layers. Conditioners also rescue you from hair breakage and repair the hair fast at home. You can try branded products like Watson Argan conditioner, Sachajuan Scalp Conditioner, or imported Schwarzkopf shampoo bottles. 

11. Stop brushing your hair, only comb it:

Brushes consist of plastic bristles which drag out a lot of tangled hair every time you use them over your hair. It violently drags out tangles which leave some of your existing hair to break from the mid part. But if you replace your old plastic bristle brush with a wide-tooth comb then you can prevent damages.

It is because of its wider bomber it easily detangles your hair without much hair loss.  Raise the comb from the tip of the hair and move your hand for a few inches at one point. Continue to gently raise your comb from the tip until you detangle the clotted hair from the roots. It’s the basic thing you can probably do for your hair growth journey. 

12. Timely give a massage to your scalp:

You can grow healthy hair by daily massaging your scalp. The particular benefit you can expect from massaging the scalp is improved blood circulation. Your hair grows in a healthy style with proper blood circulation. You can massage your hair at the same time when you take your shower.

And make it a habit now! You can massage your scalp with the tips of your fingers in a circular motion. For a more organic and curing massage rinse your palms and fingers with almond or jojoba oil and rinse it on your hair. Olive oil along with tea tree oil is also good to get damaged hair healthy again

13. Take sufficient nutrition:

The food we daily consume not only determines our digestive system but also impacts our hair health. You will witness dull and brittle hair without the proper intake of vitamins and other nutritious components. You can lessen the possibility of dull hair by including a variety of nutrients in your diet chart.

Take protein, fruits, iron-enriched foods, vegetables daily in a balanced form.  Meat products and tofu are great for filling the proportion of protein in your body. For getting vitamin C in your body try some citrus fruits like orange and lemon.

 If you are assuming a deficiency of vitamins in your body, consult. Doctor and take B12 rich supplements. 

14. Trimmed hair is no longer only your choice but a necessity:

We often try to make our hair longer without knowing the healthy way to grow it. If you are making your hair without regular trimming then it can result in hair breakage and split of hair. On the contrary, regular trimming of your hair will freshen your hair.

Mark, your calendar to regularly trim your hair every five to six weeks later. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is long or short, only what matters is the timely trimming of hair. At the same time, avoid frequent straightening of your hair. It will instantly start the damaging process for your hair. Every month trim your hair and give a thicker look to it. 

15. Drink water frequently:

When we are busy,  drinking water frequently skips our minds. And that’s how we get dehydrated. Well, it’s one of the main causes of your damaged hair. The easiest step to repair the damaged hair fast at home is drinking plenty of water during the daytime.

Also, please remember that coffee, tea, and beverages are not a supplement for pure water. So, drink pure water when you are thirsty. At the same time avoid taking alcoholic drinks that can dehydrate your body and dry your skin faster.

Carry a bottle full of water everywhere you go and set an alarm to drink water frequently. 

All set to cure the hair!

So, growing your hair can appear easy but if you want healthy hair then lots of effort you have to put into it.  Drastic changes you have to bring in your daily lifestyle like diet charts and showering time.

In the case of your beauty product also, you have to look for natural ingredients in place of chemical mixtures. Avoid the greasiness of hair by encountering too much heat. And in the end, next time you wash your hair remember to take cool or lukewarm water.

So, if you follow all these steps, then you’re not much away from a healthy hair growth journey. 


1. The journey to make the hair healthy again

Most of the hair damages are honestly not fully restored. Hair damage is not only about split ends but the crack in the outside layer of the hair cuticle. Once an opened cuticle opens the probability of further hair breakage and damage.

So, you should try to end further damage by not frequently bleaching your hair. Or probably ending the bleaching process can make your hair healthier again. In case, bleaching is unavoidable for you then for some days earlier your bleaching process, stop heat styling.

And lastly, never contact the sun directly because UV rays are not good for hair. 

2. Does damaged hair grow back healthy?

Unfortunately, the sad part is once your hair gets extremely damaged then it gets out of control. You can never completely make that hair healthy again, mainly, when it is heavily heat styled for years. So, the only possible option for you is to let it grow out without further damage.

Also, if you have damaged hair because of any kind of chemical reaction other than medical conditions then you can repair the damaged hair. So, make sure that you follow the above fifteen tips. That’s how you can get the damaged hair healthy again

3. How can I restore my healthy hair naturally?

If your hair is not completely damaged then there are always possible ways to restore the weak hair condition. And you can try some organic or natural ways to restore it.

Like, while taking a shower massage your scalp with almond or jojoba oil at your fingertips. It helps ease blood circulation and fastens the growth of healthy hair. Prepare a healthy regular diet chart. Also, often daily clean your hairbrush. 

4. How can I improve my hair condition?

There are many possible ways you can try out to improve your hair condition. Firstly, avoid doing frequent shampoos. When you over-shampoo your hair’s natural balance gets wrong. Your hair will start overproducing oil components which will result in losing too much hair.

Don’t overheat your hair with stylish products and shower with cold water. Gently comb your hair with wide tooth combs. And overall, don’t forget to relax otherwise, you will witness hair loss. At least, sleep for eight hours a day, or else you will get too stressed. 

And that’s how you will answer your query about how to make my hair healthy again! 

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