Lusso Leather Review: Exploring the Lusso Leather Biker Jacket

Every week, it seems a customized clothing brand debuts. These days, you can even order custom-sized t-shirts and jeans from an online retailer.

On the other hand, are leather jackets made to order? That’s not easy to come by, especially not without shelling out a few hundred (or a few thousand) dollars.

At Lusso Leather, handcrafted leather jackets including men’s biker jacket is available, where you can customize the look and fit to your exact specifications by providing the company with your exact measurements.

Lusso Leather: An Overview

Lusso Leather is a Canadian company based in Toronto, that specializes in customized leather products. They offer a wide range of best-quality leather products, including men’s leather jackets, leather bags and belts. Their leather goods are made from high-quality leather, and they pride themselves on their attention to detail and leather craftsmanship. They also offer custom-made products, which allow customers to personalize their orders to suit their preferences.

For a long time, if you wanted a premium leather jacket, you had two choices:

A jacket can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars for a high-end label to a few dollars at a fast fashion retailer like H&M or Zara, where the quality of construction is shockingly poor.

Fashion brands have featured Lusso Leather as one of the best men’s leather jackets in Canada in their articles. Among other fashion websites that have featured Lusso Leather, here are two of the most notable:

  1. Lusso Leather’s amazing leather jackets for men have been featured on’s list of the “13 Best Leather Jackets for Men” Such recognition is truly an honor for the brand!
  2. delves deep into Lusso Leather’s collection with their comprehensive “Lusso Leather Review” article, presenting an in-depth evaluation of the brand’s product range.

The Lusso leather company was established to fill the gap between these two extremes.

Their mission is to provide high-quality leather jackets at a fraction of the price of luxury labels without sacrificing style or durability.

Custom Classic Biker Style Jacket

There was no question in my mind that the men’s motorcycle jacket from Lusso Leather was going to be a game-changer for me.

It feels like the designers had really considered the needs of bikers, as the jacket offered comfort and protection on both fronts. The fit was just right – snug enough to feel safe, without feeling constricting at all. This jacket truly embodied the needs of Bikers.

It’s clear that Lusso Leather did not compromise on style in order to achieve its functional goal. I really appreciate the practical pocket placements, which enabled me to tuck my phone, wallet, and other essentials without feeling bulky.

On the Lusso Leather page, this jacket is presented exactly as depicted in the image below, ensuring a true representation of its visual appeal.

How Custom Lusso Leather is Made

Lusso leather provides adaptability for personalization. If you want a personalized jacket design, just include your name, email address, and a note detailing the changes you’d like made. Furthermore, you can attach files such as artwork, designs, or logos to the request form and send them with your submission.

Going to their customization section and detailing exactly what you want for your custom jacket will get you a made-to-measure option. You can upload artwork, design, or a logo just like you would when customizing a jacket.

How quickly you get your order depends on what you’ve purchased. If your items fit the typical dimensions we offer, most orders will ship free within 7-10 days. Two to four weeks is the average turnaround time for shipping a custom leather-style jacket.

Their Best Selling Jackets

This is the year of self-expression, so you may not want to be relegated to wearing the same leather fashion as everyone else has for decades. So for a more expressive style, Lusso Leather has iconic bomber and leather motorcycle jackets that are a perfect choice for those who value safety above all else, whether they’re riding a motorcycle or simply need to brace themselves for the harsh, changing season while keeping the style.

1. Men’s Collection

1. Women’s Collection

Checking the Lusso Leather Fit

The term “inclusivity” has become somewhat of a buzzword, but we take it seriously. We want everyone to experience the thrill of looking and feeling amazing in a high-quality luxury leather jacket, so we make it easy to get your hands on one. We stock eight different sizes of jackets, ranging from XS to 4XL.

Leather Quality Control – Lusso Leather

Our values center on ethically creating products.

All of the leather comes from animal byproducts and agricultural processing. But the leather we use comes from ethical and responsible sources. Our leather comes from sustainable tanneries that never use chrome or azo-based dyes. All of the chemicals for this are European imports that are subject to stringent EU rules.

We promise to always use moral production methods. As a result of operating on a made-to-order basis, we can significantly reduce energy consumption and waste.

We consider exploitative wage practices and the use of children as workers to be morally repugnant. There is zero risk of injury in any of our facilities because of how meticulously we keep them all.

Our Investigation Reveals

Our investigation reveals that the high cost of leather jackets is traced back to the extensive distribution, wholesale, and retail network required to bring these items to market, as well as the high costs associated with advertising them. This meant that the actual cost of making the product was only a small fraction of what customers paid.

We saw that there was a way to fix the issue and that customers like us deserved better, so we founded Lusso Leather.

Our goal was straightforward: to simplify the process by which people could acquire high-quality winter outfits, including leather jackets, at reasonable prices.

We’ve experienced the thrill of a leather jacket’s allure firsthand and think everyone should get to feel that rush, too.

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