20 Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles You Can Wear Anywhere

Fond of appearing young, feminine, beautiful, and charming with gorgeous long hairstyles but can’t qualify enough time to maintain them?

Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

Don’t feel miserable! We can guarantee you that, not every glorious long hairstyle requires high maintenance. There are also many stunning low maintenance long hairstyles that can turn everyone around.

These hairstyles are just a matter of minutes before they are ready. Some hairstyles require only combs whereas others require a hair roller, hair straightener, salt spray, etc.  But, whatever their techniques are they can be done effortlessly.

Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

So, if you have devised your mind to turn lengthy and are highly fascinated with extended-look hairstyles, then we can ascertain that our list of long hairstyles is ready to ransack your heart. 

Each of these hairdos will demand from you simply minimal maintenance time. Can’t believe it, right? Well! Let’s present before you twenty such minimal maintenance long hairstyles and you will thank us for that!

1. Choose A Mid-Length U-Cut And Go Curly:

Do you inherently possess curly hair but didn’t get the idea of a hairstyle that will suit you best? Then, we are telling you to wear your curly look with a mid-length U-cut, one of the low maintenance mid-length haircuts, and see the magic.

Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

The cut extracts some bulk, thus making your hair easier to control, and accentuating your longer loose curls.

2. Pair Your Curly Hair With Extra-long Layers:

Are you a die-hard fan of Kelly Rowland and her super-tight curls? But, do you know, it’s one of her low maintenance long hairstyles and is very easy to do?

Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

Just keep extra-long layers in the frontal portion of your head and avoid fighting with the curls that fall over your face. So, if you are having natural waves/curls, select a Deva cut.

The technique of this haircut will support your curls and help them grow effortlessly.

3. How About Choosing An Asymmetrical Style With A Wide Side Part?

Want to try one of the low maintenance haircuts for thick wavy hair? Then, an asymmetrical cut with a wide side part is the best option.

Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

Apply some styling mousse along with a handful of root proponent to get the texture. Now, dry out the root-focussed hair and air dry the remaining of your hair. Congrats! You have made it! Oh! Another thing! Bend one side beneath your ear.

4. Permit Your Hair To Be U-shaped/ V-shaped, As You Layer Its Ends:

Want to learn about a few other low maintenance long hairstyles? Then, choose this hairdo and truly rock.

Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

The hairstyle will encourage you to evade flat strands. Also, the u-shaped/ V-shaped haircut will look great on you and you will receive many compliments from people.

5. Stay Carefree With A Pierce- Y Hairdo:

Don’t just choose layers galore. Instead have a pierce-y haircut, one of the low maintenance medium layered haircuts.

y hairdo Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

And, we confirm that you will never forfeit the skirmish against your stringy hair. Just, wear this style and remain carefree. Hop to a shopping mall, go to a restaurant, attend a party – do whatever you want assuming this hairstyle.

6. Entice Every Individual With A Long-sided Variety Of Banged Layered Haircuts:

Do you retain excellent hair couples along with layers? Now, get a  long-sided banged layered hairdo. You will be the center of attention in any sort of celebration.

one side bangs Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

No one can show the power of ignoring you. The stylish and magnetic charm of your haircut will appeal to everybody towards you.

7. Show Your Naturally Softer Side By Slicing Your Wavy Hairs’ Ends:

Wanna show people how soft you are? Okay! This time your hair will speak it! Get on for a contemporary hairstyle that slices the verges of your soft wavy hairs and you are done.

softer side Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

The softness of your hair will convey the inner softness within you. So, be ready to captivate everyone with your beauty.

8. Create A Hot Undone Look With A Shaggy Hairstyle:

Facing tough times controlling your lush mane? Want to go for a style that is not so difficult to control but looks sensual? Then, move on for a shaggy haircut and intensify your x-factor.

shaggy Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

Among all low maintenance long hairstyles, this seductive hairstyle will style your protracted layers into relaxed waves. So, seduce others whenever you want and be satisfied.

9. Complement any outfit you wear with no part hairstyles:

Like to know about a hairstyle that will complement whatever outfit you wear?

no part Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

Then, choose a no part hairstyle (undivided or whole hair look ) and express your hairstyle’s every detail. This style will match almost all types of your outfit.

10. Show Off Your Romantic Partless Mood With Marilyn Monroe-inspired Hairstyle:

Wanted a perfect blend of femininity, confidence, sophistication, and, noble elegance? Then, which hairstyle can be your ideal suit other than this one?

Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

This hairstyle among other no-part hairstyles is one of the low maintenance long hairstyles that will also accept your modifications gracefully.

11. Exhibit Your Voluminous Hair With An Extra Volume Hairdo:

Are there some low maintenance mid-length haircuts that exhibit your voluminous hair? Well! Yes, of course, there are! And, the most famous among them is the extra volume hairdo.

high volumn Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

For attaining this hairstyle, you will only require some textured spray, a blow dryer, and a few large hair rollers.

high volumize Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

Yes, your hair must be naturally thick for undergoing this hairdo but believe us, you will never fail to win the contest of the most attractive hairdo of the evening.

12. Dispel The Heat On The Beach With The Sea Salt-sprayed Hairstyle:

This hairstyle is also one of the low maintenance long hairstyles but with uniqueness.

sea salt Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

If you want to encounter the beach with a style, this hairdo is just perfect for you. And, what’s unbelievable is that you don’t have to put any extra effort into it.

sea salt Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

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The sea salt texturizing enchanted spray will alone do the magic. Apply it to your hair and you are ready to go to the beach.

13. Acquire A Chic But Smart Look With A High-brow Girl’s Hairstyle:

Looking for a glamorous and noble hair solution for any special occasion? Then, this hairstyle will complement your look the best.

brow girl sea  Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

Unlike other low maintenance medium layered haircuts, this haircut will give you a snappy look. Just pull your elegant voluminous roots together and mellow their discreet ends.

14. Fetch The Real Live-in Texture With A Side-parted Haircut:

This hairdo is one among several low maintenance haircuts for thick wavy hair that will especially suit a woman with a square face.

side parted  Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

This haircut will soften your jawline and direct attention towards your face’s upper half, away from your big jawline.

15. Flatter The Universe With A Lob Comprising Bangs:

A banged lob hairstyle will suit the best if you are opting to grow a longer length of hair comprising a grown-out fringe.

lob comprising bangs  Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

This smoother, polished, and steadier hairstyle will grow confidence in you.

16. Grab Everyone’s Attention With A Short And Blunt Fringe:

This hairstyle is the next step in putting on lengthy hair with bangs.

short and blunt fringe  Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

The process is ideal for straight and slightly wavy wear for the most promising face-framing ever. Just try this hairstyle once and we are sure that you will never renounce it.

17. Have A Feathery Layered Haircut That Is Fashionable:

Make your massive lengthy side bangs classy with an effortless feathery or smooth layered hair cut.

Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

We can bet that, unlike other low maintenance long hairstyles, this haircut will grab everyone’s eyes on you at today’s party! You will be the star of the party.

18. Ooze Flirty Vibes With A Choppy Shag Hairdo With An Upright Fringe:

Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

Need a variation in style for long hair? Try a choppy shag hairdo with an upright fringe as it’s an extraordinary variant for delicious hair and makes everyone feel jealous of you.

19. Pair A Protracted A-line Haircut With Small Blunt Bangs:

Want to appear extra-feminine as well as striking? 

small blunt bangs Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

Then, this haircut will do the jinx. Besides, enhance your beauty with some makeup and accessories that will create a  polished look in you.

20. Turn Your Plain Wavy Hair Into A Good Ponytail:

When it’s about wavy long hair, can we forget about a ponytail?

Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

Nope! Create a ponytail. Just bend your side locks and wrap those bounded locks around your low pony and get one of the simple but astounding low maintenance long hairstyles.

Wrapping Up:

So, select any haircut for your lengthy hair from the above and make your impression super glamorous in front of the ones who matter.

Easy Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles

We can ensure you that no one will swivel their heads away after seeing your look.

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