8 Most Stylish Long Hair Ponytail Hairstyles For Women

Ponytail Hairstyles For Long Hair That Will Make You Look Gorgeous

Search for some popular hairstyles on Google & you will definitely come across different types of ponytail hairstyles.

high ponytail hairstyle
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And, why not google show you such hairstyles! After all, high ponytails are so versatile, popular & easy to do! Whether you have shoulder-length real curls, blunt lob or a one-length bob, long hair ponytail hairstyles will go perfect with each of them.

Also, the hairstyles will make you look slick & glamorous, irrespective of your boho fringe or subtle inverted bob haircuts.

Going to a formal event wearing a gown? Just tie your hair slick & straight into a long hair ponytail hairstyles & steal the attention of all the guests present there. Or, choose the messy wavy version for informal fun & flippy to look while going on a vacation with friends.

Whatever occasion it may be, there’s no scarcity of cute ponytail ideas we have. Just keep reading our write-up and get ideas about different trending easy ponytail hairstyles that you can go for any time & anywhere. So, here it goes:

1. High Ponytail:

Have you ever heard about this hairstyle anywhere? Nay? Well! If you have seen Ariana Grande in any show or event, you must have secretly admired her hairstyle of her without knowing its exact name.

Ariana Grande proudly chooses this hairstyle among other long hair ponytail hairstyles while going for any big events & if you are a fan of her, there’s less chance that you miss it.

Long Hair Ponytail Hairstyles

How to do this hairstyle? Comb up all your hairs after straightening them. Make sure while combing the hairs, you are smoothing the bumps. Then, tie the bundle of straightened & combed hairs with elastic & wind around it a streak of hair to cover up the elastic band. Hey! Congrats! You are done!

2. Straight High Ponytail With One-Sided French Braid:

Among different types of ponytail hairstyles, this is a quite bohemian type hairstyle that will impart a classic straight look on your hair. Just do a straight high ponytail & add a simple French braid on one side of your head.

Long Hair Ponytail Hairstyles

You can make the braid larger if you are going to any casual event & smaller in case the event is of a conservative kind. So, aren’t we giving you cute ponytail ideas? Keep scrolling on. More incredible & astounding ideas are waiting for you!

3. Low Ponytail:

If you want to have some more easy ponytail hairstyles, then a low ponytail hairstyle is our next presentation. In case your requirement is to feature your straight or crimped hair, go for a scantily frizzy low ponytail hairstyle.

Long Hair Ponytail Hairstyles

Though commonly used by many celebrities, this hairstyle will bestow you with a super glamorous look.

What you have to do is very simple. Comb all of your hairs back & smoothen them to secure an ordinary ponytail at your neck’s nape. And, if you love textures, give it to your hair by brushing out all the waves of your hair & wielding hairspray. Isn’t it so easy?

Comb all of your hairs back & smoothen them to secure an ordinary ponytail at your neck’s nape. And, if you love textures, give it to your hair by brushing out all the waves of your hair & wielding hairspray. Isn’t it so easy?

4. Red Carpet Worthy High Ponytail Hairstyle:

Searching for a hairstyle that will complement your red carpet-styled dress in a special event? Believe us! It will be a great idea to go for a matching Red Carpet-worthy high ponytail hairstyle with the dress.

Long Hair Ponytail Hairstyles

Its wavy style & the tiny bouffant on the front side will make your hair look volumed, from whichever angle it is photographed. So, try this hairstyle instead of other long hair ponytail hairstyles & enjoy an elegant look on your special occasion.

5. Ballerina Ponytail Bun:

Enough of long hair ponytail hairstyles. Now, wanna get some cute ponytail bun ideas? Then, don’t miss the process of tieing up a ballerina ponytail bun. Tulle tutus or silk slippers may go out of fashion but a Ballerina ponytail bun will never.

Long Hair Ponytail Hairstyles

It will stay forever in the heart of those who love fashion in the real sense. Accent it with a pretty pearl-studded Barrette & make your outfit look more put-together.

How to tie up a ballerina bun? First, brush your hair & pull them into a ponytail. Tie it up with an elastic. Now, twist the bun of the ponytail into a rope & wrap it surrounding the elastic in a circle.

Attach the ponytail bun to your head with the help of some hairpins. You can wrap a hair net surrounding your bun. Use more pins for securing all your loose hairs to your head. Keep falling the loose hairs over your face by taming them with the help of hairspray/gel & bobby pins/clips.

6. Bow Ponytail:

Do you have long wavy hair or straight hair? Is your preference to make buns out of some of your hairs while leaving other hairs loose into a ponytail? Then, this ponytail hairstyle is an ideal fit for your hair than other long hair ponytail hairstyles. Part your long hair into three sections while it is down.

Long Hair Ponytail Hairstyles

Now, make a normal ponytail out of the middle section & pull back the rest two sections. Split the left-out sections into half & make the bows. It’s as easy as that & takes only a few minutes. So, don’t you like our cute ponytail bun ideas!

7. Bubble Ponytail:

Some people like to show off their long hair sometimes in a funny style. And, that’s the reason why the hairstyle of Bubble Ponytail has been made! Comb up your hair for making a medium ponytail such that it remains just below your head’s crown.

Now, section off your hair in 4 places with the help of hair ties.

Wow! It’s done! Just a matter of a few minutes, right? For a sophisticated style, use neutral hair ties. However, for a more lenient vibe, you may use colorful ones.

8. Retro Ponytail Hairstyle:

We have, till now, tried many long hair ponytail hairstyles. Now, how about giving your ponytail hairstyle a retro feel? And, it’s not so hard either! Wrap one side section of your hair around your pony’s base & add a tiny bouffant.

Allow a few strands of your hair to fall down and your lovely ponytail hairstyle is ready. Pick up any retro-styled handbag that suits your hairstyle & be ready for the formal gathering.

Wrapping Up:

We have discussed 8 modern long hair ponytail hairstyles that are in vogue nowadays. These hairstyles will never fetch bad comments for you on any occasion.

On the contrary, choose any of the above hairstyles & you will see the magic! You will get floods of comments in the gathering from the guests on your impressive & fascinating look. So, what’s your favorite ponytail hairstyle? Do let us know & we will bring you much more suggestions on that hairstyle.


Q1. Which haircut is best for a long hair ponytail?

The haircuts that are perfect for making hairstyles with long hair ponytails are:

1. One-Length Bob
2. Blunt Lob
3. Subtle Inverted Bob
4. Layered Lob
5. Shoulder Length Real Curls
6. Boho Fringe
7. Face-Framing Layers
8. Easy Baby Bangs Curls
9. Asymmetric Cut
10. Long Layers & Major Side Part

Q2. How do you do a long hair ponytail?

For doing any long hair ponytail first comb & smoother your hair & then tie them up with an elastic. If you want a high ponytail, tie it high. For a low ponytail, tie it low. And, for a side ponytail, tie it by stretching it towards any side of your head. Cover up the elastic band with a streak of your hair.

Q3. How long should your hair be for a ponytail?

For a ponytail, you should have long hair, long enough for tieing up behind your head. Your hair should at least touch your shoulder.

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