12 Best Lipsense Colors For Your Perfect Lipstick look

Are you a fan of lipsticks/lipglosses and always love to discover new brands and shades? Then, some good news for you!

Lipsense has brought you 12 fascinating colored lipglosses that will lend you a mesmerizing look by complementing your makeup.

These lipsense colors have till now remained the best selling in the lipgloss industry of lipsense and are competently talked about. Wanna know the names of those colors? Here we go:

1. Beige Champagne Lipsense Lip Color:

This color among other Lipsense colors is made of advanced color technology that gives you a glorious look. The weight of this item is 1.59 Ounces and its dimension is 1.2*0.8*0.3 inches.

The lip color is glossy and long-lasting and comes in great color. Just give your lips 2-3 coats of this lipgloss and enjoy its charm all day long.

Being neutral in color, this color goes with almost any dress. So, apply this pretty color to your lips and look marvelous.

2. Blu-Red Lipsense Lip Color:

Are you an admirer of deep red-colored lipstick? Then, this Blu-Red lip color from Lipsense is the thing you are longing for!

The cool bright matte finished fire-engine red look that this lip color imparts on your lips will make you look hot. It will show the world the bold and fabulous woman within you.

Oh, wait! Did I confide you that this Christina Aguilera red never come off from your lips on its own until you use your makeup remover on it?

3. Caramel Latte Lipsense Lip Color:

Love caramel as a topping in pastries, cakes, and chocolates? Now, you can have it even in your lipgloss! Amazed, right? Yes, it’s true because Lipsense Colors has brought for all the caramel-lovers, the Caramel Latte Lipsense Lip Color.

This lipgloss with high longevity is a great way of exhibiting beauty in you. Though your lips don’t get moisturized with this lip color, it doesn’t allow its ingredients to dry out either.

Best Selling Lipsense Colors

Apply it to your lips and you will face no smudge, no bothers of reapplying. Being a wonderful neutral color, this lipgloss just fits with anything you wear.

4. Rose All Day Lipsense Lip Color:

If there is love, how can rose be far away? As mentioned above Lipsense has a best-selling collection of First Love Lipsense Lip Color in its bucket.

And, since first love is worth giving a rose, it has also released its collection of Rose All Day Lipsense lip colors for its customers. This product gives your lips a rosy hue and makes your day.

This color of the lipgloss is so strong and persisting that you have to apply makeup remover to remove it from your lips.

5. B. Ruby Lipsensie Lip Color:

Want to look like the popular, Wizard of OZ’s Dorothy? Then, wear this lip color from Lipsense and your look will replicate her look.

The lip color comes in a shade of satin burgundy and has also a tint of purple in it. So, wear it on your lip and enjoy your winning celeb look along with its longevity.

6. Apple Cider Lipsense Lip Color:

Want to try out this shade of lip color from Lipsense? Please do! And, we are sure that you will never look back. You will want to wear it, again and again, every time you need to wear a lip color!

This warm and creamy matte lipgloss with a pinkish hue is actually light peach in color. It will enhance your pretty appearance and make you look flawless.

Though a bit thicker in consistency as compared to other Lipsense colors, it can evenly bear up to three coats on your lips.

7. Napa Lipsense Lip Color:

Have you decided to go bright this wedding season? Then, do it with this Lipsense lip color.

This lip gloss paints your lips with a cool and bright dark red-lavender color. It’s smudge-proof and sticks to your lips as it is, the whole day. Do I need to say anything more?

8. Bella Lipsense Lip Color:

How about choosing a lip color that is neither brown nor pink but hangs in the middle? Well! It’s not our imagination! Such a shade of lip color truly exists in the name of Bella lip color!

And, the company that is selling this lip color is none other than Lipsense Colors. Whether your skin looks bright or dark, your lips are light in color or dark, Bella Lipsense Lip Color is going to fit everyone’s lips.

It’s the shade that is just perfect for all kinds of humans. Want to hear more? This lip gloss will make you remember the nineties and also the FRIENDS’ Rachel.

9. Blackberry Lipsense Lip Color:

Somebody said it right – “Black is the color for the women who are bold”. Are you a brave and bold woman who loves to break the nasty conventions and myths of this society?

Do you want to prove them wrong who thinks that black is a sign of a bad women? Then, say it all by wearing this deep midnight black shaded matte lip gloss. Also, this dark lip color will suit your Halloween look the best.

10. First Love Lipsense Lip Color:

Do you hate makeup and love to stay simple and natural with minimal light makeup? Then, the Lipsense Trio or First Love Lipsense lip color is ideal for you.

It’s of a nude light pink shade and is glossy gloss. The lip color comes with an Ooops remover set. The product comes in liquid format and carefully stains and moisturizes your lips.

Best Selling Lipsense Colors

The lipgloss is long-lasting. Besides, this premier product from the house of SeneGence is a modern type lip color and doesn’t possess any conventional touch in it.


Also, the lip color is waterproof and doesn’t kiss off, budge off, or smear off easily. The product comprises Shea butter that hydrates and moisturizes your lips and saves them from any damage. 

11. Blu J Lipsense Lip Color:

Searching for another shade of lipstick or lipgloss for your Halloween look other than the blackish blueberry color? Okay! Why not try the blue color? The Blu J lip color has been made specially by Lipsense for those who want to go blue, even in their lip color.

blue j Lipsense Lip Color

This true Seneblue lipgloss is cool and mesmerizing. It comprises a shimmering touch as well. The perfect bright blue speck that this lip gloss gives to your lips will make you feel special.

12. Bravo Lipsense Lip Color:

Want to know about another lip color that has nude shades? Then, count Bravo Lipsense lip color in. Each of these lip colors comprises 0.81 ounces of liquid lip gloss. It suits best those who have naturally light-colored lips.

Bravo Lipsense Lip Color

This long-lasting lip color from Lipsense will decorate your lips with a more defined and finished look. Just borderline your lips with Linersense, shake the Bravo Lipsense lip color well, and adorn your lips with its shade.

And, we guarantee that you will be the main attraction of the day, wherever you visit with your lipgloss on.

Wrapping Up:

So, what’s your choice of day for lipgloss? Which shade of lipsense lip color have you decided to purchase?

Lipsense Colors

Tell us the secret and we promise that we will come to you again and again with much more extraordinary beauty products! Bye for now!

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