Try 22 Attractive Line Nail Designs: Simple And Creative

Line Nail Designs have recently become fashionable. Nails are sometimes one of the final things we consider when getting dressed, yet they can either enhance or derail an outfit.

line nail designs

There are several methods to do your nails with stripes. Straight lines, curved lines, or even wavy lines can be included. Check out these great nail art designs with lines for a beautiful and modern look.

1. Black Line Nail Designs

This look can fascinate you because it gives a spring and summer vibe with its vibrant color combinations. The nail art line designs look so creative and so attractive.

line nail designs

It looks like some heavy and patiently done work. If you also want to achieve this look then visit your nearby nail store. You can also try nail extensions of a similar pattern.

2. Grey and Black Matte Finish

Do you love nail art designs with lines? If yes, then this grey and black matte finish, simple line nail design can make amaze you.

line nail designs

The color combination of black, grey, and dark olive green looks so great together. These nude nails with white lines and black lines are adding beauty to your fingers.

3. Black Simple Gold Line Nail Design

The black nails with matte finish look so beautiful in this image. You can see in the image that on the black nail, there are also nail art designs with lines.

line nail designs

You must have loved this art of sure. The very basic idea of making simple line nail designs is to give some creativity to the nails. Try some accessories to make your nails and fingers more attractive.

4. White Nail Art Designs with Lines

These glossy finish white nails with a golden line finish are the perfect combination. They both look so good together.

line nail designs

You should also try it once as this look can be achieved in any nail shop. If you’re thinking of saving some bucks for yourself then you can also do it by yourself. But make sure to be very precise while doing it.

5. Nude Nails Gold Line Design

As you can see in the image the nail paint perfectly matches the color of the skin tone. It is the main point of attraction at the very first sight.

line nail designs

This color seems to be very unique. The nail art line designs of golden color is giving it an extraordinary look. You must try this idea on your nails once.

6. Random Black Line Nail Designs

Look at the beauty of those black-line nail designs. It has a matte finish to it. The dark peach and light peach color combination go so well together.

line nail designs

Those black line nail designs on the nail are giving it some exposure. But make sure to keep your nails pointed to achieve the desired output.

7. Light Blue and Peach Line Nail Designs

These types of flat nails always look so good. You can try this line nail designs by yourself too. The color combination of blue, peach, and black lines are giving it a gradient pattern.

line nail designs

These gradient pattern-based nail arts are in trend nowadays. Fashion has no boundaries. Why don’t you try this look by yourselves?

8. Nude Nails With Black Lines

Everyone is fond of nude nail art. You must be loving it for sure because its look is so catchy. These nude nails with black lines cannot be ignored.

line nail designs

The color combination of white black and light peach is perfect. Keep in mind that the light peach color is very much preferred nowadays, due to its simple and clean look.

9. Darkred Nail Art Designs With Lines

Have you seen such beautiful colors ever before? It has a matte effect and perfectly done as it is shown in the image.

line nail designs

The dark shade of this color along with white lines is so perfect that no one can dislike this nail art design for sure.

10. Simple Line with Blackhearts

Now, among simple line nail designs, this nail art is stealing the show. At first instance, it might look very simple but those little hearts with black lines are looking so good together.

line nail designs

In this image, nails are pointed, and the finish of the nail art is so satisfying. You must try it for sure, without thinking about anything.

11. Nude Nails With White Lines

The craze of nude nails nowadays is too much. Everyone wants their nails nude. The nude nails with white lines in this image are definitely one of the best white-line nail designs.

line nail designs

It should be noted that there are thick black lines too. If you’re a fashion enthusiast then consider trying it on your nails once.

12. Simple Line Nail Designs With Dots

Among nail art line designs, this look is a little different.

line nail designs

As you can in this image along with the black line there is also some water drop with black dots which is making it more creative. These beautiful nails are looking so nice on those fingers.

13. Geometric Art In Nude Nails

If you were searching for geometric art nail art, then here is one option for you. Among multiple-line nail designs, this one is definitely unique and cool.

line nail designs

If you’re thinking of trying this beautiful look then don’t hesitate a bit before trying this amazing look. Why think much if you have every resource available.

14. Funky White And Blue Lines

Now here is another nude nail with white lines and blue lines. We have already covered multiple ideas on nude nails, but this one is a little different.

line nail designs

As you can see that this look is a little funky. Because it is a combination of great colors and it is also giving a marble-like finish. Who will not fall for such beautiful nail art line designs.

15. Nails With Fire Pattern-Based Black Lines

Here is another similar yet unique look of sharp pointed nails. This look is not very common because apart from simple lines here is another pattern of fire.

line nail designs

It makes it a little different from other traditional looks. You should try this fire pattern nail art.

16. Black Line Nail Designs With Curves

We have already seen multiple similar looks having straight and simple lines. But this time there is something different. As you can see in this image that the black lines are not straight.

line nail designs

They are forming a semi-circular pattern, which looks so good on those nails. If you have also short pointed nails then you can try this look.

17. Black And White Nails

You must have seen marbles with a glossy finish. But have you ever heard of marble finish nail patterns?

line nail designs

If not, then you must check out this image which is literally the best nail art among nail art designs with lines. The marble effect finish with a glossy effect is the main attraction of black-line nail designs.

18. Simple Line Nail Designs For Short Nails

If you have short nails then you must checkout these beautiful simple line nail designs for short nails. Have a keen look on the nail patterns, as you can see in this image that there are three wavy lines.

line nail designs

The lines are of three colors: white, olive green and black. You should try this look as it is simple yet so beautiful for people who have short nails.

19. White nails with blue wavy line design

We have seen a similar color of nail art, now in this image, this pattern is a little different. The nail paint used in this image is white and the color of the wavy line is blue.

line nail designs

The color combination of white and blue is looking so good together. Let your nail art add some charm to your beauty. Among nail art line designs, this can be the simplest design.

You can try this design on your nails by yourself too.

20. Black Lines Nail With Diamond

Geometric patterns are also preferred over simple line nail designs. In this image, the base color is white and the geometric pattern is drawn with the help of black color.

line nail designs

There are also stones on the intersecting black lines. Book your appointment in nearby stores and let experts do it for you. Because it needs some special care and treatment to achieve the desired look.

21. Multicolor Lines Art Design

After covering almost all types of nail art designs, now it’s time to look at something out of the box thing. The splash of colors on nails is completely visible and unique.

line nail designs

You must take the help of a nail artist to achieve the look or you can use artificial nail extensions. Don’t miss the opportunity to try this beautiful almond line nail design.

22. Graffiti Line Nail Arts

Have you ever heard of graffiti? If yes, then you must be relating this look. This nail pattern has white color on the major side and black lines.

line nail designs

There is also a little glimpse of nude nails at the lower part. If you are creative and always try something new then this look is made for you. After trying this look you will not regret your decision.


While the overall mood of the previous year remains ambiguous, we are convinced of the greatest nail designs of 2023, and they are good.

line nail designs

While you could undoubtedly spend your spare time indoors this winter hunting for them, we decided to do the work for you and compiled a list of every single save-worthy nail trend that has crossed our feeds in the last several months.

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