26 Light Purple Nail Designs That Will Upgrade You Style

Purple nails have always been an addiction for girls because of the royal look they give. And, this season, the idea of light purple nail designs is reigning in the fashion world with double charm and elegance. The reason for it is very simple. Purple nail arts are easy to simulate and they fit with every clothing so perfectly.

lavender purple ombre nails

Also, light purple-colored nail designs are good to go for both short and long nails. You can prefer to do these arts over your natural nails or by pasting the artificial ones. Matte your nails with the light purple shade or make a bold statement by playing it glossy, the color will never fail to amaze you.

So, pamper your nails with the latest collected light purple nail designs of ours and give yourself a glamorous treat.

Nail Art Techniques:

Since light purple nail designs are effortless to make, whichever way you do it, these lavender nail designs will enhance your nails’ look to the fullest. With them, your nails will always look super attractive.

The best part is that the options are never-ending. You will have ombre, marble, glitter, floral, and many other designs to choose from.

lavender purple ombre nails

Use a classic nail polish, a gel polish, or some long-lasting dip powder for creating the base. Now, go for the nail art that will look best on your nails. In case you want to use ready-to-wear purple fake nails, the option for different variations of acrylic (press-on nails, solar nails, etc) is also open to you.

26 Trendy Light-Shaded Purple Manicure Ideas For You:

1. Floral Swirls:

Love flowers? Then, here’s a way to rock purple on your nails. Draw some swirls over your lavender purple ombre nails and paint some cute flowers upon them.

lavender purple ombre nails

See! Isn’t this sophisticated design making you feel the soothing nature of spring? Well! We have already started smelling the season! 

2. Spring Flowers:

Wanna another idea for a spring-themed purple nail manicure with blossoms? Here it is! Believe us! this design is one of the most impressive light purple nail designs of all time!

lavender purple ombre nails

It’s trendy, effortless, and fun to wear! Hey! Tell us the truth! Are you able to divert your eyes from this design? Nay, right? We knew it! After all, it’s damn eye-catching!

3. Motley Purple Nails:

Now, how about combining different shades of purple nails into a single design? Put the shiny gel on one transparent nail and lavender flowers with white and black dots sprinkled on two other transparent nails of each hand.

lavender purple ombre nails

Now, paint the remaining two fingers of each hand purely lavender, and enjoy the glorious look of your nails!

4. Touch of Yellow:  

Hey! Tell us! How beautiful do you think these lavender purple ombre nails with white and yellow blossoms are? Aren’t they mesmerizing?

lavender purple ombre nails

Trust us! This purple and yellow nails art is so hot that anyone will go for it without thinking twice!

5. Shimmering Beauty:

We have shared many sophisticated ideas till now! But, what about those persons who never fear to go bold and love something shimmery? We have covered ideas for different shades of purple nails for them as well!

light purple nail designs

The picture you are seeing right now is there to convey one of such ideas of light purple nail designs to you.

6. Romantic Hearts:

Spring is romantic and so is the idea of painting hearts on your nails with purple French tips.

light purple nail designs

Give your nails a fresh look by adorning them with white and light purple polishes and capture the heart of millions with your spring-inspired manicured look.

7. Lavender Purple Ombre Nails:

Yearning for another manicure idea with different shades of purple nails? Then, this dual-shaded purple ombre nail inspo may be the reason for which you will thank us your whole life!

light purple nail designs

Nail this manicure with attitude at any event you attend and you’re going to get the spotlight of the party.

8. Lavender Daisies:

Lavender is the flavorful color of Spring and will it be fair to feel Spring without the beautiful white and yellow daisies?

light purple nail designs

So, these purple and yellow nails are for those who are craving the lovely touch of the wonderful spring daisies from the core of their heart!

9. Leafy Magic:

light purple nail designs

See these magical purple and yellow nails with leafy designs and motifs! Aren’t they enthralling? We can’t stop gazing at these lavender purple ombre nails! What about you?

10. Lavender French Inspo:

French tip nails are hard to ignore and when the color is purple, the effect is hypnotizing! Don’t believe us?

light purple nail designs

Thinking, how can it be possible? Look at these coffin nails with purple French tips and you will understand it all by yourself!

11. Magic of Pastels:

There’s definitely magic in different shades of purple nails with pastel hues and when a dual-shaded pastel purple art is painted on your pretty ombre nails, nothing can prevent your nails from looking magnificent.

light purple nail designs

Here’s a set of lavender purple ombre nails for your pastel nail idea!

12. Lavender Marbles:

Wanna give your long pointed nails an imperial style? Then, consider adding a medley of purple and white marble designs to them.

light purple nail designs

These types of light purple nail designs will give your nails so a mindblowing yet subtle appearance that everyone’s focus will be on you…only you!

13. Glittery and Gorgeous:

Being hot is cool nowadays. So, why not raise the mercury of the spring season festive parties with your embellished and glittery lavender purple ombre nails?

light purple nail designs

These purple and green nail designs will leave everyone stunned for sure! Hey! Don’t just see, try them!

14. Tri-Chromatic Purple With Green Swirls:

Wanna get a cool girl look at an affordable expense? Then, these tri-chromatic purple and green nail designs are supremely made for you!

light purple nail designs

These different shades of purple nails will always give you that super-of-the-moment charm in various gatherings for which you’ve been aspiring for so long!

15. Fluorescent Purple:

Radiant objects attract us the most in this universe. So, why not add some radiance to the light purple nail designs that we love to wear frequently at parties and gatherings?

light purple nail designs

For instance, look at the purple and green nail designs in the pic! Aren’t the fluorescent green borders highlighting the purple color extraordinarily? Here’s the magic of the art!

16. Purple Fall Nails With Animal Print:

Caution! Animal haters, stay away! Because this nail design is exclusively for those who are pet lovers.

light purple nail designs

In case you are a fan of light purple nail designs, these lavender nails with black and white animal prints on them will surely fascinate you! The art is mostly ideal for short nails, though everyone can wear it with confidence.

17. Checkered Purples:

Wanna know about another chic way to attempt the trend of different shades of purple nails? Try checkered purples with white on your medium-length coffin nails and look modern and stylish!

light purple nail designs

We promise that this dashing purple style will never run out of fashion and will continue to gratify you.

18. Glossy + Glittery Purples:

When the matter is about light purple nail designs, going bold and shimmery is not a crime. So, what’s the point of choosing matte and simple designs for your nail manicure on every occasion?

light purple nail designs

At least, some occasions and parties deserve shimmering purple nails, isn’t it? Paint lavender and white glossy polishes on some of your pointed nails and decorate the remaining ones with glittery purple gels. That’s all and you are ready to rock!

19. Bobby Printed Nails:

Wanna reach the top position in the fashion and entertainment world? Then know that, going retro matters! The good news is that retro-fashioned manicures (like lavender purple ombre nails with bobby prints) are not hard to achieve!

light purple nail designs

Choose the purple French tips fashion for your nails and gunk spherical-shaped prints upon them. Congrats, you’re good to go!

20. Cow-Print Purple Nails:

Again, this nail fashion is for those who like pets. Whether you wear this fashionable cow-print purple manicure in style or for raising vegan slogans to save animals, your nails will always look cool and spread good vibes among the people you encounter with.

different shades of purple nails

Try it on ombre nails for getting the best effect. You can also do this cow-print impression on purple and green nail designs as well.

21. Starry Purple Night:

Now, here’s a piece of astronomical delight for you…a design that you will surely love if you are a student or fan of astronomy.

different shades of purple nails

Play with stars and moons on either a single or different shade of purple nails and make your nails look nocturnally incredible. One more thing! Purple and yellow nails together will also match this astronomical design flawlessly.

22. Purple Bunny:

different shades of purple nails

Wanna be the honey bunny of your crush? These dots and bunny-printed different shades of purple ombre nails will do it for you! We like how this nail manicure idea is a subtle yet fun one. 

23. Purple Clouds With Rhinestones:

Are you a rhinestone-studding person, when it comes to nail art? Then this purple manicure idea of clouds with rhinestones might be what you’re looking for!

different shades of purple nails

It’s a creative manicure idea that you can easily pair with any neutral outfit highlighted by popped-up colors or with a princess-like gown. You can also apply this type of creative manicure idea to purple and green nail designs.

24. Purple With Bluish-Green Touch:

Got astounded by the appearance of these holographic purple and green nail designs? Hey! The designs are, no doubt, worthy of it!

different shades of purple nails

They are not like any other typical purple-shaded nail design. The credit goes to the edgier vibe of the art, that has made the layout unique than the others.

25. Lavender Magic With Drifting Butterflies:

It’s spring, the season of the butterflies! So, will it be an exaggeration if we paint some butterflies on our well-manicured coffin nails amassing purple French tips?

different shades of purple nails

Not at all! Be free to do so and enjoy the drifting butterflies within your stomach as you take the risk of handling this art. The end result? Well! Your joy will listen no bound! Oh, wait, don’t forget to embed some rhinestones for this magical effect!

26. Blooming Matte Purple With Glittery Tips:

Are coffin nails your favorite? Then start getting obsessed with matte lavender nails with glittering purple French tips.

different shades of purple nails

Also, embedding some white lilacs or other floral micro accessories over your nails will further intensify the feminity of the look and make your nails appear distinctive. One thing more!

We also recommend the use of the same art on your purple and yellow nails to get a remarkable look. Try it as well!

Best Purple Manicure Look:

1. Nail Polish:

This purple nail polish from Wet n Wild is a product that most beauticians sought after. Its fast dry technology will make your nail polish get dry within 40 seconds and gives you that long-lasting brilliant shine for up to 5 days that every girl wants.

purple and green nail designs

Moreover, this royal look giving vibrant colored liquid gel paint is camphor free. Again, it’s cruelty-free, toluene-free, formaldehyde-free, and paraben free as well. 

2. Nail Rhinestones:

Are you in love with the shimmery reflecting stuff like rhinestones? Then, Cesusme is the best place for buying them. Each unit of the Cesusme package encompasses 3800 pieces of mixed and multicolored differently shaped (crystals, beads, gems, etc) rhinestones.

purple and green nail designs

These rhinestones are light-weighted and they perform multi-functions. Last, but not the least, they can be effortlessly applied on your natural as well as artificial nails- both!

3. Purple Glitter:

This holographic iridescent candy layered powder will make your appearance more extraordinary. Apply them either on your purple and yellow nails or purple French tips – as you wish!

purple and green nail designs

Also, you can use them over your purple and green nail designs for getting that shimmery effect.

4. Long Coffin Nails:

This nail set is exclusively for those who are coffin nail lovers or the ones who are super excited to try out pasting fake coffin nails over their original ones.

purple and green nail designs

Being made of superior quality Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material, these nails will last for a long time up to 2 weeks. Moreover, these press-on nails will appear very much natural and are also highly durable.

Now it’s up to your choice whether you want to wear it long/medium or short (through clipping).

Maintenance and Care:

Maintaining light purple nail designs and taking care of them is not at all a strenuous job. Here are some of the tips for your nail designs that will help extend their life-

  • Always make use of gloves while doing any domestic work, otherwise, it can cause accidental damage to your nail art
  • Avoid applying harsh chemicals and soaps
  • Keep the skin surrounding your nail areas soft by lubricating them with any hand cream/lotion
  • Remember to massage your hands and cuticles with any rich hand cream before you go to sleep
  • It’s good to make use of a sealer. Apply it every two days for preventing the nail art’s chipping or yellowing (especially if your manicure is an art with purple French tips)
  • Consuming a balanced diet as well as drinking the necessary quantity of water is also vital for maintaining healthy and well-hydrated skin
  • Don’t pluck your nail art or bite your nails
  • Apply cuticle oil regularly for gel polish manicures
  • Visit a medical professional in case you see any rash, inflammation, and redness in those areas

Wrapping Up:

Got dazzled with the option of so many alluring light purple nail designs? Can’t decide, which nail art to use for your nails? Well! Let us help you! Who told you to choose a single nail art?

purple and green nail designs

Feel free to apply them all over your nails on different occasions rotationally. Or, get a varied tone of purple for each of your nails and attain a versatile look.


1. Can I combine light purple with other colors for my nail design?

Yes, of course, you can incorporate other colors like yellow, green, white, etc (that goes perfectly with lavender and other similar shades) on your nails along with light purple color for getting an enchanting result. Besides, gold is also an outstanding element that fits flawlessly with purple and complements it to a great height. So, give a hint of it on your nails along with purple to get an esoteric effect. 

2. What do light purple nails mean on a girl?

Light purple nails of any person when occurs biologically, is a symptom of cyanosis, a disease that causes discoloration of your nails due to scarcity of oxygen within your blood. It happens when someone’s body, which is sensitive to extremely cold temperatures, gets exposed to it.

On the other hand, if a girl paints light purple on her nails intentionally, it means that she is in love with spring and its elements…that she has a soft side for spring flowers, birds, butterflies, etc. Also, the dictionary mentions the term purple nails to imply the talking stage of a girl with another person, whom she is attracted with.

Besides, purple nails also depict various characteristics of a girl like her spirituality, imagination, compassion, mystery, inspiring wisdom, encouraging and uplifting nature, enlightenment, etc.

3. What shades of light purple are popular for nail designs?

The light purple shades that are famous for nail designs are-
1. Lavender
2. Lilac
3. Periwinkle
4. Heather
5. Orchid
6. Amethyst
7. Pastel
8. Mauve
9. Pale purple
10. Pink purple
11. Wisteria
12. Soft purple
13. Iris
14. Opera mauve
15. Little princess purple
16. Violet
17. Rich mauve
18. Razzmic berry
19. Plum, etc

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