12 Stunning Leather Shorts Outfit Ideas: Look And Feel Sexy

In summer girls want to take out their leather shorts outfit from their closets. After all, it’s the time to get relaxed by wearing short clothes and looking sexy and stylish at the same time.

leather shorts outfit

But, it doesn’t mean that outfits with leather shorts are not for winter. Leather shorts with tights have always remained in fashion and you can’t miss it just because it’s winter! They say, where’s wish there’s the way!

For wearing a leather shorts outfit in winter, stockings and oversized clothes may come to your help. But, whether it’s summer, winter, or any other season, the main problem that girls usually face while choosing their shorts is what to pair them with so that they look smart and super-stylish.

leather shorts outfit

So, Hey Gals! Especially for your convenience, we have brought here for you 12 trendy ideas on how to slip on outfits with leather shorts along with perfectly paired dresses. Curious to know them? Then, here we go:

1.  Black Leather Shorts Outfit & Oversized Cardigan:

Be it summer or winter, being bold is trendy nowadays, and what can make you a great trendsetter in this super-competent world other than leather black shorts and an oversized cardigan open in the front?

leather shorts outfit

As for the top, you can choose to wear a white-colored regular t-shirt or a cropped sweater (if it’s cold outside or at the time of winter).

leather shorts outfit

Wearing black-colored sunglass, a black sling bag, and tall black boots with shorts will complete your outfit and make you look perfect. So, try this fashion with your leather shorts outfit once and go chic.

2. Leather Black Shorts & Transparent Faery Top:

Wanna go bold like a man and yet wish to keep on with that girly look? Well! We are here to solve your confusion about what to wear!

leather shorts outfit

Don on a black leather shorts outfit for the bottom and as for your upper part, choose to wear a black corset to match the look. Feeling bold like anything else, right?

Well! Balance your boldness with a subtle feminine appearance by wearing a transparent faery top. Also, enhance your feminine charm and elegance by hanging a black purse in your hand and wearing white-heeled sandals on your feet.

leather shorts outfit

Keep your hair dangling downwards and we bet, no one will blink their eyes even for once as they see you. Gained confidence? You Go Girl!

3. Leather Shorts With Tights & Stockings:

You always don’t have to show your skin to look sexy. Sometimes, covering up your skin in a smart way also makes you look sexy! Wanna proof?

leather shorts outfit

Well! This pic is itself an explanation for it! Just look at this lady in black leather shorts outfit. She has covered up her upper body with a black skin-fit tight sweater and her well-toned long legs by wearing a black-colored stocking. Still, she’s looking super-hot!

leather shorts outfit

She has accentuated her look by keeping her middle parted hair open and wearing a pencil heel on her feet. How can we not look attentively at the lady when her style worked so flawlessly? It’s really hard to withdraw eyes from her! What do you think?

4. Short & One-shoulder Crop Top:

Want to get an idea about a party-themed dress with leather shorts? Then, here is the layered and trimmed crop top that comes with one shoulder strap and the black-colored shorts.

leather shorts outfit

Go for this dressup along with a piece of neck chain and otherwise keep it minimal. Wearing a pair of high heels is a good option with this dress and you can follow the fad.

leather shorts outfit

Trust us! The overall dress set is good enough to win a person’s heart within seconds and that’s what we want especially in a late-night party or a well-organized event, isn’t it? 

5. Red Leather Shorts Outfit & Red Stylish Top:

What will you say about this pic in which the celeb is stunning everyone with her slinky red-colored leather pencil skirt and a perfectly matching scarlet stylish top with it?

leather shorts outfit
Credit: Getty Image

She is just looking red hot in it, right? You can also follow her trend for this dress-up to materialize the sensational look in you. However, don’t forget to wear a strapped high heel like her.

leather shorts outfit
Credit: Getty Image

Also, carry a mini red handbag in your hand to convey that extra-gorgeous bold look of you to everyone.

6. Black Leather Shorts & Animal-Printed Top:

Who said, leather black shorts have always to pair up with a plain, sober, and single-colored sweater and t-shirt? Wearing a black leather shorts outfit with an animal-printed loose-fitted top will also do the job!

leather shorts outfit

This style will make you appear no less than a fashion icon. The front-ribboned design on the top will keep you reminiscing about the 80’s retro style and you will fall for it again and again! Contrast the black-colored dress why putting on scarlet red colored lipstick on your lips.

leather shorts outfit

Keep your hair short, wear high pencil heels on your feet and adorn your ears with massive ring-shaped earrings. What’s more, be ready to rock!

7. Animal-Printed Shorts, Top & Leather Jacket:

Feeling bored with the same black leather shorts? Well! What if we reverse the style a little?

leather shorts outfit

This time its animal printed leather shorts with a black tight top and a black full-sleeve leather jacket. Watch the lady in this pic a bit!

She’s looking dashing, isn’t she? Also, she has matched the look with a black stocking on her leg and a black clutch in her hand.

leather shorts outfit

Adding a classic, yet timeless biker jacket that is seasonally versatile, opens up endless possibilities for how you can wear it. As one of the most essential layers in a woman’s wardrobe, it’s easy to take the motorcycle design for granted. However, we’re witnessing a fresh update for this outfit.

We think it’s a perfect dress for winter with a twist. Her low-length boots with shorts are enough to turn anyone crazy!

8. Leather Black Shorts & High Neck Sweater:

Wanna see a unique kind of dressup along with leather shorts outfit? Then, here it is! The model is here wearing a white-colored high neck sweater and a Fall outfit over it.

leather shorts outfit

She is showing up her well-toned legs by keeping them bare and wearing a pair of low-length boots. However, it’s totally optional.

In case you want to cover up your legs with some clothes and save yourself from the biting frostiness of winter, you always have the option to wear a stocking or a pair of high boots with this dress.

leather shorts outfit

The model is carrying a Chanel bag in her hand, which has given her look a new dimension.

9. Black Leather Shorts & Half-sleeve Sweater:

Love your school days a lot and miss your school-worn outfit? Okay! We can make you feel delighted by offering you a dressing-up idea that will impart you that schoolgirl appearance, somewhat close to it, if not perfectly the same.

leather shorts outfit

Wear a black leather shorts outfit and pair it with a white full-sleeved shirt. Now, give your body some relief in this biting winter by wearing a half-sleeve white patterned sweater.

As for protecting your legs from the chilliness of winter, a pair of knee-length boots will work. Isn’t the idea amazing?

10. Boots With Shorts, Shawl & Stockings:

Fed up with the color black? Here’s a navy blue colored leather short for you! Look at this pic! The lady is looking damn gorgeous and pretty in these outfits with leather shorts.

leather shorts outfit

She has paired the leather shorts with a white-colored semi-loose top and has put on a shawl over it. She has kept her legs semi-transparent by covering them with black netted stockings. The boots that she has worn also perfectly matched her look.

leather shorts outfit

Wanna imitate her oh-so-cool style? Then try out the outfits of her style and don’t forget to wear that sling bag, which gives you the college girl look, in a crisscross manner.

11. Cold Shoulder Outfits With Leather Shorts:

Wanna look beautiful in an elegant way? Then, a cold shoulder top and black leather shorts will do it for you.

leather shorts outfit

The dress will look more attractive when you don semi-net floral-designed stockings on your legs and a matching low-length boot on your feet to cover them up.

A black medium-sized sling bag will finalize your look so that you look graceful and polished.

12. Leather Shorts With Tights Such As Vests & Sneakers:

Sometimes we love to emphasize our sporty and sweaty look and what better way to highlight it than wearing leather shorts and a vest?

leather shorts outfit

Also, considering the sporty look of your dress, a pair of sneakers on your feet will go well with it. It will also, accentuate your well-toned legs and extend your leg lines. So, getting the attention of people is not hard anymore!

leather shorts outfit

Just follow these style tips and your name will be in everyone mouth whom you meet. Not only that, your casual yet modern look will give you a lot of confidence in life regarding style and fashion.

Wrapping Up:

Hey Gals? So, what’s your plan for the dress-up today? With which outfit, you would like to pair out your dearest-to-heart leather shorts?

leather shorts outfit

We are as curious to know as you are eager to win everyone’s attention with your stunning look after wearing the outfit.

Let us know your plan for the day and we will come back to you again with much more surprises than you ever expected!

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