Top 25 Janhvi Kapoor’s Sexy Looks That You Need to See

Janhvi Kapoor is an Indian Bollywood actress who is popular for her beautiful and sexy looks, photo shoots, and her movies along with her fashion sense in the reel and real life of her. She started her career by acting in a romantic film, called ‘Dhadak’ in 2018.

Janhvi Kapoor sexy

From there, she is recognized for her powerful and sincerity in character. Moreover, she is the most followed and loved actress by her fans on social media in the Bollywood industry. She has received Filmfare awards for best debut to Entertainer of the Year awards.

Moreover, she has received an award for the style icon of the Year for her best fashion styling sense even. She never dodges to flaunt her fashion and trendy styling sense along with her curvy figure to the audience. Her looks stun fans and people from other industries even by looking unique and different in every photo shoot of her. 

Janhvi Kapoor sexy

Janhvi Kapoor sexy looks and personal style, and unblemished fashion sense amaze not only her fans but even the B-town industry as well as the Hollywood industry. However, people are fond of Janhvi Kapoor sexy pics and photoshoots that bestow them with the idea of fun and comfortable styling.

Along with this, Janhvi Kapoor hot images give them inspiration to style and carry their outfits in such a way. So, to see some more ideas of Janhvi Kapoor hot pics and sexy looks, Let’s see here,

1. Janhvi Kapoor in Cling Dress

Janhvi Kapoor hot photo shoot also entangled her look in a white short one-piece cling and bling dress. Her bun and wavy bangs look stylish with a fascinating and fancy new butterfly look earing.

Janhvi Kapoor sexy
Janhvi Kapoor sexy

Her Smokey eye effect and bold makeup look enhanced her beauty in such a white tight fitting expensive silk dress.    

2. Janhvi Kapoor in Floral Bikini 

 Janhvi Kapoor hot images entangled here perfectly with this floral print bikini. The look of her gets enhanced with a similar matching hat and the perfect background.

Janhvi Kapoor nude

The ambiance from the back of the Janhvi Kapoor hot photo bestows a perfect Maldives look. Her open wavy hairs go perfectly with her in this picture. Her pose and smile is enhancing the beauty of the picture and photoshoot.

3. Janhvi Kapoor in Sparkling White Saree 

People are obsessed with Janhvi Kapoor’s saree look. Janhvi Kapoor is really an attractive woman who has given us several looks ideas in saree from disco mood to bestowing elegant vibes.

Janhvi Kapoor nude
Janhvi Kapoor nude

Here, in the picture of Janhvi Kapoor hot photo shoot, this saree is enhancing her stunning and sexy looks. This sparkling white saree is bestowing a perfect disco and party mood on her.

4. Janhvi Kapoor in Rust Gold Outfit

Janhvi Kapoor hot pics look is appealing with her rusty golden shade halter neck top styled with a high-thigh slit skirt.

Janhvi Kapoor bikini

She is sizzling and rising hotness quotient with her hot and intense photoshoot in water flaunting the summer beach time. Her intense look and photoshoots have been enhanced with her open wavy hair and long tassel earrings.

5. Janhvi Kapoor in Neon Hue Bikini 

This is the sizzling beachwear look of one of Janhvi Kapoor hot images. Her back-looking expression is shooting the hearts of the fans along with her neon hue bikini.

Janhvi Kapoor bikini

Moreover, it usually seems like she is a summer person who always enjoys her outdoor time on beaches and water.

6. Janhvi Kapoor in White-gold Saree

As all we know, Janhvi Kapoor never dodges to flaunt herself in a hot saree look. This sensational and dazzling saree look in the water of Janhvi Kapoor hot photo shoot is bestowing a fashionista’s choice of hers.

Janhvi Kapoor bikini

She is looking nothing less than a heaven fairy in this white saree with a gold border and balloon puff sleeves deep v-neckline blouse.

Janhvi Kapoor bikini

Her contemporary blouse, beaded pearl neck charm, and delicate stud earrings is complementing her traditional and simple white saree look.

7. Janhvi Kapoor in All-white Attire

Janhvi Kapoor sets the standard and raises the temperature every time she wears white.

Janhvi Kapoor hot

Here shown in the picture, Janhvi Kapoor hot pics including this picture where she wore white lace corset tucked in a white-hued short high-thigh slit mini skirt and white blazer over the corset, open from the front.

Her looks get adorned with a messy bun and wavy bangs along with 3 layered neck charms.

8. Janhvi Kapoor in One-piece

Janhvi Kapoor is a trending celebrity in the B-town industry for her beautiful and elegant fashion sense and looks.

Janhvi Kapoor hot

Janhvi Kapoor sexy and hot look in this plunging neckline multicolored dress is more appealing with her wavy hair, perfect makeup look, and tassel earrings.

9. Janhvi Kapoor in Manish Malhotra Outfit

Janhvi Kapoor wore a beautiful and elegant lehenga designed by Manish Malhotra covered with gold and silver sequins work.

Janhvi Kapoor hot

This picture is one of the best Janhvi Kapoor hot pics for sure tying the whole look that has embroidery design in the dupatta and crystal-studded blouse.

She is giving an aesthetic statement with a diamond necklace, diamond studs, and an emerald ring.

10. Janhvi Kapoor in Sequin Dress

Janhvi Kapoor hot pics and looks are pleasing and eye-catching always. She wore a gorgeous wine hue sequin dress which seems to be perfectly and straightly coming from the vineyard.

Janhvi Kapoor hot

She is looking perfectly gorgeous and stunning with her glamorous makeup even.

11. Janhvi Kapoor in Beachwear 

Janhvi Kapoor enjoys her vacation and looks all the moment when she flaunts her fashion sense and choices everywhere comfortably. Even in the picture, look at her Short sarong bikini beachwear look of her.

Janhvi Kapoor hot

She dressed up in a bandeau strapless denim bikini and a draped blue hue beachwear jacket over it. This Janhvi Kapoor sexy pics in a blue bandeau and sarong beachwear bikini have been beautified with her gorgeous and unique neckpiece and waist girdle.

12. Janhvi Kapoor in Blue Dress

Janhvi Kapoor looks extremely gorgeous, charming, and attractive in this picture shows a cut-out blue dress. Janhvi Kapoor hot images bestow styling statements every time, she carries something new.

Janhvi Kapoor sexy pic

This is even a mesmerizing look of her where she carried an aqua blue high-thigh slit dress for film promotion.

Janhvi Kapoor sexy pic

This is a stretchy and tight-fitting dress featured with a cut-out look on the neckline and midriff side worn with a black bralette inside it on the inner body, along with a long sleeve on one side of the hand and sleeveless on the other side of the hand.

13. Janhvi Kapoor in Kardashian Look

We are obsessed with every look of Janhvi Kapoor even with her simple attire and little makeup look. Even here, Janhvi Kapoor wore a comfortable body-fitted satin short dress contrasted with a same hue oversized jacket.

Janhvi Kapoor sexy pic

Her no-makeup or little makeup look is complementing her with this Kardashian look along with her sassy glasses worn by her. Maintaining her particular style even, she stuns in every look of her.

14. Janhvi Kapoor in Golden Saree

This photo, among various Janhvi Kapoor hot photos, is super hot with a golden saree and an intense look. She is flaunting her glamorous look with the plunging deep neckline blouse and imitation jewelry.

Janhvi Kapoor sexy pic

Her necklace is covering her entire neckline and perfectly contrasts with the deep neckline blouse. She is bestowing a gorgeous makeup look with dark matte red lip shade and an elegant golden saree look while sitting on a golden hue couch and posing for an elegant photoshoot.

15. Janhvi Kapoor in Placket White Top

Janhvi Kapoor sexy pics embrace her chic, flawless, and unblemished fashion sense to the casual teenager look even. She is a pretty girl who wears a unique and casual outfit at the same time.

Janhvi Kapoor sexy pic

She carries every dress and outfit with a new look. Similarly, this look of hers wearing a floral print bikini inside a placket white long sleeves transparent top is disseminating the sense of casualty and hotness together.

The denim blue bottom half shorts is complementing the casual look of the collared white open top with a knot.

16. Janhvi Kapoor in Brown Sweater Dress

Who said one can not look slay in a casual outfit or just in a one-piece dress? Janhvi Kapoor can unfurl her charm and hotness in any dress. She wore a brown-hue short one-piece sweater dress for her photoshoot.

Janhvi Kapoor hot photos

This pic from Janhvi Kapoor hot images reveals her skinny high-thigh-toned legs and barefoot. In addition with it, her makeup has enhanced her overall glamorous look.

Janhvi Kapoor hot photos

Her intensifying, smiling, and beautiful expressions while looking at the camera for a photoshoot bestow a super hot look.

17. Janhvi Kapoor in Flared Lehenga

People find Janhvi Kapoor sexy looks super captivating in flared lehenga and wide-neck blouse. She usually wears any outfit with ease and confidence.

Janhvi Kapoor hot photos

This bridal look half-sleeved choli or blouse with floral threading detailing lehenga. Along with a similar print organza dupatta is looking super gorgeous and amazing on her, raising the beautification of her look.

18. Janhvi Kapoor in Blue-Green Beachwear 

This B-town actress knows how to steal the spotlight and slay. Here, she carries a blue and green bikini contrasting with her beachwear background. She spiced up her look with a new design and a different Satin fabric sarong.

Janhvi Kapoor hot photos

The list of Janhvi Kapoor sexy pics is incomplete with her beachwear look. She wore nude makeup, open wavy blowing hair, and a neck charm that makes her entire look more attractive and added versatility to her photoshoot.

19. Janhvi Kapoor in Bodycon Dress

Can anyone slay and stunningly be perfect in every outfit and dress like Janhvi Kapoor? Janhvi Kapoor sexy pics and chic fashion trends are a never-ending thing.

Janhvi Kapoor hot photos

Her makeup look, lipstick shade, and high pony hair looked fantastic on her. Her deep V-neck shaped neckline on the dress makes the outfit look sexy and intensifies her appearance.  

 20. Janhvi Kapoor in Floral Bikini

Hot actress, Janhvi Kapoor sexy and hot looks became a fashion and chic personality trend in the B-town industry. She seems to be a water girl who enjoys being on beaches and water all the vacation and holidays.

Janhvi Kapoor hot bikini

This floral print lace-up bikini looks amazing with a different lace design and skin-exposing styling.

21. Janhvi Kapoor in Bodycon Dress

You have seen many bodycon and body-fitted cut-out dresses of Janhvi Kapoor sexy look previously. However, this black cut-out bodycon dress looks amazing and chic with a high-thigh slit dress design.

Janhvi Kapoor hot bikini
Janhvi Kapoor hot bikini

She slayed the look with minimal or nude makeup look and paired it with black pointed heels. She is flaunting her wavy-styled hair in front of the camera for a gorgeous photoshoot.

22. Janhvi Kapoor in a Red Gown

Know how to drape in an aesthetic look, animating Janhvi Kapoor sexy look. Janhvi Kapoor is slaying in a cherry red gown with a glossy red hot lip shade and a highlight makeup look.

Janhvi Kapoor sexy photo
Janhvi Kapoor sexy photo

The backless gown appears super gorgeous with a red maxi kind of red gown outfit.

23. Janhvi Kapoor in Denim Blue Jeans

This is the perfect photoshoot accords Janhvi Kapoor sexy looks with a strapless denim top and ribbed jeans. This pose and photoshoot are for her movie promotion.

She is bestowing a perfect look with the pony made for her in this casual outfit look. The nude makeup with strips on the strapless top is complementing her entire outfit and gorgeous look.

24. Janhvi Kapoor in Orange

Janhvi Kapoor wore an orange-white hued bikini for the summer beachwear look. She paired the bikini with a sarong, giving Janhvi Kapoor sexy look with it.

Janhvi Kapoor sexy photo

The bikini top has a strap or lace design with a floral print adorning the summer look. Along with a plunging square neckline bikini top, she wore a sarong with a thigh-slit in front attached with a buckle on a waistline.

25. Janhvi Kapoor in Strapless Gown

Actress Janhvi Kapoor is a diva in the fashion industry nowadays. She looks graceful and elegant in every look of her. Here, Janhvi Kapoor sexy look is well going with this kind of dreamy mermaid aqua blue Strapless gown look.

Janhvi Kapoor sexy photo

This gown has been contrasted by her with a similar outfit netted gloves embraced with rhinestones. This shimmery gown with minimal makeup, open hair, and shiny blush look is perfectly bestowing her a glam look.


Janhvi Kapoor is an award-winning star even for dresses and as a styling outfit diva. She is popular nowadays for her fashionable styling senses.

Janhvi Kapoor sexy photo

She had slayed and stunned all with her unblemished, flawless, sexy, and hot looks at every award function, film promotion, film festival, and the red carpet. We hope you loved the spontaneous and chic ideas of Janhvi Kapoor sexy styling looks, pictures, and photoshoots.

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