The Interview with Hair Stylist

The Interview with Hair Stylist

Hair and makeup stylist: @Jevgenija Davidova

Jevgenija Davidova

  • Hair and makeup stylist
  • PAM PAM Beauty Studio (Riga, Latvia) founder and co-owner
  • Riga Fashion Week, Voice of Baltia, and Voice of Latvia creative partner
  • Professional hair artist training author

1. How would you consult a client to adopt a new hairstyle?

It’s a tricky question ☺️ Of course it depends on the reason why a client wishes to change the previous one. Is the hair too long? Does styling take a lot of time? Or maybe it’s just old-fashioned?

In my opinion, the best way how to help a customer to adopt a new hairstyle is to show all its benefits. There is only one way how to make our guests happy- by helping to solve their hair-related issues.

2. Why did you choose the hairdressing field?

Because a hairdresser’s job is one of the most attractive and exciting things to do. Can you name any other place, where people are surrounded by beauty as much as in a beauty salon?! I know I can’t ☺️

3. What are some of the main duties that hairdressers perform on a regular basis?

Besides the usual salon services like hair cutting, dying, and styling, they consult on hair condition, necessary treatment, and of course new variations of coiffeur.

4. Which skill or skills have made you successful in your position as a hairdresser?

I would like to answer in Johnny Carson’s words, one of the most famous American television hosts – “Desire! That’s the main secret of every man’s career. Not education. Not having been born with hidden talents. Desire!”

I strongly believe that the main driver of success is not the skillset, it’s a desire to be what you want to be!

5. How do we make our hair strong and how do we treat it?

Long story short there are three main points that we need to remember about hair  strength and health

Firstly, we need to provide appropriate and regular treatment for our hair. Don’t forget to comb them regularly, protect them from the sun and strong wind, and don’t use tight elastic bands and you will be surprised how great your hair will be

Secondly, remember that professional hair cosmetics are not just a marketing trick. Entire laboratories are working to produce more powerful products for our hair’s well-being. We can’t just use a regular soap bar and expect that hair will look like on a magazine cover. Shampoo, conditioner,  serum, and heat protection are the minimal set of products, needed to support our curls

Thirdly, we often forget about the influence of overall health conditions on hair. Hair is a part of our body. If something happens to our organism hair reacts immediately. It falls, becomes weak and pale ends start splitting. So, the better care you will take for your health, the more grateful hair will be to you.

6. What is the toughest thing about working as a hairdresser?

Entire books can be written about the flip side of hairdressers’ work ☺️ 

But, jokes aside, there are two things, that a hairdresser needs to understand and accept. Then his job will be always pleasant and enjoyable 

The first one is understanding that hairstylists work with people and for people. And being at work does not mean being present in the salon only physically, but also mentally.

Another one is to believe in yourself and to give yourself a chance to learn things you don’t know yet. 

7. Which type of shampoo is good for hair?

There is no single type of shampoo that would suit all hair types. The best way to choose the perfect one for you is by asking your hairstylist for help. 

Depending on your hair condition, length, and structure stylist will give advice not only on shampoo but on all products for keeping your hair healthy.

8. What is the biggest reason for hair fall from your experience and how can it be controlled?

The biggest reason for hair fall is stress and health-related problems. As I mentioned earlier, hair is a part of our organism and reacts to all changes happening inside.

Wrong shampoo choice, dirty water or cheap color cream can’t induce hair fall, only visual appearance.

9. If a customer asks you to give them a hairstyle or cut that you know won’t suit them, how would you respond?

The main rule of the hairdresser says that the customer is always right. There is no single correct approach to hair styling or cutting.

But if, in my opinion, the desired hair styling doesn’t suit my customer, I try to explain why changing it this way is not a good idea and what we could do instead.

10. What skill do you have that you’re sure a lot of people don’t?

I don’t like comparing myself to my colleagues. Everyone has their strong and weak points. But I consider myself being patient and consistent, which has been helping me do quite well in more than 20 years of my professional career in the beauty industry 

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