Know Everything about Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder Collection

Most girls like the girly color, pink. What about you? You too love to wear pink, right?

Well! keeping this thing in mind, the all-time favorite makeup company Huda Beauty has newly launched its Cherry Blossom collection which comprises three Huda Beauty products that remained an all-time favorite among customers.

huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder

Though the products are old, Huda Beauty has made the combination of these three products into a new collection and it’s unbelievable that the products are running out of the stores very fast.

huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder

What’s common about these 3 glam-making Huda products is their dreamy blossom-pink shades. Wanna know what the products are? These are the Huda Beauty cherry blossom powder (easy-bake), Huda Beauty cherry blossom Lipset and Huda cherry blossom easy baking cum setting powder (mini size).

huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder

Waiting eagerly to know in detail about these three Huda Beauty products from us? Well! Then let’s dive into detail.

1. Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder (Easy Bake):

Want to keep yourself smart but flawless with a perfect glow? Then, Huda’s cherry blossom makeup powder is the perfect solution for you.

huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder

Huda herself believes that the baking technique is the vital step for getting a long-lasting flawless finish. And the cherry blossom’s meltproof makeup technique adheres to this belief.

The light but silky texture of the Huda cherry blossom cake blends perfectly with your skin, leaving it matte along with a whiff of sheen.

The luminous finish of the Huda cherry blossom cake powder locks your glow throughout the day. The cherry blossom Huda beauty powder very carefully colors corrects your face’s different contours and highlights them.

huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder

Thus, your skin will look somewhat pinkish (light pink) and glisten with a transparent covering of color. Currently, the price of Huda Beauty cherry blossom powder (easy bake) is thirty-four dollars.

2. Huda Beauty Mini-sized Cherry Blossom Powder Easy Bake – Loose Baking Cum Setting Powder:

This Huda cherry blossom powder is simply the mini-size of the aforementioned cherry blossom makeup powder. So, if you are thinking, what’s so special about this powder, let us tell you that, this cherry blossom Huda Beauty product comprises rich starch in it.

loose baking cum setting huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder

Starch, as an ingredient of a beauty product, can absorb the sebum of your body, control shine, and make your face look smooth and beautiful.  The Cherry Blossom makeup look will make you the main attraction at any party or other occasion.

This super micronized powder of Huda Beauty gives an airbrushed finish and is perfect for your all-day wear. Want to get a matte (smooth) but luminous lookover on your face? Then trust this mini-sized pinkish Huda Beauty cherry blossom powder and see the magic!

Also, this Huda cherry blossom powder comes in packaging that is essentially imposing. The shape of its powder container is not like the traditional round ones. It’s quite different from them – heavy, lightweight, and square-shaped.

However, you can easily open and close the packaging and the container. Moreover, it’s easy to use. With the help of the net sieve, you can take the right proportion of powder for your face as it gives no score of any extra wastage of the powder.

loose baking cum setting huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder

The packaging also comprises detailed guidelines on how to handle it. And, guess what! as you open the package, the scent of the product will steal your heart. 

According to customer reviews, the cherry blossom makeup easy-bake powder is amazing to use as it sets your under eyes without accentuating your wrinkles. With it, you will get an immediate blur as well as an airbrush effect, and that too without dryness.

loose baking cum setting huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder

And, you know, what you will love the most about this product? It will make you look natural without any extra heaviness on your skin. You can use the product in two ways – by other baking it on your face or using it with a Sephora brush.

So, are you a clammy SPF person who disdains the glow on her face? Then believe us! The amazing shine neutralizing effect of the Huda Beauty cherry blossom powder will make you spellbound. Thus, in case you are looking for a long-lasting, simple, and light makeup look for 6 hours or more, go for it. The powder sells for 19 dollars in the stores that trade Huda Beauty products.

3. Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Lip Set:

The cherry blossom makeup requires Huda Beauty cherry blossom powder as an essential makeup ingredient. But, the cherry blossom makeup look is also incomplete without applying Cherry Blossom Huda Beauty lipstick or lip balm.

huda Beauty Cherry Blossom lip set

Huda Beauty’s cherry blossom season has become a great inspiration for pinky makeup lovers and the company is providing the opportunity to make a petal-pink pout and that too with its limited-edition lip set.

huda Beauty Cherry Blossom lip set

This Lip set features 2 of Huda’s products that are the most favorites among the customers – the soft-pink shaded lipstick and lip balm. The lipstick comes in Lucky 4 shade. It’s warm and bright coral in appearance and has pink undertones.

The lucky 4 names have been given to this shade because the season of cherry blossom begins in April. Besides, the lip balm is silky in appearance and comes in the Cherry Blossom shade. It’s a sheer and warm color of coral pink having delicate gold shimmers.

Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder

These cherry blossom Huda Beauty makeup kits will discover and enhance the beauty in you. You will get this lip set at thirty-seven dollars.

Wrapping Up:

Hey! So, what have you decided? Are you going to purchase the 3-in-1 cherry blossom Huda beauty package encompassing Huda Beauty cherry blossom powder (standard), Huda cherry blossom powder (mini), and cherry blossom makeup look-enhancing lip set?

huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Powder

Or, want to try any other company’s newly launched makeup set? Do let us know and the next time, we will come to you with many more glamorous products of Huda Beauty. Bye for now!

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