10 Trending Holiday Makeup Looks That Will Be Everywhere in 2023

Every year at the start of a new year, we see new beauty trends develop. So, what’s on the horizon for the year 2023?

social ornament holiday makeup looks

Whether it would be different or similar to the holiday makeup looks 2023? A lot of questions right? The answer can be found among a fascinating array of subtle styles and adventurous looks.

To be honest, we can’t pinpoint a specific theme for 2023, it’s a fascinating mix of trends ranging from the barely-there foundation that blends seamlessly into skin to sparkly eyeshadow that can be seen from miles away.

social ornament holiday makeup looks

I’d don’t matter if you want a minimal, subtle look or a heavy one, the makeup trends 2023 has makeup looks and trends for everyone whether for going on a date or partying with friends, 2023 has makeup looks for everyone.

These trends are also allowing us to continue with what we know while also motivating us to think beyond the box.

Below you’ll find a list of best makeup trends 2023 based on extensive beauty study. These
favourite holiday makeup looks are trends of the new year after scouring celebrity Instagram
accounts, taking notes from popular makeup artists, and scouring the depths of tik-tok and
Instagram influencers to see what styles are making waves.

These easy holiday makeup looks will make your makeup game trendy.

1) A Luminous Look

Holiday Makeup Looks 2022
Holiday Makeup Looks 2022

We’re obsessed with glossy textures this year, not just for our lips, but also for our eyelids and cheeks. Any makeup look can be quickly enhanced by a gorgeous shine across your face.

2) Soap Brows

Holiday Makeup Looks 2022
Holiday Makeup Looks 2022

Think again if you thought soap brows were going away in 2023. We’re fine with the fact that this enticing aesthetic is here to stay. Tinted Brow Gels create a natural-looking feathered brow that is thick and fluffy.

3) Bold Blush

Holiday Makeup Looks 2022

It’s either go big or go home when it comes to blush. The colour combination of peachy coral and pink tones are very stunning and will certainly bring your face to life.

4) Minimal Foundation and Concealer

Holiday Makeup Looks 2022
Holiday Makeup Looks 2022

Wearing hefty complexion cosmetics was all the rage in 90s makeup looks and in the mid-2000s. However, according to the TikTok and Instagram beauty community, heavy makeup is no longer in style.

Instead of using a beauty blender, makeup artists are applying less product beneath the eyes and producing a more natural effect by blending concealer with an angled makeup brush.

5) Dark Lip Liner

Holiday Makeup Looks 2022

It is said that trends from the past keep coming every now and then after some time period. We saw a burst of strong lip liner in the 1990s makeup looks and it’s back in full force again. Dark brown tones are popular in 2023, especially when paired with nude tinted lipstick or gloss.

6) Bright Pink Lipstick

Pink is anticipated to be the colour of the year in 2023, will be the lipstick trends 2023 and
we couldn’t be more excited!

Holiday Makeup Looks 2022

Despite the fact that the year has only just begun, our thoughts are already turning to spring and summer, when tones of rose, fuchsia, and magenta will be in full flower.

Naturally, you’ll want to include a variety of pink and brown lipstick colours in your makeup bag.

7) Pastel and Matte Eyeshadow

The mix of pastel and matte is a true classic, and you’ll want to look for eyeshadows that fit into this category this year. Shades of the pool, pebble, and palm are all good options!

8) Barely There Makeup

Holiday Makeup Looks 2022

By 2023, we’ll have an abandoned cakey foundation in favour of tinted moisturisers and lightweight foundations.

Are you looking for a recommendation? Skin Tint is a product that belongs on your vanity’s top shelf.

9) Dewy Highlighter

Holiday Makeup Looks 2022

Applying a smidgeon of dewy highlighter on the tops of your cheeks is a foolproof method
to amp up your shine.

10) A Pop of Glitter

Holiday Makeup Looks 2022

Many celebrities are adding glitter instead of highlighter to take it to the next level, but not too much! A tiny burst of glitter applied on top of a striking shade of eyeshadow can go a long way, as Gigi Hadid and many other influencers have demonstrated.

Whatever your plans are for 2023, these fresh new holiday makeup looks and styles are sure to
turn heads.

When it comes to makeup, there’s no better location to go all out with glitter, drama, and bright colours. Even if we’ve been robbed of the opportunity to attend or create a hot and happening party, we can still get all dolled up to greet 2023.

So, whether you’re going out or having a small gathering of friends at home, let these hot makeup styles add some glitter to this year.


The classic red-hot outfit will never go out of style especially for spring makeup looks or for winter
makeup looks 2023.

Holiday Makeup Looks 2022

Flaunt well-defined eyebrows, lightly-shadowed eyes, black sharp winged liner, fluttery lashes, flush cheeks, and, most crucially, bright red lips to check off all the bombshell boxes.

The idea is to focus on defining your brows, thickening your lashes, and lining your lips before applying lipstick.

Holiday Makeup Looks 2022

Adding sparkle to your eyelids will glam up your little makeup and makeup your winter makeup
look 2023 trending. Then, to complete your soft Euphoria look, glam it up a touch with small
crystals glued along your creases.

You’re good to go with a clear gloss for sparkling lips and a sparkly blush to contour your cheeks and temples.

Holiday Makeup Looks 2022

If you want to be a little more daring this season, go for a bright colour pop!

Prime your lids and choose the colour you’re ‘vibing’ with lilac, canary yellow, or mint, a cream-based pigmented lid
shadow, a neutral brown halo, and a pink blush are all that’s needed to take it up a level.

These are the best holiday eye makeup looks that make the best makeup trends 2023.


People will mistake you for a celebrity with your dramatic eyes, and you’ll be obsessed in no time!
By reflecting all of the light around you, this high-impact, spacey glitter effect brightens up your

Holiday Makeup Looks 2022

Exaggerated flicked out wings should be used to line your eyes. Choose from playful pink
sparkles, champagne, ice-y silver, and anything in between when combining two or more sparkly

Blend until you achieve the appropriate glam level, then finish with wispy falsies and
cherry lips. This trendy winter makeup looks 2023 are a steal!


If your concept of smokey eyes includes severely darkened lids and smudged under-eye circles,
you’re doing it wrong. In fact, skip the dark or grey shadow this season for your Christmas
gatherings or spring makeup looks.

Holiday Makeup Looks 2022

Instead, try for a more subtle smoky look by lightening up a neutral base with an eye-catching burst of your favourite iridescent shadow. To tie it all together,
play around with inverted winged eyeliner and a little nude lip. These fall makeup trends 2023 are

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