25 Best Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses To Make You Look Fabulous

Tying your hairstyle not only tells a lot about you but also makes you stand outside the crowd. By going with the trend, hairstyles for one shoulder dress have remained in the limelight for the last few years.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

Sometimes, for implementing those hair ideas you don’t even need more than one to two hair accessories.

We will discuss all types of hair types like the comfy one, brushed hair showing off the bare arm, and more. Catch up with us below.

1. The right Side Horsetail

Tying your hair lowly at one side has been the dominant trend not only for one-shoulder outfits but also for casual setups. Brushing your hair on one side of your shoulder will elevate your look as the other shoulder will be revealed.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

Just pick out a luminous glow silk scrunchie from mulberry silk and tie your hair at the lower side horsetail pattern. We prefer mulberry silk scrunchies because they are made from pure silk and reduce split ends and friction of your hair. They offer 3 scrunchies as low as $5-$10 and offers are given timely.

You may also add some wavy touches to your horsetail hairstyle by nurturing the dryness of your hair with moroccanoil curl defining cream at Sephora. The product held in adding some moisturous impact to your hair.

2. The Gelled Look

You may think about having a gelled or wet brushed hair look as part of elegant hairstyles for one shoulder dress ideas.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

Many red carpet celebrities like Katy Perry, Zendaya, and Deepika Padukone have already tested the classy look. Particularly for sequin one shoulders, we know something about non-stick hair gels.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

The Majestic Pure Hair Gel is made from organic ingredients and shares a flexible hold on your hair. For frizzy damaged hair, it delivers shiny tresses. However, the only bad about the product, it may flake.

3. Elegant Braids for blonde hair

It won’t be fair to cut your bangs just for showing off your side shoulders. We have an alternative idea. Just begin sleek braiding and make yourself belong from the elitist clad.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

To further make your hair shine you may apply blonde highlights and end with a classy finishing. We have tested out two blonde hair dyes in particular and both have shown amazing results.

4. Natural Kinky hairstyle

Escaping from what we have and trying out some harder hairstyles for dresses with one shoulder makes no sense. In place wear your beautiful gown and know to naturally flaunt your kinky natural curly hair.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

The best you can do is add a highlighter and for this, we tried dPHue Kristin Cavallari Blonding Brush. It lightens your hair texture and the lemon juice x hydrogen peroxide formula blondes your hair parts. Further, it also reacts to brassiness.

5. Bangs for Long Straight hair

There’s no need to showcase the collarbones every time particularly if you have long straight hair why not take advantage?

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

Chop out the forehead bangs and then make two sections of your long hair and keep them in the frontier. Such style statement hairstyles for one shoulder dress is another simple yet incredible party look. 

6. Low Bun

Some top-notch elegant hairstyles for one shoulder dress would definitely include the low buns. It’s simple to create and would never get old for tequila or cocktail parties.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

You can have a salon-like lower bun once you apply styling hair gels. It relieves you from crunches and stiffness. We recommend alcohol-free hair gels like TRESemmé TREA hair styling gel so that you don’t have to worry about dryness after a few days.

7. Bangs with Sleek Ponytails

You can’t leave out bangs while discussing hairstyles for one shoulder dresses. You may cut out uneven bangs but the length should be above your eyebrows.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

Now assemble your hair and tie a higher sleek ponytail. Add Aveda brilliant Spray on shine and enjoy the silky feel. While you walk down the streets wearing your one-shoulder outfit, the ponytail at your back will swing sharing a gleaming vibe. 

8. Hairband for Wavy hair

Wear pearl-studded hair and or even wide silk clothe hair bands and keep your wavy hair untied.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

Mainly if you have thicker and more dense hair, such a statement will look aesthetic in a simplified manner. Wear stud drop earrings and carry a happy-go hair image everywhere.

9. Top Knot

Most of the hair knot styles are linked with French knot styles. If you can correctly make a top knot then it alone without any accessory is eligible to give you a nice impression. 

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

All you would require are some bob pins to set your knot at the top. For those with a flat face loosening the frontal locks will suit them.

Some awesome rhinestone custom bob pins are sold by Kitsch X Justine Marjan with each piece at $20. You may have a look at them.

10. Open Natural hair

Letting your hair loose when it is in its natural form itself creates a simplistic aura. For those who carry minimalistic hair ideas, loosening your long hair will beat every other best hairstyle for one shoulder dress ideas.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

You should amplify the look by giving away your natural hair dizziness and adopting a wavy hair look. Use John Frieda Frizz Ease styling foam dreamy air dry waves for having wavy hairstyles for one shoulder dresses.

The nice smelling styling foam will rescue your hair from messiness.

11. Letting it loose, Swept Ponytail

The side-swept ponytail matches the flowy single-sleeve dresses and helps you in giving a soft look.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

As an easy-to-transform hairstyle for one shoulder dress, all you have to do is make a one-inch section behind your ponytail and then loosely wrap it up.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

Smoothen your hair with cucinello beauty allure smoothing hair shine treatment ($98) from the Cucinello Beauty store. The inherent richness of the rice protein in the product will make your side-swept ponytail appear denser.

12. Two-sided Sleek French braids

If you have chest-length straight hair, go for two-sided French sleek braids. Further, you can think about contouring your collarbones as all eyes will focus there.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

For that, Kylie Jenner and Miranda Lambert’s secret tip is to apply a few shades darker than the natural skin tone. As a finishing touch, for us L’Oréal Paris Infallible GALAXY Stick has performed incredibly well in eliminating the collarbone. Besides, it’s easy to apply without using any brush.

Start braiding your hair in a forward French style if you are wearing a backless silk gown. It’s one of the rarest elegant hairstyles for one shoulder dress that will turn into a “wow” moment.

13. Chic hair tie

A chic horsetail hairstyle is the best way to rule like a diva. Not only is it comfortable to carry but it also is a versatile hairstyle for one shoulder dress.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

To bring soul to your look, hair dye by matching it with your dress color. You may attach a crab clip at the top of your horse tail hair.

14. Red Wine Lobs

While wearing a sassy sleek gown, we assume all you want is some attractive snapshots. Lob or long hair bob is not for everyone to carry and when you color it with red wine shades it reaches the ultimate classiness.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

For shorter hairs, the lob is among the best hairstyles for one shoulder dress. You may tie a tiny upper ponytail if your hair is bothering you while traveling. The vibrant red edition by Streax Ultralights highlighting kit transforms your hair to a copper red color.

The particular shade looks magical when it comes in contact with the sunshine.

15. The Modern pixie

When detangling your daily messy hair becomes too much for you then layered pixie cuts are the best choice for you. It’s one of the natural hairstyles for one shoulder dress with which you don’t have to worry about pulling your hair for any special occasion.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

Wanna protect your pixie hair from getting burnt while ironing? Try out the TRESemmé heat tamer Thermal Creations Protective spray at only $7 from Walmart. The heat protection spray covers your hair and safeguards it from getting fried.

16. Half-up Hairdo

The simple half-up hairstyles for one shoulder are underrated and rarely talked about.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

But we find it as an important hair idea while collaborating with a middle strip white gown. Just attach two hairpins behind your ears and slay the style.

17. Knot and Bun at once

In case you don’t have dense hair to make a knot-bun, use extensions to back up your original hair. Brush your hair and tie a lower ponytail and then pin the extension with your original hair.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

Using a pointed brush divide the hair into two halves. Make cross-sectional brands at the two halves then bring the braids from the left hand under the right ones and continue switching. Follow the process until complete rotation.

18. Two Blonde plays for seniors

Surpassing your 60s never means that your hairstyling days are over. One of the sexiest over 60 hairstyles for dresses with one shoulder is highlighting two shades of blondes layer by layer.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

How about testing golden blonde and honey blonde at one time? Lately, we are hearing a lot about the label.m Brightening Blonde Range series which comes in a series.

The brightening blonde conditioner, blonde balm, and blonde shampoo nourish your hair and leave youth-like smoothness.

19. Fiery Curls

Doing anything with excess natural curls is difficult especially when you have no time left to get ready for the party. Here are other straightforward hairstyles for dresses with one shoulder.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

Apply a hair spray to maintain the hair shape and then pile up your curls. The flexible hold curl hairspray by Ouidad functions like a finishing spray without flaking or buildup. Such fiery curl ideas are made for dresses that have intricate detailing.

20. The French knot with tendrils

Earlier we talked about the top knot, but now is the time for implementing the French knot hairstyle for one shoulder dresses. The French side knots with floral accessories are good for featuring in every season.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

These knots are all about twists and pinning your hair. Accessher sells some of the awesome beaded tiara combs for women. Buy them from Nykaa or Amazon.  Don’t forget about tendrils especially if you have a chubby face.

21. The Bouncy Springy curls

For shoulder-length hair, there’s a golden chance of flaunting your hair with springy and bouncy curls. You can make your curls look splendid and shiny at the same time by putting on a honeylicious effect.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

Yes, you read it right, the mimosa hair honey by Carol’s Daughter brings out the best hairstyle for one shoulder dress. The specialty of the product is its inherent creamy impact that gives a super lustrous impact.

22. Mid-box Braids

Let’s take a break from mainstream elegant hairstyles for one shoulder dress and recollect how Zendaya had all the fun with medium-sized box braids.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

Box braids ain’t boring if you know how to gracefully carry them. As the actress then styled it with a side part leaving some braids pinned backward has stolen the show!

23. The Bun at the pick

Many of us find it hard to deal with untied hair and are already done with the ticklish side locks. How about, making a high bun and staying comfortable and gorgeous at the same time?

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

The high bun hairstyles for dresses with one shoulder are easy to make. We also have a solution for those with thin hair quality.

Order from Sephora the brunette blonde hair styler within the $10-$12 price range. And wrap your hair surrounding the brunette hair styler to have a thick top bun appearance.

24. Boho one-side Loose hair

The one-side swept loose hair is comfortable to carry and is made for special occasions like a wedding day. The slightly swept loose hair appears both chic and definitive at the same time.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

To maintain the one-side swept hairstyles for one shoulder dress, pin the other side with a boho clip. Think about transforming the look to the next level by dying the lower ends of your hair.

How about thinking out of the box and applying Ash Blonde grey cool hair color?

25. Easy Twisted Updo

Updos are famous not only as elegant hairstyles for one shoulder dress but are also perfect to create for brides and bridesmaids.

Asian women with black hair would look more pretty when they implement twisted updo ideas. You should begin by inserting the up-in line at the back of your head.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

Then start twisting the hair section into two pieces towards the head. Eventually, make it bigger by adding more hair following the same process to each section. Stop when you do so for more than half of your hair. With the help of an elastic band twist the rest downwards.

Follow the same process for the other side of your hair. Lastly, pin up the two twists in your way. Both the Kenra Working Spray and Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray help in holding a powerful p grip while doing updos. The Moroccan oil spray gives a dry gritty touch.


Given the case that one-shoulder dresses are meant to flaunt your shoulders and collarbones, you should give your best shot while trying up your hair.

Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses

The above 25 hairstyles for one shoulder dresses will give you ideas in styling up for every occasion while having different hair lengths. Order the best hair products and begin creating hair sensationalism now!

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