Top 35 Green Eyeshadow Looks That You Can Recreate

Green eyeshadow has become a popular choice among makeup enthusiasts in recent years. It is a versatile colour that can be used to create various looks, from subtle to bold.

With the right technique and tools, green eyeshadow can make your eyes pop and add a touch of glamour to any outfit.

green eyeshadow looks

In this article, we will explore everything from emerald green makeup looks to neon, pastel, and grass green eyeshadow looks that you can try to elevate your makeup game, the celebrities who pulled off green eyeshadow looks, and some great green makeup products.

1. Vintage Green Look:

green eyeshadow looks

The light green eyeshadow on full eyelids and some glittery light green eye shadow in the inner corners of the eyes will give you a full 70’s eye look vibe.

When adding bold winged eyeliner, you finish the simple green eyeshadow look.

2. Sea Green Angel:

green eyeshadow looks

Sea green eyeshadow or coloured eyeliner can be worn on your lids. Dust some white eyeshadow under the eyes and top it off with eyeliner and mascara. There it is! Seafoam green eyes!

3. Light Green Pop:

green eyeshadow looks

A hint of light green eye shadow pops into your eye. A very light shade on the eyelids, then finishing it with mascara and thin black liner, will give you fuller eyes.

4. Forest Green:

green eyeshadow looks

A sharp winged eyeliner and glittery dark green on the top of the eyelids are the best green eyeshadow looks we can give you.

5. Lime Green:

Firstly, put any light brown shade in the transition area and lime green eye shadow on the lids. Darken the eye shadow in the inner corner.

green eyeshadow looks

The liner and mascara finish the simple green eyeshadow look. A tiny lime-green sticker on the four sides of the eye will have an eye-catching look.

6. Pear Green:

seafoam green eyes

The pear green eye shadow is on the transition side, and the hunter green eye shadow is on the eyelids and some under the eyes.

As usual, finish it with bold wing liner and mascara. The best yet simple green eyeshadow looks.

7. Glittery Emerald Green:

Royal emerald green makeup looks good on you this season. Take glittery emerald green eyeshadow and apply it all over the lids to give it a smokey effect.

seafoam green eyes

Apply some under the eyes too. Take some silver glitter eyeshadow and place it in the inner corners to finish the look.

8. Dark Teal Days:

seafoam green eyes

The darkest shade, say black eyeshadow, on the outer v side; shimmery dark teal on the lids; shimmery light teal on the inner corner; and blue liner on the waterline make the eye beautiful.

9. Pastel Green Overdose:

seafoam green eyes

Applying pastel green eye shadow all over the lids is enough for the green eyeshadow look. Draw a bold winged liner and apply mascara to the eyelashes.

10. Glittery Basil Green:

seafoam green eyes

Any dark shade, say, brown, on the outer v and on the lower lash line. The perfect green eyeshadow looks are the glittery basil green on the centre of the lids, the smokey effect on the upper lash line, and the green liner on the waterline.

11. Lime Green Shimmer:

glitter green eye makeup

Apply dark green glitter on the outer v and the lower lash line. Place some shimmery lime green in the centre of the lids and some on the inner corners. This is one of the best glitter-green eye makeups ever.

12. Dark Green Glitter:

glitter green eye makeup

The smokey-eye effect has been on trend lately. Topping it off with dark green glitter eyeshadow gives you the best glitter green eye makeup look. Don’t forget to add bold black eyeliner on the waterline.

13. Russian Green Hint:

glitter green eye makeup

The Russian green on the outer and inner corners of the eyes is one of the simple green eyeshadow looks. On the centre of the lids, put glitter in a golden shade, and apply winged eyeliner on the upper lash line.

14. Glam Lime Green:

glitter green eye makeup

Apply lime green on the upper and lower lash lines to make it a winged eyeliner. That’s it! Mascara and some green liner on the waterline make the green eye shadow look gorgeous.

15. Chartreuse Green Hint:

A light green colour, similar to a lime green hue, is placed in the inner corners of the eye.

glitter green eye makeup

Nude glitter eyeshadow on the lids will finish this look and make it fabulous. Here you go! Simple green eyeshadow looks great for your birthday.

16. Pine Green:

Dark silver glitter on the eyelids and lower lash line, sharp winged liner with a pine green shade, and glitter in the waterline finish the green eye makeup look perfectly.

17. Turquoise Glam:

emerald green makeup looks,

Place turquoise green all over the eyelids and pink eye shadow on the lower lash line. Shimmery light pink shade on the inner corner of the eyes. Voila! Seafoam green eyes for you!

18. Jade Green:

emerald green makeup looks,

This particular green eyeshadow look gives a vibrant vibe to the whole outfit. Place some glittery jade green shade on the upper lids and lower lash lines. White eyeliner on the waterline, bold winged liner, and mascara finish the look.

19. Light Olive Green:

Apply a light olive green eyeshadow on the eyelids and make it into a V shape under the eye.

emerald green makeup looks,

Stick stones around the line of the eye shadow and your best shade from the green eyeshadow palette is elevated perfectly.

20. Sea-turquoise Green:

The turquoise green is a chic colour that matches the bold outfits you wear. Apply it on the eyelids, take the shimmery hue of the same shade, and place it in the inner corner.

emerald green makeup looks

Extended lashes, winged eyeliner, and white stone stickers make it look glam and give you seafoam green eyes.

21. Lilac and Green Mix:

The combination of colours from the green and violet families goes well. The lilac colour is applied on the eyelids, and the light green is placed on the inner corners of the eyes.

emerald green makeup looks,

This is a simple green eyeshadow look that gives you a beautiful retro look.

22. Neon-green Hint:

I give you the best glitter green eye makeup that goes perfectly well with green outfits. The winged liner should be in teal and in waterline too.

simple green eyeshadow looks

The nude glitter on the eyelids, the neon green liner above the crease, and the shimmery neon green on the centre of the waterline can never go out of style.

23. Watermelon Eyes:

simple green eyeshadow looks

Lime green eyeshadow on the inner lids, a slightly darker green shade on the outer V, and dark red eyeshadow right above the eyes give you watermelon eyes. This is the trendy and easiest green eyeshadow look.

24. Mint-green Eyes:

simple green eyeshadow looks

The mint green all over the eyelids and on the lower lash line gives you a fabulous eye look. Finish it with a beautiful graphic liner on the upper lash line and mascara. You are good to go!

25. Shimmery Pistachio:

simple green eyeshadow looks

Shimmery pistachio green around the eyes with a slight hint of blue is the best seafoam green eyes you can create.

26. Graphic Emerald Green:

simple green eyeshadow looks

Creating emerald green makeup looks by drawing graphic liners with emerald green colour eyeliner. Filling the centre of your lids with a glitter teal shade gives you the glitter green eye makeup look.

27. Dope Olive Green:

simple green eyeshadow looks

Line the olive green above the crease and blend it. Create a winged liner look with the same olive green hue on the lower lash line, too. Fill the centre with a shimmery gold shade.

28. Glittery Neon Green:

simple green eyeshadow looks

Glittery mint green around the eyelids and some glittery neon green on the lower lash line; graphic liner with white liner and random fillers on it with black liner makes it look like a cow print and gives you the crazy glitter green eye makeup.

29. Fertility Lime Green:

simple green eyeshadow looks

Dark neon green, or “fertility green,” on the outer and inner eyelids; lime green on the centre of the lids; and winged black liner capture every eye and are the glamorous green eyeshadow looks.

30. Winged Emerald Green:

Dark emerald green on the outer side of the lids and light emerald green on the inner lids make it a winged eyeliner shade.

simple green eyeshadow looks

The two hues in shimmery shades give you the best green eyeshadow looks from the green palette and one of the bold emerald green makeup looks.

Celebrity Makeup:

1. Kylie Jenner:

The gorgeous billionaire Kylie Jenner always gives us a bold and beautiful look. She wore sage green eyeshadow above the crease and a shimmery teal colour on the eyelids.

kylie Jenner green eyeshadow

Neon pink on the lower lash line and bold winged liner look stunning on her.

2. Emma Stone:

The beautiful actress, Emma Stone, gives us stunning glitter-green eye makeup.

emma stone green eyeshadow

Grass green hue on the inner corners of the eye and a slightly darker shade of grass green on the lids, which thereby finishes the simple green eyeshadow look

3. Kendall Jenner:

Our beautiful and sexy model, Kendall Jenner, never fails to enhance her beauty with bold emerald green makeup looks. But here, she chose different shades of green to implement this outfit.

Kendall Jenner green eyeshadow

For her eyes, a subtle neon green shade from the green eyeshadow palette is drawn as a thin winged liner. That’s all!

4. Grace Elizabeth:

The lovely celebrity, Grace Elizabeth, gave us a beautiful green eyeshadow look using sea-green hues.

Grace Elizabeth green eyeshadow

There is sea green around the eyes and a hint of mint green on the inner corners of the eyes. She pulled off these amazing seafoam green eyes perfectly.

5. Gigi Hadid:

Gigi Hadid, one of the most attractive models, mixed blue and green and created this simple green eyeshadow look.

gigi hadid green eyeshadow

A light green eyeshadow on the lids extending to the outer v-corner, light blue on the crease line, and a thin layer of dark blue above the crease line is the most satisfying green eyeshadow look.

Green Makeup Products:

1. Green Eyeshadow Palette:

This green eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution has 24 shimmer and 24 matte hues, which are in cream form and highly pigmented.

The hues in this palette contain blue, green, and yellow tones. This product is cruelty-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic. It can be used on sensitive skin as well, as it is suitable for all skin types.

2. Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner:

The waterproof liquid eyeliner in the shade “shimmery spring green” from the brand Epilynx has a shimmery finish and is long-lasting, waterproof, and vegan.

This product is safe as it is an all-natural and organic eyeliner. It can be worn all day and does not give you any itching around the eyes. It can be applied to the eyes very easily, as it has a precision tip and glides smoothly.

3. Liquid Colour-correcting Primer:

This item is a colour-correcting liquid primer from NYX Cosmetics in the shade green. It has a cream-like texture that blends smoothly into the skin.

This product is also cruelty-free and used in the areas of the face where you have redness. Green neutralises the redness on the face.

4. Matte Lipstick:

This lime green matte lipstick from the brand Nicka K comes in a stick form and is highly pigmented. It suits the green outfits you wear or any contrasting outfit.

It gives you a perfect matte finish on your lips and full coverage. It is perfect for people who want to try costumes for any party or a Halloween party.

Wrapping up:

In conclusion, green eyeshadow is a great option for anyone looking to experiment with their makeup looks. Whether you prefer a natural, subtle look or something bold and daring, green eyeshadow can help you achieve the desired effect.

Remember to choose the right shade of green that complements your skin tone and eye colour and to invest in quality products and tools for flawless application.

green eyeshadow looks socialornament

With these looks, celebrity makeup ideas, and green makeup products, you can create stunning green eyeshadow looks that will turn heads.

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