10 New kind of a Glam Makeup look you’ll really Love

A Short guide about soft glam makeup looks: How to transform to a soft glam look and more. 


Often we are in a dilemmatic position, where we want to have a makeup transformation look and our inner self urges to feel light. Well, the time has come when you no longer have to worry about those situations.

When you are totally done with exhaustive extra steps of contouring, baking, or gluing mega lashes on your eyes then, the beautiful chance of looking soft yet glamorous is waiting for you. Having soft glam makeup looks like having makeup without even feeling the burden of carrying it. 

How different are soft glam from the full glam looks? 

Full glam looks are those transformative looks that would involve applying multicolored eyeshadows, carving out brows, glittery highlighter, or when you wear graphic highlighter.

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But post-pandemic beauty enthusiasts have realized the essence of ethereal appearances. Therefore, with a glam makeup look, they sought to bring a more diffused, effortless, or natural look only with a soft polishing face. 

Top 10 transformative soft glam makeup looks ideas 

1. Bring the natural you

There’s nothing greater than looking impressive with your natural self. However, you should not confuse a natural glam makeup look with a bare no-makeup face. On the contrary, you would require a full coverage foundation in place of any tinted moisturizer for the look.

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For bringing the natural goodness in your face you have to fully cover with the foundation in places where you would need it. For adding back the freckles on your face try using the freckles dotting pens from the makeup revolution freckles me dark brown pen.

  • Some add-ons. 

Also, for a natural no-makeup makeup look there’s nothing more fitting than a nude lipstick pair. From a similar lip liner shade with the nude lipstick pair, start lining up and then coloring up your lips. It would create a base for your lipstick. 

2. Smooth skin with cherry shade lips

Though some may like freckles others can prefer having flawless skin. So for them, you can have smooth skin with bright lips for your upcoming funky parties. You can start by putting primer on your face and then blending it well to your skin.

With a buffing brush, you can choose a light foundation to conceal the blemishes from your skin. By applying a colorless powder with mixed concealer you can step towards a dramatic glam makeup look. In the end, pair up to your outfit with a nude eyeshadow palette that would suit your skin tone. And here’s the stealing part, when you apply the cherry lip shades on your lips. If you choose Huda then shades like Trophy Wife or heart breaker can be perfect for you. 

3. The game of pink and grey

What’s better than colorful lips with simple smokey eyes? That’s what you have to implement in this dramatic glam makeup look.

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You can try smokey with a blended grey and black eye shadow along with tracing with your eyeliner wings to your eye corners. Now transform your lips extra pink and you are all set with a dramatic gossip girl pink look.

Check out Melissa Alatorre’s video on how to flaunt hot pink lips. 

4. The golden wings

What’s so special about golden? With this golden soft glam makeup look, you will look fiery yet simple. For achieving this look use a light color glossy lip color and highlight the cheekbones. For the eyes, use an eyeliner to make a single line cat wing.

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For making a sharp-edged wing take the help of face tape. With the guidance of the eyeliner, apply matte golden eye shadow over both eyes. In the end, pat loosely with your finger and apply the sticky glitter golden eyeshadow by following the outline of the base eye shadow. 

5. The realistic soft glam eyebrows

Most of us lag in having soft glam makeup looks mainly because we drop the idea of achieving soft glam eyebrows. So, why not say yes to flawless eyebrows?

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For having powerful eyebrow makeup you won’t have to be extra conscious of the sharp angles of the eyebrows. It’s okay to have slight curves at the highest point. Use powder and eyebrow pencils for implementing a soft glam eyebrow look. For events like attending someone’s birthday party or when on a girl’s day out this would suit you more. 

6. Subtly cute

The trick to having soft glam cute makeup looks is all about keeping it simple. You can have a subtle but cute look when you curve your eyebrows slightly (for that follow the above means).

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And then all you should look for is your mascara and a small eye pencil and a light color lipstick. Outline with your eye pencil, not more than twice for each eye, and then simply add the mascara. Use cute little studs for your ears and you are all set to go. 

7. The metallic yet dramatic look

Though for soft glam looks you don’t need to do excess makeup, at the same time, you should not feel restricted to bringing out the drama in you. With the metallic dramatic glam makeup, you would look both royal and dramatic at the same time.

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So, contour your face and apply the extra shimmery highlighter on your cheekbones. Use metallic eyeshadow palettes with glued eyelashes and flaunt the dramatic look. Some of the best eyeshadow metallic pallets are the Wild Chameleon by Huda beauty, the shimmer matte gift collection by Klara cosmetics, and more. 

8. The natural glow looks

If you are hung in between a dramatic makeup look and a no-makeup look then why not try to add a little glitter without compromising the naturalness.

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This natural glam makeup look would bring a glow to your face without dipping you in glitters. But before applying a little shimmer you should blend the cream, blush, and highlighter well on your face. When the products will melt in your face then only you can get a natural glow look. 

9. Bronzed out wedding look

Every bride expects a vibrant look and so does a luminous bronze get-over promises to fulfill. In this wedding season, you can have puffy sun-kissed red lips and complement metallic highlighters.

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With your polished cheekbones and expressive eyes, you are no less than appearing as a bronze princess. Additionally, you should note that this would look divine for a tanned complexion. For your fishtail eyes apply the brown eye gloss and kill it with the glam wedding makeup look. 

10. Minimum makeup with rosy lips 

For your wedding makeup look, when you apply rosy lip shades then it deserves all attention. So, keep your makeup minimum but beautiful. Instead of wearing smoky or metallic eyes, this time only applies glitter to your eyelids.

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With your subtly shaded brows, combine naturally extended eyelashes. So, for that, there’s no need to add extensions but instead think about mascara to have a balanced appearance. For your lips first, use a lip liner of a similar color which would act as a lip base. And when it dries up on your lips, add the extra coatings of red rosy lip shades. 

The quick five glam-up tips

As of now, with these ideas, you must have learned how to flaunt any soft glam makeup look! So, it’s time to add icing on these baked ideas with some extra glam up tips- 

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  • A full-coverage foundation helps in preventing the extra oiliness or dryness of skin and ultimately gifts you an illuminating soft look. You can try out the stay matte 24 hours foundation or the makeup revolution foundation. 
  • The perfect opportunity for using dark eyeshadows like brown, grey, and black is during revolutionary soft glam looks. 
  • For achieving an elegant finish to your eyes, never hesitate on using winged eyeliner. 
  • You can have expressive eyes even in your natural glam look when you apply pressed glitter to shine longer. 
  • If you have wrinkles, dry skin or you are in your old days then also, you can blindly choose soft glam makeup ideas. 

Have a gala time! 

So, you must have noticed above that as opposed to some prenotions, the soft glam makeup looks are not always about minimalistic looks.

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On the contrary, you can even choose soft makeup for your special days, such as having a bridal soft makeup look. So, use the best products and bring out these innovative natural or dramatic soft glam makeup styles. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is natural glam look?

Natural soft glam is technically the opposite of a full glam makeup look. For having natural glam makeup, you only have to put effort into enhancing your facial features with a delicate soft touch.

The natural makeup look sought to bring a more diffused, effortless, or realistic look only with a soft contoured or polished face. The natural glam look suits all skin types and age groups. 

How do you do full glam makeup?

Full glam makeup is the complete facial transformative makeup that beauty enthusiasts do by applying multicolored eyeshadows, carving out brows, glittery highlighter, or at times they wear graphic highlighter. 

What do I need for soft glam makeup?

Soft glam is subjective so, with minimal makeup items, you can achieve your desired look. Mainly you would need a full coverage foundation from brands ( like stay matte 24 hours foundation or the makeup revolution foundation).

For achieving glittery metallic eyes, you can purchase Huda’s Wild Chameleon eye shadow palette, the shimmer matte gift collection by Klara cosmetics, etc. For lips have nude lips shades. 

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