25+ Garima Chaurasia Hottest Looks That Will Blow Your Mind

The famous social site influencer, Garima chaurasia hot girl has a cool and chic personality. Garima Chaurasia, also known as Gima Ashi, her name suggests that she is sweet, and has a good personality, style, and lovely smile that make her be called as Gima Ashi in short as Nickname.

Garima Chaurasia hot

She is popular for several television commercial ads and various social sites performers. She is a TikTok, and YouTube star as well as an Instagram reels performer, where she unfurls her charms through her acts and performances on the Instagram platform with different dance moves of her.

Garima Chaurasia hot

 To know more about her personality and to see more of Garima Chaurasia hot pics to get an idea from such pictures about her dress and fashion looks. Here are some ideas, 

1. Red blouson top 

Garima Chaurasia hot

Garima Chaurasia hot pics combine such pictures in her hot looks, where she is flaunting herself in a red blouson top.

The red blouson top that she carried has a deep back and the top is designed with a twisted turn from the center of the back. She paired the blouson top with denim faded blue hot pants and safety pin earrings with side parted open hairs. 

2. Hot in black-brown

Garima Chaurasia sexy

One of Gima Ashi hot pics is this picture shown, where she is looking super hot in a black-brown outfit. The black crop top over the knitted mesh beaded cami inner looks hot with a high-waisted mini micro knife-pleated brown-coloured skirt.

This super hot look of Gima Ashi sexy picture goes well with the hot red hair tone in high-pony of her. 

3. Embrace body figure with a bodycon dress

Garima Chaurasia sexy

 Gima Ashi sexy dresses have made fans fond of her style. Here, even, in a picture she wore a multicoloured bodycon dress. She wore a bodycon dress which is a skin-fitted and short thigh above dress.

The square-shaped long nails in purple colour and the minimal makeup with no accessories is even complimenting her outfit. 

4. Ruffle purple

Garima Chaurasia sexy

This is one among various Garima Chaurasia hot pics, where she made her look in purple for a photoshoot. She appeared in a purple bodycon dress that is skin fitted and whose sleeves are ruffle patterned. Her silver hue earrings and silver boots are complementing her purple dress outfit look. 

5. One-piece netted stocking

Garima Chaurasia sexy

This popular girl never dodges to flaunt herself in all her versatile forms. Here, she appeared in a photoshoot wearing a basic and casual sport tube crop top with hot pants.

Under this, Garmia Chaurasia sexy girl has worn a sexy one-piece netted full-body stocking. To elevate the look, she wore glittering black sports shoes. This look of her seems to be comfortable. 

6. Social media influencers at a peak

Garima Chaurasia sexy

Gima Ashi sexy looks do not end here, the famous social media influencer is always something next to bring. As she never compromises with her work and photoshoot.

Here, in the picture, a sensual photoshoot look of her is in her bodycon blue and white dress. This u-shaped neckline in the bodycon dress looks amazing and sensual at its peak. 

7. Gima Ashi in a cami crop top

Gima Ashi hot pics are not hidden from anyone. She is always interested in putting herself in the spotlight through her Instagram posts and pictures.

Here, too, she posted a picture in a black cami crop top with a black check-open t-shirt over it. The makeup, hairstyle, smile, and eyes are bestowing her intense energizing look. 

8. Wear all denim

Garima Chaurasia nude

Wearing denim is a casual but fashion-upgrading look. Garima Chaurasia sexy girl is popular on social media sites and gives a chic taste through casual and instant-wear dresses like denim.

A basic and casual pullover sleeveless turtle neck striped t-shirt is worn here. Along with denim hot pants and a denim jacket over it. She paired the dress with star-shaped earrings that look funky and stylish.

9. Gima Ashi in leopard print

Garima Chaurasia nude

In this photoshoot, she appeared in a black corset sweetheart neckline crop top with black and white leopard print hot pants. Gima Ashi sexy look has been enhanced with a high pony, tiny stud earrings, a 3-layered silver neck charm, and silver-coloured boots. 

10. Gima Ashi in the off-shoulder outfit

Garima Chaurasia nude

Again came with a perfect ramp walk look, where Gima Ashi sexy girl is dressed up in a white off-shoulder sleeveless bodycon dress. The white bodycon dress is strapless even but tied up with a halter strap of lavender hue crinoline fabric net piece.

Garima Chaurasia nude

Moreover, the white bodycon waistline is covered with the same crinoline fabric net piece designed in a knot pattern. As well as the hand gloves are of the same fabric and colour.

11. Faux jacket with leather

Garima Chaurasia nude

Among various Garima Chaurasia hot pics, this one is the super hot and gorgeous look of her in all leather. She looks super stunning in this tan-coloured cheetah print faux jacket with a leather cami crop top and box pleated skirt.

The makeup, high pony with the same print and colour headband rubber, and neck charm make her look more attractive and eye-catching. 

12. Gima Ashi in black floral

This is an Instagram post of Gima Ashi shown in the picture here. As usual, she looks hot in her black bodycon dress, red floral printed on the stunning dress.

Gima Ashi hot pics have one more charm added to her beautiful open hair and makeup. Moreover, her silver earrings and red heels are suitable for such a look. 

13. Garima Chaurasia in bikini

Garima Chaurasia hot pics in a bikini will make you fond of her with her inside swimming pool pictures. She looks hot and super cute in her orange hue one-piece jumpsuit. It seems that she is enjoying her pool time sitting under the water and below the sunlight and enjoying having that beverage.  

14. Pink Forever

Like her caption mentioned in the Instagram post, Garima chaurasia sexy looks have come ahead with her beauty in trim pink in her pink saree. This shows her love for pink forever.

She is looking gorgeous in a pink saree which is undraped over the shoulders for the perfect sensual photoshoot. The mirror work in the saree and blouse elevated her look, along with a cuff bracelet in one hand. 

15. Black bodycon dress with cut out

Garima Chaurasia sexy girl came with another sexy getup. She wore a casual black bodycon dress with white stripline over it. The Midriff cut from both sides enhances her basic look. Along with it, the white shades as summer glasses make her look more attractive. 

16. Gima Ashi in an Oversized green shirt

Gima Ashi sexy look embraces her beauty of her in a black cami strapless tube patterned crop top. She paired the top with denim hot pants designed with a hanging chain below it. Moreover, the oversized open green shirt worn by her over the cami top looks funky, stylish, and jazzy. 

17. Best in black

As the caption suggests, one of the hottest and best Garima Chaurasia sexy looks is in black. She posted a picture of her in a Glittery black one-piece high-thigh slit gown.

This glittery black gown is designed in a half-up and down look. Her rhinestone-studded silver metallic chain tassel drop earrings look gorgeous with her makeup and curly hairstyle.

18. Gima Ashi in Grey cami crop top

Gima Ashi hot pics with her smile enhance the charm of her poses and looks. She wore a fur cami grey crop top with high-waist leather hot pants. The curly pony hairstyle looks amazing along with the star-designed earrings. 

19. Garima Chaurasia in her casual

Among various Garima Chaurasia hot pics, this is something different, where she is found in childish and cute photo looks. She wore a crop tank top with orange and black stripes in pink hot pants. The pink hot pants look super cute with the similar colour headband rubber. 

20. Garima Chaurasia’s sunshine look in black

From the picture shown, we came to know about her post that she clicked in sunrays bestowing a sunshine vibe and look. Garima Chaurasia hot looks here are shown in the halter top with a deep back and styled with a high-waist mini micro box or knife pleated skirt. 

21. Hot in black denim

Garima Chaurasia hot girl chooses the best sartorial for her dress-up and events. Here, she is even posing “like a boss” in her Instagram post, where she is looking gorgeous in black denim hot pants.

Over the denim, she wore a boat-neck green cami crop top with a zig-zag cut over the end of the top. Her boot pattern high heels, neck charm, open hairstyle, and makeup is complimenting her look. 

22. Casual in a tank top

The casual and basic look of this social influencer even looks hot and sizzling. Garima Chaurasia hot girl usually wears a basic and casual top that even looks elegant and graceful. The brown-coloured padded tank top with golden neck charm looks chic with basic black skin-fitted jeans. 

23. Gima Ashi in yellow sunshine vibe

Gima Ashi hot pics embrace various looks of her in different sartorial choices. Gima Ashi is versatile in clothing, she tries different clothes with different accessories.

She wore a sleeveless yellow sunshine vibe bestowing crush and mesh beaded outfit with heavy chandelier oxidized earrings. 

24. Garima Chaurasia in a sleeveless tank top

These pictures of Garima Chaurasia hot ones are not enough to state her style. These are the basic and casual outfits that even accord her a beautiful look and reach her fans. 

Look at the picture here, she just wore a casual sleeveless tank top with high-waisted light brown hue pants. 

25. Snakeskin outfit

Gima Ashi hot pics and hot looks are always identified through her photoshoot mostly. Here, in the picture posted on Instagram, she appears in a pose with a snakeskin cord-set outfit. As well as the bold makeup for it this look is perfect and suitable.

26. Bold in neon

As Neon is a light colour but, after it is worn by the popular social influencer, it’s transformed into one of the Garima Chaurasia hot dresses. She wore a neon hue one-shoulder sleeve crop top with a similar tone mesh draped pattern high-thigh slit sarong. 


Being a good entertainer, and performer, she unfurls her charm, chic fashion sense, and Sartorial choices through photoshoots.

Garima Chaurasia hot

Garima Chaurasia sexy looks in the photoshoot are adored by many Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other social sites fans of her. Through this, Garima Chaurasia hot looks and ideas can be taken by her fans from here. 


Q1: How did Garima Chaurasia become popular?

A: Garima Chaurasia gained popularity through her TikTok videos, where she showcased her dancing skills. She became known for her energetic and entertaining performances.

Q2: Is Garima Chaurasia still active on TikTok?

A: Since my knowledge is based on information up until September 2021, I cannot provide the most recent updates on Garima Chaurasia’s activities. It’s advisable to check her social media profiles or search online for the latest information.

Q3: What other social media platforms does Garima Chaurasia use?

A: Garima Chaurasia is active on Instagram, where she shares her photos and videos. You can find her under the username “gima_ashi” on Instagram.

Q4: Does Garima Chaurasia have any other talents or interests?

A: Garima Chaurasia is primarily known for her dancing skills, but she is also a model and has appeared in various photoshoots and brand endorsements.

Q5: Where is Garima Chaurasia from?

A: Garima Chaurasia is from India.

Q6: Are there any controversies associated with Garima Chaurasia?

A: As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there were no major controversies associated with Garima Chaurasia. However, it’s always a good idea to refer to recent news sources or social media for any updates on her personal or professional life.

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