21 Eyeliner Ideas For Almond Eyes That Are Easy to Recreate

Makeup bestows unblemished, gorgeous, and flawless finishes to the natural beauty of an individual. You can enhance this makeup power by enhancing the eye makeup look especially when you have almond-shaped eyes.

As the name suggests, eyeliners for almond eyes shaped refers to applying eyeliner on the shape of the eyelids, which is oval shaped starting from the inner corner of the eyes and the eyelid lines combine at the outer surface of the eyelids from the top and bottom. 

Due to this, the eye makeup in almond-shaped eyes features some dramatic looks, giving it bold and beautiful sharp cut liner looks. Several ways can be described to put eyeliners for almond-shaped eyes. However, the best and most classic way to put eyeliners is the long-winged eyeliner for almond eyes. 

 To give it a bold, beautiful, and gorgeous finish look, you can use eyeliner pens, markers, and gel for it. You can get more ideas and inspiration for getting such eyeliner looks for almond eyes by scrolling down to some of the advice and examples are given below. 

1. Longwear Eyeliner

The long-wear eyeliner makeup look defines the dramatic and eye-catchy eyeliner looks for almond eyes. Starting by wearing thin eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye to making it reach beyond the outer line of the upper eyelashes.

Don’t pull the winged eyeliner upwards or downwards. Make the liner straight and out as shown in the picture.

2. Extend Eyeliner to Lengthen

Look at the picture to get an idea and inspiration to extend the eyeliner for almond eyes upward to lengthen its winged shape of eyes.

Giving it a bold and prominent look, making it more noticeable, pull the liner upward and outward of the eyelid. Along with extending eyelashes by applying mascara. Draw the liner from the inner and upper corners of the eye even. 

3. Cat-eye Look

Creating a cat-eye gorgeous finish look makes this long-wear winged eyeliner for almond eyes more graceful. Cat-eye glam look can be created through jet-black shade eyeliner pencil, marker, liquid, gel, or eyeshadow giving it a Smokey eye effect.

The cat-eye glam look has been enhanced with the picture showing eye lens, finishes of eyebrows, dense eyelashes, and lightly smudged eyeshadow on the lower lash line. 

4. Straight Uplifted Eyeliner

 To make the eyes look accentuated, several eyeliner styles are opted for getting the wonderful winged eyeliners for Almond eyes. Here, winged eyeliner is created with a thin line on the upper lash line pulling the line straight upward.

Moreover, applying mascara on the upper and lower lash lines is an amazing choice of the creator to give it prominent look. 

5. Hooded Eyeliner

With a Little bit of smudged or super specific eyeshadow, this eyeliner looks for almond eyes that can be created. Here, the eyeliner is unnoticeable, thus bestowing the effect of a natural look.

Eventually, the look can be created with a specific color of eyeshadow blended on the upper and inner eyelids and at the lower lash line. Blending the eyeshadow while lifting it upward the eyelid gives it a winged shape. 

6. Natural Eyeliner Look

Take the inspiration from here by drifting the eyeliner liquid, pen, or gel making a small winged shape, a little bit out of the upper lash line for a natural look.

This eyeliner looks for Almond eyes and is best for some parties, events, celebrity functions, red-carpet walks, and award functions.

Moreover, enhance the look with golden glittery eyeshadow over the upper and lower eyelashes. Eventually, extending and uplifting the eyelashes through mascara. 

7. Sharp Winged Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner, eyeliner pencil, pen, or gel brush strokes that are sharp at the ends can give this eyeliner looks for almond eyes. 

To make the eyeliner look bold and striking, apply the thin liner on the upper lash line and draw the sharp winged lines at the end or outer corner of the eye above the upper lash line. 

8. Simple and Classic Look

Another winged eyeliner for almond eyes look that is easily applicable but a little bit harder to achieve the fine finish look. This simple and classic winged eyeliner look will amaze you when you get the exact final look of it.

Drift the eyeliner on your upper lash line from the inner corner to the outer corner, swiping it outward as sharp-winged to get this look. 

9. Smudged Winged Eyeliner

Forthwith, several styles of eyeliners for Almond -shaped eyes are available. This eyeliner look is smooth and preferable to celebrities with almond eyes. 

Draw a thin eyeliner on the upper lash line through liquid or pen eyeliner. Smudge it a little bit with eyeshadow creating winged at the outer corner of the eye with it, giving it a Smokey eye effect. 

10. Graphic Eyeliner

The new, ongoing trendy, and next kind of eyeliner for almond-shaped eyes are graphic Eyeliner. Through several ways, graphic eyeliner can be created. However, to create such a picture look, make a bold winged-shaped line on the upper lash line.

Swiping it to the outer corner of the eye starting from the inner corner with your chosen hue. In addition with it, applying the same hue of eyeliner on the crease areas of the eye. 

11. Monochromatic Eyeliner

This monochromatic eyeliner for almond-shaped eyes defines the upper and lower lash lines, along with eyelids while keeping your eyes open.

To get the picture glam look, create blue hue winged eyeliner-shaped lines on the upper lash line lifting it upward. Moreover, Smudge it a little bit on the lower lash line for the natural Smokey look. 

12. Intense Cut-Crease

This intense cut-crease eyeliner is mostly applied by celebrities with almond eyes. This intense cut-crease look can be created by the sharp line of shadow above the fold of the eyelid.

Giving it a Smokey effect, blend some eyeshadow below the eyebrows. Draw an eyeliner with a liner pen on the upper lash line creating winged eyeliner. Add color a little in between the liner and below the cut crease. 

13. Two-toned Eyeliner Look

These two different hues can be accustomed to create such a picture eyeliner look for almond eyes. Apply purple hue eyeshadow over the fold of the eyelids.

Draw a blue hue eyeliner graphically on two ends of the crease of the eye to define its shape. Apply the same hue on the inner and outer corners of the eye. Along with blending the same blue hue on the lower lash line. 

14. Purple Eyeshadow Look

The eyeliner for almond eyes starts below the inner corner of the eye creating a winged eyeliner look is a classic and all-time way to apply eyeliner.

However, forthwith, purple is a new versatile and trendy hue that goes with every liner look. To give the eye makeup a bold and prominent look, apply purple hue eyeshadow sharply over the fold of the eyelids. 

15. Aesthetic Eyeliner

This picture looks eyeliner for almond-shaped eyes is simple to achieve with bestowing aesthetic and fierce effect. This eyeliner look can be created with eyeliner pencil or gel while smudging it a little bit to create Smokey winged eyeliner effect.

Apply eyeshadow and enfolds rhinestones on brows and lower lash lines to enhance the aesthetic beauty of it.

16. Colorful Eye-makeup

Using black winged eyeliner for Almond eyes and colorful eyeshadow is an ongoing trend for a funky eye makeup look these days.

Here, too, two-hue eyeshadow is used to create such a trending makeup look on the upper lid and lower lash line. Draw a classic and all-time winged eyeliner and apply mascara on the lashes for enhancing the beauty of the eye. 

Celebrity Inspiration:

1. Priyanka Chopra

This look of PC(Priyanka Chopra) is stunning, and as brightening as her eyes. She used lighter color eyeliner for almond-shaped eyes to put it on her lower lash line or bottom waterline.

In addition with it, applied the same hue of eyeliner on the inner corners of the eyes. This is one of the favorites of her all-eye makeup look. 

2. Lily rose Depp

Celebrities with almond eyes usually go for a cat-eye look. Lily-Rose Depp had a cat-eye look here, applied with super specific liner pencil, pen, or gel to get this classic winged eyeliner starting from the inner corner of the eye. Lastly, she added bold mascara over it to look more prominent. 

3. Mila Kunis

The celebrity wore one-color tone eyeliner for almond-shaped eyes that bestow her monochromatic eye makeup look.

Mila Kunis wore blue eyeliner on the upper lash line as well as a smudged little bit on the bottom waterline of her eyes to make it look bold. This blue hue on the upper lash line is bestowing a Smokey eye effect. 

4. Hailee Steinfeld:

Hailee Steinfeld, a popular pop singer, and model wore classic and basic eyeliner for almond shaped eyes of her.

She put black dense eyeliner on the upper lash line. Moreover, she enhanced the beauty of her eye with the extension of her eyelashes and mascara. 

5. Bella Hadid:

Bella Hadid always rocks the show with her stunning looks. She drew a line of dark black shades of eyeliner with liner pen, marker, or gel.

She started gliding the liner from the inner corner of the eye making winged-shaped eyeliner to the outer corner of the eye, lifting it upward. The bold and prominent black wing eyeliner and the mascara on both lashes make her look graceful. 


1. Pencil Eyeliner

Creamy pencil Eyeliner bestows a matte finish look even on celebrities with almond eyes. This Revlon color stays black pencil eyeliner has a feature of versatility and creamy and smooth finishes.

Along with it, this is Smudge-proof, Long lasting, Waterproof, and bestows a bold eyeliner eye makeup look.  

2. False Eyelashes

Kiromiro is one of the best brands of false eyelashes. These are the black Lashes available on online site that bestows a natural Look when putting on the original eyelashes.

This false eyelash gives the eyes a fluffy and Cat Eye Wispy lashes look. 

3. Eyeliner palette

This is a Mysense brand gelform eyeliner palette that gives celebrities with almond eyes a matte finish eyeliner look. There are 8 shades in this water-soluble based eyeliner palette.

This rainbow and an eye-catching color on your eyes will look more gorgeous and bold. 


Eyeliner for Almond eyes has several and simplest ways to get the best eye makeup look for any party, event, or function. For Eyeliner, any pencils, pens, markers, gels or liquid can be opted for to get the desired results.

Eyeshadows can also be accustomed to create a Smokey and fierce eyeliner effect. Graphic eyeliners are the most trending and celebrity’s choice these days. Hope you guys have an idea and inspiration to recreate the celebrity eyeliner look and purchase such eye makeup products.

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