The Top Eyebrow Trends For 2023 – From Subtle To Bold

2021 was all about cosmetic trial and error, especially when it came to eyebrow trends, thanks to TikTok trends, its endless lessons, and pandemic-induced ennui. To be honest, we were all looking for ideas and tricks to ease our restlessness.

No pun intended, but oh, there were a lot of eyebrow-raising moments. Recall the DIY brow tint gone awry from the TikTok viral video that made us rely on our cosmetic experts much more?

Eyebrow Trends For 2022
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Not to be overlooked is Chrissy Teigen’s eyebrow transplant surgery to add thickness using her own hair follicles. Not to mention the other hit-or-miss TikTok trend, eyebrow stenciling.

But if expert forecasts and 2023 runway displays are any indications, this year should be about cutting back and sticking to the essentials. We’ve compiled eight of the most popular eyebrow trends in 2023, with the assistance of eyebrow and cosmetic professionals.

Eyebrow Trends For 2022

Thankfully, these trends will spare you from spending countless hours needlessly plucking your eyebrows and searching through more lessons.

Here are the 8 eyebrow styles for 2023:

1. Perfect-but-Not-Exact Arches Eyebrow Trend

As shown by a more natural approach to brows and their upkeep among eyebrow and beauty professionals, 2023 eyebrow trends are moving backward in time by a few decades.

Eyebrow Trends For 2022

Azi Sacks, a brow artist, says of her customers, “I see takes of the 1990s brow in the sense that brows are feeling more feminine yet natural.” They are “feminine in a soft, fitted, or naturally, imperfectly perfect way.”

The rather ambiguous nature of this trend is another nostalgic component. I observe several unibrows.” Even while plucking is still a significant part of this method of brow maintenance, you shouldn’t be concerned about going back to your ’90s-era brows.

Eyebrow Trends For 2022

Sacks advise doing what is known as an “If you already have a lot of brow hair that was given to you by God, you may use a “brow layout” to get this appearance.

To reveal more skin overall and make the brow look more feathery, manually pluck off the brow’s rough texture.” She explained that doing this makes it simpler to brush eyebrows upward.

Eyebrow Trends For 2022

To get this look, Sacks suggests using a few lightweight products from TooD Beauty and Rose Inc. She says, “I love the brow gel from Rose Inc., and TooD Beauty has wonderful brow products.” This brow gel is without a doubt the best available. Its brush and product provide such a delicate, feathery finish, she continues.

2. Natural-Looking Texture Eyebrow Trend

We can all agree that a little touch of brow fluff creates a lovely eye-framing effect. Tommy Napoli, a makeup artist, sees it as another homage to previous runway styles.

natural looking Eyebrow Trends For 2022

We’re still seeing fluffy, sporty, natural brow — groomed brows that have real texture and shine as opposed to the laminated brow trend, which is ultra-groomed, shiny, and slicked up. 

The latest runway brow patterns that the author has observed “are a return to past tendencies as well as a continuation of today’s trends,” she writes.

natural looking Eyebrow Trends For 2022

Although there are several solutions for good framing, we think there is one that is most effective. For these trends, Napoli explains, “artists usually choose brow powder, but I favor using pencil since it best adheres to and beefs up hair without adding texture to the skin.

The built-in spooley enables users to apply the product, then smooth and lay the brows down using the flat end of the spooley. Less is definitely more when applying makeup because the trend’s purpose is to create a more natural-looking brow.

natural looking Eyebrow Trends For 2022

In particular, this versatile styling gel has the advantage of lasting a long time. Napoli has a clever way to make this translucent formula truly shine out if you’re up for playing the role of beauty scientist as well: “The initial product is clear in color, providing me the option to combine pigment and manufacture my own shades, should I require.”

3. Quiet Volume Eyebrow Trend

It is one of the best 2023 eyebrow styles. Janet Jackson, who graces our February cover, teaches us the value of self-control. We all require it, particularly when it comes to our brows.

quiet volumn Eyebrow Trends For 2022

In contrast to using thick pomades that were horribly abused a few years ago, makeup expert Delina Medhin says that combing brows upward into position is the trendiest approach to produce volume these days.

Janet Jackson, who is featured on our February cover, imparts the importance of restraint. It’s something that we all need, especially when it comes to our brows. Makeup artist Delina Medhin claims that the most popular method to create volume these days is to brush brows upward into position, as opposed to the thick pomades that were badly overused a few years ago.

quiet volumn Eyebrow Trends For 2022

More and more of my clients are asking for feathery brows as opposed to ones that are fully filled in. I genuinely appreciate how this seems “She asserts.

Each person is different, therefore not every style method, or product will suit them. Brow artist Robin Evans offers a fantastic option if you’re seeking a more long-term brow style solution. Alternatively, you may visit your local brow expert for lamination.

quiet volumn Eyebrow Trends For 2022

Although laminate is fantastic, many people find it to be too much “She clarifies. They may be given a lovely, thick, feathery appearance by tinting them and using a strong brow gel. She mentions Major Brow Lamination Gel by Patrick Ta as her preferred gel. It’s incredibly sticky, and it keeps brows up and feathery all day, according to Evans.

4. Sculpted, lifted ends, Skinny Eyebrow Trend


Not always do we need coffee to give us a pick-me-up. René de la Garza, an eyebrow artist, keeps to the upturned tail ends with his clientele much as we cling to our typical orders of morning coffee (who include none other than Cardi B).

The “larger, the better” brow trend will be abandoned in 2023 in favor of brows that are lifted, lengthened, and elegant, according to the expert. It’s all about the airy, raised, and sculpted brow hair strokes when it comes to brow textures.

We don’t always require coffee to perk us up. Much to how we hold to our usual morning coffee orders, eyebrow expert René de la Garza clings to the upturned tail ends with his clients (who include none other than Cardi B).

lifted ends Eyebrow Trends For 2022

The expert predicts that the “bigger, the better” brow style will go away in 2023 in favor of brows that are raised, extended, and beautiful. When it comes to brow textures, it’s all about the light, elevated, and sculpted brow hair strokes.

lifted ends Eyebrow Trends For 2022

When attempting the sculpted brow style, full-coverage makeup like Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer will be helpful. Garza previously advised Allure, “You can get the look by hiding the small fluffy hairs at the tail end.” I think now you have got your answer to the question “Are thin eyebrows back 2023”?

5. Bright, Glistening Arches Eyebrow Trend

Shiny brows are another brow style to think about for 2023, which a myriad of freshly released gels may assist achieve.

bright Eyebrow Trends For 2022

Products like Kosas’s Air Brow gel, BBB London’s clear gloss, and Well People’s Expressionist Clear Brow Gel provide brow shaping with a shiny finish.

You have a lot of options, but one more to think about is Billion Dollar Brows’s, Brow Gloss. “It makes the brow gleam,” mutters Azi Sacks.

6. Unreal Laminate Eyebrow Trend

Lamination is already on our list of trends for 2023, but if you’re still not sure if the actual procedure is suitable for you, we beauty geeks have a few tips to provide.

unreal laminate Eyebrow Trends For 2022

The main one is eyebrow waxing, which began to become popular in 2020 and hasn’t stopped since. The brow may be groomed and shaped to your preferences with products like Patrick Ta’s brow shaping wax and Fenty Beauty’s brow MVP waxing tool that doubles the activity.

unreal laminate Eyebrow Trends For 2022

The affordable Nyx Brow Glue, a drugstore staple, must also be mentioned.

7. Lightly Shaded and Bleached Eyebrow Trend

Thin eyebrows are back again. Gen Z, pay attention! This one is for you if you enjoy reflecting on past fashions that were popular shortly before your time. Joey Healy, a brow artist, claims that this year will see an increase in the popularity of sparsely visible brows.

lightly shaded and bleached Eyebrow Trends For 2022

He claims that bleached eyebrows pay reference to late-’90s or Y2K fashion. Bleached brows are expected to be just as trendy in 2023 as they were then, according to all indications. Thankfully, unless you really want to, this trend doesn’t necessarily need a significant commitment.

lightly shaded and bleached Eyebrow Trends For 2022

“If you are courageous enough to go for a more long-lasting appearance, you may use Jolen Bleach, a face bleach that you can get at the drugstore. For a less permanent appearance, you may alternatively use one of the lighter Joey Healy Brow Lacquers.”

8. Slim and svelte (Thin Eyebrow Trend)


Eyebrow trends 2023 are back again with this amazing eyebrow trend.  It takes a brave spirit to experiment with thinner brows because they aren’t extremely popular in 2023.

slim and svelte Eyebrow Trends For 2022

But it’s still a fashionable appearance that adds an edge. Healy explains, “I’ve done this style previously on runways where they are pencil-thin, kind of a 1920s appearance.” Despite not being the most wearable brow [for every day], it is nonetheless a fun and fascinating appearance that we may expect to see on the runway in 2023.

You’ll probably need to cover your genuine eyebrows in order to create a blank canvas for this look, as many of our favorite drag queens do. Here is some advice from Healy that you may use. Warm up a glue stick, then lightly stroke the brow with it.

slim and svelte Eyebrow Trends For 2022

What this accomplishes is flatten the brow and remove its texture “He clarifies. Your genuine eyebrows will appear virtually nonexistent after powdering it, putting foundation, then powdering it again. You may now enjoy yourself on top of that canvas; for my own thin brow, I prefer to use a pomade and a brow brush.

Benefit’s Pomade Brow Pomade, a recent Best of Beauty winner, comes highly recommended. For the brow shape, you’re attempting to achieve, the tinted formula will provide just the right amount of product to prevent overdrawing any lines.

One thing should be made plain in light of all these trends: nostalgia is a phenomenon that will never go away. To achieve these trends, take note of these recommendations from our favorite brow specialists, but ultimately, our greatest tip is to simply do what suits your brows the best, whether it’s popular or not. It can be considered a skinny eyebrow trend.

These were a few 2023 eyebrow trends. I hope, This article must have been a boon for you. Thin eyebrow trends and skinny eyebrow trends are most popular nowadays. But after all, It completely depends on you which trend you are going to follow.

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