Dyson Airwrap Vs Supersonic: Choose Right One For You (FAQ’s)

Hair styling tools, as well as dryers, should be extra cautiously manufactured by any company. It is so because any questionable feature of a cheap dryer can damage the user’s hair for a lifetime.

dyson airwrap vs supersonic

As a solution to those defaults in the market, Dyson in the last few years has performed incredibly, mainly after its launch of two extraordinary electronic products: the Dyson Airwrap and the Supersonic.

dyson airwrap vs supersonic

The launch of the products has revolutionized the hair styling market because they prevent hair damage by controlling the massive flow of heat.

Both the hair care devices function with the Coanda effect where the high-speed jet air will flow in a layered manner while being attached to the surface. Know about Dyson airwrap vs supersonic hair dryer details below.

Parallel Features of Dyson Airwrap and Supersonic Hair Dryer

Though not all functions of the Supersonic Hair Dryer and Dyson Airwrap are similar, as later you will know in Dyson airwrap vs supersonic information.

But there is some wiseness between the two hairstyling products. Look down below-

  • The airwrap, as well as a hairdryer, are useful for frizzy and dry hair.
  • The surface finishing of the hair styling outputs is known for its efficiency and professional engineering.
  • You can easily take them anywhere and the lightweight factor leaves no disparity between Dyson airwrap and supersonic.
  • Don’t worry, as your hair won’t get damaged because of its top-notch heat control function.
  • They are highly recommended for smoothing your hair.

Listing out Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer vs Airwrap differences

Below we have identified some of the Dyson airwrap vs supersonic characteristics. Know what they are:

  • Supersonic features for wet hair while the airwrap proves useful for dry/damp hair.
  • The supersonic is like a hairdryer on the contrary Air wrap arrives with a heat mat and a stronger case.
dyson airwrap vs supersonic
  • The wattage used for airwrap complete styler is higher than what supersonic applies to deliver stronger airflow (nearly 1500 w or more).
  • Another difference between Dyson airwrap and supersonic dryer is in terms of total attachment the hair product comes with. You will get six attachments for the former while the latter has six attachments.
  • The airwrap is much more versatile than the supersonic dryer. With the airwrap, your can expect to straighten, curl, or even smoother the hair.

Dyson supersonic hair dryer vs airwrap structure

The Composition of Dyson Supersonic Professional Dryer

To share professional styling with the users, each supersonic finishing is precise and arrives with engineered attachments. Below is what you get in the packaging of the Dyson dryer-

dyson airwrap vs supersonic
  1. Professional concentrator;
  2. Wide-tooth comb;
  3. Diffuser;
  4. Gentle air attachment;
  5. Spare filter;
  6. Flyaway attachment (The latest addition to the supersonic family). You can also separately order the flyaway attachment at $33.75 (approx)  to enjoy smooth and shiny salon-like aesthetic effects.
  7. The nickel and silver cord (3.3 m) for the supersonic hair dryer.

How does Dyson Supersonic Professional Dryer work?

The extraordinary quality of the Supersonic hairdryer is that it is not based on heat alone for drying hair. The Dyson airwrap vs supersonic suggests that an ultra-speed airflow also helps in hair drying without damaging the shoots or hair roots.

dyson airwrap vs supersonic

The airflow for a shorter duration so you can cater to the needs of multiple clients in minimum time. The V9 spins are much faster, that is up to 110,000 rpm arranging for 10-13 liters of air to the amplifier per second.

Are Dyson Supersonic made for your Professional Hair Salon?

Undoubtedly, the supersonic dryer and styler are made with extraordinary engineering ends and the regulated airflow temperature works in a controlled setup.

dyson airwrap vs supersonic

To limit the odds of damage due to the exposure of direct heat to clients’ hair the airflow is set for 40 seconds per second. More reason to convince you about professional usage of the Dyson hair dryer is its heavy-duty filter.

Unlike any regular filter which will probably get clogged frequently, Dyson supersonic heavy-duty filter is made for professional salons. Hitherto, you should cleanse the filter once a month or soon after the LED light indicators flashes.

Composition of Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler

When you are not enough of the Dyson fever, the airwrap complete styler will remain a real treat for you. As shared earlier, it comes with six different attachments serving unique functions. Learn below what are-

dyson airwrap vs supersonic
  • For a smooth blow-dry finish use a soft smoothing brush.
  • When you crave limited flyways the firm smoothing brush transforms into straighter hairstyles for frizz-prone hair.
  • The Airwrap barrels (30 mm) produces voluminous symmetrical curls by twisting the barrels in anti-clockwise and clockwise directions.
  • You can have loose curls or choose from wavy hair by using Airwrap barrels (40 mm)
  • Yeah, you can also dry or damp your wet hair by attaching the pre-styling dryer.

How does the Dyson airwrap Styler work?

The review of Dyson supersonic hair dryer vs airwrap would be incomplete, without informing the readers about how Dyson airwrap works!

dyson airwrap vs supersonic

The greatest due credit to the airwrap styler is given for its advanced technique for hair styling. By following the Coanda effect, the Dyson airwrap drapes your hair around the attachments and curves them accordingly.

dyson airwrap vs supersonic

Rather than using any odd winding formula, it prefers applying the aerodynamic phenomenon for its customer. So, harness your hair with Dyson air wrap while enjoying those voluminous curly hairstyles.

Can you use Dyson Airwrap daily?

If you ask us we would in general say no because it may slowly start to frizz your hair. However, while going with their advertisement, the air wrap complete styler heats up within the range of 302° F.

dyson airwrap vs supersonic

so it’s decent for normal hair types. For those, who are suffering from heat-damaged hair type, use the air wrap on alternative days for better long-lasting outcomes.

Dyson Airwrap vs Supersonic: Target Groups

After intently bringing out the difference between Dyson airwrap and supersonic, it’s high time to let you decide which hair product you should order.

dyson airwrap vs supersonic

So, we have laid out certain conditions based on which you should decide on the hair styling product.

Target Users of Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

  1. When you prefer personalizing the blowouts after applying the round brushes.
  2. You have wavy or curly hair so you think of emulating the organic air drying with the diffuser.
  3. You prefer minimalist hairstyles.
  4. When you have dense hair and are in a rush of hair drying.

Customer Base of Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler

  • You have more budget for affording hair styling equipment.
  • You are more into experimenting with multiple hairs looks such as blowouts, and wavy and symmetrical curls.
  • When you want a single versatile tool for both drying the wet hair and then styling it.

Dyson Airwrap vs Supersonic Pricing

The supersonic hairdryer is relatively lower in price as compared to the air wrapping device. The supersonic dryer will cost USD $ 399.99 and the Airwrap complete set ranges begin from USD $549.99 to higher depending on the shipping and other charges.

dyson airwrap vs supersonic,

The hair styling tools can be ordered either directly from the Dyson website or are also available on Amazon, Sephora, Nykaa, and other beauty sites. They come with two years of warranty and ten days of the return policy.

Final Verdict!

Undoubtedly the users are satisfied with both the Dyson hair styling equipment therefore, they should not be compared on their performance.

dyson airwrap vs supersonic

However, those who have a somewhat limited budget or are not much into experimenting with hairstyles would go with the Supersonic hair dryer.

On the contrary, the airwrap is for those who are ready to pay extra or are enthusiastic about tryout out multiple styles. So, Dyson airwrap vs supersonic review is like a win-win situation in favor of both the hair styling tools.


1. Can I use Dyson Airwrap every day?

Given the fact that the air wrapper heats your hair within the range of 302° F, it’s safer to apply Airwrap attachments daily. However, those having a history of damaged hair should avoid using it regularly. In such cases, styling your hair with airwrap twice a week would be enough.

2. Does Dyson Airwrap make hair frizzy?

The airwrap has provided awesome blowout results to many users. Consumers are loving the lesser heat damage impact and have in this context commented about the lesser frizzy nature of your hair after using the airwrap. You may comb with the round brush from the roots to take off the prevailing frizziness.

3. Can you curl your hair with Dyson Supersonic?

Curling your hair with Dyson Supersonic is easy to follow once you use the magnetic attachment connection. Whether styling from your home or parlor, with Dyson supersonic you can transform your hair to natural waves or spring-like curls in no time. 

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