Famous Beauty and Skincare Brands UAE 2023

Famous UAE Beauty and Skincare Brands That You Must Follow

When it comes to looking perfect and feeling good, you definitely can’t compromise with the brand. Reports suggest that many brands use such ingredients in their skincare products which can be toxic for your skin tone.


Today’s teens apprehend a lot with their decision on choosing cosmetic brands and thinking about their repercussions.

But all such uncertainties would be passed now, as you would finally get to know about the best cosmetic brand in Dubai, for every skin type.

1. Huda Beauty

When it comes to the fastest-growing Dubai makeup brands then, Huda Beauty ranks in the top position. The brand in 2013 was launched by the beauty blogger Huda Kattan.

Not only that many schools offering make-up courses in Dubai apply exclusive Huda beauty products for their tutorials. Some of the best sellers from Huda Beauty would include are.:

Beauty and Skincare Brands UAE
Beauty and Skincare Brands UAE
  • Rose Quartz Eye & Lip Essentials are available at $125.00. (4.5-star ratings as per the official site).
  • GloWish Radiance soft Bronzing powder at $31.00. The product comes in five shades in mini or full sizes. The item is fully vegan.
  • Faux Filter Luminous Matte Foundation at $40.00. You can select any of the 39 shades based on your skin tone.
  • The Yo Glow Aha & Bha facial Enzyme Scrub has been marked among the top ten of Huda’s organic skincare products. The Jumbo pack is available at $63.00.

Huda continuously tries to raise their bar and brings versatile products catering to maximum beauty enthusiasts of this age.

2. Herbal Essentials

Now let’s talk about Herbal Essential as one of the award-winning Dubai Skincare brands 2023.

Beauty and Skincare Brands UAE

The brand claims that its vegan products have been authorized by the vegan society which would reflect in your skin the confidence of using healthy plant-based activities.

As the best cosmetic brand in Dubai, you will find the best products in between the £ 5.00 to £20.00 price range. List of best sellers in Herbal Essentials would include-

Beauty and Skincare Brands UAE
  • Foaming Face Wash comes with white lily and Ginger extracts.
  • The Himalayan Micellar Water comes with Betaine and Provitamin B5.
  • Get up and Go cream coming with Shea Butter and Wheat Germ oil.
  • Purifying Face Wash which would come from Hyssop and Neem extracts.

Like many Dubai cosmetics online shopping brands it comes with instant delivery and 30 days guarantee and refund policies.

3. Shiffa

Founded by Emirati businesswoman Dr. Lamee’s Hamdan has brought Shiffa along with some of the most unique solutions to problems like stretch marks post-pregnancy.

Beauty and Skincare Brands UAE

Like Shiffa you will find very few Dubai makeup brands with prices at such affordable ranges.

They also try their best in maintaining the versatility of skincare products to that of fragrances. The most sold Shiffa skincare product is Shiffa Balancing Facial Toner.

4. Shirley Conlon Organics

Shirley Colon who sustained the beauty industry for more than 20 years promises to continue organizing skincare products mainly for customers from hotter climates.

The three main elements that this Dubai makeup brand has focused on are Heat, UV, and Pollution. You can shop by categories including-

Beauty and Skincare Brands UAE
  • Cleanse and Tone-  Dubai beauty products including Rosewater Hydrating Spritz, Olive Castor Cleansing milk, Trio Glow, and Organic Muslin cloth are found in this category.
  • Moisturizers-  Enjoy the delights of Organic lip serum, Rosewater Hydrating Spirit, Fountain of Youth face cream here.
  • Serum and Face Oils- You can shop for Rose Hip oil, Hydrating Serum, Vitamin C Elixir in this span.
  • Eye and Lip care- Bring charm to your eyes and lips with the organic lip scrub, Eye glow, Express yourself an eye cream, and the organic lip serum.

They produce unisex organic products for the body and face and that includes anti-pollution face, eye creams, and pro-youth serums.

5. Arcadia

When you want to search for the best cosmetic brand in Dubai having a specialty in fragrances then, you hardly can miss Arcadia.

Beauty and Skincare Brands UAE

What makes it a sustainable aromatic brand is its dedication to producing animal cruelty-free and chemical toxic-free scents. It specializes in creating an aromatic mood along with infusing herbal goods.The best sellers in the Arcadia brand would include-

  • No. 1 Royal Orchard.
  • No. 11 Jinx.
  • No. 18 Bête Noir and the
  • No. 2 Splinter. 

Proposing you the Splinter by Arcadia which gives a nostalgic tribute to childhood innocence and for relishing a bold mood nothing is more promising than Hassaku High.

6. Izil

There are a few Dubai skincare brands 2023 that would satisfy you in your natural simple looks. In this minimalistic age, there’s no need for any random extravagant lotions or serums.

Beauty and Skincare Brands UAE

So, here’s introducing Izil by Mouna Abassy which has successfully transformed the beauty industry with the homemade natural goodness of argan oil, rosewater galore, and saffron.

It caters to a wide range of organic skincare products including green tea facial scrubs, hammam soap exclusively made at home, and body masks. For frizzy and messy hair conditions you can rely on nourishing hair oils.

7. The Dubai Dolls

Beauty and Skincare Brands UAE

Similar to its brand name, the last one is uniquely cherishing diversity and individuality. The Canadian duo Priya Judge and Gayatri Sagar dedicated their brand to Dubai city.

The Dubai makeup brand specializes in its lip care collections. The top picked ones are

Beauty and Skincare Brands UAE
  • The bright coral La Mer bold collection.
  • The Burj comes in a rich red elegant combination.
  • The Marina or hot fuchsia with which you can pout perfectly coated with cruelty-free color.

Do you know what’s best about The Dubai Dolls? Every time you purchase your selected product from them, you also contribute to young girls’ quality education. They dedicate two percent of their sales to the noble cause.

Don’t wait!

So, when you shop for  Dubai beauty products, you definitely deserve the best! And all these Dubai makeup and skincare brands promise to deliver quality products.

Beauty and Skincare Brands UAE

In an age where teens suffer from the worst skin conditions because of some random local beauty products, you hardly can afford skin complexities.

So, why wait? Make yourself feel special by grabbing from the bests.

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