6 Lazy Day Cute Weekend Hairstyles That Are Super Easy & Fun To Do

6 Easy And Cute Hairstyles For A Lazy Day Or Weekend

Any weekend comes after a long-struggling week of rising early & running to the office for dealing with several piled-up files.

And, when finally we get respite from work, we all love to relax or have fun with our family & friends without spending much time in our makeup, look or hairstyles.

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Actually, we feel lazy to do anything these days. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to look unappealing & boring by choosing unattractive casual-looking hairstyles for you on the weekends because we have brought for you some cute weekend hairstyles for lazy days that are super easy & fun to do.

Our list of hairstyles also includes some cute hairstyles for long hair. So, Come! Let’s have a look at those hairstyles:

1. Braided Messy Bun Hairstyle:

The first hairstyle in our list of cute easy hairstyles for the weekend is a braided messy bun. Tired of the work pressure that you have withstood throughout the week? Then, what better way will it be to relax your office’s off day & looking glamorous at the same time than to tie up a braided messy bun!

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Braided hairs have always gained appreciation from people & Believe Us! You don’t have to work hard to tie up this bun. This hairstyle, like another cute hairstyle for long hair, is so easy to do! A braided messy bun hairstyle will never make you feel irritated with the hairs falling on your shoulders as your hair remains tied up over your head.

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For this hairstyle, embrace your untidy hair & then take the hair up a notch using an inverted braid. So, go for this don’t care type hairstyle, which is also one of the impressive cute weekend hairstyles & enjoy the truce at your place or any fun party.

This hairstyle will make you look presentable in front of everyone. Relish driving with the messy look’s flow by simply tugging your braid lightly & get a more undone yet completely intentional look.

2. Wash & Go Curly Hairstyle:

Looking for an ultimate time-saving hairstyle among other cute hairstyles for the weekend that will let your curls hang freely?

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Then, why not try the wash & go curly hairstyle! Get totally fuss-free curls with this hairstyle by just adding a small quantity of a well-defining mousse like Dove Style Plus Care Curls Hairstyle Defining Mousse to your hair. Your hair will look naturally on point.

3. Headscarf Updo Hairstyle:

Wanna some more simple easy cute hairstyles for going lazy this weekend? Then, here’s a new hairstyle for you – Headscarf Updo. Enough of the use of headbands. Gone are those days with hairband-tied-up hairstyles.

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Bid them ‘Goodbye’ & say the headscarf updo hairstyle ‘Hi’! It’s a supersoft alternative to any other traditional styled hair accessories & will automatically lend you a super casual & carefree boho look.

It’s one of the most appreciated hairdos that must definitely be added to the list of different cute hairstyles for the weekend. How to master wrapping a headscarf over your head? Well! Go through any headscarf tutorial available over the internet & you will know it! What we can assure you is that it’s not something hard to tie up a hair scarf on your head.

In fact, it will take only a few minutes before you’re done.

4. Top Knot Hairstyle:

Are you in a hustle to visit a weekend invitation or gathering orchestrated by your friend or feeling super lazy to come out of bed & tie up your hair in a neat manner? Or, do you have a deficit of time & thinking of some simple easy cute hairstyles? Okay! Relax! Be Cool! Among various cute weekend hairstyles, this hairstyle may suit your purpose.

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Throw your loose hair up by making a flawlessly twisted top knot. An impressive sleek top knot will keep your look completely hands-free throughout the day.

So, do you find anything complex in this hairstyle? Nay! It’s as simple as that!

5. Simple Side Twists Hairstyle:

Love Jessica Lowndes? Then, you will also love this hairdo like any other cute hairstyle for the weekend. In this Jessica Lowndes modeled hairstyle (wore by her on the UK premiere of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”), the hairs on the sides & back of your head are twisted to give you an elegant look.

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It’s a super easy hairstyle idea & will treat your boring hair to some modern cuteness this weekend. Besides, unlike some other common & boring weekend hairstyles, this hairstyle will impart you an easy, soft & romantic look, that is perfect for your date!

6. Semi Twisted Pony Hairstyle:

Curious to know about some more cute weekend hairstyles? Well! Here’s a hairstyle for you that is not only super easy but also will remind you of the 70s Dance Move.

And, it’s none other than semi twisted pony hairstyle! It’s a three-step hair tie-up process where your hair is pulled back in such a special way that it becomes a semi-twisty ponytail.

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This hairdo, which can be included among various cute easy hairstyles for the weekend, will render you a schoolgirl look with a sneaky style.

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Simply pull your hair backward to form a low pony & secure it by using an elastic. After that, take the length (height) minus (-) a half inches section left out by you. Flip it in within the elastic. Tighten up your flip thing in place.

Hold the loose half inches section of your hair for wrapping it around the pulled-thru twist’s base. Secure it by taking the help of one or two bobby pins.

Wrapping Up:

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So, what’s your choice of the day? Which cute weekend hairstyles we mentioned above have stolen your heart? We’re eager to know from you! Let us know & we promise, we will bring for you many more attractive hairstyles that will make your day. Bye for now! See you again!

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