10 Curly Prom Hairstyles that Will Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

 The desire of every girl is to be beautiful. From finding the perfect dress and fab shoes to getting her makeup right and choosing the best hairstyle that suits her perfectly.

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If you have naturally curly prom hair Luckily, curly and textured hair is perfect for formal styles. A curly prom hairstyle is a great way to add some personality to your hair.

It can also be a great way to change up your look. Many different hairstyles can be done with curly hair. In this article, we will discuss the curly prom hairstyle

Curly Prom Hairstyles

When it comes to prom, it’s natural to have every detail perfect. In such a situation, choosing the right hairstyle is a big deal. To complicate matters a bit more, if you have long hair, short hair, or medium hair there are countless options from which to choose.

1. Waterfall Prom Hairstyle

The waterfall prom hairstyle is one of the most beautiful and fancy hairstyles for girls that have come out in recent times. So much so that it can be worn on the occasion of marriage as well. The waterfall prom hairstyle is a great way to celebrate curly hair hairstyle on prom night.

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This is a fun and stylish way to get ready for prom. You can use your weave or long hair while designing this amazing prom hairstyle. This hairstyle is for those girls who have curly hair under long hair, this prom hairstyle for them is very spectacular and stylish.

How to make a waterfall curly prom hairstyle?

Keep your hair straight towards the back of the head. Go ahead and take a section of your side hair on either side of your head and plait it. Your braid should meet at some point on the back of your head. The layered form makes it easy to maintain.

2. Blonde Curly Bob hairstyle

Step into style with this upscale princess look that comes highly recommended for graduation hairstyles. A curly bob hairstyle is a great choice for those who have medium hair or short hair. 

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It is easy to style and can be dressed up or down. It is easy to care for and can be updated to match any outfit. This short curly prom hairstyle everybody loves it! Why? It’s suitable for any hair type and keeps your hair manageable when it comes to styling. 

How to make a blonde short curly prom hairstyle?

Comb your natural hair well and then divide them into two parts and leave them freely. If you want to use hair spray and hair pins or some hair accessories to secure your hairstyle, then you can. 

3. Losse twisted updo Prom

The main trend is a natural look in everything. Most of the trendy updos are loose and a bit messy. In general, your updo should look youthful, fresh, and attractive, but at the same time be simple and not too laborious.

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Try not to choose hairstyles that make you look too adult. This stunning look is a great way to show off your highlighted locks. Try a curly messy bun with an accent braid and face-framing wisps of hair.

How to make a loosely twisted updo prom?

Try this version of the accent braid: start at your part and work down towards the ear then across the back of the head. To succeed at this style, section off the hair for the braid and create the loose bun first.

4. French Braid for Short Hair

As we know how much French braid is in trend and personally I love this braid style on women of all ages.

It’s great for little girls to keep their hair away from their faces in the hot summer months, and it can also be beautiful on older women who need an easy hairstyle for those days, Those who do not have time to wash and dry their hair! 

What is the best way to make a french braid with short hair?

Divide your hair into two parts and then leave the lower part of the hair as it is and divide the hair into three parts from the front of the high part and cross them to make a braid and the back side of your hair with a hairpin Attached and this completes your stunning short curly prom hairstyle

5. Loose Chignon with a Curly Ponytail

Choose an experienced stylist if you desire a glamorous look.  If you have long curly prom hair then try these ponytail prom hairstyles for natural hair. Prom ponytail hairstyles are easy to create updos that carry out a classy, romantic vibe.

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When it comes to prom ponytail hairstyles for long hair. having long hair in a ponytail can help the style stay better while also keeping the long heavy hair off of your face. 

How to create a curly prom ponytail hairstyle?

Backcomb the hair at the front of your head to create a pouf. Leaving the hair at the front, lift the sides of the pouf and overlap them. Secure the pouf with an elastic band and bobby pins. Then simply tie the entire hair behind you with a rubber band.

6. Twisted Pretty

open hairstyles are the best for the pre and post-wedding functions. Most people get confused when it comes to styling their open hair. many open hair hairstyles beat them at it while making the bride look even more stunning.

This is one of the most modern and chic open hair hairstyles that brides go for these days. To get this natural look all you have to do is blow-dry your hair and curl them slightly on the ends in a way that it looks naturally wavy.

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How to make a twisted curly prom hairstyle?

If you have straight hair, create a wavy look all over your hair before starting the designing process. Go ahead and part all your hair straight towards the back of the head and make it lose curls prom medium hair. From the front side, divide the hair into small sections.

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Fold each section from root to tip and pin them at the back of your head in an alternating pattern. Make sure you have overlapped sections when pinning them to hide the bobby pins from view. Spritz on some hairspray to apply a half updo.

7. Side Curly Ponytail idea

With the help of a ponytail, you can style your hair and at the same time show off those perfect curls. This is also a great coverup hairstyle if you haven’t washed your curly hair. You can try low, side, high, messy, or lose ponytails depending on your preference and occasion.

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How to make a side curly ponytail?

 You need to comb your hair perfectly and make a loose ponytail right above the ear. It gives a messy and stylish look. If your hair is slightly loose curls prom medium hair, the texture adds to the messed-up look.

8. Crowned Top Knot

Ladies with short hair, buckle up; it’s your time to trend. The top knot bun is a stylish hairstyle that is created by twisting your hair into a bun on the top of the head. This is a very versatile look and can range from sleek and sophisticated to messy chic.

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What is the best way to tie a top knot?

Start by parting your hair in two parts. Next, gather the top section of your locks into a ponytail.

Once you have secured your hair with an elastic band, add small sections of the ponytail around the hairband to cover it, creating a small bun.

9. Half-up side braided 

If you like to keep your hair down then a half-up braid would be a perfect choice. It can also be suitable for some occasions, for example, if you are going to be a bridesmaid but you hate updos then this hairstyle will be the best for you. And if your hair is curly prom from the bottom, then go for this hairstyle.

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How do you make a half-up side braid?

Take a small section of your hair, part the front section, and braid the rest to prepare it for a ponytail. Then made a reverse French braid, pulling each section under instead of over. Then finish the French braid until the hair ends to add the braid, then attach it with a bobby pin or hair designer pin to comb the rest of the hair.

10. Loose Curls Prom medium hair

Finally, your romantic date is complete with a gorgeous curly prom hairstyle, loose curly hairstyles are among the most popular hairstyles for women of all ages. The loose curls come as a look somewhere between the regular curl and the wave. 

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How to create a loose curly prom hairstyle?

Simply create a romantic and charming hairstyle. The hair can be worn to the side or parted down the middle. The loose curl is a relaxed hairdo that looks good for a casual day as well as a red carpet event. The style can be worn anywhere; it is very versatile.

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