23 Stunning Curly Hairstyles for Lehenga: Transform Your Look 

When it’s about hairstyles then, most of the time everyone chooses curly hairstyles for lehenga. This is quite trending and the most searchable content. Most of the ladies or girls choose these curly hairstyles for lehenga, saree, or other outfits, letting their hair down and open. To make your hairstyle look simple, elegant, and stylish. Then, go for some beautiful hairstyles for lehenga. 

Beautiful hairstyles for lehenga, short curly hairstyles for saree, and many open hairstyles with lehenga, saree, and other outfits look perfect for a wedding function. Moreover, being comfortable with any hairstyle enhances the looks of casual and boring outfits even. 

To get ideas to carry curly hairstyles for lehenga for any wedding function or party, you can look here for some pictures and there to do the ideas process. This can surely help you to carry beautiful and open hairstyles with a lehenga, to pair the buns or other hairstyles with a saree, and other gorgeous outfits. Such are as follows: 

1. Minimum Glamorous Hairstyle

open hairstyles with lehenga

The bride is willing to have a minimal glamorous look with elegance and can try this idea. Look at her in the picture, the girl has tried waterfall braids from the front and pinned them at the back.

These are the beautiful hairstyles for lehenga paired with curls and puffs a little bit at the back below the braids that look glamorous. The tiny pearl jewel elevated the hairstyle look. 

2. Half-up Curly

open hairstyles with lehenga

Half-up curly ponytail hairstyles look gorgeous for a bride or for attending any close one’s wedding functions. This is one of the lehenga hairstyles for curly hair where the hairstyle looks messy and empirically gorgeous.

Sometimes let the bouffant and messy loose curls seem to be effortless. Creating pictures like hairstyles go for loose curls and twisted half-up pony. 

3. Half-braided Bun with Pearl Lace

open hairstyles with lehenga

Not all hairstyles go perfectly with the outfit. However, these mermaid braids’ loose curly hairstyles for lehenga look great with every outfit.

The loose curly braids from both sides pinned together at the back made a rose half-bun. This look has been beautified with pearl lace decorated over the mermaid braid. 

4. Half pony Braid for Lehenga

open hairstyles with lehenga

Lehenga hairstyles for curly hair complement this half-pony braid with curls. The single fish braid with two side loose mermaid braids paired with floral pins or clips attached to the hair looks gorgeous.

As well as the pearl pins in the middle of the braids beautify the hairstyle look. 

5. Side Mermaid Braids 

open hairstyles with lehenga

Doesn’t this picture create a hairstyle that looks impressive? If you are too willing to try this picture look for simple but elegant side mermaid braids.

You can try these open short curly hairstyles for saree or lehenga.  Make a simple side mermaid braid in straight or wavy hair, with curls at the end of the back hair. 

6. Accessorise with a Messy Pony

open hairstyles with lehenga

An edgy and bold twist to the open hairstyles with lehenga and to have beautiful hairstyles for lehenga. You can look at this idea of a messy pony-style hairstyle.

These open hairstyles with lehenga are paired with a gorgeous tiny pearl lace headband kind of hair accessory or jewel and curls at the end.

7. The Bollywood Bride’s Hairstyle 

open hairstyles with lehenga

The Bollywood bride tries some beautiful open hairstyles with lehenga with middle parting hair. This middle parting hair look is a minimal but effective and impacting hairstyle.

This beautiful Bollywood bride tried the curly hairstyles for lehenga look of her with braids making a crown at the back and decorating the hairstyle with a floral touch. 

8. Neat side Braid Hairstyle

open hairstyles with lehenga

The neat side braid open hairstyle with lehenga, gown, and other designer dresses with soft wavy loose curls looks simple, minimal, and trendy.  The neat side braid shown in the picture gives an edgy look to your wavy loose and blow-dried curly hairstyles for lehenga look.

9. Loose Waves 

open hairstyles with lehenga

Loose waves hairdo gives us some party fun and comfortable vibes. This picture shows the idea of creating such a simple yet stylish look with the middle parting the hairs. Getting this look isn’t much difficult with the help of a curling tool.

To give it a natural look, shake the waves or curls with your fingers and put a piece of forehead jewelry or ornament at the middle part of the front hair. 

10. Mang tika Beautified Hairstyles

curly hairstyles for lehenga

Look here at the wedding or any function hairstyle for some curly open hairstyle with lehenga. This hairstyle just has been curled with middle-parted hair and made a mermaid-style side braid, pinning it back together from both sides.

These lehenga hairstyles for curly hair are added with some blow-dried curls and a maang tika to decorate the middle parting hairstyle look. 

11. Floral Studded hair Jewelry 

curly hairstyles for lehenga

 These simple beach curls are good for open hairstyles with lehenga that look amazing in a bride for her henna ceremony, or carnival fest.

To get this look, curl loosely to the hair with a middle part. Attach floral studded hair jewelry on one side of the hair to enhance the simple curl look hairstyle. 

12. Regal Bride Look

curly hairstyles for lehenga

The messy braids are classic and trending as well which accords impressive and regal bride looks. These are the perfect lehenga hairstyles for curly hair for any wedding function or for the bride as well.

This hairdo can be created with messy braids doing a middle part hairstyle, wearing Kundan two layered matha patti will elevate the hairstyle look. 

13. Accessorize with a Curly Bun

curly hairstyles for lehenga

Brides of the modern-day wish to have some grand hairdos for attending any party, function, or wedding season. These beautiful hairstyles for lehenga give a long-lasting impression on curly hairstyles.

Especially, when the hairdo is created as a curly bun hairstyle, accessorizing such look with tiny pearl pins and hair jewelry looks gorgeous.

14. Embellished Hairstyle 

curly hairstyles for lehenga

Nowadays, the trend of mangtika is not the same as before. Girls and ladies now have many options to try for hair accessories. Here, from the picture too, get the look designed with some embellished hair clip.

To recreate this look, try some voluminous curls and a puffy or neat bouffant hairstyle must be tried for an open hairstyle with lehenga. 

15. Messy Pony Braid Hairstyle

Making all the brides look fabulous with some unique hairstyling. Try this picture shown, which is a messy pony braid hairstyle.

curly hairstyles for lehenga

These hairdos will take time but will look elegant with the pearl and butterfly hair pins or clips attached over the mermaid braid. This mermaid braid look has been elevated and become unique with a messy thick pony over the mermaid braid. 

16. Headband Braid

beautiful hairstyle for lehenga

This headband braid looks complicated but stunning at the same time. For short curly hairstyles for saree or curly hairstyles for lehenga, this headband braid will look gorgeous along with rhinestone clips or pins attached to the hair to uplift the look.

Make a normal braid from the front side as a headband and attach this braid behind your ear with a pin. Moreover, curl loosely the ends of the hair to get this picture shown. 

17. Minimal Bridal Hairstyles 

The brides never want to compromise on their looks and go for beautiful hairstyles for lehenga to carry. However, nowadays every bride opts for minimal look and lehenga hairstyles for curly hair that will also be great for any kind of outfit.

beautiful hairstyle for lehenga

Making neat and voluminous curls are also a great choice. To recreate the picture showing the hairdo, divide the middle part section for maang tikka attachments and curl the ends of the wavy hair.

18. Minimalist side-swept Hairstyles

beautiful hairstyle for lehenga

The brides choose a side-swept hairstyle which is nowadays trend, following for a minimal look. This look is also suitable for short curly hairstyles for saree as well as for lehenga.

Look at the picture, this hairdo will be completed with curls at the end of the hair after the middle section is parted and the side swept design pinned properly from both sides. 

19. Half-up Ponies

beautiful hairstyle for lehenga

The half-up pony with curls bestows innocence and charm on the face. Along with any kind of party dress, these half-up curly ponies will look great even in lehenga hairstyles for curly hair.

This half-up curled hair pony will make you look stunning and gorgeous with a little bit puffy from the front. 

20. Messy loose Curls Pony

beautiful hairstyle for lehenga

 Let your hair loose and messy which is a new fashion these days. To make the messy and loose curls hairstyle look better and more gorgeous, try some accessories to make it.

To get the picture idea look, make a loose curl for beautiful hairstyles for lehenga and knot a side-swept loose pony. Moreover, complete the look with embroidered work double headband. 

21. Faux Hawk Braids

beautiful hairstyle for lehenga

This picture proposed hairstyle will look gorgeous on curly hairstyles for lehenga. All the girls who wish to look special, simple, and elegant at the same time with such faux hawk braids, and half-high pony hairstyles.

Go for this look with curling hair and curly fringes for carrying any outfit with confidence and chic style.

22. Side-swept Faux Hawk Braids

short curly hairstyles for saree

To have gorgeous and stunning short curly hairstyles for saree, you can look at this picture idea for getting this hairstyle look done.

To have this hairdo, start sectioning your hair from the side in two parts after the main sectioning of the hair. Start braiding the side-swept section, making it u-shaped to have this faux hawk braid look.

23. Messy curly Bun Hairstyle 

short curly hairstyles for saree

Make your short hair look elegant in a saree even, have short curly hairstyles for saree look. This is possible by making a short hair bun with loose curls or in curly hair giving it a messy touch to make it look like a perfect saree hairstyle. 


1. How do I prepare my hair for curly hairstyles? 

For curly hairstyles for lehenga and other outfits, prepare the hair by combing it properly to detangle the hairs, cleaning the hair along with proper conditioning. 

2. What hair accessories can I use to enhance my curly hairstyles?

Several hair accessories are available to add to the open hairstyles with lehenga. Accessories to be used or available for enhancing curly hairstyles can be pearl lace, studded crystal stone headbands, floral tiaras, butterfly clips, and many more.

3. How do I maintain my curly hairstyle throughout the day? 

Hair setter spraying and not combing the curled or twisted wavy hairs constantly can maintain the curly hairstyle and accords a gorgeous look throughout the day. 


Curly hairstyles for lehenga bestow a most-needed break from straight hairstyle look at special functions, parties, or on a wedding day. These curly loose open hairstyles with lehenga, ghagra, and other wedding gowns and dresses are also perfect for brides.

Moreover, short curly hairstyles for saree even bestow a gorgeous look that can be seen from some of the above pictures.  Hope you guys loved the ideas and inspiration of these curly hairstyles for lehenga look. Moreover,  these looks can be simply tried by you guys at home itself.

These short curly hairstyles for saree or open hairstyle with lehenga will need a curling iron to get curly hairstyles look for match your desired hairstyle and special occasion. 

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