25+ Colored Box Braid Ideas To Show Off Your Style: Must Try

Box braids have been setting trends since a few years back. Even though you are used to this box-braid look you can make it interesting at the same time.

colored box braids

If you have already guessed, yes! We are talking about colored box braids. Regardless of your shorter or lengthy hair, you will enjoy these below-shared 25+ color 4 braiding hair lively ideas.

1. Blonde Colored Box Braids

Box braids are classic and filling them with lighter blonde color would help you to transform into the traditional look.

colored box braids

Speaking of warm sunny days when tinting colors are looked for mostly, these light blond box braids would make your day. There’s a twist in the tale, you can color the braid ends with your favorite bright colors.

Here’s our hint, why not try navy blue or pink box braids with color in the back?

2. The Purple Euphoria

Purple color brings a sense of a dreamy impression with it. When you are ready to purple the box braids with color in the back then nothing can be more euphoric than this.

colored box braids

So, paint your hair in the true sense of the mystical unicorns and carry the quirkiness with you. At the frontal braids, color them purplish and at the end fill them with pink tints.

Add some golden ornaments to make the look even more interesting.

3. Indigo Colored Box Braids

Indigo or deep blue color box braids are rare but definitely incredible. The box braids add unique essence to the hair. Bet what! It won’t make anyone guess your real age.

colored box braids

The blue color 4 braiding hair would complement statement earnings with a long silk gown. Those who love to implement dramatic ideas must experiment with this one.

4. The B & W Braids

As we all know B&W stands for black and white, so your color 4 braiding hair must include both black and white presence.

colored box braids

Unlike the black and pink braids, adding white surely would be an edgy hair idea. No matter if you have a fair, wheatish, or dark complexion the B&W braids would suit everyone.

5. Crossed Black and pink braids

You can return back to the authentic hair color without sacrificing your passion for colors. Bringing the pink and black box braids ideas is simple.

colored box braids

All you have to do is tie your box braids and alternatively color each braid with pink tones. Here’s our suggestion – if you naturally have black textured hair then trying out the loom will give you some sense of originality.

6. Phoenix Brown and Blonde Box Braids

It takes creativity in making brown and blonde box braids appear buoyant.

colored box braids

We have named the look Phoenix-colored box braids because it has the potential to resurrect the hair look from nowhere.

colored box braids

Further, intensify the hairstyle into the half-up and half-down mode. Pair the rising phoenix hair idea with nude or neutral makeup.

7. Blue Shaded with Gold Embellishments

Wanna turn into the angelic version of your beautiful hair? The blue colored box braids would remind you of the wide spectrum of the azure shade.

colored box braids

For those with brown skin tones, for them, the color would complement their skin accurately. Your blue color 4 braiding hair would look elegant as soon as you add golden accents at the braid ends.

8. Pony-Tailed Brown and Blonde Box Braids

Ponytailed brown and blonde box braids will fetch out the inner teen girl that you were missing for a long time. The half-up brown-haired ponytail would blend the ’90s and modern style.

colored box braids

So, you can try to be cute as well as hot at the same time. Add gold or silver embellishments if that makes you feel confident.

9. Simple with Crochet Box Braids

Many of us are not really at ease with multiple colors. The crochet mono box braids with color in the back idea would make you feel comfortable but presentable at the same time.

colored box braids

Keep it usual with wine-red crochet box braids. You can even have your hair extension get colored burgundy or deep pink to enjoy the look.

10. The Splendid Black and Pink Braids

The pink-black braids do magic especially when you know how to carry them right! In this case, you can have black box braids with colors in the back to not compromise your classiness.

colored box braids

In the back add the light pink shade to see the difference. In the end, tie the top knot to your box braids adding splendidness to your hair.

11. Boho small box braids

These days the style setters have all joined the boho fan club! And why not, when they can transform the usual hair look into freakingly amazing.

colored box braids

Add olive or irregular hues to the color 4 braiding hair. Live the boho chic carefree vibe by having a loosed half bun of your long braided hair.

12. The Drama Queen Red Braids

The red box braids are usual but you can experiment with trying something new like red box braids with color in black.

colored box braids

The red color is super hot and has the power to be dramatic yet statement-making. Wear a hairband to make the look more jolly or twin your hair color with any red attire. For summer have lighter shades.

13. Multi-Shaded Pink and Black Braids

The present idea is unique from other regularly carried out colored box braids. It’s basically a multi-toned idea where you have to color your box braids with multiple pink shades.

colored box braids

What’s fun about the look is that it leaves a lot of scope to show the beauty of different shades of pink alongside maintaining black natural hair. While braiding the hair you can leave your curls untied at the back.

14. Bold Platinum, Black and Pink Braids

Featuring bold platinum colors with nude pink and black box braids would give some cozy feeling. Pink is not a kiddish color if you know how to combine it with other shades.

colored box braids

The trio of pink, black, and platinum tinges is suitable for all ages, women of all skin tones, and facial cuts.

15. The Silver-Toned Blonde Box Braids

The next presented idea is based on the silver-colored box braids. These silver-colored braids even though they are lighter, however, at the same time, nothing stops them from being bold.

colored box braids

When you are ready to accept the edgy vibe then only wear out the silver-toned blonde box braids idea. Try out the idea for shorter hair and get ready to receive compliments.

16. Ombre Pink and Black Box Braids

Ombre effects are incredible and in no time smoothly transform into lighter shades from dark ones. Clearly, black and pink braids with ombre effects create gorgeousness in the hair types.

colored box braids

No matter if you are getting ready for your birthday party or attending someone else’s wedding anniversary, all eyes will make you the star of the event.

So, either tie out thinner or stronger braids, and the look won’t offend you.

17. The Aqua Blue Braids

The idea of an aqua-blue braid is super aesthetic and in a sense serene to look at. Unlike any brown and blonde box braids idea featured in this article, blue braids would give cooler vibes.

colored box braids

You can have a side bun with braided side locks or make a top knot. Wear a nose pin and chocker to look more intense.

18. When the Green Rules

There’s no rule for green hair. All you have to do is use a hair color brush and from the tip to the mid braid fill it with light or bottle green shades.

colored box braids

And guess what! You will look amazing without any salon visits.

19. The Flying Colors Box Braids

We have enough posts of those pink and black box braids or blonde hair ideas. Let’s take it to the next level. Have you ever thought about experimenting with multiple hair colors for your braids?

colored box braids

No! Well, try it out and get obsessed with it. Pick three to four lively colors like pink, orange or blue, and color them in combined patterns. You can carry out the rainbow-themed or unicorn color braids.

20. Another One With Blonde

When you run out of colors, try out the simple brown and blonde box braids idea. Have chunky braids and fill blonde and light brown texture in a criss-cross manner.

colored box braids

You either can test the black blonde duo or test the black-brown or golden trio in your hair. Along with the color combination, why not have some cross-crossed hairstyle?

21. The Vivid Yellow Braids

The mainstream pink or blue colors sometimes don’t appeal to us as much as unique tinges such as vivid or Melon yellow.

colored box braids

Your hair color would pop out and any time you take a snap it would make you look picture perfect. If you don’t feel like coloring your hair for real, think about extensions.

colored box braids

Else, have box braids with color in the back (preferably bright yellow) to see the wonder.

22. The Tinges of Grey

Those who don’t like bright colors or are less interested in multiple colors can think about adding slight tinges of grey to their black box braids.

colored box braids

With the grey tinges, your hair will look more sophisticated and attractive with minimal effort.

23. The Pink Blue Touches

We will like to share another ombre idea featuring black and pink braids with sky tinges. The ombre effect is such that the black natural hair in no time will turn to pink followed by blue in no time.

colored box braids

The hair color would be perfect for a collab with seasonal changes like during spring and autumn. You can recreate the pattern or can reverse the color pattern.

24. The Fiery Red Color Box Braids

Those who are interested in flaunting the red hair look then don’t hesitate to transform your hair to a fiery red tone.

colored box braids

The black braided hair would look surreal like golden sunset rays with the red or brown and blonde box braids. Feature the red box braids with a sky-high ponytail or top knot and those golden cuffs would be a blessing.

25. The EverGreen Braids

Next, we have in the list is dark green shaded color 4 braiding hair. It’s nothing less than evergreens because all age groups can give it a try.

colored box braids

Those who have no fear of trying out what others can’t style with it. Attach hair accessories to set the mood.

26. The Two Halves

Guess what, we have another colored box braids idea that looks freakingly cool and funky. To have this look segregate the hair in two halves and then color it into two contrasting shades.

colored box braids

We have chosen blue and pink as the best trendsetter. The following only braided hair look is also known as the better half style. You don’t require lengthy hair to bring into reality the hairstyle.

Have Gala Time!

Maintaining curly or boxed braid hair is not easy unless you know how to groom your hair accurately.

colored box braids

You can implement any of these 26 colored box braids ideas or else you can also experiment by blending two or more looks. But make sure that your hair doesn’t look odd and goes with the attire or event you are thinking of attending.

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