32 Coffin Baddie Red Acrylic Nails That You Can Try At Home

Coffin Baddie Red Acrylic nails are something, that nowadays, trending and everyone wants to slay with the best acrylic nail art. This idea of nail art has raised its trend and fashion more through social sites, celebrities, and influencers.

coffin baddie red acrylic nails

A social site like Instagram baddie acrylic nails art has enhanced the demand for acrylic nail art among more people. Coffin baddie refers to the nails shaped through which one can slay with phenomenal taste and fashion sense. Coffin shaped is like stiletto spike-shaped nails but do not have too pointed tips or else have a square tip.

The coffin baddie red Acrylic nails have red hue acrylic and artistic nail art, whose shape bestows the length of the stiletto nails. The red coffin nails bestow a bold, bright, and classy look, as usual, more than other bright colors.

coffin baddie red acrylic nails

This ongoing trendy baddie acrylic nails can offer your nails aesthetic, slaying, and interesting looks. We have some interesting coffin red baddie aesthetic nails art to share with you all.

Best Coffin baddie acrylic red nails art

1. V-shaped Black tips over nude hue nail art 

The black pointed tips are going perfectly with this nude hue. This v-shaped black tips nail art is quite trendy baddie acrylic nails art which is bestowing a classy look.

trendy baddie acrylic nails

In addition to this, pointed v-shaped black color tips is complimenting the twist to these classy nude nails. These coffin-shaped nails along with such trendy baddie acrylic nails art enhance her nails look by making them look more elegant.

2. Red polka dot nails art

Here, The coffin baddies’ red Acrylic nails is looking fantastic while complementing the pink color and Chanel logo gold decals. The bold and perfectionist ladies use this bright red color usually.

trendy baddie acrylic nails

The red nails look tremendous with the cute little polka dots art inside it. Moreover, the pink color on other nails with red square tip lines complements the overall look. This baddie aesthetic nails art is something that one should try.

3. Red hue gel nails with oval-shaped art

This look is great for all girls looking for red baddie aesthetic nails art ideas. A red hue gel nails extension in a coffin-shaped with pink or nude hue nails will enhance and raise the fashion beauty and styling sense among those girls.

trendy baddie acrylic nails

To recreate this look, over the pink or nude hue, paint red gel nail paint an oval shape and line the shape or tips below it with the red color itself to define its shape.  

4. Almond aesthetic acrylic nail art

Curious to know what to add on with nude tone nails or how to combine nude with red acrylic nail art? Just look at the idea here, which is unique and outstanding.

trendy baddie acrylic nails

As the nail art has been done in an almond shape with red bold color over nude nail paint. This almond-shaped nail art is one among the familiar Instagram baddie acrylic nails art.

5. V-shaped baddie nail art with rhinestones 

The super exciting style of acrylic nail art is accompanied by rhinestones giving it an extremely beautiful look and combination. The v-shaped white color pointed tips are looking great with the red baddie simple coffin nails with rhinestones on the remaining nails.

trendy baddie acrylic nails

The white acrylic art made in the ring fingers is enhancing the overall heavy look of the nail art. The red glittery strips on the white outer v-shaped line is bestowing a rich and luxurious feel.

6. U-shaped red nails

Do you want to try red nails art that will give aesthetic look without being practiced for long or making it heavy? Then have a glance over this red baddie aesthetic nails art idea which looks fabulous because of the u-shaped red color nail paint over and with the nude color combination.

trendy baddie acrylic nails

This red color nail paint covering the tips of the nails, making it u-shaped is good for beginners and learners to practice nail art.

7. White Aura baddie aesthetic red nails art

Here, the white aura in red nails is trendy baddie acrylic nails art. This white aura is offering a marbling and Smokey effect. These red nails with some white hue and glittery or shimmery touch inside it are giving an aesthetic touch to the nail art.

trendy baddie acrylic nails

This aesthetic nail art is enhancing its beauty with stiletto-shaped nails. This stiletto-shaped nail is pointed and sharp at the tips giving a dramatic touch and look here to the nail art.

8. Clown Halloween nails art

This idea is something that no one will want to miss. This is especially for Halloween parties, so the girls can cheer up more with these special and related looks while posting them on Instagram.

trendy baddie acrylic nails

This is the cute idea and inspiration that can be taken from such coffin Instagram baddie acrylic nails art. The detailing of the clown Halloween is made with the black and red gel nail color, over the white hue nail part.

9. Coffin baddie red acrylic nails art with rhinestones 

Sometimes we just look perfectionist with the modern and classy nail art look, isn’t it? Well then, here, for all the full-hearted perfectionist girls, the Coffin baddie red acrylic nails art, making the hearts look more aesthetic and beautiful.

trendy baddie acrylic nails

The glittery baddie simple coffin nails with rhinestones in the middle nails are a deadly combination with nail art.

10. Minimal painted maximalist look 

There are endless baddie aesthetic nails art ideas that fit every moment. Look at this, aesthetic pinky-nude lip gloss shade giving inspiration for your manicure.

trendy baddie acrylic nails

This look is yet simple but elegant that can’t be neglected from the idea list. Top of the pink-nude nail shade painted some red hearts that is bestowing the perfect balance of some minimal painted and maximalist look.

11. A deadly combination of red and peachy-nude

Coffin baddie red acrylic nails are the choice and taste of many but having one with the perfect shape and shade gives a fantastic feel. Look at the picture, to recreate this look apply some glossy peachy-nude color nail paint.

trendy baddie acrylic nails

Over it, defining the coffin shape, paint a red gel hue above it. Lastly, give a final touch by painting white line hearts and shiner.

12. Fire Red heart gel nails 

If you find classic French manicures interesting always, then, look at here to the glossy French with white nail paint at the pointed tip of coffin baddie red acrylic nails. 

trendy baddie acrylic nails

Here, the lip gloss shade pinky-nude hue is applied first. Then, at the pointed tip of coffin-shaped nails, a red heart fire line is painted over the white nail paint, giving it a fire shape and finish gel look.

13. Sparkling stars over red hue

This is the chic fashion idea for nail art for those who are looking for baddie aesthetic nails.  Sparkling stars stand out against a red color base in this design.

trendy baddie acrylic nails

The twinkling or sparkling white star is painted in red gel nail paint. These glimmering stars add a sweet edgy shaped nail to an elegant manicure.

14. Plaids nail art 

The plaid nail art is one of the most trendy baddie acrylic nails art with literally many variations. We love this matte finish red nail paint along with the plaids design on alternative nails.

trendy baddie acrylic nails

This pretty plaid design is the common, simple, familiar but elegant design that accords a groovy look along with a matte finish touch.

15. Glittery Black stiletto nails

This Glittery Black stiletto nails art idea is something that one can try on their special day or events. As this glittery Black is trendy baddie acrylic nails art well going with shiny sparkling sense.

trendy baddie acrylic nails

This is the simple baddie Glittery nail art which is looking similar to rhinestones work. However, it is different from baddie simple coffin nails with rhinestones that give your edgy pointed stiletto nails, a rhinestones art nails touch.

16. Red and white outline dragon nails

Can anyone think to combine red and white together? Yes, the ongoing trend is the proof and the reason is, it looks pretty well and charming.

baddie simple coffin nails with rhinestones

This trendy baddie acrylic nails art combination with dragon acrylic painted nails in white shade nails looks stunning and remarkable.

Watch this combination in the picture, where the matte finish of red is complementing the white nails with a dragon tattoo outline.

17. Gel and matte finish acrylic nails art

Social sites like Instagram influences many people around us for Instagram baddie acrylic nails art. Such nail art includes acrylic paintings to give a nail art new stylish look and modern touch.

baddie simple coffin nails with rhinestones

Look at the picture even, to get this chili acrylic nail art. First, apply gel red bold shade on nails and pink matte shade on alternative nails respectively. Then, paint gel red chili on the pink shade of nails as a groovy acrylic touch.

18. Bloody-red shade with rhinestones 

Want to flaunt your nails with bold and bright colors? Then, choose a blood-red hue that goes with every occasion and outfit. This is the idea that suits the modern and chic style perfectly of baddie simple coffin nails with rhinestones.

baddie simple coffin nails with rhinestones

The rhinestones have been put in the shape of half hearts on both the middle and ring finger that is joined together to make a full heart. This rhinestone has been put in to enhance the beauty of the bold bloody-red nails. 

19. Heart on red gel nails

Just have a look at the stylist, and elegant nail art exciting ideas here. Want to show some love and beauty with your nails? Then, Look at the picture, to get some ideas to recreate this look by applying bright red gel nail paints.

baddie simple coffin nails with rhinestones

While applying the red gel nail paint, use heart-shaped stencils over the ring fingernails. Finish the look with a shiner applied. This heart enhances the overall look of the coffin’s baddie red acrylic nails. 

20. Red and black hearts on fingertips 

Are you in doubt about wearing nail paint for any function or event to attend? Then, you can opt for nude color as the base color of your nail. Apply red hearts on the nails of one hand and black on the other at nail tips or French tips.

baddie simple coffin nails with rhinestones

The almond-shaped nails is looking just super gorgeous with the hearts on the French tips of the nails. Add a shiner to enhance the look of baddie aesthetic nails. 

21. Dark red nails

The most common and persuasive nail paint is the dark red color that goes with every moment and function. The red dark bold color looks presentable and beautiful with or without any baddie simple coffin nails with rhinestones.

baddie simple coffin nails with rhinestones

Dark bold red nails are a style icon that enhances the beauty of the manicure. This is the most familiar and popular style idea to recreate among teenage girls.

22. Coffin red nails with rhinestones

Bless yourself with classy, stylish, and modern coffin-shaped nails. This baddie’s simple coffin nails with rhinestones is complementing the look more.

baddie simple coffin nails with rhinestones

Apply nude color as a base color and red on the nail tips. Decorate the nails with red color gems or rhinestones to enhance the classy look of the coffin-shaped red nails.

23. Red and black cat eye stiletto nails

The cat eye always attracts charm and delicacy. The cat eye suits the stiletto-shaped nails more as it bestows the effects of the eyes through its pointed tips. Firstly, apply red shade nail paint as the base color.

baddie simple coffin nails with rhinestones

Then, paint black strips as a straight line on the center of the nail. These edgy sharp nails is bestowing the perfect look of the cat eye with red and black stiletto nails.

24. Spring nail art 

Thinking about summer and spring look that people are obsessed to have? Then try this Instagram baddie acrylic nails art where the girl wore red and nude shades as base colors.

instagram baddie acrylic nails

The floral spring acrylic nail art is matching perfectly to the spring season. Mix and match floral acrylic nail art colors to paint it over the base color. It looks beautiful and is perfect for the spring season especially.

25. Matte lip gloss shade with acrylic nail art

The matte finish is a new trendy baddie acrylic nails art look that bestows an eye-catchy look. The white v-shaped nail paint on pointed tips enhances the look of the base color.

instagram baddie acrylic nails

To recreate this look, choose the base color as a pinky-nude lip gloss shade in a matte finish. So, that the lips drawn with the red color over the base color in acrylic art form will look clear and gorgeous.

26. Red and black stiletto nails

Red and black is not only a color creating beautiful and bold French tips on stiletto-shaped nails. This is the v-shaped French tips stiletto nails colored with red shade on one side of the top and black on another side of the nail tips.

instagram baddie acrylic nails

This Instagram baddie acrylic nails art looks modern, stunning, and glamorous at the same time.

27. Comic books inspired nails 

Modern black and red nail art looks groovy in oval-shaped nails. The red gel nails with black matte outline all over the red base color give an Ombre effect.

instagram baddie acrylic nails

The white line on the red base color is bestowing the comic or cartoonist look. The comic books inspired ideas and inspiration from such looks can be grasped from here.

28. Stiletto nails art with Smokey effect 

Red and black stiletto nail paint promises us a vibrant pop of color for every occasion. These red and black fancy and modern color combinations centered around an Ombre or Smokey effects.

instagram baddie acrylic nails

This accords even more sharp nails to attract the public, including a vampire look with such a black and red combo or a mysterious groovy blend.

29. Colorful nail paint

While many girls opt for stiletto nails with gold glitter for special occasions, however, some opt for colorful nail art. Here, look at the picture to get this simple Instagram baddie acrylic nails to spice up with gold Glittery nails.

Coffin Baddie Red Acrylic Nails

Classy colorful pink and red gel nails with glittery gold shades is bestowing a rich and luxurious feel with simple red and pastel colors.

30. Gothic stiletto nails

These gothic-styled stiletto nails can be hardly imagined. As it is adding an Ombre effect to the coffin baddie red acrylic nails. This is even bestowing the effect of a flesh-red vampire with a gothic touch.

Coffin Baddie Red Acrylic Nails

The black gel nail paint over the french tips of red base gel nail paint enhances the look of the perfect vampire feel.

31. Pastel and burgundy colors together

Mixing the pastel and burgundy color, with a matte finish look is bestowing the rich look.

Coffin Baddie Red Acrylic Nails

Decorating the French tips with shimmery and glittery gold nail paint over the pastel color offer it a more beautiful, delicate, and elegant look.

32. Minimal hearts in pastel or pink color

Look at the idea in the picture to get inspiration for combining some pastel colors with red nail paint.

Coffin Baddie Red Acrylic Nails

Decorating the coffin baddie red acrylic nails with pastel colors and bestowing the Ombre effect looks effective, attractive, and glamorous. Decorating the pastel color more with minimal hearts on it enhances the overall beauty of the manicure.


 You can get some ideas and inspiration for such coffin baddie red acrylic nails from the above-mentioned glamorous look and acrylic nail artistic art defining the fashion sense, look and feel.

Coffin Baddie Red Acrylic Nails

We hope you got the ideas attractive and charming to recreate this Instagram baddie acrylic nails art.

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