5 Beautiful Classic Makeup Looks With Eyeshadow 2023

From Classic eyeshadow to Bridal Makeup looks: Carry all these Classic Makeup looks.

We all know how to apply a simple eyeshadow or lipstick but very few know how to slay with those looks. And trust me there’s no rocket science in looking attractive with these classic makeup looks.


All you would need is good beauty products, a binge of creativity, and most importantly knowing the right process of applying them. So, today let’s start with listing some of the much-awaited classic bridal makeup looks along with simple yet bold makeup looks. 

#5. Classic makeup look with expressive cat-eye and rosy lips

Classic Makeup Looks with eyeshadow 2022

Wanna achieve a fiery attractive look? Then try out the classic cat-eye with rosy lips. It’s not a minimalistic look and that’s where its beauty lies. So, here’s introducing the classic eyeshadow look with charming rosy lips.

Classic eyeshadow cat-eye look.

The classic cat-eye idea was indeed old but what makes it fresh is applying matte eyeshadow shades matching with the make-up get-over. The challenging part about cat-eye classic eyeshadow look is using the eyeliner like a professional and here many get it wrong.

So, you can master the cat eye art with these few tricks:

Classic Makeup Looks with eyeshadow 2022
  • Apply a bit of foundation with powder over the eye region. Select a light base color.
  • It’s time for you to choose a brown matte eyeshadow based on the skin type of the applicant. Usually pale vanilla is preferable for lighter skin and latte ones for dark skin tones.
  • A perfect wing should always be from the tip of the inner lash line and make it slightly thicker upwards on your lids.

Lastly, make it elegant by curling the eyelashes and using mascara.

As soon as you fix the upper part of your face, let’s move on to achieve rosy lips. Commonly, you would borrow one from your mom or grandma because red as a classic lip color has stood the test of time.

But one secret tip to choose a rosy red lip palate is ensuring that it suits your skin tone. Preferably a matte lipstick for your cat-eye look can prove stunning for every party occasion.

#4. Classic bold makeup look with extra gold

You gracefully flaunt when being golden in accent. Among the classic bold makeup looks since the last few years, the inner corner eyeshadow looks always stayed trendy.

bold Makeup Looks with eyeshadow 2022

You can tone up the bold wearable look with graphic cat eyes. A nude shade from your lip collection will secure your dream look. For looking camera-friendly try out Huda’s brown obsession with caramel palettes.

For reference you can find Gigi Hadid inspired gold accent  look here:

#3. The SMOKEY classic makeup look

Though you may assume that a smokey eye look is all about picking the right eyeshadow palette and gel eyeliners but trust me it’s beyond that.

You would require concealer for smoothing the eye region, a shader eyeshadow brush, blending brush, gel eyeliner, black mascara, and eyeshadow palette.

smokey Makeup Looks with eyeshadow 2022
Credit: Katie Hart

Become a smokey eyeshadow makeup look expert.

  • You should begin by priming your eye area (all over the lid) by using an eyeshadow primer or a concealer. This would help in preventing smudging during the latter half of the day.
  • Then select your three different eyeshadow shades such as the lid, crease, and highlight shade. The highlight (lightest)  and crease colors (darkest)  are the two extremes. And the mobile lid shade would bridge the two by working as a mid-tone.
smokey classical makeup look 2022
smokey classical makeup look 2022
  • Then by using an all-over eyeshadow shade use a flat brush and start blending. (Tip- don’t use dark shades if you have smaller eyes. )
  • Use an eyeliner to line your eyes. And at the end of all remaining makeup over your face apply the mascara and slay the look.

Now turn to all smokey looks along with exploring innovative eyeshadow colors.

# 2. Bold makeup looks with pink lip shades and a contoured face.

In the new age, pink is not only pretty and funky but also is truly bold. How to make your pink lips look unique? First contour the face which would transform your appearance along with the intensive facial structure.

Classic bold Makeup Looks with eyeshadow 2022
Credit: glamour

Choose appropriate liquids, gels, powdered, and cream products. An illusion must be created near the cheekbone, nose, chin, and forehead. It would make your face slim along with that, a well-textured pink lips will give you an expressive look.

Here’s how you can have a contoured face-

  • Apply foundation smoothly on your face at first.
  • To have a cheated cheekbone impression probably the angled brush will work best. And in the hollows buff the nearest powder while swiftly shifting it in back and forth motion. To avoid creating mess, tap twice and get rid of the extra powder before blending the face.
classical makeup look 2022
Credit: Pinterest
  • You can define the jawline and then you can slim down the neck by brushing the powder alongside your chin and jaw.
  • Remember in case you are using the palette also for highlighter or lighter powder then use a separate brush. That brush will dust the tops of your cheekbones.

So, for both classic wedding makeup or bold contoured look, first know the target areas to chisel and then highlight them.

#1. A classic natural wedding look

Since events like attending a wedding are an entire day commitment where you worry about the longevity of the makeup. But we have a solution for all your makeup worries.

Classic natural Makeup Looks with eyeshadow 2022

Why don’t you adopt natural classic wedding looks for the wedding season? For that, you should apply neutral eyeshadows on your dewy skin. You can also add some glitters inside the corners of your eyes.

And lastly, choose a nude lip shade that would ensure no color smudging at the end of the day.

It’s a Bridal day classic makeup look.

Classic bridal Makeup Looks with eyeshadow 2022
Credit: Cat

1. The Royal Show

Bridal beauty is all about highlighting and the longer lashes along with enough highlighter is the show stopper. You can add false eyelashes to your dreamy eyes which can only go with the appearance when you, like professionals, can highlight your cheeks.

Classic Makeup Looks with eyeshadow 2022
Credit: SOCIETY19

For shorter hair make curls and keep it open. And for lengthy hair make braids and attach a red rose at the top of the braids. Further, you can add a glossy red lip which still will give you a minimal yet Royal classic bridal makeup look.

2. A dramatic bride

It’s boring to have a calm wedding bride so make it unexpected with one of the dramatic classic bridal makeup looks. Maintain the dramatic vibe on your skin, lip, and eyes.

Classic Makeup Looks with eyeshadow 2022

You can try out orange-red paired fiery lips.  You can also add a beauty blender to get a soft touch to your skin. Furthermore, make your eyes distinguishable from others by making them smoky with a bronze eye shadow palette.

Also, twinning smokey eyes with orange lips also prevents your face from looking extra fluffy.

3. The irregular natural bride

Marriage is not always about having an extravagant look but natural appearance defines the new age.

Classic Makeup Looks with eyeshadow 2022

Line up your eyelashes with some rose gold shimmery touches and at the end have some extra mascara coats. Pair with drop earring which goes well with your gown. Make a knot with floral hair clips to enjoy a gleeful bridal day.

Classic wedding makeup idea to cheer up the bride and groom!

Classic bride Makeup Looks with eyeshadow 2022

●    Sun-kissed skin with peach lips

Indeed, the big day is not only for the bride and groom but equally also for all attendees. To make the event even grander, you can attend a wedding with your sun-kissed classic wedding makeup.

For that apply the monochromatic palette of neutral eyeshadow with a lot of mascara. It will wake up your eyes and make them look brighter and bigger.

sunkissed Makeup Looks with eyeshadow 2022
Credit: Dora
sunkissed Makeup Looks with eyeshadow 2022
Credit:  janet ~❥

While you cheer up for the couple you can confidently smile with your peach matte or glossy lipsticks.

Apply what suits you!

Though you may love any of these classic makeup looks but choose at last what you are more hopeful about. Your skin will automatically glow when you feel confident about your makeup look.

Classic Makeup Looks with eyeshadow 2022
Credit: pinterest.com

All in all, shortlist the best beauty brands that can promise you the best and make you comfortable at the end of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make my makeup look classic?

You can make your makeup look classy by adding your classic eyeshadow (preferably brands like Huda beauty) after applying primer and powder over the eye region.

Once done use smudge-proof eyeliner and make cat-eye wings. Finish your classic make-over touch by applying matte or glossy lip shades based on your skin tone and overall getup.

2. What is a Classic Makeup look?

A classic makeup look is a simple yet attractive look that will make your skin feel light and comfortable throughout the day.  By classic makeup look, we meant eye-catchy bold make-up looks on your contoured face or just slaying with your red rosy lips, etc.

You can carry classic makeup look for attending any party or special events, for office meetings, or while hanging out with your special ones.

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