Top 12 Chunky Loafers Outfit To Try in 2023: Wear like A Pro

Loafers, in all of their guises, are a timeless wardrobe staple. Chunky lug sole types, on the other hand, are a clear highlight this season, combining beautifully with anything from short skirts & dresses to lived-in denim & tailored trousers.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

This modern take on the classic has a toothy rubber sole that is great for managing the upcoming winter conditions. On snowy days, go a step further and combine your trendy chunky loafers outfit with knit socks or tights.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

The chunky-sole trend has permeated many forms of footwear, so it’s no wonder that chunky loafers are one of the trendiest styles this spring. Take a look at how to wear such loafers anywhere, from work to daily!

1. As the Ideal Neutral Shoe

When we mention a trend, we usually mean something that will be the focal point of your ensemble. However, footwear is fundamentally sound, and loafers are the ultimate essential, neutral shoe.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

If you get a pair in brown, black, or beige, you’ll discover that you can wear them with almost any outfit, regardless of the length of your hem, the colour scheme of your overall appearance, or the amount of formality.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

The chunky-sole trend has permeated many forms of footwear, so it’s no wonder that chunky loafers are one of the trendiest styles this spring. Take a look at how to wear chunky loafers anywhere, from work to daily!

2. Chunky Loafer Outfits with a Blazer

An open blazer and a pair of loafers, worn with bottoms dependent on your personality and the weather prediction, are an easy fit that is simultaneously professional and informal.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

Making this ensemble monochrome will ensure that you appear sharp & put together, but adding some interest with chunky loafer styling in a bright colour is an easy way to do so.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

You must know how to style chunky loafers. 

3. Chunky Loafers Women’s Outfit with a Maxi Dress

Mini dresses aren’t the only hemlines ready to work with this chunky loafers outfit. Maxis look nice with big soles as well.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

However, for the completed result to seem fresh, exciting, & elevated, we recommend swapping socks for tights or bypassing legwear entirely since a lot of reclining fabric may come across as frumpy.

It would be best if you tried this chunky loafer styling.

4. How to Style Chunky Loafers with Casual Outfits?

Consider wearing a black turtleneck, a cream cardigan, blue jeans, chunky black shoes, and a cream bag. Styling such chunky loafers outfit for work is simple: they appear to be made for it!

Chunky Loafers Outfit

Wear them with suits & skirt suits, casual jeans and a shirt, a shirtdress or a sweater – they mix wonderfully with them, giving the ensemble a more sophisticated aspect.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

Get motivated! It is best among the chunky loafers womens outfit.

5. Chunky Loafer Styling with Black Pants 

Black pants are unquestionably among the top five ”It” products that are regaining popularity. Despite being a standard for work uniforms & formal functions, loafers can assist make this low-key look suitable.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

In the winter, throw on your favourite oversized sweater, and swap out the heavy-duty top for a cropped tank in the summer.

It’sIt’s a relaxed look that you’ll see everyone wearing from season to season. Models like Cindy Bruna and Bella Hadid are already inspiring.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

Don’t forget to take a look at this chunky loafers outfit. You must know how to wear chunky loafers with black pants.

6. Chunky Loafer Styling to offset a Bulky Coat

You can be both comfy and fashionable. When wearing a thick, puffy, or oversized coat, for example, a sleek, slim-fitting shoe – in this case, a loafer – may balance out your chunky loafers outfit & make it feel less casual and pajama-like.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

Add a pair of skinny jeans or even an LBD to complete the look, and you’ve got an outfit perfect for errands.

7. Chunky Loafer Styling with Denim

How to wear chunky loafers? Loafers are fashionable this season, and you can wear them with any jeans. They have a high upper and a triangular emblem on the top.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

Try straight-leg, skinny-fit jeans with a stitched hem below the calf. Combine with a grey-blue polo-neck sweater and a V-necked, grey-blue coat in a simple, belted design.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

Finish the look with black ankle socks & thick-soled chunky loafers outfit.

8. How to Wear Chunky Loafers with a Chunky Sweater

Chunky knitted sweaters and chunky loafers are a perfect complement. Knit sweaters are among our favourite autumn things since they are soft and big.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

Wear your sweaters with your loafers, whether blue for a coastal appearance or grey for New York’sYork’s shifting seasons.

9. Chunky Loafers Outfit with a Wide-Leg Jeans Outfit

Loafers are ideal for wearing with flappy, wide-leg jeans because they provide excellent proportions and a basic, streamlined profile.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

Pair with a V-necked, light blue shirt tucked in at the waist & soft-nap, medium-rise, navy-black, wide-leg jeans.

Cover with a black winter coat, a revere V-necked collar, and a tiny, rectangular chain-strap shoulder bag.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

And for another trendy minimalist appearance, pair stylish, flat, chunky loafers with a little pointed toe and no adornment!

10. How to Style Chunky Loafers with Beige Trousers

Moving on to lighter hues, pair wide-leg cream pants and chunky white loafers, which have much more character than one-colour shoes.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

Wear a round-necked sweater with a light-beige background & vertical lines of red and blue dots or any patterned sweater that goes with cream.

Wide-legged pants should fit well around the waistline and hips, allowing you to wear a loose-fitting pullover with dropped-seam shoulders for a lovely, relaxed look.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

Finish with stylish white and black loafers for a contemporary, smart-casual combination suitable for regular and office wear. You must get your answer to “How to style chunky loafers with beige trousers”.

11. How to Style Chunky Loafers (School Girl Style)

This autumn, schoolgirl style is highly fashionable, and chunky loafers are indeed the best shoe choice for this appearance.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

Schoolgirl necessities include neutral sweaters, high socks, and navy blue miniskirts; pair them with clunky loafers, and you’re set for class! Don’tDon’t forget to chunky loafers womens outfit.

12. How to Style Chunky Loafers with Lace Socks

Wear beautiful lace socks with black cropped wide-leg pants, jeans, or trousers to dress up your attire for evening wear. On the other hand, black lace socks may provide a seductive mood to a long dress or a shorter skirt!

Chunky Loafers Outfit

Wear a black, pleated miniskirt and a tucked-in white hoodie with high, black lace stockings to liven up a preppy outfit.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

White lace socks may also be worn with beige, khaki, & summer attire and cream loafers. If you are searching for a chunky loafers womens outfit, it is best among them.


We have listed the chunky loafers outfit above. You can take references from there. Platforms and chunky loafers look best with wide-leg jeans and pants.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

So, whether you enjoy strolling, appearing brighter than in trainers, or being at the forefront of a trend this year, you should incorporate some loafers into your footwear collection.

Chunky Loafers Outfit

They last for years & quickly offer fashionable comfort to any current fashion outfit!

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